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A naive Black Jeweled witch has destroyed the Territory Court. From its ashes a new court is being constructed, one run by a manipulative killer. As the blood runs in the streets of Goth from open gang warfare, the Steward of Little Terreille begins a gambit to rebuild the Territory from the ground up and challenge the Star of Kaeleer.
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Author Topic: Rowan Blackwood  (Read 1572 times)

Description: Witch. Descent White. Played by Phedre.

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Rowan Blackwood
« on: Jul 05, 17, 10:17:39 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Rowan Blackwood
Nicknames: none
Age: 29 (born 164 AP) 
Race: Short-lived
Caste: witch 
Birth Territory: Little Terreille, Kaeleer
Home Territory: Little Terreille, Kaeleer

Birthright Jewel: none
Offering Jewel: uncut White


Play By: Alexandra Breckenridge
Distinguishing Features:
There is no denying that the combination of Rowan's hair and eyes make for a striking combination. She inherited the unusual red locks of her mother, a defining feature that causes her to stand out, even in the melting pot that is Little Terreille. It is perhaps for this reason that her former benefactor, Alvin Cook, picked her to train over the other young females he could have chosen.


Rowan Blackwood can take care of herself. She will tell you so clearly and loudly if you were to ever ask or in any way imply that she might need assistance of any sort from anyone else. Ever. Darkness help whatever misguided male thinks she might need him to look out for her or come to her rescue.

The red haired witch has a charisma and vitality to her that easily draws people in, something she has carefully honed to her advantage. Flirtation is as natural to her as breathing, her laughter and her smile lighting up whatever room she is in and pulling all the male attention her direction. It's not just that she's pretty, although she certainly isn't lacking in the looks department. She shines with an inner confidence born of long experience and knowledge that she can get whatever she wants if she simply plays properly to the right man's ego.   
Rowan's cunning allows her to read her mark's desires as plainly as if they were written across his face. She has mastered morphing herself into what they want, a proper chameleon who can shift quickly and easily from one persona to the next with a fluid ease. In the same evening, she can be a sumptuous temptress, a striving intellectual, and an innocent young witch, barely experienced with her blossoming sexuality. She plays to her audience, gaining money or information from them with ease.

She has no moral dilemmas concerning using her skills in this manner. The streets of Little Terreille are a brutal, cruel place to grow up and she has no intent of ever going back there. She will use what she has learned to gain her every advantage, and now, to gain Logain Morr every advantage. This has left Rowan without a clear sense of right and wrong and a cold distance that is present whenever she is not playing to a crowd. No one has her back but her. It's a lesson she had to learn early on and not one she is likely to forget anytime soon, even if Logain is offering her legitimate work in his service. 

Being the daughter of a Hell Lord, Rowan has more experience navigating the rougher elements of Goth's streets than most who serve the Red Jeweled Warlord Prince. She uses her street smarts to her best advantage, even if they do make her jagged and jaded. Bitterly jealous of her (supposed) half-sister, Violet Kaos, Rowan has never gained the ability to interact smoothly with other women. She does not get along with them and views them almost solely as competition or obstacles standing in the way of what she wants and needs.

  • 1 Logain Morr. Logain saw something special in her and didn't hesitate to pull her into his Court. He never once judged her for her White Jewel or for having grown up on the streets. He saw the ways she could be valuable to him and went after her. She respects the Warlord Prince a great deal.
  • 2 Flirting. Rowan has taken flirting to a whole new level, learning early on that just about anything she desired could be acquired if she just drew the attention of the right male. Her ability to charm and flirt her way to her desired ends makes her invaluable in her work for Logain. It's not just something she is good at, it's something she immensely enjoys, and no male is truly safe from her attentions, even when she knows the male she is engaging with is taken or uninterested.
  • 3 Fine clothing. Having grown up on the streets with nearly nothing, Rowan absolutely loves the clothing she now possesses. Her considerable wardrobe was purchased for her by Logain Morr, a most generous gift to help her acclimate to Court life and easily blend in with the company she will be expected to keep. She has struck up an amicable friendship with the Rose Jeweled First Escort, Venimin Ryaov, over their shared love of clothing and fashion. The Prince has even offered her the use of his tailor to expertly fit her new wardrobe to her physique. 
  • 1 Faerin Ganitt. There is no love between Rowan and the prickly Black Widow. Logain's Court Seer has not yet been openly aggressive, but Rowan would be useless at her job if she could not read a woman's behavior, especially when it is thick with spikes of jealousy. Rowan is not sure whether this stems from her being the newcomer at Court, friendly with Faerin's lover, Venimin, or her relationship with Logain himself, but it is clear that the Widow was much happier before Rowan came to Court. No stranger to dealing with unhappy females, Rowan is of the opinion that Faerin can throw whatever she's got at her. Rowan can take it. 
  • 2 The Hell Lords. They are vile, disgusting, and vicious. They also bred the man who is her father. She wants nothing at all to do with the violent gang and has done everything she can to avoid coming into contact with them since she had a choice in the matter, hating herself for the fact that she still desperately wishes she had some form of approval from her father.
  • 3 Being told what to do. Rowan does not take instruction well. Her desire for independence is fierce enough that she will often go to extremes just to avoid doing something someone else told her to, even if it is against her own interests. Her fondness and respect for Logain Morr is the only thing that holds her in check and keeps her from rebelling against his orders.
  • 1 Succumbing to drink like her mother. Rowan watched what alcohol did to her mother, saw the way it changed her physically, mentally, and emotionally. The echoes of the vibrant woman she remembers from her youngest memories has all but been wiped out by the needy, lost creature she was leading up to her death. Rowan doesn't ever want to give anything or anyone that much power over her, especially not an addiction.
  • 2 Taking on a mark she can't handle. Rowan likes to act utterly confident, like there is no job that she can't take on and conquer. But the truth of the matter is she is fully aware that she has some deep limitations, particularly if she was ever put in a position where she would need to physically defend herself. She is a grifter, not a fighter. Neither her Jewel nor her fighting skills are strong enough to defend herself if she fails to talk her way out of a really bad situation.   
  • 3 Losing her place in Logain's good graces. Everything she currently has, her place at Court, her clothing, her salary, all come from Logain Morr considering her a valuable asset. If that were to change, she would lose everything she has worked toward. Considering she burned her bridges with her former benefactor in order to stand by Logain, she would be back on the streets if he decided to cast her out. 
Craft Strengths:
  • 1 Emotional manipulation. Long before she ever wore a Jewel, Rowan was manipulating emotions using solely her words and her body. After her Offering, it was easy for Rowan to learn how to add a touch of Jeweled power behind the way she had long played with the men around her, using their own emotions as a kind of insurance against them that she would be able to gain what she sought from them. She's not so skilled at it that people don't sometimes notice what she is doing, but most assume she is simply trying to stir desire in them, not realizing her motives are often far more devious. 
  • 2 Warming spells. It's cold on the streets of Goth. Even before she ever wore a Jewel, Rowan used what little innate Craft she had to attempt to warm herself in the freezing winters.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 Creative Craft. Rowan did not receive her first Jewel until her Offering to the Darkness at 20 years old. The youthful experimentation that most Blood do with their Birthright Jewel while they are still children was completely lost to her. Anything that she has not be taught directly from her Craft lessons is hard for her to manage, the instinctive leaps of magic that most Blood make as children being completely beyond her abilities.
  • 2 Jewel management. At the age of 24, most members of the Blood have been wearing a Jewel for 16 years. Rowan has been wearing a Jewel for four. It still feels odd to her at times. She lacks the experience that comes from long practice of knowing when she is pushing herself too hard and exhausting her resources, making Jewel management extremely difficult for her.
Life Story

Mother: Rose Hunter, Blood female (deceased)
Father: Aaric Blackwood, Rose to Opal Warlord*
Siblings: (possible sibling, actual relation unknown) Violet Kaos*, Descent Yellow witch
*Jewels rolled on Vi's sheet


Rowan was born to a poor Blood female named Rose Hunter. In her early childhood, they had little more than enough to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. Rose, who had never really intended to have children until she found herself pregnant with Rowan, did the best she could, but her best was definitely lacking. A woman with a strong penchant for drink, most nights Rowan ended up tucking her mother into bed instead of the other way around. Rowan was left alone often while Rose spent a great deal of time with the Hell Lords. It was among these men, after all, that she had met Rose's father.

While the half Landen bitch daughter of Darkness knows which Hell Lord was enfolded into their ranks and raised with their adoration and protection, Rowan's childhood was nearly bereft of her father's presence. He showed up to her Birthright Ceremony, but when she did not receive a Birthright Jewel, he was angry and disappointed. Rowan was too little to understand that he was drunk and not entirely within his wits. All she knew was that somehow she had let her father down. He stayed to claim her as his, not wanting to allow another male to step in and "claim his woman as his bitch."

After, there was no party, no celebration. Her mother and father had a huge fight. It ended when her father made some comment about how Rowan would grow up to be passed around the Hell Lords just like her mother and then left. Rowan comforted her mother that night while the woman cried. The young witch didn't learn of the habit of the Hell Lords to pass around Landen and Blood females until years later. When she did, she swore she would never bed a Hell Lord no matter what.

From the time her father officially claimed her forward, she was known as Rowan Blackwood instead of Rowan Hunter. Her mother hoped that the clear declaration that she was the daughter of a Hell Lord, a man who held a position of power within the gang, would help protect her daughter. The Hell Lords were feared for their cruelty and ruthlessness, things Rose had experienced first hand. If she could use that to help protect Rowan, she would. Besides, what else had Rowan really got from her father besides his name? At least he could offer her that.

What little time she spent in her father's presence was filled with bitterness, resentment, and a deep, abiding jealousy. Rowan could never live up to Violet. She was not as beautiful, not as mean, not as spirited, not as violent. No matter how many men turned their heads when she walked by, they did not fall to their knees before her like they did to Violet. Her envy drove her to work even harder at being desirable, at learning what it was that men wanted. But it wasn't until after her mother's death that she met the man who would teach her how to use it against them.

Rose was 15 when her mother's body finally succumbed to the years of heavy drinking. Her father showed up to her death rites drunk. They had a huge, screaming fight that resulted in him hitting his daughter. It was not the first time he had done so, but it was the first time Rowan ever hit him back. He laughed at her rather pathetic attempt to defend herself, telling her it was just one more way in which she would never be a proper daughter of his. Rowan walked away from him that day, swearing she would never again seek her father's approval. It was a promise she broke to herself again and again, each time making it anew, and each time failing to find the self confidence and courage to never go back to him, searching for the love he had never been able to offer her.

After her mother's death, she started using what she had learned in her attempts to compete with Violet to get by. It wasn't long before she attracted the attention of a man who went by the name Alvin Cook. Whether it was his real name or not, Rowan never asked and never sought to uncover. She was smart enough to know that those who carry secrets will go to great lengths to protect them, and the gray haired man with the gentle voice and piercing eyes was not someone she wanted to give reason to silence her. He owned a large house in a wealthy part of Goth and had filled it with young women who had a very particular set of skills.

It was the first time that Rowan had ever owned expensive clothing or not had to worry about where her next meal was coming from. He taught her the ways of the wealthy, taught her how to easily fit in at any posh social gathering. And all Alvin asked in return was that she use her beauty and her charismatic nature to pull information or favors from particular gentleman that Alvin had selected, or at times be caught with them in some manner of compromising position. Her lack of Jewel was not seen as a deficit, but rather as an asset as she was unassuming and easily dismissed as not being a threat. When she did go through her Offering to the Darkness at the age of 20 and came away with the White, Alvin was extremely pleased that carrying the lightest possible Jewel would maintain that aspect of her persona while still granting her some true ability with Craft.

In Alvin, she found the approval that she had never received from her own father. For several years, Rowan lived with and worked for Alvin in relative happiness. It was not until a young woman who went by the name of Brynne entered his employ that things began to go awry. At first, Rowan thought she might have found an ally in Brynne. She had, after all, been trained by Violet Kaos herself only to be kicked out. Surely their mutual hatred for the Daughter of the Hell Lords would unite them? Rowan quickly realized that just like Violet, Brynne only cared about herself and her own success. Alvin's new rising star overshadowed Rowan in the same way that Violet always had.

When Brynne was set with the mission of taking down Logain Morr, Rowan made the decision to do whatever it took to ensure she failed miserably. She approached Logain Morr in a high end dining establishment and told him that there was a spy in his midst before quickly slipping away. She could not be seen with him, not if she wanted to successfully take down Brynne. Whether it was the information that she offered him or the manner in which she managed to get close to him around his extensive security, Rowan never learned. But shortly thereafter, Logain sought her out and offered her a place in his Court.

At first, she turned him down. The whole point was to get rid of Brynne and regain her rightful place in Alvin's household. But when Brynne disappeared, Alvin flew into a rage. Far from becoming his darling once again, Rowan was now directly under suspicion. The truth was that Logain's pet assassin had dispatched Brynne in a fit of jealous rage having no idea she was in fact a spy, but as none in Alvin's household knew this information, the finger was pointed at Rowan. Brynne had been found out and dispatched and the only way that could have happened was if someone had tipped off Logain. Rowan had made no secret of her jealousy of Brynne, not able to contain or hide such violent emotions. When she was cast out, she went to the only man she could think of: Logain Morr.

Accepting a position to serve in Logain's Court, Rowan settled in to her new life. It was not without challenges. The same Black Widow who had dispatched with Brynne set her eyes on Rowan as a potential rival. Rowan, not about to allow her place to be threatened yet again, held her ground, accepting the silent challenges from Faerin with a smile and a toss of her vibrant red hair. No bitch was going to cause her to lose her position this time, not even a Green Jeweled Black Widow.

For the most part, Rowan is happy. The males of the Court seem to enjoy her company, finding her charming and gracious, while the women tend to prickle and raise their hackles whenever she enters a room. It's as if they think she has designs on every single one of their men.

They're right. She does.       

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
Rowan had to give it to the men of Logain's Court: they had excellent taste in fashion. Venimin's tailor was one of the best she had ever worked with, transforming the clothes that Logain had purchased for her into one of a kind master pieces that fit her like nothing she had ever worn before. Even Alvin's tailors had not been this careful and brilliant with fabrics. Never had Rowan felt more like a woman of high society than serving Logain.

And after all, wasn't that now what she was? The White Jeweled witch from the streets of Goth was now serving in the Territory Court. No one beyond his Triangle knew exactly why she had been chosen for this particular honor, her specific skills in information gathering and her blackmail arrangements with many of the elite of Little Terreille still standing regardless of the fact that she now served Logain instead of Alvin were secrets to be kept among the four men. These secrets made her extremely valuable.

That was one of the smarter things she had done: never trusting Alvin enough to release the specifics of the arrangements to him, she maintained them when she left his service. Now, those men owed Logain instead of Alvin, because she owed Logain instead of Alvin. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement that involved them using each other rather intensely and Rowan could not be more pleased.

She knew where she stood with Logain. It was refreshing, actually, after so many years of chasing first her father's approval and then Alvin's to finally feel free of that pressing need for a father's love. Well, almost free. If she could only escape the invisible ties to her actual father, she might truly be free for the first time.

Which was the reason she had come here, to this seedy establishment on the dirty streets in the center of the Hell Lords' territory, to the building with the blood stained doorway. She had come to see her father, waiting outside on the street for him and refusing to go inside the Hell Lords Den where she would be vulnerable to Hell knew what. She had come alone, believing as she always did that she never needed anyone's help, no matter how foolish it might have been.

She had come to tell him he could go right to Hell. She had come to rub her success in his face. And as always, they had fought.

Nothing could convince Aaric that Rowan had come by her new found success without bedding half the Court to get it. "Look at that, finally turned into a pretty little whore, just like your mother." He had reached out and grabbed her chin, squeezing down painfully. With a fury that only really rose within her when someone went after her mother's memory, she tried to slap her father across the face, but he easily caught her slender wrist in his large, calloused hand.

"You're hurting me," she snarled at him. He squeezed down on her wrist harder, having no difficulty holding on to her despite her struggles. She could smell the stale liquor on his breath when he pulled her closer to him.

"I haven't even begun to hurt you. How will the high and mighty Logain Morr like it if I send his little pet back to him bruised and bloody? He should know better than to let you come here alone, Rowan. Being kin doesn't protect you, not from me."

The back of his knuckles cracked across her cheek as pain blossomed thick across her face. He hit her again, knocking her head back on her neck, blood beginning to trickle from the corner of her mouth where her teeth had cut the inside of her cheek. "Fuck you, Aaric," she managed to say, before he struck her again.

They had attracted a crowd, but no one was going to interfere with a Hell Lord disciplining his own child. It just wasn't done. Rowan started questioning the sanity of coming here at all just before the fourth blow landed and she started to slip into unconsciousness, the spinning black a welcome retreat from the sharp pain that clearly told her something was very, very wrong with her cheekbone.   

Petitions (if any):  Reactivtion

Why did this character became inactive?
Along with all of my other characters, Rowan became inactive when life swallowed me like I was Gepetto and it was a giant whale.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
Little Terreille is a thriving Territory with multiple plot lines that Rowan fits into. I have plotted with Gavin, Phinn, Dash, and Bowie to ensure that Rowan will not just have things to do to start off with, but have plot going forward continually.

What are your plans for this character?
Rowan has sought out Gustav for safety and support several times since the former Court went BOOM. She is still adjusting to the news that the Hell Lords are all dead and will have a strong reaction when she finds out her half sister is still alive. Eventually, she will become part of Voda's new network as he rebuilds in Little Terreille. She will remain loyal to Gustav as he has continuously been a safe space for her. And if she can find a way to hurt Violet, she'll take it.

Number of previous Reactivations:
For this character, 0

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :
Updated age

Player Name: Phedre

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Re: Rowan Blackwood
« Reply #1 on: Jul 05, 17, 10:18:24 PM »
Rowan is ready for reactivation review, please!
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Re: Rowan Blackwood
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Added to the queue.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Rowan Blackwood
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Re: Rowan Blackwood
« Reply #4 on: Dec 02, 17, 04:24:18 PM »
I would like my Thanksgiving shop Standard Compulsion Craft for Rowan, pretty please. Thank you!
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