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Author Topic: Keep 'Em Coming  (Read 51 times)

Description: Tag: Rachyla

Offline Vester Hall

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Keep 'Em Coming
« on: Jun 06, 19, 08:46:06 PM »
Having been at the court for a bit now, Vester had come a long way from where he was when he arrived, physically anyway. His injuries had healed, thanks first to the Warlord Prince who had found him, and then further Healing from the Rockland Court Healer. Vester had never heard of a Warlord Prince with that much Healing skill, but he supposed it made sense with being related to at least one other Healer.

He was just hungry all the time, and he was afraid to ask for more food. What if he ate too much? Then what? Would they kick him out? It wasn’t like he was able to do much around the court right now. He’d been recovering and now... he lacked training. And what was he supposed to do, anyway? How could he be someone’s escort without any Jewels to protect them?

The thought brought his mind to the Yellow he no longer wore, and to the Offering he would never wear. He pushed those thoughts aside, then, and went back to thinking about hunger. Maybe there was something in the kitchen. Vester had his arms crossed, grasping his elbows with his shoulders hunched as he made his way to the kitchen. It wasn’t a mealtime, so he didn’t think he would be allowed into the kitchen. That’s how it had always been on the ships he was on, anyway: no food except at meal times or unless it was offered to him, which it never was.

Upon reaching the kitchen, Vester leaned in just enough to scope it out. Empty. Perfect. He slunk in, casting his gaze over the counters, and he spotted some sort of pastry with jelly in the middle. He remembered having them at breakfast a few times, and the ones with raspberry were his favorite. Vester hurried over to them and picked one up, eating it in two very large bites, and then he picked up another.

Offline Rachyla Paredes

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Re: Keep 'Em Coming
« Reply #1 on: Jun 06, 19, 10:17:07 PM »
Rachyla hummed a cheerful tune as she made her way back to the kitchens. It had been her habit of late to deliver a midmorning snack to Lady Ackley’s office. Today though, she’d baked more than was necessary and she thought she might take the extras and see if perhaps she could track down Mara - she’d really liked the other woman and hoped maybe they could be friends. Offerings of food made a great icebreaker in her experience.

Just before she entered the kitchens though, she sensed someone at her counter. The Hearth Witch peered around the doorframe in time to see a young man pick up a fruit danish. Her brow creased at the rapid manner in which the pastry was consumed. Had he even tasted the food?! When the boy chose a second danish, Rachyla slipped in. The young man was small, thin and she had the uncontrollable urge to feed him.

“Would you like some milk with that? Or maybe some tea?”

She didn’t want to spook him - she wanted to feed him up. Rachyla glided to her coldbox, not looking directly at the young man. Opening the door to rummage through it, the Hearth Witch kept her back to the young man but her attention on the Warlord behind her.

She turned around, a plate of cheese and cold cuts in her hand. “My name is Rachyla. Who are you?”

Assuming the young man didn’t bolt, Rachyla walked over to stand at the counter with him, stopping about five feet from him. She set the plate down and slid it towards him, snagging a chunk of cheese before she did so.

She popped the cheese in her mouth. “Hmm. Gouda is the best  cheese. You should have some.”