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A naive Black Jeweled witch has destroyed the Territory Court. From its ashes a new court is being constructed, one run by a manipulative killer. As the blood runs in the streets of Goth from open gang warfare, the Steward of Little Terreille begins a gambit to rebuild the Territory from the ground up and challenge the Star of Kaeleer.
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Author Topic: Current Territory Petition  (Read 1815 times)

Description: For reference purposes (by Dash)

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Current Territory Petition
« on: Mar 09, 18, 10:30:27 AM »
Character's Name: Jonothan Harmaa
Character's Caste: Warlord
Character's Jewels: Purple Dusk to Green

Territory Plot:

Little Terreille has always been the gateway between the Realms. The guardian of the sole Gate between Kaeleer and Terreille, this cosmopolitan Territory is home to the schemes of powerful men who introduced slave collars to the purity of the Shadow Realm in order to chain a Queen to their will. Logain Morr has held Little Terreille under his sway without rebellion or reprisal, focusing on his own machinations while street gangs compete against one another for power in the capital city of Goth.

Before Loghain Morr rose to power, Bride Marchalan ruled as Queen. Though at first she had the love and support of the people, her policies had placed Little Terreille in a precarious position amongst the other Territories of Kaeleer. She held an antagonistic stance against Glacia and welcomed those who fled the Jewel of Kaeleer. She placed tariffs against Dharo and Dhemlan, earning the enmity of two other powerful Territories, particularly the political machine of Dharo. Whatever support she had within her Territory eroded as she focused on the needs of immigrants both from Kaeleer and those who came through the Service Fair and those entering the Shadow Realm through the Dark Gate. As the economic policies of Bride’s rule began to become a burden of the Territory, class tensions rose and the rise of the Gangs of Goth began, leading to an increase in crime and violence.

Loghain did what he thought he must to save the Territory: He put a slave collar upon Bride’s neck and publicly declared himself the ruler of Little Terreille. Most of her Court turned their allegiance to Loghain sensing a more solid rule with the Warlord Prince.

Bride lacked the support in order to gain freedom from Loghain’s control, and as such served as the public spectacle of his power. Her supporters stuck to the shadows but due to both her incompetence and Loghain’s charisma, she was never able to shake herself free from the collar he placed around her neck. Loghain consolidated his rule, making great use of the Service Fair to expand his influence in the realm. He made peace with Glacia by offering them the very technology he used on Bride, and by facilitating a collar-maker to be sent to Glacia through the Dark Gate. In short order, Loghain had wiped away most of Bride’s sins and made Little Terreille a prosperous Territory once more.

And as much as things stay the same, they can also change. A dangerous manipulator has taken control of Little Terreille, a man whose ambition is outweighed only by his ruthlessness. Jonothan Harmaa, a former assassin from Glacia, has directed forces more powerful than himself into an epic clash that has torn out the heart of Little Terreille’s rulership. Capitalizing on this disarray, Jon has arrayed himself to be the power behind the throne of an untested, strong-willed Queen who will hesitantly follow his direction.

As the new Territory Court begins to consolidate the power of the Gangs into a single organized crime unit, they will expand their power and purpose as the black market distribution center for all of the Realm of Shadow. The war for control of Little Terreille’s Crime will be bloody and swift as they select some groups to survive and others to perish. Controlling the only gateway to the Realm of Light, Little Terreille will soon connect itself to the other criminal elements throughout Kaeleer; the Syndicate of Dhemlan, the Smugglers of Glacia, and others.

And as Little Terreille reorganizes itself into a cohesive unit, it risks its own survival by tempting the wrath of Glacia with a propaganda campaign against the Star of Kaeleer. Little Terreille will soon become the focal point of resistance against Glacia’s doctrine and expansionism, all while serving the self-interest of its master.

Succession Plan:
After having the secret murder of Otso Oskari discovered by the Hearth Witch Vilma Ahlgren Jonothan Harmaa is placed in a difficult position. When he learns that she has shared his identity with an unknown Black Widow, he begins a desperate flight from Glacia. He convinces Hayden Sheane, the Red Birthright Jeweled witch who has been his pawn and protege, to follow him to Little Terreille. Having some business contacts in the cosmopolitan territory already, Jon plans to start a new life of power-brokering and shadow manipulation when his past deeds catch up to him. Logain Morr learns of Jon’s actions and identity, and seeking a bargaining chip with the powerful Territory has Jon captured and brought to his estate. During the process the cagey former Midnight Summit turns a bad situation into a good one (for him) and incites Hayden, who has recently received her Black, to attack the Palace with all of the wrath of the darkest of Jewels. Hayden realizes that even with her Jewels she cannot take on the Territory Court alone and recruits the aid of several of Jon’s other allies in the Territory and launch a powerful assault on Logain’s estate.

In the ensuing battle, most of Logain’s court is killed. Those who survive either flee the Territory in the face of an overwhelming enemy, fall under the sway of Jon, or go underground. Logain himself takes Bride, Lokevar, and those who survived who are closest to him and flee to Tereille. With the loss of the Territory Court, the Province Courts and the Gangs begin to enter into a struggle of power with each-other for control of the Territory. Seeing that the only way for the Territory to have any semblance of order is through his own control, Jon will begin a campaign of subversion, manipulation, and assassination to reshape the politics of the whole Territory.

In time, Jon picks a few gangs that he recruits and forms into a sort of super-mafia, uniting some of the gangs while wiping out the others. Crime will remain in Little Terreille, but under the eye and organization of a single group, under the thumb of the new Territory Steward.

As the Territory begins to settle into a form of order, Jon begins an aggressive propaganda campaign to recruit Jeweled Blood from Terreille into Little Terreille. He “lets out” the dark secrets of Glacia; Its silent civil war, the enslavement of the light jeweled, and their campaign to expand their beliefs into Nharkava. His goal is to form a Court strong enough to stave off any immediate reprisals from Glacia by gathering support from the Realm of Light. In short, an army to keep himself safe from the reprisal of Glacia’s Tri-Casted Queen.

Impact on the levels of District/Province/Territory/Realm::
At the Caste level, Little Terreille is the most cosmopolitan of all the Territories on Blood Rites. As such there are no restrictions on Castes in Little Terreille. The function of the Priesthoods and the Hourglass Coven are very traditional, and are modeled more after the novels than other territories. Landen outnumber the Blood in Little Terreille as they do in other Territories, and its ratios of Landen to Blood reflect the “standard” baseline in population.

At the District and Province level, these courts will be open for play. Laurel Gold and Hyster Megdalene will be missing and presumed dead. The fallout from the turnover at the Territory Court has a power struggle that few of the blood will survive. As such, I want to encourage some of the newer writers to have a playground to form their own intrigues and plots (much as Nicole did with Eddersea) with the backdrop of a more modern setting with more modern problems (gangs, drugs, crime, etc..

The Gangs of Goth will have a bloody war where the Territory Court pours its resources and support behind two or three of the Gangs and work to wipe out the others. This will be a large conflict resolved in character by the PCs in play. Writers can play new or old gang members who can either be on the winning or losing side of the conflict. I plan to write some awesome action scenes here with everyone who’s present, and encourage those participating to do it up. Figure classic gangster movie scenes where the criminal element is becoming more of an organized family rather than a bunch of various gangs vying for control.

The Territory Court will have two “factions” in play. The first will be Jon, Hayden, and his supporters that were either in Little Terreille or brought over from Glacia. The second will be the new Territory Queen, who will be brought in by Jon to rule Little Terreille as the official face of the Queen. Jon will serve as the Territory Steward, a kind of homage to Logain in many ways, as it allows him to control the finances and the bookwork of the Territory, while also remaining close to the Queen that he has contracted to rule. The other positions will be open for adoption, either as loyalists to the Queen or Jon.

After they have consolidated themselves, Little Terreille will begin sending envoys into Terreille looking for dissatisfied individuals or people of strong moral fiber, and spreading the “truth” of the “Evils of Glacia”. Jon and the Queen will be offering lucrative contracts to those willing to come join the courts of Little Terreille against the power of Glacia. Given that most of Glacia’s strength is unknown in the Realm of Light, these letters will downplay much of Glacia’s actual power to incentivize people even further, making it a fairly dirty deal once they get through the other side.

In effect the entire Service Fair will be twisted to increase Little Terreille’s power. Either those coming into the Territory will be placed into key positions in Little Terreille’s courts, or their will be sold out for a greater sum of money to other Territories who are willing to pay (in effect an increase on the immigration tax). The restriction of Jewel-Ranks being assigned to lighter Courts will be removed with a contract stipulation stating that any disobedience to their court will be punished with being fitted with a Ring or Collar of Obedience. The Fair will no longer be open to every Territory Ruler in Kaeleer, and instead they will only receive the dossiers forwarded to their representative by the Territory Steward.

Jon will continue much of the trade Logain has done with Raej, seeing as it’s a principle component of how the Territory makes its money. He will also start mirroring some of Raej’s practices of ‘hijacking’ contracts to other Territories and placing them firmly within Little Terreille.

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