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Author Topic: Cousins by blood, brother by heart  (Read 170 times)

Description: Bo comes for a visit

Offline Tarabai Rajavade

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Cousins by blood, brother by heart
« on: May 31, 19, 09:50:53 PM »

Watch your right.

She led with her left leg as a matter of habit and turned her foot inward. The Warlord spun his cane and took a few steps toward her nonchalantly, but she could see by the way his shoulders tensed and his right arm flexed so subtly, as if the muscled curled back into their spring. He would sweep, switch the hands and bring a strike down on her right knee. She led left and he shifted to the right, the length of her spear swung over his head leaving her right side exposed with the momentum of her swing.

He did not disappoint, the staff switched hands  and he brought the full force of it down on...the sand, sending a burst of fine particles into the air, Tarabai could have taken his back then, but instead she brought her foot down on the tip before he could lifted, fanned her ankle with a long sweep that slammed into male’s braced leg. He came down on one knee hard, in time to feel the cold tooth of her spear against his pulse. His fingers tensed.

“I wouldn't.” she warned.

The male thought better and released his weapon, letting it drop onto the sand. “You didn't guard your right.” Chavendra noted. “I could have killed you, one knock to the head, or a well placed break of the ribs and...”Clearly this wasnt the teachable moment he had been hoping for.

“And yet here I stand, alive to see you on your knees.”

Chavendr’s chest rose and fell with heavy breaths. The woman he was battling was in similar state, her skin coated with a thin sheen of a few beads of moisture clung to the flesh of her elegant neck.  “Come now, you've seen me on my knees before.”  He grinned playfully and looked up at his opponent.

Her eyes rolled releasing him with a huff. “Don't be disgusting. Isn't it you who always tells me not to get distracted?”  she scolded, but not without looking rather proud of herself. The warlord stood, brushing off his black pants. Lord Chavendra Pai was always impeccably dressed even on the training fields outside of her house. A great beast trumpeted, the sound spread  making the curtains tremble through the open window. Tarabai looked toward the large field behind her home and the paddock where two large elephants grazed. The female was off toward the back, pulling leaves off a nearby tree, but the young bull watched them near the gate, shifting from one foot to the next. His great big ears fanned and relaxed. “Bintu agrees with me. You are disgusting.”

“The -elephant- does not get an opinion here.” Lord Pai straightened, running a hand down his goatee. He was a handsome male, several years her senior and one of the best trainers she had ever encountered. Tara ran her arm over her brow and felt her skin flush in the Nharkavan heat.

“Lady Rajavade, your cousin Lord Rajavade has come to see you. We asked him to wait in the gardens but he insisted on doing so in your office.” Tara looked up toward the second story windows of the Rajavade estate. Colorful curtains billowed lightly. Beyond them she could see her cousin, watching them. Only he would be daring enough to make himself at comfortable in the home of Sikkim’s First Escort. The maid stood just outside the training circle. She was young, no older than nineteen years old, by the way she smiled, her eyes drawn down she could tell...Oh no, he charmed her. If Bo Rajavade was anything at all, he was dangerously charming.

Tarabai walked into her office with a towel pressed to her cheek. Her dark hair was braided and she wore a black tank top and a pair of tight training pants. In court she was always impeccably coiffed in the most elegant lehengas, every detail down to her choice of jewelry was curated to exude elegance. If Bo were to tell anyone, even the Ruler of Sikkim himself that Tarabai Rajavade greeted him sweaty and in disarray he would be called a liar and made to pay a price for such slander. Women did not fight in Nharkava. Not most women. “Hello Bo.” She smiled. “To what do I owe the pleasure of such a visit?” Not wanting to ruin his clothes she kissed her hand and extended it out to him while she sat. A tray of chai and cooling crystals was brought in. “You caught me at a bad time, you have a gift for that. Sit, would you like some tea? Did you enjoy the show?”