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Author Topic: We always seem to be waiting  (Read 284 times)


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We always seem to be waiting
« on: Aug 30, 18, 09:18:54 PM »
“Its your move.” Jayapal sank back into the paisley chair while regarding the chess board before him. The seat was a recent addition, a threat turned to promise and since its arrival became the young Warlord’s new favorite seat. Tara had to admit it stood just out of place from Akshita’s more formal but efficient tastes, but she would like to think her friend would have liked it all the same. The chair was not for Jay though, it was there to barely escape his father’s notice as well as match its twin at the personal desk in Jabin Bhattacharya’s room.

“Queen to H4” The ivory alabaster piece glided across dark tiles before falling still just at the edge of the board. Settling the days accounts she closed the ledger she poured over while the young man made his decision. The silence that followed let her know he had seen his mistake, which was good. Part of learning strategy was being bested by it. “Check-”

“Mate.” he finished for her,one leg kicking out from between the clawed feet of the chair in stubborn resistance.

“You need to watch out for your King, while still allowing him freedom to move. By boxing it in, you paralyzed your Queen and gave him no avenue of escape. “ These were all things his father had taught him, and while Jayapal had become quite skilled at the game, he had a tendency to assume his opponents move rather than pay attention to their body language. “No sulking. Its unbecoming.” she smirked, glancing at him from across the room. Usually Jabin’s son would be cross for a short time after a loss, but he had never been able to stay angry at Tara for too long.

All this talk of escapes had him thinking. It had them both considering. A week had passed since Jabin’s departure to the territory Court and their rather emotional farewell. The letter he had given her burned a hole into her psychic cabinet. It was as if she could feel it in the back of her mind, nagging. Whatever was written  therein could be her salvation, and his downfall. Tara had not been brave enough to pierce its veil, it felt like too much of a betrayal and yet his secrets felt like needles in her heart. There was nothing she could do to protect him . She did however send a guard to overlook the Court grounds and report back, as of a couple days ago everything had been quiet. Which told her nothing. All she could do was tend to arrangements while he was away, and protect his son, both tasks of which she did diligently.

Jay set the pieces to right while she stood and made her way to the floor to ceiling window that looked out over the city. “When will he be home?” he asked, for the third time in so man days. The answer hadnt changed. “Soon.” always felt like the best response.  Tara smiled faintly, remembering the tiny wooden horse she tucked into the Prince’s bag, a little reminder of his home and who she had to come back to. “Have you finished your work?” she asked, glancing over her shoulder at the boy who nodded absently in response while making sure each piece was in its place. “Good, then perhaps we may go see the elephants.” Jay’s eyes brightened with a flash of excitement. Of course she was speaking of the two newest additions to her home. The elephants who had guided her entire sabbatical and to whom she was unwilling to part with once learning they would be placed into retirement. Even Jabin was not yet aware of her acquisitions, nor was she entirely sure he would find them such a novelty. It wasnt as if he was here to protest.