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Author Topic: Better Days  (Read 113 times)

Description: Tag: Ura

Offline Vester Hall

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Better Days
« on: Sep 13, 19, 01:46:18 AM »
(Set for a couple days after Vester’s arrival in Rockland following this thread)

Having spent a few days at the Rockland Province Court so far, Vester was starting to feel a bit better now, at least physically. He hadn’t expected a Warlord Prince to start the Healing process on him. He also hadn’t expected the Healer to praise the work, but apparently this court’s Healer, Lucy, was related to Hrodi the Warlord Prince, which was how Vester ended up here.

His side was still tender where his cracked ribs had healed up. There was still some bruising, although Lucy--Lady Benton--had smoothed some of that away with Craft, too. She had also fed him a lot, and Vester was begrudgingly beginning to like her. She managed to make him feel safe, even with her relatively Light Jewels. Maybe that was because he knew someone who wore the Sapphire backed her.

Vester heard Lucy’s murmured voice out in the main Healing room, but he couldn’t make out anyone answering her through the closed door to his recovery room. He frowned, which was followed by a wince as he sat up. His hand went to his ribs as he rested there for a moment. Lucy sounded calm… but Vester knew little about this area, or how safe it was here. He doubted a Warlord Prince would leave a Healer somewhere unsafe, but…

He stood up from the bed, hand still on his ribs, and shuffled towards the door. He could hear Lucy’s voice again, followed by a clatter and he yanked the door open.

“Lady Benton?” he growled, but then stopped short, standing in confusion as Lucy’s laughter met his ears next. Then she stepped aside to put away the supplies that had apparently toppled to the floor, revealing the other person in the room and all he could do was stare.

Offline Urassaya Mordoga

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Re: Better Days
« Reply #1 on: Sep 13, 19, 11:56:57 AM »
Ura really wasn't the kind of person to get flustered. Emotional, sure - if that emotion was something like irritation or rage anyway - but certainly not flustered. And yet, and yet, whenever she was around Lucy Benton she just sort of lost herself a little bit. She felt foolish, and kind of gawky, and way younger than her nineteen years. She always seemed to forget what to do with her hands and kept wringing them together or fussing with her vest or changing her mind over and over about how to set them in her pockets (thumbs in and hands free, or hands in and thumbs out?!) It was stupid, but for some reason she just... lost it.

Logically speaking, this should mean that Ura would absolutely hate being around the lovely Healer. Instead, she always got this light, happy feeling whenever she was around. She had a good aura, Ura had decided, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying it. Besides, it would be good for her to learn a thing or two about the healing craft. Oh no, she had no ambitions to train in a second caste (she'd leave that nightmare to Diana, thank-you-very-much) - but considering the demographics she was hoping to establish her first court from, it certainly couldn't hurt to have some kind of a base understanding.

So, she'd been making time a few times a week (almost daily) to offer assistance in Lady Benton's healing rooms. The Lady didn't seem to mind at all, and since it wasn't taking her away from any of her other responsibilities as a Queen-in-training, her mentor didn't have any protests either.

Ura liked to think that she was usually at least a little bit helpful. Today, though, she just.. was struggling. She'd been away for a few days visiting Diana (they decided to take turns semi-regularly so they didn't go a damn year or more without seeing each other again) and had only returned late last night. From the moment she'd set foot back at the Seat something had felt.. not off but odd. Like the sleeves of her jacket were just a quarter of an inch too short or like one boot was fastened slightly tighter than the other. Vaguely distracting but not exactly uncomfortable. The sensation had grown almost instantly when she'd come to the healing rooms so she was ready to be sure that it was just because of the weirdness that always came over her whenever she was around Lady Benton (though how anyone could operate normally around someone so pretty was beside her anyway). While they were catching up she even knocked over a box of supplies that had just arrived!

"I am so sorry," she started to say with a sigh, crouching down to help her. "I just don't know what's wrong with me to-- today...."

Her voice drifted off because directly across from her a door opened and out stepped a young man.

And he was hers.

It was unlike anything she'd ever felt before, but she knew exactly what it was. Hope and fear and exhilaration and what felt like eight million other things welled up inside of her all at once. The part of her that was tapped into the power of her Touch seemed to hum and buzz and come alive in a way she'd never known it to do before and it was a physical effort not to rise and go right to him.

Instead, because she had dignity - thank you - she rose slowly to her feet. "Hello," she said with what she felt was an admirable degree of calm.