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Rebellion has swept the Territory in the south as Glacia dominates the north. Landen and Blood join forces to spread a message of equality with any method possible while Glacia works to infuse the land with power and the people with their Dark Beliefs. The Rebellion, led by a Council of Eight, is not always in agreement but none can resist the power, and the danger, the movement has generated.
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Author Topic: Akshara Rai  (Read 300 times)

Description: Priestess. Opal to Sapphire. Played by Isa.

Offline Akshara Rai

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Akshara Rai
« on: Sep 13, 19, 12:02:25 PM »
The Basics

Character Name:  Akshara Rai
Nicknames: Shara (but only to her closest circle)
Age and Birth Year:  24 (169 AP)
Race:  Short-Lived
Caste:  Priestess
Birth Territory: Jharkand Province, Nharkava
Home Territory: Jharkand Province, Nharkava

Birthright Jewel: Uncut Opal
Offering Jewel:  Cut Sapphire

Role: Province Ruler


Play By: Parineeti Chopra
Distinguishing Features:

She has a nose piercing on her left nostril which she changes out on a day to day basis. The pieces are custom made, unique and often colorful depending on her mood.



Akshara believes that she leads a charmed life blessed and given purpose by Mother Night. Everything she does, every hard decision is driven by this animus. While she can sometimes come off as unwavering in her course, it is only because she understands that tough choices sometimes need to be made for the greater good and one must often walk the grey to assure that they can one day reach the light. Akshara deeply loves Nharkava and wishes it to thrive, perhaps not for her lifetime, but for the next. Her belief is that Nharkava is unique among itself for its rich culture, its passion for life and spirituality and should be preserved at all costs. She is convinced that the actions she takes now will only benefit their once dying Territory.

This means that while she does not like some of the decisions she makes, she is confident they are necessary and guided by the Mother’s hand.

Charming, she can easily subdue even the most rigid personalities with her charisma. She uses this skill in Court to find peaceful resolutions to complicated situations. She is a realist and finds that too much optimism poisons perceptions. The rebels want to believe that Nharkava would be saved without Glacia’s intervention, but they conveniently forget that a land without Queens cannot thrive, let alone sustain itself.  Nharkava did this too itself and the only way they can hope to preserve the best of their culture is by taking the help they are given. While she does not agree with all of Glacia’s tactics, it's Dark religion and especially the use of its collars, she knows that without their Queens their people would not be fed and they would have no exports in spices and silks to fill their coffers. Glacia is powerful, and she finds there is little reason to making enemies with those extending a hand.  While she will not readily admit it, she has benefited greatly by the Glacians and does not want to give that up.

Her ambition has driven her to do questionable things and while she considers her actions are lead by the divine, it is an excuse to convince herself that she has nothing to regret. It is not uncommon for her to double down on an unwise decision when angered and it is best to have her cool down before any attempt to alter her perception is made. As such she likes to surround herself with sensible people who will not only use emotion but rational as their compass. Akshara is driven by a want for “more”, when it comes to knowledge or the political heights she can reach. This can make her a little selfish.

Akshara enjoys quiet moments where she can be alone with her thoughts by reading or listening to her birds sing. She loves the heat of the Nharavan sun on her skin and she can often be found basking in its light after a hard day. When in social situations, she enjoys being surrounded by familiar faces above new ones though she understands that networking is a necessary evil in life.  As such she is often seen at events offering communion or establishing relationships.

When close bonds are formed she is trusting and highly generous. The Blood are passion and pain and each should be savored in equal measure. She believes that the Blood should be true to themselves as they were the only ones granted the Mother’s gifts but should govern themselves fairly.  Sex is a celebration of life ike communion and when engaged she pours herself into it freely. Nothing in life comes easy but she believes she is doing what is expected of her and while she comes off as confident and independent, secretly she yearns for her accomplishments to be recognized as just and true by even one person.

  • 1. Birds- Colorful plumage, the graceful way their wings catch upon the wind, how easily they glide. A world without the song of birds to greet it would be absent of beauty. To Akshara birds are creatures of elements, no two species is ever the same. They call their mates with great displays of color and travel together in near perfect symmetry. Akshara has been tending to birds since she was a young child, patching wings here and there, releasing them from traps. Currently she has a small aviary filled with brilliantly colored parrots and finches.

  • 2. Books- There is something intoxicating about the scent of old and new tomes filling a library. Their perfume takes spoken word and gifts its stories to future generations. Books are an escape, a way of navigating the past to learn how we have come to the present. Books are windows to the imagination and the soul. Akshara keeps an extensive library; she quickly built upon the already impressive structure and attached its own wing where she keeps all manner of historical artifacts and scriptures. Her interests vary wildly from religion, fiction and historical compendiums. One of the best gifts you could give her is a book she has not read before.

  • 3. Nharkava- At her core, Akshara truly loves Nharkava and sees it as the most blessed of lands. There is a vibrance to this Territory that goes unmatched. Glacia may have its snow white purity, and Rihland its green fields, but Nharkava’s people are it's beating heart. Akshara feels that its customs and traditions must be protected and preserved.


  • 1. Dissidence-  Hard lessons were learned when the Territory Court was destroyed. Now is not the time for dissidence, but for cooperation. It is time to work towards Nharkava's future, for a bit of discomfort now is worth the food in their people's bellies and the stability Glacia offers. The Rebellion is an annoyance. Filled with people who do not understand what it takes to run a Territory and how gravely Nharkava has crippled itself. They do not have enough Queens to tend to the land and that is a wound that is felt by all. Their fruitless vigilantism only aggravates Glacia and that is not the kind of attention Nharkava needs. While it wounds her to act against her own people, she will hunt down the rebellion leaders to serve the greater good.

    Likewise Akshara will not tolerate being challenged by her own people in a public setting. Those closest to her know that she will be far more open to amending her stance if their objections are brought forth in a respectful and private manner. Anything less will simply cause her to dig her heels in.

  • 2. Picking sides between Glacia and Nharkava- Akshara's loyalties often come into question more often than she likes. She wishes others would see that her allegiances fall squarely on Nharkava's side, but a line must be toed in order for the Territory to thrive. She may not agree with all of Glacia's tactics but they have bettered the Territory and many ways. She personally benefits from their rule, yes, but so do the Landen. Akshara hates the accusation that she is being disloyal to her own people. When Glacia enacts an edict she is not in agreement with she must weigh the wisdom of arguing or the point. Any hard decision she makes is inevitably for the best interest of Nharkava whether others want to see it that way or not.

  • 3. Collars- While Akshara believes that a symbiotic relationship with Glacia is crucial to Nharkavas survival, she dislikes the Dark Religion, specifically for this edict. All Blood are blessed by Mother Night, and to collar her children is an insult to she who grants them power. As much as she hates collars, she understands that her discomfort and that of those who wear them is yet another compromise they must make, for the time being to keep peace.


  • 1. The Eradication of Nharkavan Culture- Little by little their traditions and rituals are being taken away. In time the people will forget the old temples, the dances or even the rites that are so deeply rooted in their culture and will be replaced with Glacia's icy stoicism. Priestesses may even begin to spread the Dark Religion until it shadows all of Nharkava’s color. She can only pray that by evolving their customs to something that would suit both Territories they will be able to salvage some of their identity.

  • 2. Glacia- What they giveth they can taketh away. Its a precarious position to be the ones in need. She would be happiest if Elsif and her Ebon Grey's never again stepped foot in her homeland. It frightens her to think that Glacia will will change their mind and leave, or worse, decide to speed up its conquest.

  • 3. Insects- The warm climate breeds all manner of dreadful bugs, including lice. Some of the poor Landen are even covered in them. In her mind insects live in filth which in turn can lead to disease or painful venom. Flying insects are the worst and Akshara's mind races to tiny stingers and bites and agony.The very idea of any insect touching her flesh makes Akshara squirm so uncomfortably that she will wash herself repeatedly or face the phantom sensation of tiny feet crawling on her skin all day. This makes it difficult go outdoors without shielding herself.

    Craft Strengths:

  • 1. Connecting with the Darkness (Siphon)- The Priestesses connection with the Darkness has always been particularly strong. Mesmerized by its depth, Akshara is well tuned with her own reservoirs of power as well as those of others.   In turn she can manipulate this Craft to bestow or take away the mother’s gifts by filling or siphoning jewels, even those stronger than her own. It is her belief that the Mother's gifts are a blessing and not to be squandered by those unworthy of them.

  • 2. Connecting with the Darkness (Sensing Jewel Strength)- As previously stated Akshara’s connection with the Darkness is strong, so much so that she is well tuned with her own reservoirs of power as well as those of others. This gives Akshara the unique skill of being able to monitor the Jewel strength and reserves of other Blood including those darker than herself. This allows her to know when a supplicant is in need when they might otherwise be unaware of the current jewel strength. When this is the case Akshara will offer Communion or if time is not permitting and necessity is key such as the case with over taxed Healers she will refill the reserve by Connecting with the Darkness.

    Craft Weaknesses:

  • 1. Witchfire (Basic/Forces)- Accustomed to reading in well lit libraries or with the use of another Witch’s light Akshara has never mastered this craft. She often finds herself easily distracted by whatever it is she is trying to accomplish, may it be reading or prayer.  Having taken the presence of this Craft for granted it is impossible for to either make her own light with Witchfire, or to wield it as a weapon.

  • 2. Communication Craft-While she has always been able to express herself clearly Akshara finds that she is unable to initiate or accept psychic threads. While her connection with the Darkness is enviable, her ability to conjure these threads is exceptionally exhausting. It is as if the line has been cut and no communication can take place. This is a serious handicap she struggles with on a daily basis, as ruling a Province requires a constant flow of communication with her Escorts and Court.

    Life Story

    Mother: Sruthi Rai- Tiger Eye - Summer Sky- Witch , Born 151 AP
    Father: Panatesh Venkatesh- Yellow- Rose Warlord Prince,   Born 148 AP
    Sister: Leena Rai  Tiger Eye - Summer Sky - Witch,  Born 173 AP


    Akshara knew from early on in life that she was meant to serve. From the moment she returned from her birthright ceremony with a shimmering Opal Jewel, her family knew the same. The first daughter of Sruthi and Panatesh Rai, she was tasked to tend to her household as well as her young sister while their parents worked and did so with a maturity beyond her years.The sisters saw very little of them early on except during meals and gatherings with extended relatives. Those moments were uncommon, but special to the sisters who learned to rely on one another. Theirs was not a rich life, something Akshara would see change in her future.  One thing her mother did impart in her was a love for books and the Nharkavan culture. In those days it was not uncommon to see Priestess dance during ceremonies, a spectacle of color and silk. While most were mesmerized by the display, Akshara felt the warm presence of their creator and was moved by it.

    At the age of twelve she began to apprentice at their local village temple in Boana,within the Jharkand Province. There she learned the old rites and studied under the temple’s High Priestess. Years later when Glacia decreed that the dances were heresy she felt the loss intimately. The Priestesses quickly recognized the young girl’s potential as her connection with the Darkness was particularly strong. It was decided that Akshara would leave her home and study full time at Court under the private tutelage of the Jharkand Court High Priestess. As a ward she would be granted opportunities to get to know the right people and do the most good. Even she didn't understand how that moment would change her.

    Considering herself truly blessed by Mother Night she saw the opportunity not so much a calling, but a demand by something or someone greater than herself. No one told Akshara that leading a devoted life would come with such great perks.

    With the changes Glacia implemented in Nharkava came changes to the court. Having descended from her Offering with a Sapphire Jewel she knew that more wonderful things were in store for her. The Jharkand Province was ruled by Lady Vahona Raopali, who after forming a friendship with the young Priestess elevated her to the position of Court High Priestess upon her mentor’s retirement. Akshara was not only a fresh face but a well-spring of new ideas meant to elevate the Province and its people. Having been raised so humbly and with the Queen’s ear, she was able to implement several changes that benefited the temples as well as the people’s perception of the Court. By funding meals and health care for the poor after services throughout the Province, the temples saw a rise in attendance.

    Lady Raoplai was a good Queen, but far too idealistic for Akshara’s taste. While she had the best interest of Nharkava at heart, she was almost antagonistic when it came to Glacia.  After the Lady Elsif Queen of Glacia and her Ebon Grey males reduced the Territory Court to ash, it became quickly apparent to Akshara that Nharkava’s survival not only hinged on the generosity of Glacia’s Queens but on keeping the juggernaut placated. Vahona saw it another way.  Convinced her Dark Jeweled First Escort would be a suitable deterrent to any Glacian who came to seek too much from Jharkand Province she ranged from passive aggressive to outright antagonistic toward any changes implemented by Glacia. As much as Akshara counseled the Queen to be reasonable it often fell on deaf ears. Vaona was comfortable in her position, so much so that while their people starved, she made the decision to become pregnant.

    While the Court celebrated the news, Akshara smiled and began to seek connections within the new Territory Court. If she could have only shown Lady Vahona that Glacians and Nharkavans could work together they could establish a symbiosis.  It had taken her years to cultivate relationships with Glacian dignitaries and fellow Priestesses, one in particular who would be integral to where she is today. 

    Lady Marget Vane was a Glacian Priestess assigned to the local temple. The two formed an honest friendship and this only emboldened Akshara to believe that the arrangement between territories could work. In one visit she expressed her deep frustrations with Lady Vahona, and went as far as to admit that she thought the native Queen’s laissez-faire attitude when it came to bringing a child into an already depleted territory was selfish, not to mention that for the next nine months she would be unable to feed the land and its people. She saw nothing but hardship for the Province in the months to come and something had to be done. If the Queen could just step down for a year, then someone like Akshara who already established good relations with Glacia could petition them for aide without provoking Lady Elsif’s wrath onto them. Lady Vahona insolence would get her collared in time and that was not a fate that Akshara wanted for her.  Lady Vane was sympathetic, and seeking to assist her good friend returned to Glacia and mentioned the issue with a contact within the Court there.

    When she returned to Nharkava and asked Akshara to meet her, it was with one other person, a Court Priestess who came with a plan. Akshara returned to home and convinced the Queen that some time away from the stress of Court could be essential to the child. It would also conceal her pregnancy as such a time would make her vulnerable. It took some convincing, but she was able to turn the First Escort onto the idea by assuring him that this would be the best outcome for his Queen. Four months pregnant Lady Vahona agreed, but Akshara would temporarily run the Court in her stead and she was to be notified weekly of any pressing matters so the decisions would be ultimately her own.

    It was only a matter of telling The Glacian Priestess where the Queen would be, and when the First Escort would not be near. The agreement was that Lady Vahona would be sequestered locally after which time she would have the baby and perhaps she would even be more amiable to Glacia’s presence. They assured Akshara that she would not be harmed.  What was to be a year long reign turned to two and then three.

    For the first month after the Queen was due to return the Court was in upheaval. The Queen could not be located. Akshara played the part and sent out guards to seek her out at the estate where she was to be resting. The men returned with the sickening news that there was no evidence the Queen was there or where she had gone.  They had to move forward so the Court Priestess took over the Queen’s duties as ruler and assured the Court that she would step aside upon her return. The best they could do for their Queen was make certain that their Province did not suffer. The new Territory Court supported Akshara’s ascension to rule.

    Over time she has weeded out the more radical ideologists from the Court and supplanted them with people she finds more sensible. While she may not always agree with Glacia’s tactics, she has not personally suffered under them. In fact, she has done quite well and believes that if Nharkava is to grow and be free of Glacia, they will need to move forward with them for a time.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    Mali ruffled her vibrant sapphire wings, chirped charmingly at her handler and received a small sardine as her reward. Seemingly too large for the tiny bird’s pointed beak she drew her neck-less head back, swallowing the fish whole until her golden breast swelled with delight. A soft whistle echoed back at her eliciting an excited response. It had taken years to make her birds comfortable with her presence, though she never dreamed of actually handling them. Mali was the youngest, a three year old dwarf kingfisher with the most zesty personality of any in her flock. Akshara pulled the tongs she used to hold the fish from the cage and set it down in a glass of water to be cleaned.  The large brass mughal domed cage sat directly in front of her office window overlooking a lush green lawn. Akshara enjoyed the presence of her winged mascots, often changing out the cages so they never grew tired of their dwellings.

    A meeting with a Glacian merchant ran far longer for her liking. It was mid afternoon and lunch had to be pushed back. At least her birds would get to eat.  The male was all smiles and charm but he had come with a purpose. He had attempted to convince her that it benefited his company as well as her Province to open free, untaxed trade between his holdings in Glacia and Jharkand Province. Perhaps they could be the example for which the rest of the territory followed. This wasn't just pocket change, but rather a hefty source of revenue for the Province as tolls paid for not only the road maintenance but also to fund supplemental necessities for Nharkava. “Would I be offering this discount to your competitors in Rihland as well?” she asked, her smile soft but not so curious that she didn't already know the answer. “I believe that one of your representatives has already spoke with my Master of the Guard and was told to petition the District Court. ” 

    It said as much in the report Bo had left for her just before he took his leave. “I also believe that you have made this request to Lady Vinsa and it has since been denied as it was discovered that your men had entered with, where is it, oh yes, over four tons of added goods that have since been seized from your storefront in Kulti.” The Warlord opened his mouth to speak, clearly he had not received the news that his shipment was confiscated. “I'm certain this was a clerical error on someone’s part?”  she asked, tilting her head. The man nodded “Yes, it was, how unfortunate. I will speak with my assistant as soon as possible, once the goods are returned we will be happy to pay the toll for the excessive wagons.” He assured her. The Priestess’s lips softened, her dark eyes falling on the man who had given himself away so readily. Choosing to ignore the slip, she continued. “There is also a fine. I would make an exception, but you understand it sets a terrible precedent. I'm certain that you understand. As for the goods, you are welcome to them, once the years tolls, the fine and of course the assessor has a chance to review the contents. This can take a week.”

    “A week?” the male almost spat, and continued, even as the Priestess raised her eyes to him once more. “There are perishable items in those carts.” 

    Shara nodded softly. “I know it is inconvenient, but so is having to pay a Price for smuggling. Now, if you can see that some of those items do not go to waste, by perhaps by donating them to the Kulti Court we can wave a small portion of your fine.”

    The threat was implied. Glacian or not the Warlord knew he had little recourse. “The tolls...” he began. ” Benefit the Province and are an issue for the District Court. Please feel free to appeal to the Lady Vinsa.” Akshara finished and stood, indicating the meeting was over. “Oh and Lord Kilo, in the future if you would like to make an appointment with me, you can do so with my Master of the Guard Lord Rajavade, I'm sure you two are already acquainted.”

    A half hour later Shara knocked politely on Lord Rajavade’s door. He would be working and heard the familiar sound of his voice, "Come in." before she peeked her head in.

    “The Glacian merchant you snubbed sends his best regards. Join me for lunch, I am starving, and these horrible smelling sardines are starting to not look half bad."

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    Player Name: Isa

Why did this character became inactive? Things were slow in Nharkava and I accidentally let her slide.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?be more aware of the tiers and I will be moving forward with some story ideas.

What are your plans for this character? She will lead her Province and work on erradicating the rebellion for the good of Nharkava.

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