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Author Topic: Hideko Kakita  (Read 128 times)

Description: Witch. Summer Sky to Green. NPC for Sakura no Shingetsu

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Hideko Kakita
« on: Jan 31, 20, 10:44:04 AM »

NPC Name: Hideko Kakita
Is this specific name Required? (Y/N): Yes
If yes, the name will be entered into the Taken Name registry and will be removed from available names.

Age: 31 (b. 163 AP)

Race: Short-Lived (Tacean)

Caste: Witch

Home Territory: Tacea

Suggested play-by: Karen Fukuhara
Is this specific play-by Required for this C? (Y/N): Yes

Desired Jewels: Summer Sky to Green
Please also note whether Jewels are Suggested or Required. Required

Have this character's jewels been rolled? (Y/N): Yes
(Family rolls, Adoptable Ally roll, etc.) If so, link to roll: Sakura’s Family Rolls

Player-Character Sponsor Sakura no Shingetsu
Link to PC's Character Sheet:  Here

Is this NPC adoptable?: No

Concept and Details
List any fears, history elements, or other details that are crucial to the character and/or have been referenced in gameplay:

Likes: Power, Combat, Origami
Dislikes: Clan Izayoi, Motoko Ueda, Feeling Threatened
Fears: Dying, Shaming her Family, Losing Sakura

Hideko Kakita hails from a vassal family of Clan Shingetsu, born to Fumiko and Koto Kakita in 163 AP. From an early age, Hideko’s parents drove her to be as competent and commanding as possible so that she would earn the notice of Clan Shingetsu and marry well, perhaps to the member of the main or first branches of the family. Capturing the Summer Sky at her Birthright Ceremony, Hideko drew the eye of Miyahara Yasuki, Mistress of the Guard under Lady Takara no Shingetsu, who believed that the young woman might make a good protege and possible replacement.

The next few years saw her educated in the arts and various military campaigns during the Warring Dragons era. Her mentor supplemented that training with two-a-day lessons with the bow and blade until Hideko was skilled in both. By the time she walked away from the altar with her Green, Hideko was ready to serve the Clan Queen. She arrived in Fukuoka filled with optimism and the deep desire to make her clan proud. She worked her way up through the ranks over four years until she became Lady Yasuki’s second-in-command, placing her in the path of Takara’s protege, Sakura no Shingetsu. They two became fast friends due to their status as successors to their respective mentors, and that friendship soon became love. Hideko was present for Sakura’s Offering Ceremony and the two consummated their relationship soon after.
In 190, Hideko proposed to Sakura and was rebuffed. Lady Yasuki’s illness and demise that same year saw Hideko promoted to the position of Mistress of the Guard.

In a private meeting with the Clan Queen, Takara demanded that Hideko end her relationship with Sakura to eliminate distractions for her successor. Hideko realized then that Sakura would never control her own life until Takara was out of the picture. She ended her relationship with Sakura, but it didn't last. When Sakura requested help to improve her martial skills, Hideko obliged.

Their relationship rekindled in secret, but Teiko Ueda learned of it and confronted Hideko. If Takara learned of her duplicity, Teiko said, Hideko would lose everything. Worse, Takara would set Sakura aside and choose another to rule Clan Shingetsu when she was gone. How was that fair when Takara kept her own relationship hidden? Not her love for Fuyuko Sosuke...but her bond to the Queen of Clan Izayoi herself, Ishiyo no Izayoi.

Teiko’s words painted a bleak future. Hideko didn't want to stain her honor or ruin Sakura's life. Lady Teiko told her that there was a plan in to save Clan Shingetsu from Takara's rule, but Lady Takara had to be moved aside. When it was all over, Hideko could marry and serve the woman she loved. Sakura would never act against her mentor, but Hideko could. Sakura could never know. 

Hideko spent months seeking a way to poison the Clan Queen and trap her inside her own body, but her mentor's security measures were too tight; to deviate from them invited suspicion. Hideko became privy to many of Lady Takara's suspicions about the criminal element of the Shingetsu (which Hideko abetted when possible) and to a deeper conspiracy aimed against Clan Izayoi. Sensing that the Clan Queen was closing in on the Ueda conspiracy, Hideko gathered a small cabal among the guards and placed greater protection on Sakura.

When Lady Takara demanded that Hideko escort her to Ito to speak to the Dragon Mother, she knew the time to strike had arrived. They'd barely left Fukuoka when the coach driver took them down from the winds. Hideko drove one dagger into Takara's throat and a second into her heart.

She returned to Fukuoka immediately after with a tale of an Izayoi sneak attack meant to cripple the clan. The news of Ishiyo no Izayoi's rampage only helped, as it focused the Shingetsu (and the Territory) on growing hostilities between the Crane and the Tiger. She comforted Sakura over her mentor's loss, believing that they were now free to be together. Sakura sought peace with the Izayoi and Hideko quietly undermined her attempts by arranging low-level attacks on Izayoi holdings to keep the feud brewing. Soon the Shingetsu would rule Tacea and Hideko would have everything she wanted.

Motoko Ueda ruined everything.

She betrayed her family and the plan to put her on throne to the Territory Court. Clan Shingetsu lost its place in the succession, allowing Xiong Teng to take the throne. Hostilities with Clan Izayoi intensified, leading to a deadly skirmish that forewarned of an impending attack on Fukuoka. Hideko urged Sakura to take the offensive and kill Atsuko no Izayoi, but Sakura was ever Takara's protege and refused to spark a civil war.

She chose the honor duel instead.

Fearful that Sakura would die in combat, Hideko offered to act as her champion. Sakura declined and left Hideko in Fukuoka while she traveled to Ito for the duel. Had Sakura simply won and only claimed Lady Atsuko's Sword as her own, Hideko might have made peace with her bonding a geisha in time.

The Dragon Mother saddled her with a male to wed as well. A male whose children would carry the Shingetsu name. Hideko would be forced to watch her love bear the children of their enemies. Any of her children with Sakura would be illegitimate and forced to fight for everything they deserved.

And Sakura's husband would be her superior.

The life she's killed for is slipping through her fingers and Hideko Kakita refuses to let that happen. She will never let Clan Shingetsu become tainted by Izayoi blood. Her foremost duty is to protect Sakura from all threats and her new husband is little more than a spy and potential assassin dressed up as a peace offering, bonded or not. It galls her that Sakura has accepted this without a fight, without fighting for her. Hideko will never let have the Izayoi have Sakura while she draws breath. The Great Clans grind everyone beneath their heels without care for the harm done by their actions. It's not fair.

Perhaps it's time to burn it all down.

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Link to Shop purchase of Registered NPC: Here

Application submitted by: Gavin
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Offline Gavin

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Re: Hideko Kakita
« Reply #1 on: Feb 12, 20, 05:18:36 PM »
Ready for Review.

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Re: Hideko Kakita
« Reply #2 on: Feb 12, 20, 05:41:08 PM »
Approved for any necessary Tacea purposes :>

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Re: Hideko Kakita
« Reply #3 on: Feb 13, 20, 08:47:21 AM »
added to queue
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Re: Hideko Kakita
« Reply #4 on: Feb 27, 20, 11:53:30 AM »
i have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night // writer tracker