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Author Topic: Bastin Alqatil  (Read 1113 times)

Description: Prince. Red to Ebon Gray. NPC for Shira al Sabbah.

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Bastin Alqatil
« on: Dec 05, 18, 11:36:44 PM »
Bastin Alqatil

NPC Name: Bastin Alqatil
Nicknames: Bast
Is this specific name Required?: Yes

Age: 45

Race: Short Lived Pruulian

Caste: Prince

Home Territory: Pruul

Suggested play-by: Burak Özçivit
Is this specific play-by Required for this C?: Yes

Desired Jewels: Red to Ebon Gray

Have this character's jewels been rolled?: Yes

Player-Character Sponsor: Shira

Is this NPC adoptable?: No

Distinguishing Features:
Bastin has marked each of his kills on his skin with ink. He uses either an initial, a symbol, or some other way of marking and remembering the kill. He also marks contracts in his skin because to him they are unbreakable. Because of this, both his arms and much of his chest and back are solid panels of tattoos. He also has a nasty, noticeable scar across his cheek that he left unmended by a Healer to remind himself that even his Ebon Gray is fallible and that it is no excuse to let down his guard.

Cold, practical, and ruthless, Bastin has never craved love or companionship, just power, wealth, and victory. He is a bounty hunter and blade for hire because he enjoys it and because of this lust for the chase and the kill, Bast has developed a unique code of conduct. He hunts people down fairly, without trickery or deception. He will never kill you by driving a knife into your back but at the end of a sword point after a well-fought battle.

His Dark Jewels have made him a favored assassin to take out individuals whose own Darks or those protecting them make normal assassins unlikely to succeed as well as retrieving people or objects from Dark Jeweled individuals. While this is a highly specialized market, Bastin can charge a lot for his services (though not always money, favors, and information are an acceptable currency) and therefore doesn't need to take many jobs. He never takes more than one or two jobs at a time because he dedicates his whole being to the hunt and relishes the chase the way some men relish a fine wine.

There is nothing that pleases him more than taking down a clever, capable opponent. Because he follows this code of his, he rarely kills those around the intended victim unless they get in his way, preferring to stick to the letter of the contract he crafted.

His wrath if someone breaks a promise made to him is severe and deadly. Crossing Bast is the last thing someone will do and those kills are never clean. While he will show a contracted victim the mercy of a fair death, a traitor will be tortured to madness before their life ends and their remains exposed to the world with a copy of the broken contract nailed to them.

His hatred for the long-lived is very much rooted in envy for their long life spans and the power he sees them amass. His travels and jobs have taken him across Terreille and Bastin's quiet rage has grown with every bargain struck with the arrogant long-lived. Now that Pruul has begun a movement to cast them out, Bast is willing to return home for a time and help the mother of his only child in her quest to eradicate them.

Likes: hunting (people and creatures), challenges, control and victory over others, travel, money.
Dislikes: disorder, the Long-Lived, dishonor, people who need to be protected or who are weak-willed.
Fears: Failing a contract, the Deep Desert, the Mineborn.

Craft Strengths:
Reading and Tracking Psychic Scents: like a hound on a hunt, Bast has a knack for finding a trail left by a particular Psychic Scent and following it. He is also excellent at scenting people behind sight shields or who are feeling strong emotions that are hiding below the surface.
Contract Craft: This is a man who likes to have agreements on paper. His written contracts are notoriously brutal when unlawfully broken, sometimes even woven with other spells that trigger if the Contract is violated. Sign one with him at your own risk, because the Price for crossing him is steep.

Craft Weaknesses:
Psychic Communication: He cannot receive or send any form of Psychic Communication which makes him a hard man to track down and makes it difficult for him to work as a team that requires constant back and forth. This is part of why he has mostly been a loner in his work. This extends to be able to affect others on an emotional level, meaning so subtle seductions, no emotional manipulations, nothing.
Diplomacy Craft: Bast just isn't all that diplomatic and prefers to let others do the talking. He is to the point and clear and doesn't pander to the feelings of others. You either need him, he needs you, or there is nothing to discuss.

Bastin was born among the citizens of Onn and lived there until he reached his adulthood and acquired his Ebon Gray. Many expected him to join a Court at that time but Bastin had never played well with others and the idea of having to be just one among many, serving someone who might be less competent than him rubbed the young Prince wrong. His greatest joy was in the hunt and kill of wild game and a fortuitous discussion with a mysterious man during a High Summer festival introduced the idea of extending that love to hunting and sometimes killing for money.

That summer, the summer he took his first contract, one to find a debtor who had run from his broken contract and return him, unharmed, to a powerful Priestess, was also the year he met and had an affair with Shira al-Sabbah. The two did not love each other, but when she asked him to lend her his seed and father a second child he agreed, on the condition that he need not be involved with the raising of said baby. Hava al-Sabbah was born nine months later and while Bastin has been in and out of her life and Paternity was granted, he has never had more than a distant pride for his daughter's accomplishments.

Jobs in Pruul led to jobs in Raej and further still. Within a decade he was notorious among certain circles as a male who would take any job that paid well and gave him the thrill of the hunt. Though he preferred the clean and neat pleasure of a hunt to the death, Bast also accepted contracts for kidnapping and very occasionally repossession of items. He developed a reputation for excellent work but at a steep price: his bargains were always signed in blood and Craft and crossing him meant certain death.

Over the past year, Bastin has been in Hayll on a long and particularly difficult job and was about to return home when he was contacted by one Aurav Longinus. The mark was a Queen with the last name Sabbah, something Bast hesitated to accept until he did a little research. Once he contacted his old friend Shira and discovered that the woman in question was long-lived and ruining the Clan of his dauther's birth he returned to Aurav and requested the details of the job. The Hayllian's previous attempts to punish this Queen for having attacked him had ended when a Gray Jeweled Warlord Prince had come and threatened him with death if he didn't stop. Bastin was to get rid of this Gray Prince and bring Lady Elenor al-Sabbah to Aurav, preferably alive but dead if necessary.

With a contract signed, Bast set off to Pruul to find Shira and start the job. They met in the mountains outside of Onn where they spent several days together reconnecting. Shira begged him to help her rid Pruul of the Long-Lived and showed him her visions of destruction coming to her Clan and others. Bastin wasn't hard to sway to her way of seeing things. Long years of travel weighed on his shoulders and as his middle age approached Bastin was starting to feel the need for something more concrete than jumping from job to job. He felt guilt, for the first time in his life, at abandoning his Territory to be overrun with the Long-Lived and corrupted by the Mineborn (whom Bast secretly fears for their ability to survive anything, or so it seems). This was the opportunity he needed so he offered Shira a deal.

He would assist her in ridding Pruul of the Long-Lived, take as many heads as she required (as long as they were partially or fully long-lived) and do whatever was needed in exchange for one-tenth of the current wealth of Clan Sabbah, the opportunity to choose whatever position he wanted within the government she formed, and her services in erasing the memory of his existence from all those who knew of his illegal past so he could retire in something close to peace. There were only three caveats:

1. He would not be asked or tricked in to going up against the Mineborn.
2. He would never have his mind or body altered or affected in any way by Shira or anyone under her control, nor be lied to by her.
3. No new plots would be made to kill Elenor al-Sabbah and Gabriel Silvarin. If Adileh did not succeed, she was his. A contract, after all, was signed and Bast would fulfill it.
Links to IC Posts with references to this NPC: This character has no in character references because he is going to be a new devotee of Shira's. They have known each other tangentially for decades since he fathered one of her daughters during a festival but they were never close before he came back into her life.

Link to Shop purchase of Registered NPC:Here!

Application submitted by: DragonGirl

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Re: Bastin al-Sabbah
« Reply #1 on: Dec 07, 18, 07:13:40 PM »
Ready for Review!
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Re: Bastin al-Sabbah
« Reply #2 on: Dec 08, 18, 03:10:15 PM »
Added to que. Sheet will need approval from Pruul Plot Lead.
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Re: Bastin Alqatil
« Reply #3 on: Dec 13, 18, 10:34:01 PM »
Character plot approved.

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Re: Bastin Alqatil
« Reply #4 on: Dec 14, 18, 09:12:51 AM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker