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Canon: © Anne Bishop
Board's Plot: Blood Rites
Points Scheme: Mother Night
Ratio System: Blood Rites

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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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* Plot Information for Little Terreille

A naive Black Jeweled witch has destroyed the Territory Court. From its ashes a new court is being constructed, one run by a manipulative killer. As the blood runs in the streets of Goth from open gang warfare, the Steward of Little Terreille begins a gambit to rebuild the Territory from the ground up and challenge the Star of Kaeleer.
Culture of LT
Cities of LT
Courts of LT

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  1. Listen, About Jack...
  2. I Am Still Painting Flowers For You
  3. Tender chain-breaker on a bender
  4. Breaking Good Coin
  5. Everything Belongs
  6. Sea Change
  7. Keep 'Em Coming
  8. we all get a little wrecked sometimes
  9. I’ll Put my Armor on Show you how Strong I am
  10. Through the Looking Glass
  11. Sibs from other cribs
  12. I was gonna die
  13. .someday. this pain could be useful
  14. once upon an .edition.
  15. It's A Vicious Little World That We Live In
  16. a little pile of ashes where my old life used to be
  17. Making time
  18. Sapphires In Her Eyes
  19. Sigh, Suffering Every Moment
  20. you'll never find your pleasure if you worry about your pain
  21. when you came in, the air went out
  22. Ruffled Feathers
  23. the pressure is building at the base of my spine
  24. Entitlements
  25. Dile a tu nuevo querer, truly
  26. Because you asked...
  27. not the sauce you expected
  28. From Broken to Made
  29. Penny for your thoughts, a dime for your smile
  30. More Than Ones And Zeros
  31. Watering mouths and business deals
  32. Better Days
  33. It's 5 o'clock somewhere or so they say
  34. The Things Left Unsaid
  35. Sweet Suburban Tune
  36. Dividends
  37. Welcome to the Wild
  38. The Ropes Have Been Unbound
  39. Let me show you how to really throw a party
  40. a moment long overdue
  41. be .still. my beating heart
  42. Mining for small favors and big rewards
  43. Nothing Pancakes Can't Cure
  44. Rivers rise and fall
  45. All is Theft, All is Fair
  46. Princes Cannot Be Defeated by "The Sniffles"
  47. Leave my Sunglasses on While I Shed a Tear
  48. A different kind of jungle
  49. Unstoppable Today
  50. This Wolf Wears a Bolero
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