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Author Topic: Let me show you how to really throw a party  (Read 144 times)

Description: Attn: Odelle

Offline Jack Balton

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Let me show you how to really throw a party
« on: Jun 28, 19, 02:56:42 PM »
Jack sat in his office in a most unusual form of attire.  Spring might have been in the air but it felt more like the depth of summer as Rockland was subjected to an abnormally strong heat wave that was paired with a wall of humidity that made going outside very unpleasant.  Cooling spells were only so helpful and the hearth witches of Odelle’s residence were working to keep the dampness out of the air but Jack had begun to turn to his office and catching up with work in the cooler, more tolerable hours of the evening after most of the household had retired to their rooms.

Jack, who held the utmost pride for his office and his appearance, had decided that this late in the evening, it was alright to forgo his customary dress shirt and jacket and was reading over some missives and plans in nothing more than a very comfortable pair of linen slacks that were made of a wonderful material that allowed his skin to breathe.  After all, no one would be bothering him at this hour and it was so blasted hot.

He hoped, and after discussing with several Black Widows who had an inclination towards weather-web scrying, he was confident enough that this wall of heat would quickly leave the area and allow for the much more tolerable temperatures in enough time to hold the Rockland Spring Festival.  It had been a long-standing tradition for the area though recent years had led to the cancelation for the past two seasons.  With the strong harvest indications, Odelle’s strong rule and the growing prosperity of the region, he was working hard to enact the festival in all its past glory with a nod and a bright beacon towards the future their Queen was working towards.

He added his signature with a flourish to a contract for workers to begin clearing out one of the southern fallowed fields of weeds and overgrowth and construct tents and booths for the artisans and vendors that were anticipating the chance to show their wares.  That task accomplished, he reached for the chilled carafe of apple mead and poured himself a healthy glass to enjoy for a few moments before taking on the next task.

Odelle would be pleased with the progress that her idea was having.  She had tasked him with looking into the ability of the Court to support the weight of this cost and he had been spending the better part of the last two days going over accounting ledgers and making simple calculations.  He was pleased to find a few bits of wiggle room in the numbers and after making sure to have his calculations double checked worked out a plan that could distribute some of the tithe income for the season without leaving anyone too short handed.  He had contemplating asking for an increase in the spring tithes with a lightening of the summer tithes, but he wasn’t really comfortable causing too many waves in a delicately balanced boat.

Speaking of Odelle, he paused in his note taking to allow himself a momentary lapse of work ethic to think of his beloved.  These last months had been wonderful, terrible, ecstatic and frustrating; all the best and worst things about being in a relationship that was open and true instead of lingering on the sidelines and hoping for something that might never be.  Free to share in her bed whenever she wished or have her in his own, it was glorious and despite his own original trepidations on how the shift might affect the other males in the court, things seemed to be working out well.  Eirnan seemed a little more relaxed or perhaps that was just the Mara of his own life, Kamal was… well Kamal had found a little petulant mouse to bat around and seemed distracted.   Jack almost felt sorry for the poor lass, until she found him alone in the corridor and he got a view of the manipulative little bitch hiding beneath the image of innocence and beauty.

Darkness help the poor soul she ensnares in her webs, he thought giving his head a little shake and feeling the tickle of the tips of his hair against the back of his neck.  He had let his hair grow out a little, Odelle seemed to enjoy being able to wrap her fingers into his hair and it was worth the discomfort of being less than tidy.