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A naive Black Jeweled witch has destroyed the Territory Court. From its ashes a new court is being constructed, one run by a manipulative killer. As the blood runs in the streets of Goth from open gang warfare, the Steward of Little Terreille begins a gambit to rebuild the Territory from the ground up and challenge the Star of Kaeleer.
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Author Topic: Courts of Little Terreille  (Read 12470 times)


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Courts of Little Terreille
« on: Jun 24, 17, 10:28:44 AM »
Court of Little Terreille

Amerys Tiernan
White to Tiger Eye Queen

Consort: N/A
First Escort: Roland Cade, Purple Dusk to Green Prince
Master of the Guard: Algernon Breckenridge, Purple Dusk to Sapphire Prince
Steward: Jonothan Harmaa, Purple Dusk to Green Warlord

Court Healer: NPC
High Priestess: Emily Hawkins, Summer Sky to Blood Opal Priestess
Head of the Hourglass Coven: Abigail Palmer (NPC)

First Circle Courtiers:
  • Hayden Sheane, Red to Black Witch (Disguised as Jewel-less Blood)
  • Kelda Voll, Blood Opal to Sapphire Black Widow (Court Seer)
  • Vonshtad Svorjids, Summer Sky to Opal Warlord
  • Davos Sheane, Opal to Red Prince
  • Draven Rook, Green to Gray Warlord Prince

Second Circle Courtiers:
  • Gustav Fyers, White to Yellow Prince

Notable Affiliates:
  • Fairus Catullus, Purple Dusk to Opal Hearth Witch
  • Mani Omani, Birthright Yellow Warlord Prince
  • Shyloh Knight, Sapphire to Gray Black Widow

Ruler of Portland Province: Laurel Gold, Purple Dusk to Sapphire Queen
Her Court:
  • Cristobal De La Cruz, Summer Sky to Broken Green Warlord (First Circle)
  • Schulyer Shepard, Landen

Ruler of Rockland Province: Odelle Ackley, Purple Dusk to Sapphire Queen
Her Court:
  • Eirnan Connolly, Summer Sky to Green Prince

Ruler of Courtland Province: Marchesa Talbot, Rose to Blood Opal Queen (Registered NPC)
Her Court:
  • Various NPCs

Ruler of Little Vaasa District: Sheyla Grey, White to Tiger Eye Queen
Her Court:
  • Aleksy Grey, White to Tiger Eye Black Widow Healer (Court Healer)
  • Ciprian Voda, Purple Dusk to Green Prince (Court Steward)
  • Alexander Irons, Sapphire to Gray Prince (Disguised as Daniel Steel with Hidden Gray)

Ruler of Midland District: Eydis Winters, Opal to Green Priestess Queen
Her Court:
  • Various NPCs

*Thanks to Phinn for providing the bulk of the work. If any changes need to be made please PM Dash.