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Author Topic: Maxim Constantin  (Read 403 times)

Description: Warlord Prince. Summer Sky to Blood Opal. Played by Lochlan.

Offline Maxim Constantin

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Maxim Constantin
« on: Jan 17, 19, 06:51:17 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Maxim Constantine
Nicknames: Max
Age and Birth Year: 28 (165 PP)
Race: Short-Lived (Dena Nehalian) 
Caste: Warlord Prince 
Birth Territory: Dena Nehale
Home Territory: Dena Nehale

Birthright Jewel: cut Summer Sky
Offering Jewel:  uncut Blood Opal

Role: None
Faction: None


Play By: Micah Truitt
Distinguishing Features:

He has several tattoos that line his arms and sternum from his time among the slum-gangs and the Jacks. The tattoos are words, phrases and images in dark inks that people with knowledge of such street-level criminality would recognize and understand. He has considered getting them removed by a Healer but hasn't yet.



The philosophers of old are not needed to tell you that Max is a physical creature. He's at an even six feet and no fat to his bones. It's all muscle with broad shoulders and strong arms and legs. He cuts his hair short most of the time and is dark in color. Only when it grows out a touch can people see the walnut-brown of his hair color that match his brown eyes. He often has some shading of a beard due to never really staying on top of being clean-shaven and more often than not will have some form of beard-growth no matter when someone sees him.

Maxim has a bear's temperament and a big heart to match. A typical day will find Maxim a big burly brother-type. Friendly to everyone, not especially vindictive and a more physical being. The apt for violence inherent in his caste is not especially strong in him, having grown up on the streets of the slums he came to dislike the bloodlust Warlord Princes are known for. Even running in the gangs as a young teen he didn't gain joy in pulling a knife and killing someone. He always preferred his fists and his muscles to do the talking for him. When he got older and said young-teen gangs went a touch toward the more lethal? He was more than happy to join the Jacks and keep doing what he was good at: Keeping bad people away from other people with a prejudicial level of force.

Since the loss of his beloved when the devastation swept across Dena Nehale has changed Max's temperment. He is more reflective of the brooding nature of his Caste as if his joy has gone into hibernation. He is somber, quiet and more prone to ignoring others and keeping to his own thoughts than openly stating what is on his mind or concerned about the needs of others. Those close to him can draw him out of his reverie but to those he does not know, care or compassion are lost to him. Instead is a man whose heart is broken and with no way to fix it has withdrawn himself to protect what is left.

He is a blunder when it comes to fashion, especially when it comes to Courtly attire. Many times over he will attend the duties as Consort to Eli wearing a t-shirt, jeans and a light jacket rather than suits and ties or any sort of formalwear. When the time comes where (more than likely at Eli's urging) he does wear them he never wears ties feeling them too constricting and easily a risk for someone to grab and strangle you. He also doesn't like button-up shirts as they restrict movement. Instead Courtly attire is usually a dark t-shirt, dark slacks and some sturdy black footwear that 10 times out of 10 isn't professional.

Maxim doesn't like weapons. It's too impersonal and makes one think of others as pieces of meat to be carved. He doesn't think that way. As a kid and now into adulthood Maxim has always relied on his fists to get the job done. If you want to hurt someone you have to mean it. You want to kill someone? You have to want it. There is no simple swinging of a sword and ending someone. A street fighter since he was a kid he has honed his pugilism to a frightening degree, taking on weapon weilders and multiple enemies with nothing but his bare-hands and leaving their bleeding, groaning piles of refuse and flesh on the pavement.

He isn't especially intelligent nor does he have any genius sharp wit. A street kid through and through he is one of subtle intelligence. He's not book-smart or a fast-learner, he's simply observant. What he knows he has watched others either do or talk about at length. Experience and exposure is the best teacher and he keeps open eyes and an open mind to what he doesn't know. He's not smart enough to say if ideas, concepts, rules and things are good or bad and he knows it. However he knows if something is wrong if he sees it. Aristos treating common-born like slime-ridden garbage? That's wrong.

Max can come off as not as bloodthirsty as many of his castes but when Ruts come it is par for the course of any Warlord Prince. Since being a gang-member in the slums Max tries to get his tastes sated early and rumbling in the sheets the moment he feels the the stirring pressure of a Rut coming on and that way won't blindside anyone when it hits him. Besides, a vacation of sex and sweat? Can't really beat that.

  • Maxim is loyal to his family. He is no stellar soul, nor is he some idol to look up to but the only real constant throughout most of his life was that of his siblings. Dad was okay when he wasn't either drunk, raging or in some depressive stint. Even now that he has become a First Consort to a District Court, he will always be there for his family and is never far if someone calls for him.
  • It may sound cheesy but he likes new experiences. A slumkid who went from picking fights in the streets, to slugging aristos in class, to threatening teachers and then protecting dignitaries in everything from court events to business deals has exposed him to sights, sounds and tastes he would -never- have -ever- expected to see or experience. He never takes a new thing for granted nor is he afraid of new things.
  • Maxim is a very social being. Far from being introspective he is the type to be out on the town at night, drinking with friends and having a grand old time. He likes socializing rather than isolating himself away for long hours. Even his training regimen of running and exercise is often done with one or two others from town who join him on his runs. It is best to enjoy life with others but since the disappearance of his lover, it takes a lot to get Max in the mood to socialize (apart from the drinking).

  • Regardless of him being a bruiser and a thug he dislikes violence. He's seen (and been a part of) too much of it. Fighting to protect your friends, loved ones and life is one thing. It's another to give into the violence simply to do so. It's part of his disdain for weapons, believing that to learn and master their use will make him think of killing first rather than defending. He believes it is the price of every Warlord Prince to rise above the natural violence and prove that the Caste deserves their place as first among males.
  • He loves his brothers, and he loves his sisters. He doesn't like Petra, his oldest sister. It's a love-hate thing. Max was a rebellious kid and Petra was in many ways the strict paternal enforcer to Hanna's motherly tenderness. Any widow would naturally tell you they wouldn't get along. More than that though is his disdain for her abandonment of the family -- made worse by the fruits of her leaving was throwing them to the wolves of the aristos under the guise of 'opportunity' without so much as even asking anyone else's opinion. He always considered Petra stubborn, but this? Way beyond the pale. Who will be freed when her supposed 'contract' is up? Petra? Or Garen's bunny-rabbit? If the latter? Garen will pay.   
  • Lastly is his disdain toward betrayal. It began with the gangs, the value of loyalty above all things. Then it was extended to his family when Max took shots from drunk-dad and saw what it meant for everyone else when he did. To imagine what they would have thought if Max simply stood aside and let things happen rather than protect them? It makes him sick and a touch angry too.

  • Max doesn't talk about it with anyone and in some ways doesn't even half realize it. He doesn't want to be like his father. Some Jacks have said it. His siblings have said it from time to time. He's his fathers' son. The big lovable bear of a man that everyone liked having their back and being at their table. Look at dad now? He's a swathing drunkard who'd much punch you as much as look at you. His life parallel's dads pretty nice: A Jacks, a bruiser, in love with a beautiful woman. What if the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and Dad 2.0 is incoming?
  • Unconsciously he doesn't like Power. It is why he froths at the mouth at Garens name over his sister, it is why he left the gangs for a more humble profession -- power just seems to make everything complicated and Max, all kidding aside, is not a very complex man as much as people wish he was. Granted he has power now, being in a district court as Consort and he has no real clue what to do it. He's figuring it out as he goes along, but it feels odd...having power. Real power. 
  • He failed Elisibetha. She has vanished and disappeared. He is afraid that he will Lose everything else, namely his family. The problem of course is that his mood makes him alienating to others as he has changed from being a barfly to being more reclusive, succumbing to a gut-wrenching despair from his loss.

    Craft Strengths:
  • Max is particularly skilled in The Hunter's Mark. Useful during his tenure as a bodyguard and earlier when keeping tabs on his siblings. His particular blend of Hunter's Mark is designed with a danger sense, giving him a warning when one of his Marked are in danger or under threat.
  • Let's face it, Max is a humble yet very capable bruiser. Combat Craft comes easy for him and over the years he has refined his prowess in pugilism to a frightening degree. It allows him to stand toe-to-toe with more well-armed opponents and aids him when he is outnumbered. His fighting style is defensive in nature, meant to outlast opponents and then knock the wind out of them with powerful strikes at openings.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • As much as Max might benefit from it, he has never been especially good at breaking mind barriers. So much stock in the firmament left him weak in more spiritual areas like the mind or the spirit and takes far more magical finesse than he is capable of.
  • While Max has a big heart it doesn't extend to his Craft. Emotional Manipulation he can't do other than fuel his instinctive temper into others which is simply a part of his Caste. Emotional Manipulation however requires a subtle nuance that Max never got on the streets. When he tries to do it, it usually just makes them angry.

    Life Story

    Mother: Mariya Constantin (d) -- Witch -- Summer Sky to Purple Dusk
    Father: Petr Constantin -- Warlord -- Summer Sky - Purple Dusk born 141 PP, Age 51.
       Petra Constantin -- Priestess -- Opal to Red Born 162 PP, age 31
       Hanna Constantin -- Healer -- Rose to Opal Born 163 PP, Age 30
       Valeria Constantin -- Blood Female Born 164 PP, Age 29
       Jonah Constantin --  Blood Male Born 167 PP, Age 26 (d 193 AP in the Dena Nehale Witchstorm)
       Alexandra Constantin, -- Blood Female Born 172 PP, Age 21
       Anahit Constantin -- Blood Female Born 172 PP, Age 21
       Samvel Constantin -- Warlord -- Broken Tiger Eye to Broken Purple Dusk Born 174 PP, Age 19


    Maxim was the firstborn son of the Constantin siblings, born with three older sisters and boy did Maxim give them a run for their money. A Warlord Prince through and through he was the wild child. The aimless adventurer, the one who didn't like the word 'no' and then some. He was one of the few siblings who remembered a life before everything changed. He was dad's #2 and the big Jack always spent time with his son when he was home. Max often was not and spent time with friends out in the slums giving his sisters one hell of a workout when they tried to keep an eye on him since the slums was truly no place for a kid no matter how much kids wanted it to be.

    As the siblings stockpiled Max started getting told he couldn't hang out with friends so he could take care of his siblings with his sisters. Petra especially, already a pre-teen was growing especially mother-hennish in his opinion while mom and dad, while meaning well, were just overwhelmed. Maxim was the slacker of the sibling quartet, minimum-effort maximum-response tactics. Then mom died with his younger brother's birth. Mom was more fond of his sisters he knew but she always took a moment for him when he wanted her and cried at her passing. Then he got to see Dad stop hanging out with him and his younger brother and watched the love-struck man turn into a wasteless automaton working and coming home and drinking.

    Max didn't respond well to the change in atmosphere. Petra the mother-hen became hawkish and more aggressive, especially toward him and his so-called 'responsibilities'. It wasn't uncommon for the two to get into verbal fights only for Dad to stir from a slumber, yell they were being loud and hit Max in the face telling him to be quiet. Not even Hanna could dull the friction and eventually Max found the streets of the slums far more satisfying than home. Though now in his young teens, it wasn't really kids playing around like it was before. They too had grown. They were 'gangs', getting into all sorts of mischief. Low-level criminality and drug use though Max didn't partake in the latter. Sometimes it was protection rackets. Sometimes it was causing grief for someone causing trouble in the slums. Max got in plenty of fights. Some scrapes, others more brutal.

    Hanna would always touch him up, Petra would always give him grief. After a while Max was the archetypal 'rebel' in the family. The cool brother for his younger siblings to the detestment of Petra, who always tried so hard to take care of everyone. For all of Max's rough and tumbles and not-so-straight activities he never truly turned his back on his family as Petra would tell it. He grew up with two gifts, a tough body that could take a beating and a pair of fists that could dish out the same. He was a fighter and a bruiser and that was what he offered his siblings -- protection. Anyone so much as looked at his brothers and sisters wrong (especially his older sisters, now touching upon their maidenhood) he would pulverize them. Even Petra, whom he feuded with years ago, could call and he would answer. Especially if Dad got involved. Very much if Dad got involved. Max could take the licks. He didn't care. He'd taken worse.

    At 16, Max and his siblings watched as Petra auctioned herself off to an aristo and left. She simply told them she secured them money, an education and a future and off she went with a collar to serve as an aristo pet. The Constantins were enrolled in a high-quality, aristo-only center of learning. Max, a non-conformist, didn't last long. One of the aristo kids said within earshot that the 'slummers' were here because Petra was 'Garen's whore/bitch/prostitute' and got his teeth knocked out and getting expelled for doing so. Some of his siblings found teachers who sympathized or didn't care their origin, others were quite obvious what they thought of the poor kids attending their curriculum. Max, now on the outside, happily reminded anyone that it didn't matter how fancy their walls were...he would beat them to a pulp if they crossed his brothers and sisters.

    Down and out, Max needed to find his own way. He took up with the gangs again and continued being a muscleman and enforcer. At 20, shortly after his Offering, a passing Hearth Witch saw a scrap that Max was involved in with two thugs with knives. He managed to ground and pound them but took some serious cuts and stabs in the meantime. She took him to a healer and offered to train him if, and only if, he would offer his skills to the Jacks rather than having to deal with the violent rigors of gang life in the slums to get by. While not exactly thrilled in following dad's footsteps, as he was a Jack himself, it was better than gang-life. The violence and death and...well...wastefulness of it. How many of his 'friends' burned out from drugs to become automotons like his dad just in another way? Perhaps being a Jack may not be glamorous...but it was more palatable than this.

    Max went from a street fighter to a pugilist. The style combined the Hearth Witch's sense of space with Max's strength and resilience. At 23 he was brought into the Jacks Guild as a bodyguard following in the footsteps of his Hearth Witch mentor. They took several jobs together, Max learning under her wing. Stances, fighting against people with weapons and then he took jobs on his own. The money wasn't terrific? But it was something. His duties took him everywhere, from businesses to Courts to the slums to the aristo manses. His 'education' came from experience rather than taught. He watched, as his teacher always said and kept an ear open. Max was never smart and was a slow learner but he learned.
    One of his contracts through the guild was with Elisabeta Viorel, a Black Widow a few years younger than him and they were polar opposites. The Widow was quiet yet attentive while Max, a Warlord Prince through and through, was boisterous and overly friendly. They became friends during his contract, so much so that with time Max became Elisabeta's preferred bodyguard when she had need of one. It was teased that they could make the contract permanent but it didn't go beyond teasing. With months passing to years Max's feelings toward Eli grew deeper. She was a fierce woman, just in a different way that Max admired. Not like him, all bear-like as you please...yet not fierce all at the same time. It was weird...very hot! But a good way.

    The friendship then turned to dating. The two meeting with no contract between them. It was weird at first, the dating/courting/whatever thing. Max was used to roller coaster rides, one nighters and a fight in a day not...whatever this was. It was...nice. He could get used to it, maybe with time. He still took contracts with the Jacks, earning his keep in the hovel he got for himself in the slums though he would often travel to visit Eli when not under contract. One time, when he went to visit Eli she floored the Warlord Prince. She had been granted rulership of Iasi and offered him a Contract to serve in the position of Consort. Max was no courtier, nor aristo, nor well-learned, nor...a lot of things. But he had street smarts more than most. He knew what happened outside of Court and saw people at their lowest or...even sometimes, their highest. Maybe he could do it? It would mean being with Eli which was the happiest and most at peace he had felt in a very long time. Could a slummer gang-thug Jacks pugilist serve as Consort?

    ...Pfft! Why not? He would just have to learn and Max is a slow learner...but he learns. So he signed, moving to Iasi to spend time with his love and in a new environment far different from the slums but not one he was unaccustomed to. His siblings were old enough now to leave the academy, some could even take up Petra's enslavement offer for business positions (which he would always advise against. He smelled snake oil in that deal). But he let them know that it didn't matter if he was a Consort or a Territory Ruler.

    His time as a Consort put him through the ropes. He was an eager courtier, learning who was who and the necessities of leadership while taking a break from contracts from the Jacks. The absence of Jacks work came to the attention of the Guild leadership, fearing his lack of trustworthiness, requested his retirement which he took. Now out of the Guilds umbrella he focused more on the affairs of Court until a wave of power struck Iasi in which his beloved Eli vanished. Shortly after the storm passed Maxim left Iasi to search for his beloved. His search to find her revealed to him that his youngest brother became fully broken from the wave, with his older brother Jonah dying outright. Their loss weighs heavy on him, but he doesn't know it.

    He continues to search for her even today. Slowly his world begins to crumble. No job, no lover, no life where before he had all three. He has taken to the life of a vagabond, going from town to town in Dena Nehale in a desperate attempt to find her with no avail. He has taken to drinking, in large quantities, and the barroom brawl is slowly becoming second nature to him. One step at a time, he is becoming the spitting image of his father.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    "Prince Constantin." A woman said to him, opening the drapes to the suite of First Consort of Iasi. "It is time to get up."

    Max, for his part, wasn't even on the bed. He had somehow managed to drunkenly find his way to the floor and was not sleeping in a haggard pile of his own sheets. He roared at the sight of the burning sun threatening to sear his eyes shut. "Wh-What time is it?"

    "It is an hour before noon. Do you not remember the petitions you are to listen to today?" He let out a breath and slowly got to his feet letting out a yawn that was more an earthquake than a yawn and scratching his chest. "Several villagers have-"

    *YAWWWWNNNN* Max yawned again. He licked his lips squinting around. "I remember." He then scratched the back of his head. He went to go grab some clothes. A nice shirt, light jacket and some jeans would do. Flustered, the handmaiden simply let Max wander about on his own.


    Max sat in the receiving room of the Iasi Court listening to petitioners for over three hours. They all had grievances of some kind. Some had feuds with others, others were worried of outside threats. Elly was in her moontime and, agreed between them, both needed experience at the game of politics so when the moontime came, Max would step up to earn some grit. This time was at least easier than entertaining courtiers from other Courts, much less the Province. He wasn't ready to dance THAT dance yet.

    He sat like a cat, all lounging in the seat as he listened to petitioners make their grievances known but it didn't last long. Nerves made him shift in his seat this way and that. The first was landens, claiming that bandits had been plundering their village as of late, at least once a month for the last three months. Max pursed his lips and thought about saying 'don't worry, I got this' and going to pulverize them all. He kept his mood in check though. "The Lady shall send her guard to survey the area and give leave for an expeditionary group to find and stop them." He said. "They'll arrive in the fortnight. Offer them any information you can and we shall see justice done."

    The next was a feud between two farmers who claimed that the other family was impeding and taking their crops, as their fields lied next to each other. He wanted to froth at the mouth because in his mind the thing they needed was not a Court intervention but a fucking fence. "No action will be taken here. By the sounds of it you must cut off where one field ends and another begins. I will send word to your village of the conflict and ask that they help iron out the details of your plot as they are more knowing of the land of your village than I."

    The next was a blood debt. A blood family lost a son to a Warlord Prince who, in the Killing Edge, killed him yet the son caused no issue. As a matter of fact the son was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. The Warlord Prince in question said he gave apologies to the family but he had no control of his senses, as no Warlord Prince does when such a thing occurs. Max scrunched his face to think, which meant he was regurgitating what they just told him and not really coming up with anything new. He asked the Warlord Prince who the quarry was and he said it was a man at a tavern who was insulting his lady-wife and refused to stop. When asked if the Warlord Prince killed him he shook his head. He came out of it outside of town and the man was gone.

    "Your demand comes from the wrong place. The Warlord Prince here did you no wrong. As a matter of fact! You will receive restitution for your son, but it will come from the man who provoked the Prince to the Killing Edge. We all know Protocol. I don't need to explain it but it is there for a reason." He asked the Warlord Prince if he would give his strength to finding the person who triggered him and extolling reparations for the son's death the Warlord Prince all too happily agreed.

    "Then it is settled. The Lady commands you to find this man and collect payment for the debt he incurred for this family's son." The family left as did the Warlord Prince. Not bosom buddies, but the family began to eagerly question the Prince about the incident as they left.

    Max let out a breath. "Fuck." He sunk back in the chair. "That was a brain-cruncher. How many of these do we have left?"

    "Eight." Said a courtier.

    Max sighed and banged his head on the chair.

    Petitions (if any):  He doesn't need any Petitions. He's beartastic.

    Player Name: Lochlan

    Why did this character became inactive?
    Personal Request. Maxim was coming apart (in an OOC way) with little potential to compensate.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
    Making sure he is far more flexible plotwise. Adjustments have been made to do this and some plots have been worked out for him to deal with the aftermath of IC circumstances.

    What are your plans for this character?
    As the former Consort of Iasi, Maxim has plenty to offer the new Iasi District Court, to which he has diplomatic relations with. His sister is also located in Iasi which is what brings him in contact with the District Court in the first place. Plots will involve dealing with his sisters and trying to scrounge what little life he has left.

    Number of previous Reactivations: 0

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :
    (all changes noted with Blood Opal


    Role and Faction changed. He is no longer Consort and he no longer serves the Iasi District Court in any official capacity nor is he in the Jacks' Guild any longer.

    He lost his lover! The fact changed his persona, becoming more closed off than he originally was and needed to be reflected in his personality.

    Spoke with DG to reflect the current state of the Constantin children after the devastation wave.

    Likes are updated due to personality shift.

    Fears are updated. Elisabetha, his Consort, is gone so fear of letting her go has been fulfilled and needed replacing.

    A brief summary of his actions IC and after the doom wave in DN.

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Re: Maxim Constantin
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Re: Maxim Constantin
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