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A naive Black Jeweled witch has destroyed the Territory Court. From its ashes a new court is being constructed, one run by a manipulative killer. As the blood runs in the streets of Goth from open gang warfare, the Steward of Little Terreille begins a gambit to rebuild the Territory from the ground up and challenge the Star of Kaeleer.
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Author Topic: Cities of Little Terreille  (Read 11790 times)


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Cities of Little Terreille
« on: Feb 04, 17, 04:25:39 PM »
The Cities of Little Terreille

Most of the population of Little Terreille is congregated in the major cities that act as the capitals and trade centers of the Territory. All of these cities except for Northwood and Sanctuary are located near major rivers allowing for a great deal of trade to flow between the Territories. While the Winds provide faster travel for the Blood, most of the mercantilism is carried out in the Territory by Landen or Jeweless Blood which makes travel by boat the more cost-efficient option.

Territory Capital
Population: 2.8 million

Goth is the center of Little Terreille. It acts as not only the principal center for rulership of the Territory but also as the base hub of trade. Most other cities transport goods through Goth which then has contracts with other Territories for trade. Given its proximity to Gate City Goth also is the major hub for importing goods from Terreille and exporting them back through the Dark Gate.

Split in two by the Rill River that flows from the Rihland mountains, Goth focuses much of its trade upon the river. Numerous bridges connect the two halves of the city and much business is done on the river itself.

Goth is a sprawling metropolis and is the largest city in the Realm. There are huge disparities of wealth here where the rich live in opulent mansions and the poor live in tightly packed apartments that barely have the necessities for survival. Crime is rampant as the Gangs have long had free reign over the city. Even the recent shifts in rulership and the decimation of some of the Gangs have not eliminated the alarming crime rate here.

For all of its negatives there is a great deal of culture to Goth. Multicultural by nature, the city hosts some of the best restaurants and shops in all of Kaeeler. The restaurant districts are highly visited by neighboring dignitaries, even if they’ll complain at times of the run-down nature of the area.

Most individuals who live in the city enjoy the constant high pace of the urban sprawl. Though Goth has been burned down in parts and built over time and time again it remains one of the cultural centers of the Territory and remains a “must see” for most people coming in through Terreille.

Capital of Portland Province
Population: 1.1 Million

The second largest city in Little Terreille, Portcity is a glamorous shrine compared to the urban decay of Goth. Styled more like a Dhemlanese or Hayllian city in terms of architecture, Portcity holds many gleaming spires and gardens with wide streets and constantly cleaned buildings. Bordering Dea al Mon and Rihland, the city has one of the largest ports in Kaeleer. It has continued its prosperity year over year thanks to the guiding hand of its Queen, Laurel Gold. The Dhemlanese Queen has ruled Portcity for centuries, predating even the Purge.

Most of the aristocrats of Little Terreille live within the city, and the majority of individual wealth can be found in the gleaming spires held within.

While there is crime in Portcity it is a far different sort than what is in Goth. Crime here is mostly white collar in nature compared to the rough and tumble of the gangs. While a quarter of the city hosts sailors from different parts of Kaeleer and is rowdier than the rest of the city, the levels of violence are far less.

Capital of Courtland Province
Population: 700,000

Northwood is the third largest city in Little Terreille and is the only capital city not located near a river. It has long served as a hub of trade between Little Terreille and Nharkava, as it holds the only entrance into the Territory that is not through the mountain ranges of the North and East.

As of late, the city has been filled with Glacian immigrants who were allowed entry by Bride Machlan and has been the end point of travel for the Light Jeweled trying to escape Glacian influence. Crime has risen steadily over the last few years as these immigrants find difficulty in locating work. Some of these refugees have formed gangs of their own to secure resources and look out for one another.

The last few years have likewise seen a shadier element start to arise within the city, and whispers leave the city of a great deal of corruption coming from the Province Court.

Capital of Rockland Province
Population: 200,000

Eastville is more of a collection of large towns compared to the other major cities of Little Terreille. Populated primarily by Landen, it is the primary point of trade with Dharo. It has also become something of a ‘retirement home’ for those wishing to get away from the crazed city life of the larger cities in the Territory, and has many communities that cater to the elderly.

Capital of Little Vaasa District
Population: 50,000

Recently constructed, Sanctuary is serving as the home for many Glacian refugees being relocated closer to the Askavi border. Much of the community are either Landen native to Little Terreille seeking to make money off of the need for construction materials and laborers or Light Jeweled Glacians who have been relocated from other parts of the Territory to a segregated district.

Site of the Dark Gate
Population: 30,000

Built around the temple that holds the Dark Gate, Gate City is part tourist trap and part internment camp. Those who enter through the Dark Gate are not permitted to leave the city without proper papers, and only those who serve the Territory Court are allowed inside. Those seeking to leave Kaeleer must go through a lengthy process through the Emmigration Office located there.

Those entering Kaeleer through the Dark Gate find overpriced temporary housing, overpriced stores, and overpriced restaurants. Gate City is often in disrepair because there are perhaps only a few thousand permanent residents who have built homes to accommodate their work here.

Only citizens of Little Terreille and those holding a contract and travel papers with the Territory Steward’s seal can leave Gate City once they enter. This rule is strictly enforced.