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Author Topic: Genesis Gil-Ganus  (Read 1010 times)

Description: Healer Priestess. Broodmother. NPC for Gale Galoneth. Created by Dash.

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Genesis Gil-Ganus
« on: Feb 10, 17, 04:10:32 PM »
    NPC Name: Genesis Gil-Ganus
    Is this specific name Required? (Y/N): Yes
    If yes, the name will be entered into the Taken Name registry and will be removed from available names.

    Age:  48 (144 AP)

    Race: Medium Lived

    Caste: Healer Priestess

    Home Territory: Dea al Mon

    Suggested play-by: Tasha
    Is this specific play-by Required for this C? (Y/N): Yes

    Desired Jewels: Sapphire to Ebon Gray (required)

    Have this character's jewels been rolled? (Y/N): Yes.

    Player-Character Sponsor: Gale Galoneth

    Is this NPC adoptable?: No.

    Concept and Details
    Distinguishing Features:

    Genesis stands apart. A creature wholly given to her identity as part of the Brood, Genesis’s body is covered in chitin and hard skin. Her fingers end in long claws, her hair are tendrils of cartilage, and her teeth end in razor sharp points.

    She wears no clothing, though her transformed body protects her from the elements.


    Genesis is the future of Dea al Mon.

    This is not an opinion to her. It is something she knows as true. She is equal parts Mother, Protector, Prophet, and Goddess to the Brood of the True Born. Bearing the Ebon Gray, the Healer Priestess serves as the spiritual center for her entire people. She oversees births, baptisms, the initiation, worship, and every other facet of their lives.

    To the Dea al Mon she would still be seen as a young woman. When she bonded with Amon-Nergal, however, she gained its wisdom and experience, giving her a different outlook on the woods and the Children of the Ebon Wood. What was once a rejected, hurt little girl, has now grown into a zealot who believes herself to be the voice and face of the future. The disease that marked her as something apart has become a badge of pride -- her strange and terrifying appearance a point of personal confidence.

    She is a sensual creature, prone to touching others often and feeling their hearts beat through their skin. Knowing that many of those who come to her have been rejected and feared, she embraces them. She often hugs, kisses, or caresses her people when she meets them. It is not a manipulative tactic (though she knows its effectiveness) but a genuine desire to make them feel as if they belong.

    Deeply passionate, Genesis loves fiercely and hates fiercely in equal measure. She cares for all the members of the Brood, and mourns the loss of each and every one when they fall in battle. Yet she realizes that their future is a bloody one, and she must personally lead them in a war against their former family members to bring them into the fold. Those who are marked as her enemy receive an almost single-mindedly pursued and destroyed. She is especially vicious to those who betray her, and those who challenge her position as leader of the Brood are placed as examples for everyone to see and remember.

    Committed to ritual and crafting a new identity for the Brood, Genesis leads her “children” through several different forms of rites that are to bind them one-another in their unique culture. She spreads the gospel of their place in the world as a force of change, that they are the next step in evolution for their former people, and that they will bring the whole of Dea al Mon into the whole of their family. She unshakably believes she is the herald of the future.

    • Inflicting Pain on those she sees as “Unworthy”: While Genesis believes that most of the Dea al Mon should be transformed into Brood, she nonetheless recognizes that there are some who would rather die than be turned. Those whom reject the graciousness of her offers are unfortunate to discover the deep sadist within her. While she will have some slim regret for hurting members of the Brood, be it with her powers or her leadership, those who defy her receive no such inhibition.

    • Caring for the Brood: They are the family that she was destined to have. They do not reject her like her parents or her sister did. The Healer part of her Caste very much enjoys the role of Mother and protector for her band of outcasts. She wants every member of the Brood to feel the twisted sense of love she herself enjoys.

    • Being Revered: If she were to admit it, Genesis is drunk upon the power she’s received. As an Ebon Gray Priestess she likely could have become the High Priestess of the Dea al Mon, but once it was revealed she had the Waste, her abilities, her Jewels, and her knowledge no longer mattered. As the Broodmother no-one tells her she “needs more experience” or that she must tow the line to Territory Courts or Queens. Among the Brood, her voice is the one that carries all the power, and for someone who always envied Queens, her status is one thing she’d never willingly give up.
    • Challenges to her Authority: Genesis likes being in charge. Those who dare to defy her, especially publically, are made an example of to assure loyalty from any and all others.

    • The Ebon Guard and (especially) the Red Cloaks: Both organizations are responsible for fighting her beloved “children” as well as trying to delay the inevitable transition into the future Loku has designated for their people. Also, the fact that the Sister who tried to kill her is part of the Red Cloaks is likely a large part of her hatred of them.

    • Solitude: Having been cast out, she spent many months alone. Now, finding her purpose, she is always surrounded by others. Lovers, followers, worshippers, and servants, she always has someone near to her when she needs something. And she never, ever sleeps alone.
    • Seeing Dawn and Destiny die: While she does not treat them much differently (outwardly) from the rest of the Brood, she holds a special attachment to her son and daughter. She carried them in her womb, and they were the first births within the Brood. They will always be special to her, deep down, and she would fight claw and fang for their safety.

    • Having to kill her brother: Exodus was the only member of her family who tried to defend her when it was decided they could not bear the shame of her “disease” being made public. Her loving older brother refused to hurt her or turn her away, and helped her escape the Sanctum she’d been placed in. She desperately wants to turn him to the Brood, but she fears his service to the Ebon Guard will make him blind to his destiny.

    • The Untamed: The Outsiders -- the Blood that are born outside of Dea al Mon. She knows nothing of these strange savage children. As Gale opens the borders and allows in people born outside of the blood of the Children of the Forest, Genesis will feel uncertainty in her mission, and desire that the Untamed become the Brood’s number one priority. They are a strange, alien race, and they can spell only trouble for the Brood.
    Craft Strengths:
    • Spirit Communication and Binding: Genesis rediscovered the Dea al Mon Priestess’s art of spirit communication. A natural prodigy, her time apart from the Dea al Mon has allowed her to proliferate her gift without distraction. Genesis is able to not only communicate with the many spirits of the Ebon Forest, but she can also bind them into a symbiotic relationship with the Dea al Mon -- the same process that thousands of years ago gave the Dea al Mon their long life and much of their Craft.

      Unfortunately, Genesis binds spirits that are maddened, filled with rage, or other twisted emotion, into members of the Brood. This spirit-bond helps to stave off the degrading nature of The Waste, allowing the Brood to use their Jewels. But the drawbacks are usually not worth the benefit.

    • Flesh Warping: Genesis’s natural abilities as a Healer had always been in mending flesh. When she took on the spirit of Amon-Nergal into her, it transformed her art. While she is still an excellent healer (with the change below), she also is able to transform the body of her subjects into strange, twisted creatures. She is able to create claws, tendrils, carapaces, and more out of the flesh of those she touches, making them both beautiful and terrifying at once.
    Craft Weaknesses:
    • Twisted Healing: When Amon-Nergal became part of her, Genesis’s healing arts transformed along with her body and her mind. She is no longer able to prevent pain in others, and even more so, when she heals them it is an agonizing process. Those healed by her art tend to pass out from the pain, or develop temporary psychosis from the sheer agony of the act.

      While Genesis certainly has no qualms about inflicting pain upon the unworthy, she does not care to see agony in her "children". She will have others heal those who've been injured, unless the case is desperate enough that she, alone, can perform the act to save their lives.

    • Offensive Battle Craft: Never trained in the arts, Genesis has no skill with Offensive Craft. Telekenetics, Power Bolts, Flamecraft, and other such overt Battlecraft remain outside of her repoirte.

    Life Story

    Mother: Grace Gil-Gannus (Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk) Healer, 83
    Father: Challenge Gil-Gannus (Opal to Sapphire) Prince, 92
    Exodus Gil-Gannus (Opal to Sapphire) Warlord, 52
    Dusk Gil-Gannus (Purple Dusk to Opal) Black Widow, 36
    Destiny Gil-Gannus (Pre-Birthright) Warlord Prince, 6
    Dawn Gil-Gannus (Pre-Birthright) Queen, 6


    Born Ice Gil-Gannus, Genesis was the second child of Challenge and Grace, powerful and respected members of the Devinos Provinical Court. Challenge had served in the Ebon Guard for two decades before retiring to become part of the First Circle of the Court. His wife, Grace, was one of several healers who served the Court as well, and their children was born with great warmth and joy. At least, when they were children.

    Challenge and Grace were both traditional members of the Dea al Mon. They had pride in their bloodlines, pride in their family, and pride in their work. That pride was instilled in their children, who they groomed with the expectation that they would take a role of great importance in the society of the Ebon Forest. Ice, especially, given her dual-caste nature and the fact that one of those castes was a Priestess -- the first dual caste Priestess heard of since before the Purge.

    That expectation for excellence ran through her for most of her life, and she constantly sought the approval of her parents. Exodus, her older brother, was a dutiful guardian and source of humor and release when the stress of having to be the perfect child was too great. It was only exacerbated after she’d received her Birthright jewel -- as a Sapphire from the altar was a mark of the greatness that her family had always desired and expected. From the age of eight she held a mantle of inevitable power, and her parents were always quick to remind her of her potential. Even from a young age she was being groomed and marked to be the High Priestess of all of Dea al Mon. The only hiccup seemed to be that she felt more connection with the Healer aspect of her nature than the Priestess. She’d never felt especially connected to the Darkness, in fact, there was something in the depths of her power that scared her. When she confessed such things to her mother once, she was given a harsh rebuke, for following such talk would mean she’d “only” achieve a Single Descent, and that was unacceptable!

    That pressure from her parents, and the fear of the Darkness, festered as she approached her Offering. Her sister, Dusk, mocked that even with her Purple Dusk she seemed more willing to use Craft and her power than her much darker sister. Exodus did his best to instill confidence in her, but she felt continuously stressed as they came closer and closer to the day of her Offering.

    The first symptoms of the Waste were mistaken for this depression and stress. But as the weeks went on, they grew worse quickly, and Exodus -- being a member of the Ebon Guard, recognized it for what it was. He tried to keep it quiet for a time, but eventually Sister discovered it, and stricken with disgust and horror, told her parents. Challenge and Grace couldn’t believe it, and were outraged at their daughter’s “failure”. They had gone through great length to try to arrange for a suitable male to guide her through her Virgin Night, and unwilling to risk their reputation, delayed it until after she could be seen to be professionals at the Sanctum in Devinos. This delay would become a permanent one, as it was seen as better to risk her becoming broken than risking infecting another with the Waste.

    Locked in the horrific conditions of the Sanctum, Ice reached out to Exodus through psychic dreams and visions, and her brother arrived after two months in the area and broke her out of the prison that was labeled as a “hospital”. Knowing that she’d find no place among the Dea al Mon back home due to her worsening condition, Exodus guided her to his post in Kassel and helped her escape the lines of defense. The Brood had not existed in those days, and he urged her to find the people who had fled into the dark woods to make a life for themselves as they lived with The Waste. While, certainly, she would die out there, she would at least die free.

    Ice did not find the Cult that would become the Brood. She became lost, given her lack of survival skills and the training her brother claimed. Wandering in the dark woods she was almost killed several times by creatures driven mad by The Waste, including a white tiger that was ravenously hungry with haunted eyes. As she called upon her Sapphire to push back the maddened beast, the creature spoke in a voice she understood as clear as day.

    Amon-Nergal had been a great spirit of ancient wisdom, close to Loku in her days of guiding the Dea al Mon. It had inhabited the tiger out of want of a physical vessel. When Ice responded, instinctively, it was surprised and intrigued she understood it. In fact, she did not seem to just understand it, but called to it, somehow. The spirit was intrigued in this girl, afraid and alone, who nonetheless held a talent it had not witnessed since before Loku had gone mad.

    For hours, the two spoke. While Amon-Nergal was not a benevolent spirit (it had, after all, wanted to eat her), it was nonetheless intrigued by the power this girl represented. Ice’s strength was more than the other Dea al Mon refugees it had encountered, and she’d not yet gained the full strength of her power. It was further intrigued when Ice offered to heal the body of its host, and when she did it felt the potential in her as something it could exploit.

    The two became companions for a time, and while the “friendship” between them gave Ice hope, the Waste continued to affect her. The spirit of knowledge taught her much, but only due to the belief it could use her to its own betterment, enslaving other spirits in the woods of Kassel who did not show it proper deference or respect. As Ice’s body weakened and she began to become distressed, Amon-Nergal made suggestion to allow it to bond with her, like the Dea al Mon of old, and it would revitalize her and allow her to know what it knew, expediting her education. Ice agreed, more out of desperation than true interest, and with its guidance she performed the ritual that bound them together.

    The result was not what either one of them had believed it would be. Both the Dea al Mon and the Spirit had been touched by the madness of Loku, and the Waste had bizarre side-effects on the ritual. Instead of Ice living with Amon-Nergal in her mind, or the spirit controlling her body, the two consciousnesses became irrevocably merged.

    When the merged entity awoke, it remembered all of the wants, needs, and predilections of the previous two consciousnesses, but found a balance in herself that was unlike anything either of them had found before. Realizing that this was what the Ancient Dea al Mon had once been, the new being (who would refer to herself as Genesis from thence forth) realized that she alone was the salvation for those who’d been cast out of the Dea al Mon as she. Having no love for her prior people (save for some faint affection of her brother), Genesis saw the Dea al Mon as a society corrupt on its own pride, and went out to seek the rest of the outcasts of Kassel. Her body had transformed along with her mind and spirit, and when she sought them out they were, at first, horrified by her appearance.

    It took a few examples to be made, but eventually the wretches that had been exiled from the Dea al Mon realized that Genesis was their only hope for salvation. She spent weeks binding several minor spirits into their flesh, and binding them to her will. Once that had been done she directed them to construct an altar in the deepest, largest cave they could find, and from there she descended deep into the madness-filled Darkness, and claimed her Ebon Gray.

    Emerging from that experience not only granted her the most powerful jewel she could claim, but also a vision of the future.  No longer would the Dea al Mon see what had become of their people as a “sickness” but a mark of their future. Loku, after all, was behind the Waste, and as certainly as the Dragon had given them their immortality and helped them learn their powers in ancient days, so too would the Waste mark their next step in evolution.

    Filled with the certainty of being a pre-ordained agent of the future, she enacted her Virgin Night with a Sapphire Warlord named Razor who would become the father of her two children. Though it was a terrible risk to her jewels, she did not fear it, and emerged from the experience intact and more confident in her destiny than ever. She took it as a sign of her infallability, and has grown more bold since that day.

    That was over twenty years ago. Since then Genesis has formed the Brood of the True Born, a fanatical organization of twisted outcasts who see her as the harbinger of their future. They have conquered most of the Province of Kassel, and Genesis plans to gather the strength of the Brood to resurrect the dead corpse of Loku herself. Until that time they have methodically kidnapped any Priestess they can to bring them to her and convert them to the Brood, so that she may teach them the arts of Spirit Speech to proliferate their teaching. While she has born twin children, a Warlord Prince and a Queen, she does not distinguish them differently from the rest of the Brood.

    She is, after all, the Broodmother, and they are all her children.

    Links to IC Posts with references to this NPC:

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    Application submitted by: Nicole

    NOTE: This character was created by Dash. She is being made an NPC with his permission.

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    Re: Genesis Gil-Ganus
    « Reply #1 on: Feb 10, 17, 04:22:38 PM »
    Sample code.

    Genesis Gil-Ganus

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    Re: Genesis Gil-Ganus
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    Ready for Review

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    Re: Genesis Gil-Ganus
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