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A naive Black Jeweled witch has destroyed the Territory Court. From its ashes a new court is being constructed, one run by a manipulative killer. As the blood runs in the streets of Goth from open gang warfare, the Steward of Little Terreille begins a gambit to rebuild the Territory from the ground up and challenge the Star of Kaeleer.
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Author Topic: Culture of Little Terreille  (Read 9609 times)

Description: Culture, Geography, Statistics

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Culture of Little Terreille
« on: Jan 26, 17, 12:36:36 PM »
Capital City: Goth
Population: 5.1 Million
Population Breakdown: 60% Native to territory 40% are immigrant from other Territories or Terreille.
Caste Breakdown: 22% Blood, 78% Landen. Jeweless and Descent Only Blood make up the majority of the Blood of Little Terreille. There is a special deficiency in Queens and Warlord Princes.
Major Exports: Manufactured Goods, Tereillian Goods, Packaged Meats, Preservatives.
Major Imports: Most metals, fruits, and vegetables, cattle.

Little Tereille has an extremely mild temperature all year round. Portland and Courtland, given their proximity to Askavi, have colder winters and more mild summers than the rest of the Territory.


Capital City: Northwood
Districts: Northwood and Midland

Capital City: Eastville
Districts: Balton, Thorton

Capital City: Portcity
Districts: Basinton, Merkton, Little Vaasa (Sanctuary is capital of Little Vaasa)

As the Territory that holds the only working Gate between Realms, Little Terreille is a melting pot of different cultures. Little Terreille is a small land with a large amount of industry and trade. Holding several large cities that have populations of a million people, most individuals in the Territory live within these urban centers. Money matters more than jewel strength in terms of social status. A rich Landen is seen with more respect than a Dark Jeweled pauper. People will still get out of the way of the Dark Jeweled pauper, but wealth is tied directly to success and intelligence.

The Dark Gate is perhaps the Territory's greatest source of revenue and it's greatest asset, as it allows for the trade between Realms and for the contracts to be formed within the Territory and other Territories in Kaeleer.

Little Terreille tends to be more forward thinking than the rest of Kaeleer. Non-traditional relationships do not receive the same backlash here (be they same sex or Landen/Blood intermarriage). While there’s still elements of discrimination, especially in certain aristo neighborhoods, it is far less than nearby territories who seem almost draconian in comparison.

Crime is common in the small cosmopolitan Territory. Even with the recent shifts in Territory rulership, blue and white collar crime remain a constant fixture in business.