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Title: Vester Hall
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The Basics

Character Name: Vester Hall
Nicknames: Ves
Age and Birth Year: 18 (b. 176 AP)
Race: Short-lived (Rihlander)
Caste: Warlord
Birth Territory: Rihland
Home Territory: Little Terreille

Birthright Jewel: broken, cut Yellow
Offering Jewel: N/A

Role: Ward
Faction: Rockland Province Court


Play By: Unknown model (
Distinguishing Features: Vester is thin and wiry, and more than a little malnourished. A lifetime lacking in good food has made him shorter than average, even for his age. Usually hidden under his shirt, he wears a small glass bottle with a cork stopper on a string around his neck. It holds the shattered remains of his Birthright Yellow Jewel.



Vester’s relatively short life has taught him to be obedient to and fearful of authority figures, and he tends to flinch away from fast, unexpected movements or sudden loud voices. His life over the past couple of years has been that of constant change: his living situation, the people around him, and even his clothes and food; and thanks to this, he doesn’t trust easily. Vester finds everything to be suspicious. He assumes that nothing is his to keep, and no one is just nice for no reason.

Obedience meant that he wouldn’t be yelled at or struck for any perceived insolence. It was easier and less painful to simply do what he was told when he was told to do it. He tries to keep busy because then he feels like he knows what he’s supposed to be doing. Having a specific task to do is his comfort zone. It lets him know that he’s doing something right and is likely to avoid punishment.

If he’s pushed too far outside his comfort zone, he shuts down, and he’ll either stare blankly as he carries out whatever tasks he was assigned on autopilot, or will go to his room and refuse to speak to anyone.

Buried under the coping mechanisms is an angry young man who has been dealt a very bad hand in life. Unfortunately, familiarity and comfort with a person draws this side out first, rather than softening him to someone more kind and agreeable. He’ll be snappish or sullen with a bit of a temper that he buries quickly, a habit he learned for his own wellbeing.

This is, in part, yet another defense mechanism. Vester is afraid of getting close to anyone because no one he was close to has ever stuck around. Even his own mother sent him away! Vester doesn’t want to get to know anyone because they’ll only abandon him anyway. Or they’ll want something from him.

Craft Strengths:
Craft Weaknesses:
Life Story

Mother: Karin Hall (b. 148 AP), Tiger-Eye to Rose witch
Father: Axel Clementsen (b. 144 AP), Tiger-Eye to Summer-Sky Warlord


Possible Trigger Warning: references to child abuse. Specifics are not spelled out.

By the time Vester was born, his father was long gone. His parents were not together long term, and he was the result of a fling that always had a set end date. His mother struggled to keep them both fed and from far too young of an age, Vester was by himself often. At his birthright ceremony, walked away with the Yellow, and it was one of the few truly happy times that Vester remembers from his childhood.

His mother’s absence from the house left a lot of room for Vester to find trouble. It started with small things that he and his friends got up to. Things that, at first, neighbors chalked up to boys having fun and taking things just a little too far. When told of her son’s antics, his mom insisted that he must have just been going along with the other boys. In some cases this was true, but he was also the ringleader often enough.

As he became a teenager, his antics grew worse, and he spent time in several different Rehab Towns. In some of them, the Priestesses genuinely wanted to help him, and he resisted, seeing nothing wrong with what he had been doing. No one usually got hurt--they were just kids having fun.

The last Rehab Town, however, the Priestess was different. Punishments were emotional and physical. While not collared, he may has well have been because the Black Widow’s web that kept him from escaping also inflicted pain at the Priestess’s will.

When Vester was 17, he was released from the last Rehab Town, and returned home as a changed person. He was sullen, reserved, and obedient... to a point. When he started spending time with the same friends as before, his mother did her best to prevent it. She tried finding him work to do, assigning him tasks at home, and tried getting him an apprenticeship, however no one would have him with his history.

The last straw came when he was caught kissing one of his friends. The kiss was a surprise to Vester and lasted only seconds before they were discovered, but it was enough for them to get in trouble yet again. Terrified that he would eventually be Broken or worse if he continued down this path, Vester’s mother got him work with a traveling merchant who would take him out of the Territory.

His indentured servitude was the Price, and he ended up no better than a slave. His Yellow Jewel was taken from him, and he was always given the worst of the worst jobs while traveling, and he was given work to do when they stayed at inns to reduce the cost of their stay. Sometimes he got to work in the kitchen, which was by far better than when he was forced to work in the stables, mucking out stalls.

Eventually, his work contract was sold to a merchant ship. At first, Vester was a little excited to be doing something new. Surely there would be better jobs on a ship, ones that didn’t involve poop. How wrong he was. The ship sometimes hauled animals, and when those weren’t on board, there was always the head to clean. The only bright side was that they allowed him to hold onto his Jewel, even as they pushed him around and yelled at him in what seemed to be a way to relieve stress and boredom of being out to sea.

The merchant ship seemed bad, but it was nothing compared to the pirate ship that came next. The merchant crew was no match for the pirates who attacked, looking for goods and marks. The fight was bloody, many of the crew that he knew were dead, and Vester himself came out of it with his lovely Yellow Jewel broken.

Given no time to recover from the loss of his Jewel, Vester was forced immediately into working on the pirate ship. The punishment for small mistakes was worse than before, as was his status as the ship’s punching bag. It made him angry, but the fog of depression meant that the little sparks of temper never became anything more. He learned to anticipate the moods of those around him, and attempted to make himself scarce when they were angry. It worked sometimes, but there were not a lot of places to hide on the ship. Food was scarce and restful sleep was nonexistent.

Everything changed when their ship was attacked. Already injured from a recent punishment, Vester hid in the head, thinking that no one would find him there, but someone did find him: a Dark Jeweled Warlord Prince and a Warlord who was not as Dark. Vester cowered, expecting to be punished for hiding for so long, but instead, as chaos reigned outside with the crew that came with the Warlord Prince taking over the ship, the pair of new males simply sat down on the floor outside the open door. The Warlord Prince called in a loaf of bread and some jam, and started eating, sharing it with the Warlord.

Vester froze up when the Warlord Prince, who introduced himself as Hrodi and the other male as Dale, offered him some food. He wanted it badly, but at the same time, what would this Hrodi want for it? When the loaf was half gone, Hrodi simply set it down on the cloth it had been wrapped in, along with the jam and walked away to talk to someone else. After staring at the food for a solid five minutes Vester reached for it. He ended up eating so quickly that he vomited, causing his injuries to flare up. He curled up on the floor in pain and the last thing he remembered before passing out was Hrodi returning and picking him up.

When he regained consciousness, Vester was in the Healing room on a completely new ship. As they sailed, no one asked him to do anything, leaving him anxiously waiting for the other shoe to drop. His life became a bit of a whirlwind then as they made landfall. In a painful daze, Vester walked off the ship and into his new life.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

It was dark when Vester opened his eyes, unsure of where he was. The dim room was foreign, the smell was foreign, as was the ratty blanket that was half covering him. The only thing that was familiar was the gentle sway of the ship.

None of this mattered, though. No, what mattered was the vast emptiness Vester felt. It was deep, disorienting, dismaying. He sat up, feeling a bit like he'd been run over by a horse or maybe a herd of cows. He stared, blinking, at the blank wall across from his bed. It was obvious that he was on a ship; it was not the ship he was used to. The room he was closed in was tiny, and the light was coming in through the boards that made up one of the rooms. A holding cell, then? Or perhaps what this ship allocated for a Healing recovery room.

Never mind. Where he was did not matter. How he got there didn't either, nor did where they were going. All that mattered was...

Vester closed his eyes and then called in his Jewel, hoping that what he was feeling was just the remaining tendrils of a nightmare.

It wasn't. That was immediately clear when he felt not one whole Jewel in his hand, but many pieces. How he'd vanished it, he wasn't sure. Vester opened his eyes and looked down at his hand. He could barely see the shards, but there they were. Vester closed his fist on them and clenched his jaw to hold back a sob.

It had only been the Yellow, but he had loved the Jewel anyway. Bright, shiny, his.

And now it was gone.

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While I waffle on how old he actually is, could I have a general roll and five family rolls, please?
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Per request for General Roll..

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Yellow Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Summer Sky Jewel at your Offering.

( & (


1. Rose - Purple Dusk
2. Tiger Eye - Rose
3. Rose - Opal
4. Opal - Sapphire
5. Tiger Eye - Summer Sky
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I've decided to have Vester Broken before his Offering could be made.

I referenced Dale in his history, so I think I need Wren's okay.

And he's ready for review!
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Dale references fine by me!
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Added to the que
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This application has been reviewed!

Check your private messages for feedback. When you have made the requested changes please reply to this post and let us know you are ready for the next round!

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Ready for round 2
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