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Title: Chaaya Kapoor
Post by: Chaaya Kapoor on Jan 28, 19, 01:39:54 PM
The Basics
Character Name: Chaaya Kapoor
Age and Birth Year: 28 (born 166 AP)
Race: short-lived
Caste: Landen
Birth Territory: Nharkava
Home Territory: Nharkava

Birthright Jewel:
Offering Jewel:

Role: hellephant trainer
Faction: The Rebellion

Play By: Alia Bhatt
Distinguishing Features:


Chaaya is spunk and sass with a grin. She’s a playful spirit that can’t seem to stop smiling for longer than a few heartbeats. She’s one of those girls that’ll knock you off your feet for being a jerk but then help you get back up and get better. Chaaya is not afraid to speak her mind. This sort of openness might come across as blunt or brusque if it came from a male, but coming from Chaaya, with a grin and a wink, the blow is softened. Her confidence is infectious. If she thinks it can get done, chances are it will.

She has a protective streak about her that can be surprising sometimes, given how blunt she can also be. Though she has a strong sense of community, the only thing she tends to be private about is her love life. Well, beyond the flirting she does. Chaaya will flirt with anything but she’s only really drawn to women. Since not everyone understands that, she keeps it to herself. Plus, she doesn’t want to ruin what happiness she has by parading it out in the streets like some couples do. She doesn’t need the world to know she’s in love. She knows it and that’s what matters.

Chaaya can be an adrenaline junkie. In her spare time, she likes to swim and cliff dive. Explore the world around her in different ways. Cities only draw her attention for novelty and as a gathering place but, being an extrovert, she enjoys going to them on her days off to people watch and catch up with colleagues. She’d rather be with her animals but understands that she has to balance things from time to time. Chaaya works not because she needs the money -- she works because she loves it.

None of Chaaya’s weaknesses come from within. The things that bother her come from outside of her control and she knows it. She doesn’t try to control them, because she knows she can’t, but she will try to avoid some things like a direct conflict. The way Nharkavan society is going worries her -- what kind of world are they creating now? She doesn’t like the skirmishes that her hellephants are used in because they can get hurt but she knows that they have to do something. Being idle just means an early grave.

Craft Strengths:
Craft Weaknesses:
Life Story

Mother: Vaishali Kapoor, Landen (deceased at age 50, born 141 AP)
Father: Rajesh Kapoor, Landen (deceased at age 55, born 136 AP)
Siblings: sister Darsha Kapoor, Landen (age 26, born 168 AP)

Chaaya remembers an idyllic sort of childhood, filled with working the fields with her family and attending community events like festivals and whatnot. To her, childhood was filled with color and laughter, which is something she tries to replicate in her life now. She remembers squabbles with her younger sister (that still happen today) but overall, Chaaya will always smile when she talks about that time in her life.

Her parents insisted that she attend some schooling, even though she would have rather run through the forest with the boys. She wasn’t the best student but she did love zoology and other biological sciences. Sensing a career path for their daughter, her parents introduced her to an elephant trainer, who showed her how these great animals could be gentle, intelligent, and indomitable. Chaaya was instantly hooked. From then on, working with animals became the incentive her parents needed to keep her in school.

She was glad that she didn’t have to go through all of those sex rituals that Blood did because Chaaya realized early on that she was attracted to women. Thinking it would be awkward to come out to her family, she was surprised to find that they supported her easily. It was like they knew about it before she did. Chaaya quickly ran through a string of girlfriends that were poorly suited for her (or maybe she was a poor match for them, who knew) in her late teenage years. In her early twenties, she started to get more serious about relationships and her career.

Unfortunately, that time also saw the rise of Glacian influence in Nharkava. From the start, Chaaya’s community rebelled. Her parents had always taken great pride on Nharkavan culture and they were some of the greatest voices of dissent when it came to the Glacian influence taking over their land. First it was just words, then it became brief fights. But one day, two years ago, they went too far and the Glacian Blood sent to rule the area decimated the Landen village. It wasn’t until then that Chaaya could look back upon the last few years, with her parents’ whispered words at dinner and her father’s instructions on how to fight, that she realized her parents had been spearheading the rebellion in their community and this was exactly what they had predicted would happen. 

Chaaya and her sister ran, hiding deep in the jungle for a week before making their way to Sikkim, where the hellephant trainers for the Rebellion resided. She hadn’t intended to become a rebel like her parents but Chaaya was determined to use her skills with animals to turn the tide of this war somehow and this was the best way to do it.

Show Us What You've Got
Character in Play:
Her feet hurt.

No, hurt was too mild a word. There was a sharp pain traveling up her calf from her ankle from a cramp that wouldn’t go away. The bottoms of her feet were raw from her broken shoes and coated in mud. Sometime a few days ago, she had stepped on a thorn, so now the heel of her right foot had a persistent ache she had to massage out every night. Her little toes on both feet protested constantly about their current condition.

Usually, Chaaya didn’t mind running through the forest. She actually enjoyed it. But usually, she was running through it to play, for fun. For these last few days, she and her sister had been running through it for their lives. They had been unprepared for this and it showed in their ragged state.

Still, they weren’t dehydrated, just a little hungry, exhausted, and very, very dirty. “Almost there,” Chaaya said to her sister, Darsha, who was trudging along behind her. Darsha wasn’t as comfortable in the forest but she was adapting quickly.

“You said that yesterday,” Darsha complained. It invited Chaaya to launch into a round of light bickering, which she took, because what lay in the silence was the awful reality that they had lost their parents just a few days prior.

Chaaya didn’t want to think about that. Yet.

Survive first, then mourn, she told herself every time the grief threatened to drag her down into that mud. That’s what they had to do. Once they made it to Sikkim, they could. Chaaya could fall apart for a few days, put herself back together, and fight the fuck back. Just because she was Landen didn’t mean she couldn’t hit a Glacian where it hurt. And once she got to Sikkim, got Darsha safe, she could focus on doing that.

After all, Glacia didn’t have hellephants. Nharkava did. And Chaaya knew how to talk to hellephants. Glacians didn’t.

Almost there.

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