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Rebellion has swept the Territory in the south as Glacia dominates the north. Landen and Blood join forces to spread a message of equality with any method possible while Glacia works to infuse the land with power and the people with their Dark Beliefs. The Rebellion, led by a Council of Eight, is not always in agreement but none can resist the power, and the danger, the movement has generated.
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Author Topic: Saraswati Dara  (Read 422 times)

Description: Queen. Opal to Green. Played by tenkou

Offline Saraswati Dara

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Saraswati Dara
« on: Aug 19, 19, 11:29:12 AM »
    The Basics

    Character Name: Saraswati Dara.
    Nicknames: Shoana (Vihaan mostly), Sara, or Lady Dara
    Age and Birth Year: 23  (b.171 AP)
    Race:  Nharkavan
    Caste:  Queen
    Birth Territory: Nharkava, Kaeleer
    Home Territory: Nharkava, Kaeleer

    Birthright Jewel: uncut Opal
    Offering Jewel: cut Green

    Role: Hidden Queen
    Faction: Rebellion


    Play By: Poojah Hedge
    Distinguishing Features:

    If impulsive had a look it would the ruling fashion for Saraswati. Her hair was typically escaping her braid in soft ebony curls. Sweet features in that first flush of youth combined with dark brown eyes made her appear almost innocent as those stray tresses framed her features. Something she would resent except for the fact few could remain angry with her when turning those doe eyes up at them.



    Saraswati is a study of opposing natures. She holds the zeal and overconfidence of youth. She knows she is special because that is what she has spent her life being told. Knows that she must be safeguarded because of some special destiny waiting for her to bring Nharkava forward. The knowledge makes her arrogant. Spoiled as much as it is possible for her circumstances Saraswati holds the brash demanding outlook on life that change is needed now and she can be that catalyst.

    Her jewel strength has made her overconfident. One of the strongest Queens born to Nharkava in generations she sees it as proof that she was destined for something. That she had proven herself worthy in a previous life and was set on a path to greatness; if only her protectors and brothers would see she isn't a little girl anymore.

    On the opposing hand, she is a people pleaser. She loves earning that look of praise from her brother or the accolades of a job well done from her tutors and guardians. A sensitive soul she tears up easily when scolded and does her best to amend her behavior for at least a few hours. She always means to not repeat her mistakes and always seems to stumble into them.

    In many ways the young queen is impulsive. Her life stagnant due to the care that has to surround her being hidden so the moments when she gets to do anything; she is all enthusiasm. Often times she will speak or even act without fully thinking it through; just for the need to do something other than wait. Patience is not a virtue she possesses in any sort of abundance and chafes at being made wait or being bid to caution.

    Saraswati romanticises life. She longs for that grand adventure that will bring her to her happy ending. Longs for that moment when she can emerge the heroine to defeat the foes holding her people back. Restless the young queen dreams of the day she can run free and not worry about being seen or noticed. Until she can laugh boldly or move through the territory with freedom.

    • Using her Queen's Gift: She hasn't had much opportunity to practice or hone her skills. Sometimes she ends up feeding the land too much until her tutor or escort is forced to break the connection. Still, watching the plants in the gardens bloom fuller and the way the land feels after; it makes her feel like a true Queen. The connection with the land helping balance her emotionally as much as her touch feeds it.

    • Flirting: She is a young woman and beautiful. Youth that enjoys the attention and good-natured parries of interest between herself and male companions. While she understands the danger her life and position in the world places her, Saraswati can't help but make the teasing and coy comments; the thrill of being seen and appreciated just too tempting.

    • Painting: Her entire life has been about staying hidden. Concealed until all aspects of her true-self are buried away. Painting allows the Queen to express herself vibrantly and boldly. From the delicate and mercurial watercolors to bolder and more sturdy inks from oil she enjoys all mediums; favoring the bolder and brighter colors and patterns versus the more composed and realistic paintings becoming favored from Glacia.
    • Confinement: She has spent large portions of her life confined to small quarters. Her training done in concealed quiet and even her movements around the province cloistered in shadows until she feels like she has spent her life peering out through tightly shuttered windows into a muffled world. She hates feeling trapped and longs to run free. To stretch her legs and just throw herself into the world and what it has to offer her. Each day trapped in hiding chafes and wears at her spirit until some days it is hard to even motivate herself out of bed.

    • Waiting: Patience may be a virtue but it is one that she does not possess. Impulsive actions often don't partner well with the constant reminder to be patient and to wait. She is tired of waiting for her life to start. Tired of waiting for it to be the right time to move or play or do anything. Her life has been a constant wait signal that she longs to dash into one calling for action. Being forced to wait for little things often has her staging small rebellions and impetuous little pranks to relieve the impatience of her soul.

    • Glacian Culture: She has watched as the Dark Religion turned villages and towns. As dark members started to go cold towards their lighter jeweled family. As they turned the blessings from the darkness into alternating levels of success and failure. Their rigid social constructs and the slave collars they preached as protection to the light jeweled, something they did to her brother, were anathema to Saraswati. The young Queen hates how their culture is promoted as better than her own and how it is slowly ripping the soul from Nharkava.
    • Losing her brothers: She adores her older brothers as much as they seemingly adore her. They are her family and with Nharkava culture focused so tightly on the family group they are part of her core self. Every day they work with the rebellion and struggle to keep her hidden is another day they are putting their lives at risk. With things heating up she often prays to the darkness to keep them safe from harm.

    • Being Collared: Saraswati is an independent minded young queen who enjoys what limited freedoms she has. The opportunity to explore the world and the wonders around her has made her value that stunted freedom even more. The idea of being collared is terrifying to her. That another would have complete control over her will and gifts is a complete anathema to the vivacious young woman. As stories roll through the territory of the practice spreading due to the Dark Religion Saraswati often wakes from nightmares with the lingering sensation of cold metal pressed upon her skin.

    • Leaving Nharkava: The Glacians stole her young niece. They have started to steal away the unique heritage and culture of her people. She is afraid that she too will be stolen away from the land she loves. Part of her, the dramatic part, views leaving as a sort of death. It is her home, her family is here, as is her culture. In many ways she is right about the death of soul and self she would undergo if forced to leave her native lands, traditions, and people.
    Craft Strengths:
    • Queen's Touch: For all her impulsive nature Saraswati is a sensitive individual. It shows in her mastery of this particular Queen's gift. Perhaps it was the foundation her brothers set or her time spent in hiding but she is particularly good at helping the males around her find balance. Even if it is something as simple as sitting beside them and not speaking until they calm once again. It is a very valuable skill for a Queen prone to finding mischief.

    • Land Sense: When moving from place to place to remain hidden from the Glacians or their lackeys the ability to sense the layout of the land is particularly useful. Saraswati has done a step further. Prone to pushing her boundaries she has learned how to feel out the land for the caves and even the varying density of ores within. While not honed enough to identify any potential mining areas she can still feel the difference between marshy ground, caves of limestone, or the denser heavier substrates.
    Craft Weaknesses:
    • Queen's Gift: Being hidden has not offered the best of grounds for mentoring the Green jeweled Queen. It isn't that she lacks the talent or calling for blessing the land. Instead Nharkava is so hungry and depleted she hasn't learned how to call back from the land. Saraswati has a hard time breaking the connection and often has to be forced back by the males escorting her; something that has become more difficult with her recent acquisition of the Green.

    • Emotional Manipulation: She is good with the Queen's touch, aided by her caste and natural empathy. Actually manipulating the emotions of those around her though? Not so much. While she might try to 'lean' on her guardians it never comes out right and instead anything she might have wished to manipulate them into allowing was instead turned to suspicion.  Due to this she sticks with the cute 'sad puppy' face and her indulgent older brother- when he has the opportunity to visit her.

    Life Story

    Mother: Ina Dara*, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Witch (b. 136 AP)
    Father: Aadesh Dara*, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Prince (b. 134 AP)
    Brothers: Jabin Bhattacharya, Rose to Purple Dusk Warlord Prince ( b. 163 AP)
    Vihaan Dara Purple Dusk to Blood Opal Warlord (b.158 AP)


    Saraswati was born the youngest. Her older brother Vihaan was already ino his 13th year when she was born to the family. A blessing and a curse both; though at the time she was viewed simply as a gift. A little queen for her family to cherish and love. Her brothers indulged her and threatened to make her spoiled while her mother did her best to make certain her daughter had a good spirit.

    She was too young to remember the worried pinch of hunger that plagued her brother's childhood. Saraswati could remember the festivals; but only lingered on the bright colors of the saris and the loud booming of drums. Her youthful exhuberance tampered the hardships of her early childhood into a nostalgic mix of traditions and family patterns that simply meant home to the young woman.

    If pressed she could recall some of the gradual shift from tentative hope to simmering resentment as Glacia and her traditions seeped into Nharkava's culture. Her first experience with it was the alteratioon of a few of their holidays. The removal of some of the dances that stripped the magic of the ceremony for the young Queen.

    Saraswati remembered her sister-in-law, Jabin's wife, vaguely though the colors of the wedding and the pomp of it would forever remain in her thoughts. She was kind enough to allow the young girl to participate in some of the traditions, from the coloring of her hands in the carefully stained patterns, to watching the bride don her wedding sari.

    Forever she would love those pinks, reds, and purples of the garment. The colors associated with happiness and the promise of a better tomorrow. The wonder on Jabin's face when he took his bride, clad so vibrantly, became the mark she judged romance and love on. It shone so brilliantly there that even the young child could feel it leave it's mark on her.

    As things changed and the political climate turned colder Saraswati was focused simply on learning her craft and the ability to use her birthright Opal. Still too young to consider feeding the land she was taught the basics by a local tutor. Jabin and his wife far enough removed from her life that they became like distant placeholders. Faint memories of people she had known and cared about while Vihaan became her favorite.

    That they both pressed her to sink into hiding. To conceal herself and her gifts rankled and yet she obeyed. The worry in her mama's eyes and strain in her father's enough that she played dutiful daughter and allowed them to bury her caste away. A choice that spared her mother and father the pain that Jabin soon suffered as Glacia stole from him his young daughter.

    Rumors of it occuring across the territory had her brother, Vihaan, moving her from their home into the sanctity of the Rebellion. Even burying her caste wasn't enough and she found herself rotating through safehouses and tiny villages through clandestine travels. Her belongings shrunk to what she could carry with her.

    The news of Akshita's death struck Saraswati hard. Queens had always been treasured in Nharkava and it was considered almost a deadly sin to harm one. That an entire court was wiped out. It was unfathomable.  She wept that evening for Jabin's pain and for her own fear. Stories of Queens being collared for their own good, for Queens being stolen away, those too started to circulate even as her midnight travels increased in frequency until Vihaan's visits became far more sporadic and she struggled to find her balance in her off kilter world.

    From this instability alone she learned how to comfort the males around her. Her soft touch and gentle lean of her shoulder more soothing than softly uttered words. She learned how to measure the silence and just offer the comfort of presence. Her land cried to her and called her. It screamed for the strong Queens to come forward even as Nharkavi groaned and bent before Glacia.

    Now, with her newly acquired Green Jewel, Saraswati finds herself impatient to start the real work of the Rebellion. To throw off the strangling and choking yoke of subjigation and help restore Nharkava back to what she was meant to be....

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    The artist in her loved this festival. The young woman in her revealed in the enthusiasm and ability to stretch her legs in running. Dressed in old clothing, her skirt's former vibrant colors dulled with age, and her simple mundu no longer white but a soft oft-worn beige.

    Tucked into the carefully draped folds were her little balls of colored chalk and powdered clay. Today the entire village would be part of her canvas and even she would be a part of the painting. Even staying up late at the bonfire ceremony the night prior had not been enough to dull her anticipation. Now she waited with a barely concealed glee for the sun to rise and the favorite part of the festival to begin.

    Her bare feet were tucked up under her skirt as she curled up on the couch. Her nose was practically pressed against the window as if she could use the force of her will alone to make the sunrise faster. Saraswati could hear the household waking behind her as the sun started to paint those first rays of sunlight over the deep blue sky. Bursts of pink, orange, and lavender streaked out with the slow ascent of sunrise.

    A landen village, where her caste would be less noticeable, and her Opal set simply was just a bit of pretty jewelry. They performed this festival at Spring. This celebration of life and color. She liked it over the stuffier Blood Ceremonies that would come later that night. Preferred the running and laughter combined with feasting that made the day seem magical and vibrant.

    The sun slid further up to break the horizon, hidden by the thickness of trees and cast its warming light. The Sky brightened as the colors blurred fading away in places to turn the sky from violets to the soft wilting blue. Just a few more minutes and then her escort would give her the go-ahead to run.

    Petitions (if any): 

    Used Family Roll found on Vihaan's sheet here

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    Wanted Ad Link:
    Wanted Ad Sponsor: Bowie

    Player Name: Tenkou

    Why did this character became inactive?
    I stopped playing and lost all creativity due to personal ooc issues

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
    Hopefully not have the medical world poop on my parade again?

    What are your plans for this character?
    Join Phinn in total world domination?

    Number of previous Reactivations:
    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :

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