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Author Topic: Retail Therapy  (Read 106 times)

Description: open thread

Offline Chaaya Kapoor

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Retail Therapy
« on: Jul 09, 19, 10:08:04 AM »
Caring for animals was time-consuming.

For the most part, the forest provided a good majority of feed, resources, and shelter for the hellephants and other animals in her care. Lush greenery to eat, or to strip for fibers for baskets, or to use for thatching for roofs – that sort of thing. Water was a-plenty from the rains and streams. And the hunters and gatherers of their little group regularly brought back meats and vegetables for the table. It took a lot of work, caring for all of those animals, but it was worth it.

Still, there were some things that the forest could not provide – certain medicines and supplements, textiles for clothes, sturdy shoes, and some of the more hard-to-find foods and sauces. Even though Chaaya stuck to the forest and the ranch as much as possible to keep from being discovered, she eventually had to venture into the towns for supplies.

Okay, let’s just be honest: she really  wanted to go shopping.

On her days off – when she actually had  a day off – Chaaya left at sunrise on a horse, winding her way through the forest paths until she came to a large enough town to support her needs. Today, as she rode into that town, she was humming a spirited song to herself. The moment the first person greeted her in traditional Nharkavan style, a bright smile split her face. Ever the extrovert, Chaaya needed days like this to recharge her people battery.

“What’ll it be today, Tuk-tuk?” she conversationally asked the horse beneath her. “Market first? Or the dress shops? Don’t forget that I need some new shoes after Maru ate that other one.” Tuk-tuk didn’t even snort or whinny to acknowledge that he had heard her or would remind her yet Chaaya continued to talk to him all the same.

She would keep up this same sort of conversation with just about anyone she crossed paths with as she made her way through the market, then into a few shops for some new saris and jewelry (with a break at a restaurant for a quick bite to eat), then into a shoe shop for some sturdy boots, then to a Healer’s place for some new salves and supplements, and then back to the market for more things.

Offline Shivesh Mandir

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Re: Retail Therapy
« Reply #1 on: Jul 12, 19, 05:36:36 AM »
The air was crisp with morning freshness when Shivesh howled in severe frustration. "Whaddya mean you don't have any grains? You had a stockpile yesterday when I came to see about buying some!" He huffed at the man who currenly operated the granary, pouting his bottom lip out at the man as if that would convince him to magically have grains he didn't have. "Come on man. It's me! I'm running low on supplies at the farm. You know anyone with grains to spare?"

There was of course nothing the man could do to help Visah the farmer, who owned a farm up north and required large grains to feed the herds he shepherded for livestock rather than Shivesh the Ranchmaster who was gathering the grains to help feed the hellephants in residence. The end of the conversation left him with a huff, a grumble and a boot to the ground. A rock skipped, echoing his disappointment.

"Oh well!" He said. "Can't be easy all the time." He tucked his hands into his pockets and stalked away from the granary with a light whistle. Off into town he went to find some grub.

He strolled through the market square until he caught sight of a familiar face from the ranch. One of the Hellephant trainers. The corners of his lips twitched upward, slightly, at the sight of her not planning a rebellion or smuggling goods for the ranch or anything righteous or so-called 'rebellious' but doing something inane and mundane like rummaging through shoes as if they were all going out of style tomorrow.

So like any proper fellow he decided to stroll on up behind her as she was looking at shoes. "What are YOOOOOUUUUU doing?" He said, his humored voice lacing the word with a higher pitch than normal. He eyed the shoes and smiled, an eye twinkling in humor. "I have to say madame, those would look utterly dreadful on you." His tone mocking someone of a level of sophistication above 'plebian'.