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A naive Black Jeweled witch has destroyed the Territory Court. From its ashes a new court is being constructed, one run by a manipulative killer. As the blood runs in the streets of Goth from open gang warfare, the Steward of Little Terreille begins a gambit to rebuild the Territory from the ground up and challenge the Star of Kaeleer.
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Author Topic: Shyloh Knight  (Read 817 times)

Description: Black Widow. Sapphire to Gray. Played by Dani.

Offline Shyloh Knight

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Shyloh Knight
« on: Aug 04, 16, 09:02:59 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Shyloh Knight, born Analeise Montressa
Nicknames: Shy, Ana (for those who know her birth name)
Age: 33 (160 PP)
Race: Short Lived
Caste: Black Widow
Birth Territory: Little Terreille
Home Territory: Little Terreille   

Birthright Jewel: cut Sapphire (Originally from this sheet).
Offering Jewel: uncut Gray

Role: Vigilante
Faction: Territory Court


Play By: Gemma Arterton
Distinguishing Features:
Shyloh is beautiful, there is nothing that can be done to hide her natural beauty. Widow Webs can mask her appearance but in her natural form she has an energy to her that is more than just natural beauty. She is magnetic. These days her disarming smiles are rare but plentiful are her darkened glares.



The drums of vengeance and revenge beat strongly in the heart of Shyloh Knight. Their tempo keeps her relentless. Their reverberations lend her strength. She is a woman obsessed.

For decades Shyloh allowed herself to be the woman born of two worlds. She’d been the Court serving lap dog, attending dances and balls with the rest of the glittering crowd. Then she’d been the vigilant protector, a protector of the smallest and weakest. For over a decade she existed torn between the dueling worlds. It all changed after the destruction of the Court of Logain Morr and the violence that followed in the street. In the wake of her mother’s death from old age, she lost the sister of her soul to the violence.

Shyloh embraced her darkness after that, embraced her brutality and deathly purpose. Now she serves to try and find justice for her sister while assuring that what befell Hush cannot happen again. Her one man war is with the gangs, with those who let violence prevail on the streets. It is a slow war when fought alone but she is determined.

Outwardly Shyloh possesses the sharp tongue known to many Widows, both glib and cutting with her remarks. Perhaps even more than that though, for she is temperamental and snappish when slighted. Her anger spins up hot and fast when she feels threatened or someone she cares about is threatened. She feels strongly in protecting other women and finds herself both furious and ready for a fight at the slightest hint of a woman in trouble. Her ability and willingness to quickly lash out has garnered her comparisons with even Warlord Princes. Likewise, she is cocky and confident, much in the way many Warlord Princes comport themselves.

Under her sharp tongue and quicksilver temper there is a soft heart, well hidden and well protected. Shyloh embraced the ideal of her sister, giving resources to the children of the street who would go without. Charitable, Shyloh gives without need for recognition, merely because it is the right thing to do. Her walls are thick and hard to scale but if you manage to worm your way into Shyloh’s good graces, there is no one who will fight harder and more viciously to protect you than Shyloh, no matter the cost or harm that befalls her.

Shyloh hasn’t forgotten her lessons of the Courts. She can speak to many subjects and is capable of holding conversations with the practiced ease of a woman of the Courts. With her illusions she has the ability to infiltrate the highest circles of the Territory. Though she is not an excellent liar, Shyloh is skilled at talking around subjects she may flounder on.

Though Shyloh is powerful and potent in both Craft and Jewels, she is not without her weaknesses. She is prone to bouts of dark moodiness, more so than her normal self. Her temper is well known but she is extraordinarily reckless and bombastic when angered, going so far as once egging a Warlord Prince on to kill her. Shyloh has little regard for the value of money as well, having been raised with wealth. Her only concern with her wealth is that she cannot take enough to fix the slums, which gave her cause to help her soul sister in her thefts. With that gone Shyloh steals for the sake of the reminder, giving away the expensive baubles to the children her sister had once taken care of. Her actions have some hollowness to them, as she tries to fill the hole and believes it only grows larger each time.

  • Gratification of a job well done. Shyloh, unlike Analiese, does not work about how others view her work. She works for herself and strives to accomplish her goals. Though she is not all powerful she appreciates knowing that her plans were executed as expected. She is not one to gloat but she builds her confidence off her successes, which she has had many.
  • Books. Her loved of novels was born when she was a child. For her first years her father was standoffish, unsure of the child in his home. Shyloh had been precocious and had asked him to read to her, prompted by her mother. Her earnest desire for the leather tome had broken her father’s defenses and he’d begun to read to her each night. Since than Shyloh had fallen in love with all books, from fiction to history, philosophy to romance. Her room is filled with books, sometimes multiple books marked at her latest pages in her attempt to read multiple different books at once.
  • New clothes. Shyloh was raised to be a woman of the Courts, to be a fixture in the high society of the Courts. Though she loves a good dress, she likewise loves a good set of new leathers. Any chance she has to buy new clothing, or many some sort of improvement to her wardrobe, she does it. That doesn’t mean she buys superfluous items, but it does mean she has a very extensive black leather wardrobe.
  • Literal Blood on her hands. Figurative blood on her hands doesn’t bother Shyloh. She actually just doesn’t like the blood that gets beneath her nails or seeing her hands dirtied by the people she kills. A Glacian blacksmith was able to provide her with a very well made crossbow after she saved his daughter one night. She likes the crossbow and her knives for battle as it allows her to keep her distance and avoid the blood.
  • Corruption. Serving the Courts since she was old enough to understand Court service has let her see corruption from the inside. She thought that in Logain’s Court she could have made a difference but it ended in a conflagration. Now she had taken it on herself to fight, to be what the Darkness made and root out the corruption on the streets. Her motives are pure but her methods are far from it.
  • Loneliness. Shyloh always had Hush. She doesn’t understand how to be alone without her sister. Sometimes she finds herself talking to Hush, desperate for the company of the spectre of her sister. Working until the point of exhaustion keeps the darkest parts of her loneliness from Shyloh.
  • The gangs winning. For a time she thought there could be peace between the gangs and the Courts of Little Terreille. After the violence that erupted when Logain Morr and his Court were killed Shyloh knows that is no longer the truth. Having to lose her sister to realize this truth destroyed something inside her. Now her war is against the gangs to assure that someday woman like Hush will be safe.
  • The loss of the people around her. Shyloh isn’t immune to befriending others and growing attached. Though no one can replace her sister she has friends, acquaintances, even some lovers. She takes death hard and strives to protect those people she values. The knowledge that her father is aging is another knife wound to her still bleeding heart. Though she has a wardrobe full of black clothing, she doesn’t want to use it only for funerals of those she cares for.
  • Losing herself completely to Shyloh Knight. She has told herself that Shyloh Knight is the woman Little Terreille needs. That she is the only one who cares to save the innocent and has the ability to. The dark part of her, the hurt and hidden part, tells her that Shyloh is the only strong part of her. Analiese is her past but losing touch with that part of her forever, that is unimaginable. 
Craft Strengths:
  • Poisons. Death. Incapacitation. Love. Lust. Hate. They are all within her grasp with a touch of dangerous herbs and roots and a little Craft. Shyloh doesn’t advertise her skills with poisons but her poisons can have a wide variety of effects, even paring them and time delayed release. Her work at night promoted her learning and natural talent shone through to make her a master of the art of poisoning.
  • Illusions. Before she’d been Shyloh, Analiese had always wanted to be someone else. She’d thought for a time Illusions would let her be another person, another, stronger woman. It hadn’t been so but nevertheless she’d excelled. Her illusions can be snapped in place for herself quickly and she is even very skilled at illusions of terrain.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Mind Healing. Shyloh is a killer at heart, not a Healer. This is shown in her skill with Mind Healing. Though a powerful and desired skill throughout the Realms, Shyloh is clumsy and dangerous in the few attempts she made during training. When the mentor she had as a Journeywoman Black Widow told her to stop trying, Shyloh did as instructed. For those who need Mind Healing they will be forced to look elsewhere.
  • Visions. Shyloh was too busy living her life to be attracted to the allure of visions. Her occasional vision, gifted to her by Mother Night, passes her by in meaning or understanding. Sometimes she can look back on her visions and garner the meaning after she lived the event but rarely is that true. Her visions are more like frustrating nightmares, foretelling always something dangerous and not forthcoming on the details in the least.
Life Story

Mother:  Summer Montressa - Rose to Summer Sky Witch (Deceased) [Summer did not birth Shyloh but she was the mother that loved her and raised her. Her death from nothing more sinister than old age and so soon before Hush's laid the groundwork for the events to come. Shyloh desperately misses her mother.]
Father:  Randolph Montressa - Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Prince [A talented mind for numbers and shipping manifests, Randolph is much of the reason the Montressa family was well off. His fondness for Shyloh started late but the father and daughter share of deep bond of love and passion for books. Her only parent left, Shyloh is very protective of Randolph.]
Siblings:  Hush - Blood Female (Deceased) [Hush was not her born sibling but she was the soul sister that Shyloh chose. She was a woman who stole from the rich and gave away most of the money she made to feed children who had once been like her. The death of Hush has changed Shyloh, a change she could not stop even if she wished she could have.]


Once she’d thought of Shyloh Knight as her other persona, her alternate self. The Keep’s Records list her birth name as Analiese Montressa but even that is a lie. The mother who bore her like gave her yet another name but Shyloh will never know it for she was left on the doorstep of the moderately influential and wealthy couple of Summer and Randolph Montressa.

The Witch and Prince were already relatively old, short lived and already over the age of 50. Summer feel in love with the precocious child. The Healer told them she was at least six months old already and supplied the Montressa’s with the name of a milk nurse. And so Shyloh had gained a mother and a father at the loss of a life she’d never know, of a mother’s life she’d never remember.

Early life for the child was blessed, a stable home and a doting mother. Randolph didn’t warm up to the young child until she was nearly three, able to finally talk and showcasing a fascination for all manner of things. Randolph was a studious sort and the nighttime story between father and daughter was their bonding experience.

When at age seven Shyloh walked away from her Birthright with a Sapphire everything changed. The Montressa’s had expected nothing from their daughter’s Birthright but they’d not been prepared for the Sapphire. With their ties to the Court and a powerful daughter, they realized that whatever they did for Shyloh they would have to prepare her for a life at Court.

So expectations and demands of the Sapphire were thrust onto a young girl who was not prepared. Tutors, dance instructors, Craft practice, music lessons, they were suddenly the only thing that filled her day. Friends she’d once had were no longer good enough as she was given new friends. Shyloh loathed it.

Within a year she had convinced one of the Cook’s boys about her size to lend her some clothes. Escaping the house she took to the streets, longing for the adventures of the books her father had written her and thinking herself all powerful with the Sapphire. The clothes were dirty but the girl little more than a child did not realize what clean nails and a washed hair meant on the street.

The girl who called herself Hush saved her. A little Blood girl who had dirt beneath her nails and unwashed hair. She’d saved Shyloh from a dangerous fate in her reckless search for adventure, shown Shyloh a gentle heart in the streets of the slums. She kept going back to that little girl with thin arms and legs, bringing her food and scraps of clothing when she could. Wanting a name like Hush’s and thinking of the most recent story from her father brought about the birth of Shyloh Knight.

Over the years she never truly left Hush’s side, always returning to the young girl turning into woman. Even when the snaketooth painfully erupted from beneath her skin the young Widow never stayed away. Sometimes it was harder to sneak out and sometimes it was only in the latest hours of night but she couldn’t stay away. While she learned how to be a Court darling during the day she learned about the gangs, about stealth without Craft and how to to fight at nights with Hush.

As a young woman she grew up with the ice of the Courts and the fire of the streets. Her heart was two worlds, finding enjoyment out of the Court and their games but finding fulfillment at nights trying to do some good in the world. Hush’s heart and her belief in helping those less fortunate made Shyloh want to be a better person, to help in turn.

So she did.

As she learned the talents of a Black Widow and gained strength training she started going with Hush on some of her thefts. They were targeting people much like her parents, those who would not miss the wealth when it was gone but would complain loudly about the outrage. There was fun in the danger but at the end of the day much of that money went to feed the orphans on the streets.

Orphans like Hush had been. She wasn’t an orphan any longer though, for Shyloh had learned that at the heart of the matter, they were soul sisters. Shyloh had helped Hush some when she was younger but Hush had truly saved Shyloh from becoming an entitled Court darling with only dresses and courtship to consider. Without Hush, Shyloh Knight would never have been born and only Analiese would have remained.

For years their life was rewarding. Hush and Shyloh spent nights trying to make the streets a little better by feeding the orphans they could. By day Shyloh became Analiese Montressa, Court darling and Dark Jeweled Black Widow. If she acted a little odd she was forgiven due to her Jewels, her beauty, her money, perhaps all three. Even after the Gray she was courted by the widest range of men, men that Hush laughed at and proclaimed them ‘powered dandies’.

Shyloh wanted for nothing more than to continue her dual lives, the life of Court and that of darkened shadows with a sister of her soul.

A Gray Jeweled Warlord Prince changed everything.

Draven Rook came into Hush’s life like an explosion. Shyloh was hit with the shrapnel as the mercurial man tried to take her sister from her. He said he had a home in a Terreille Territory named Shalador but Shyloh knew better. Hush assured her that she’d get to know Draven before she decided anything. That she would make sure he was the real deal before she did anything. Then she’d said the thing that made Shyloh realize that there was no good solution: her sister had said she would not leave Little Terrielle without Shyloh.

Shyloh had no intentions of ever leaving.

Her mother grew ill the next season after Draven arrived, keeping her from Hush for longer periods. Summer’s illness was nothing a Healer could cure. The Witch was merely almost 80 and her body was starting to slowly shut down. Shyloh had taken the news with the poise of a woman of the Court. In private she had wept into her mother’s lap, promising the dying woman she’d take care of her father.

During the coldest days of winter her mother succumbed to the same fate that bound them all: the embrace of death. Hush had come to the funeral, standing behind Shyloh in a fine outfit she’d bought for the woman. When asked, she told those that Hush was a cousin so that she could freely hold the hand of the woman who understood her pain.

With the burden of caring for her father firmly on her shoulders Shyloh told Hush there was no chance of her leaving Little Terreille. Though she and Hush did not fight it caused strife between her and Draven. Worse was when Logain decided to use the man at Court. Shyloh did not love Logain but he had done some decent work for the Territory. She served him because it served to cover her actions at night.

She served him until the end. And then Analiese Montressa died to the world and she left behind that persona. She became Shyloh Knight the day her sister died.

The Court of Little Terreille had just been destroyed. Draven Rook, Hush’s brother that she loved to hate, had told her to run. The bared truth in his voice had her heeled feet fleeing even as the battle calls reverberated about the Court. Her first thought was her aging father, her second Hush. WIth her Craft she felt the woman, off at her home.

Even as she ripped the heels from her feet and fled towards her family's’ home she couldn’t miss the fire and explosion that rocked the Court. For one heart wrenching moment she thought of Draven, of the brother Hush had looked to with such familial longing. Shyloh knew that longing for that longing had brought her to Hush. Her aging father needed her first though so she reached out to the Blood Woman, a simple mental message.

*Stay home Hush. I’ll be there soon.*

It was hours later, Shyloh had to get her father out of Goth. Rioting was starting and the streets were devolving into violent chaos. She’d taken the darkest Winds she could until she’d found an open Inn to put her father in. He’d asked why she needed to return to Goth. Shyloh hadn’t answered, just promising to return.

The gangs were thick through the streets of Goth. The immolation of the Territory Court to the lowlives only meant free reign for chaos. She felt that Hush had left the safety of her home but she hadn’t expected to feel the moment of her sister’s death. The token she’d given to her sister was meant to keep her safe, but she’d set the webs to alert her of injuries to Hush.

It’d meant she’d been able to fuss when Hush had returned with a long gash to her arm or a twisted ankle. The pain that suffused her was enough to drop Shyloh to a knee. For a long moment her breath stopped and her heart beat an erratic pace.

Too late. She was too late. Running, blindly towards the where the pulse had come from, Shyloh prayed. Her mind beat a litany of her sister’s name as she beseeched Mother Night for mercy.

She felt the blow of Hush’s broken body on her heart, the grief overcoming her soul. The woman looked like a broken doll, her limbs at unnatural angles. A brief glance up showed Shyloh the high roof above the alley. No whisper remained of her sister, the question of how she’d fallen hanging empty in the dank alley air.

There was no one to watch Shyloh as she let the moment overcome her, to watch the powerful Widow fall to her knees. Tears leaked from eyes she’d thought were as strong as steel. She pulled Hush’s head into her lap, the dark hair matted with the dirt and wetness of the ground beneath her knees.

Her sister had taken such lengths with her hair, she’d have been so annoyed that it would have gotten dirty. As she wept, Shyloh tried to clean the dirt and grime from the darkened locks. As the tears dried, minutes that felt like hours later, she swore vengeance.

In the days that followed she covered her hands in the blood of the guilty, in the blood of the thieves, the murders, and especially the Gangs. She couldn’t take on a whole Gang but like a lioness, she could take out the weak stragglers. So she did, without mercy and without regret.

Shyloh gave into the darkness and let it wash away what had once been Analiese Montressa.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

He was a Hell Lord on his way back to the den from a Red Moon House, Taya’s Dark Delights. Shyloh had been waiting for him, hours in fact. Her legs were stiff from standing, even as she’d stretched every fifteen minutes. The web she’d set to alert her of those leaving the Taya’s had triggered and the Rose she’d been awaiting finally matched. The man was a Warlord but she knew more than that. She knew he’d killed, and perhaps he was the one she sought.

He was passing an alley when she blasted him into the darkness of the alley. There was a loud grunt as he retaliated, his Rose and Yellow blasting her sharply, not enough to destroy the Gray of her Shield though. Feeling the thrill of the battle she ducked his somewhat drunken swing as she added her Sapphire to a right hook to the man’s face. The Sapphire broke the Shield and her gauntleted hands busted his cheek and lip.

The Warlord fell into the darkened alley as Shyloh put her booted foot on his chest. He thrashed but her Darker Jewels and better position.

“Bitch,” he said, able to see the outline of her face in the moonlight, “do you know who you're messing with?”

Shyloh didn’t answer, she just merely went to work. Her eyes were dark as she destroyed his barriers, seeking answers to her burning questions. She didn’t trust the man to know the answers so it was easier to take them. He’d helped the other Hell Lords kill the one Queen to brave the violence. Disgusted she turned from the memories, silencing his screaming with an Aural Shield.

Searching deeper she looked to the memories right after the explosion at the Territory Court. The leader of the Hell Lords had sent his men and women off, instructing them to take ownership of the streets. Ownership by the Hell Lords had meant looting, raping, anything they wanted they took. She didn’t find her sister though, didn’t even find the barest hint of Hush in his memories.

Disgruntled, she retreated from the man’s mind. The barriers closed and the Warlord stopped his screaming. Glaring down at the man she let her foot off his chest. He was disoriented and terrified, but he saw that she was letting him go. He groggingly made it to his feet, leaning on the wall for assistance. He spit on the ground, likely bleeding from the mouth where she’d punched him with the Sapphire.

“Better watch your back bitch. The Hell Lords will hear about this.” The man spat the words at her, his spit even hitting the black leather of boot. Shy was watching him, unreadable expression, as he started down the alley.

The crossbow appeared in her hands as she pulled back the lever with her Sapphire. She loaded the bolt with her right hand as the man began running. With a blast of the Gray she destroyed his Shield and the twang of the crossbow coincided with the metaphysical sound of the Shield shattering on the Rose.

The bolt took him in the back. He stumbled and took a few remaining steps before he collapsed. She heard his breath gargling, Shy must have gotten him in the trachea. He’d bleed out in a few moments.

“No. I’d say you should watch your back.” Her voice was snide and sarcastic but even that was muted. Looking at the corpse she’d just made she searched for what she felt.

Satisfied. She was satisfied. Neither happy nor sad, but it was something. Frowning at the lack of answers she put her Gray Sight Shield back up and stepped back out into the streets.

Her night was far from over.

Petitions (if any): 

Player Name: Dani, originally written & played by Blue
Also known as Analeise Montressa

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Re: Shyloh Knight
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Ready for Review.
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Re: Shyloh Knight
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Has LT approval!
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Re: Shyloh Knight
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