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Author Topic: Kelda Voll  (Read 1770 times)

Description: Black Widow. Blood Opal to Sapphire. Played by phinn.

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Kelda Voll
« on: Mar 21, 16, 07:54:58 PM »
The Basics
Character Name: Kelda Voll
Nicknames: Lady V
Age & Birthyear: 45 (149 AP)
Race:  Short-lived (Glacian)
Caste:  Black Widow
Birth Territory: Glacia
Home Territory: Little Terreille
Birthright Jewel: cut Blood Opal
Offering Jewel: uncut Sapphire
Play By: Kristin Cavallari
Distinguishing Features:
 Kelda has always liked having more going on than is immediately obvious. When she was very young, it was slyly feeding the dog bits of her dinner from the table without her parents noticing. When she was a teenager, it was spending late nights out doing questionable things with entirely too many boys while most of Glacia thought her a perfectly well-behaved little courtier. These days, it's pretending to run a much smaller operation than the one she's running, and keeping the Gangs off her back while doing it.

She's a typical Black Widow in that she enjoys sensual and sexual experiences, and can be quite temperamental, at times. She prefers to play the cool and removed observer if the opportunity arises, and enjoys using her natural cleverness to outsmart those around her. She does, however, sometimes fall victim to a somewhat inflated ego, and a sense of superiority that was practically bred into her. It galls her when someone with Light Jewels gets the best of her - that is, it galls her when anyone gets the best of her, but it being a Light Jeweled person is doubly irritating.

Kelda has taken well to the role of den mother. Her charges are mostly Light Jewels, and she feels like she is doing good work by looking out for them and helping them establish themselves. She has long years of practice at not lording her place in the Abyss over them; it's a known fact in her mind and does not need to be commented upon.
  • Geir. She would love him regardless because he's her son, but Kelda is lucky enough to like Geir as well. They share a sense of humor and a love of pranks, and she can clearly see the huge heart he tries so hard to pretend isn't quite so large. He's as honorable a man as any Glacian she's known, and Kelda now wonders if that wasn't the very flaw that kept him from Descending properly. The Blood aren't meant to be saints. And while Geir certainly has his share of flaws, his compassion for others is a weakness in Kelda's eyes.

  • Being Dark Jeweled. Kelda believes that the Light Jeweled are Light Jeweled because of flaws in their character. That doesn't make them bad people, in her mind. It just means they're a little more in need of care and guidance than their brethren who are closer to the Abyss. Kelda enjoys this shepherding role, and gets a lot of satisfaction out of helping the Light Jeweled lead productive lives.

  • Age. Twenty years ago she never would've believed it to be so, but she enjoys being older, now. There's a wisdom and perspective that comes once one's free from the impulses and urges of young adulthood. True, she's got a few lines on her face now and she might not turn quite as many heads as she used to… but she turns enough that her bed's rarely empty when she doesn't want it to be. She'll take that and the benefits of experience (both in and out of the bedroom) over a smooth face any day.
  • Little Terreille. She misses the courts of Glacia and the life of a well-to-do socialite. Little Terreille is dirty in comparison, uncivilized and uncouth. If Geir didn't love it so much she would have moved on a long time ago. Even the dusty nothing of Nharkava would be better than piss-stained alleyways and littered streets.

  • Drugs. She did a little experimenting when she was younger, but she never really got into the recreational use of drugs. Not even now, when she's built her new life around her ability to produce them. She hates what they do to people, and assumes her clients are idiots. She does not permit Geir nor any of the other kids she looks out for to use any but the lightest, non-addictive varieties.

  • Being alone. It doesn't happen all that often these days, but that's on purpose. There's a reason a woman who, for all intents and purposes, is in hiding has taken on the care of runaways and vagrants. Many of the people of Little Terreille disgust her, but she's picked and chosen a few from among them to grant her a small sense of community that comforts her.
  • Her family. She was the pride of her family for a long time. Now they've got Polla, who's far happier in the Glacian courts than she would be in Little Terreille anyway. Still, Kelda knows how proud her Great Aunt Lotta is, and she knows it wouldn't be beyond the woman to send someone to hunt Kelda down and try to bring her back.

  • Geir's future. Right now, there doesn't look to be much of one, outside of Kelda's drug business or maybe joining a gang. Kelda knows she won't be around forever, and worries that Geir won't ever join a court or set himself up so that he'll have a means to flourish once she's gone. He'll survive - he's a hard worker and he's clever. But she wants him to have a good life, and she can't yet see a clear path to one from where they're currently standing.

  • Glacia's expansion. There's a decent population of Glacian refugees in Northwood, and Kelda knows Brenden and her people have to know about it. She also knows it's not beyond them to try to reach out and reclaim what they feel is theirs… perhaps along with the rest of the Territory while they're at it. Just ask Nharkava.
    Craft Strengths:
  • Tangled Webs. From the moment she first picked up her Widow's Craft, Kelda's always been drawn to Tangled Webs. This interest was supported by a natural aptitude for them. Her visions are often very clear and she's adept at interpreting them, but more specific to her is the ability to reach in and move pieces around, then perceive how changing that piece could possibly affect the end result.

  • Designer drugs. Though she has only begun really experimenting with them in the past five years since coming to Little Terreille, Kelda possesses an intuitive artistry when creating new blends. She's adept at sussing out the lesser-known influences of certain ingredients and crafting them together with other substances to bring about a specific, desired effect in the user.

  • Advanced Mind Healing. Kelda has had a crash course in mind healing Craft over the past few years. Not only has she acquired a specimen of her very own upon which she has been able to experiment at her leisure, but having to find ways to keep Draven's abused mind from tearing itself apart has taught her to be particularly nimble and creative in her solutions. Kelda has begun to excel in healing the minds and chalices of those Darker than herself, people she would've been reluctant to help, once upon a time.
    Craft Weaknesses:
  • Travel Craft. For no reason she's ever been able to determine, Keld has never been able to create solid traveling shields. Her first attempt to use the Winds directly nearly killed her, even at the level of the White. She has not tried again.

  • Passing through objects. Kelda's never been able to quite master the art of making parts of herself intangible, much less all of herself. Her attempts fail more often than they succeed, and it's excruciating to have one's hand caught inside a solid substance, so she rarely ever even attempts this anymore.

  • Power Bolts. The more Kelda focuses on the subtle, delicate kinds of Craft that she sees as useful, the rustier she gets at other, more overt types of Craft. She can't recall the last time she had to try to brute-force her way through a situation, and if she tried to power bolt someone now, she'd find her aim and power significantly degraded. She can no longer focus a bolt to be any stronger than her Blood Opal Birthright, and actually hitting a target where intended would be more luck than skill.
    Life Story
    Great Aunt: Lotta Voll, Purple Dusk to Green Priestess, b. 111 AP.*
    Mother: Karmen Voll, White - Yellow Witch, b. 120 AP.*
    FatherFannar Gunnarson, Yellow - Rose Warlord* Deceased.
    Husband: Alvar Albinsson, Rose - Opal Warlord, b. 129 AP.*
    Son: Geir Voll, Tiger Eye - Summer Sky Warlord, b. 169 AP.
    Daughter: Polla Voll, Green - Sapphire Queen, b. 170 AP.

    Ward(?): Wisteria Sloane, Purple Dusk - Green Black Widow, b. 167 AP.*
    [ * Jewels for this C were rolled. ]

    Kelda began as the salvation of her small family. The Blood Opal she received at her Birthright was the first redemptive Jewel in her family an entire generation. She was the pride and joy of her parents, as well as her Great Aunt Lotta, who looked after the family in light of their troubles. Though small, the Voll family was old and had been well-respected until their ability to produce dark Jeweled, high-casted Glacians seemed to bottom out in recent generations. Kelda was removed from her parents’ care after her Birthright and taken to be raised by Lotta. She was groomed with gusto, given over to the best teachers for universal Craft and Protocol. She bloomed under Lotta’s tutelage and praise, and took easily to the life of a Glacian socialite in her down time. She was a young and energetic Dark Jewel, and though her preferences could run to the socially risky and the slightly dark, she was clever and observant enough to keep these proclivities hidden from the watchful eyes of the social elite around her.
    That being the case, when her snaketooth manifested at fifteen, it surprised most -  even Kelda herself. She delighted in the emergence of her Caste, however, and dove head-first into the relevant studies. By the time she received her Offering, she was adept at Tangled Webs in particular, having taken to the unraveling of future mysteries with natural talent. She was popular with her Coven sisters, even if a bit on the snobbish side. Kelda knew how to have a good time in the evenings and still show up to be a respectable courtier during the day, which enabled her to keep a broad circle of friends. Her placement in Salo’s second circle came only a year before her invitation to join the mysterious arm of the Coven known as the Sight. Having been raised within the benevolence of the Dark Religion’s favor, Kelda did not question the notion that the lighter Jeweled among her countrymen were in need of the guidance and protection of those who were closer to the Darkness. Helping to thwart their misguided attempts to flee those who would protect them from themselves helped to make Kelda feel productive and useful, and she thrived.
    Lotta arranged a marriage for her when Kelda was just twenty. Alvar Albinsson was older than she, but came from impeccable stock, according to the Great Aunt. He wasn’t the exciting rogue that Kelda would have preferred, but she didn’t hate him. So she wed him as she was expected to, and produced two children in quick succession. That the second one, a daughter that she named Polla, was born a Queen was thrilling. Thrilling enough to override the fact that her elder child, a son named Geir, had been born casteless. Nothing could distract Kelda (or Lotta) from the fact that Geir’s Birthright granted him a Tiger Eye Jewel, though. Kelda was shocked and devastated, and Lotta and Alvar were appalled. She loved Geir as only a mother could, but couldn’t understand how he’d failed to descend properly. Lotta took a much more involved hand in the raising of Polla, and she attributed this “guidance” towards the eventual success of Polla's Birthright Ceremony, where the child came away with Jewel guaranteeing her a Dark Descent.
    Despite whatever defect (for how could Kelda not view it as such?) had hindered Geir’s descent, Kelda was incredibly fond of the little Warlord. Particularly since Polla seemed more fond of the aging Lotta than of Kelda, Kelda and Geir bonded deeply. The Black Widow took joy in her son’s clever, sharp-witted personality and his easy laughter. They shared a mischievous streak, and as Geir grew his personality developed to be terribly similar to his mother in other ways as well. When collars were mandated for all those of Light descent, Kelda complied without much in the way of complaint. Geir was understandably less happy about the matter, but Kelda knew she would be the one holding Geir's control ring, and she knew her son was in no danger of giving her any reason to consider using it. To Kelda it was merely a formality, a necessary concession that was required because of external circumstances, something rather like the loveless marriage she'd entered because it was just how things were done. One could make those concessions willingly and then tend to one's own happiness after the fact (such as finding more exciting beds for herself than that of her husband's - though she was gracious enough to at least hide her dalliances from him) or one could resist and be forced to comply.

    It was not until Kelda had a disturbing vision of Geir's violent death that she began to look at things differently. In the Sight, vision webs were meant to shared, and it was forbidden to hide one from one's sisters. Kelda tucked that one away, however. She told herself that she'd just interpreted it wrong. She'd take another look at it later, and would share it after she'd sorted out its real meaning. Kelda re-tended the tangled web again and again, and yet she could not get away from that gruesome forecast. Not even reaching into the web and moving pieces around, pushing this event and that to attempt to further insulate Gier, had any effect on the outcome. She could not see how he died, precisely, but she could see him clearly in the vision once dead - eyes wide and lifeless while he lay in a dirty street. In the vision he had no collar around his neck, which vexed Kelda. Was Geir going to involve himself in the Underground, somehow? Had they found a way to get around their collars? Further spun webs and consultations gave no clear answers, but left Kelda with a sense that Geir's impending death was indeed tied to the Underground, where a guiding hand would lead him astray. He was a passionate person, and Kelda could see that exuberance being turned towards a cause he felt was just. He'd never truly found peace concerning the collar, and Kelda began to wonder if he was not destined to be turned into some kind of martyr for the "cause" of the Light Jewels.

    Having seen it before in other families, Kelda knew what the likely options for Geir were if anyone discovered her Tangled Web concerning his future. She silently agonized over the matter for a time, but eventually grew fearful of one of her sisters uncovering the matter before she had a solution ready. Going against every instinct she had as one of Glacia's favored, Kelda talked with Geir about the matter, and he broke down and confessed that he'd been considering trying to leave. He'd failed to make the decision because he knew it would reflect poorly on the rest of the family, but he wanted out. He and Kelda talked long over the matter, and then Kelda came to a decision for the both of them. Yes, their disappearance would reflect poorly on the remaining family, but they were still all set for life, regardless. Geir wouldn't have a life if he stayed.

    Within a couple of weeks, Geir had successfully commissioned a smuggler to help him and his plus-one escape the Territory. Kelda had always had trouble with using the Winds for reasons no one understood, and had to travel the long way at Geir's side lest she travel in a coach that could (and would) be tracked. Though the ordeal was downright harrowing, the pair successfully escaped to Little Terreille.

    Kelda hated it immediately. Gone were the graceful, sloping, snow-covered mountains and the ambitious feats of architecture and culture. Gone were the beautiful, fair-haired people who were all but works of art themselves, and the sophisticated Game that made up the Court system and social structure. The people of Little Terreille were mongrels compared to pure breeds, ruffians and vagrants compared to the ancient families of Glacia. However, Geir thrived. He loved the variety of the place, the confluence of cultures and people. Kelda resigned herself to her new home, and set about finding a way to thrive there as well. She'd had plenty of money to make the trip and to survive for a bit afterwards, but she knew it wouldn't last forever. She began selling off minor poisons and recreational drugs of her own concoction when she realized there was an easy market for that sort of thing. Though her initial recipes were but average, in the years since she's perfected a number of them and has built something of a reputation for herself. Geir's big heart has meant that the pair of them have collected some strays, and he and Kelda now share a small place in the suburbs of Goth with them. That Kelda rents not just her own place, but the two neighboring places is something she keeps pretty quiet. She's very aware of the prevalence of the local gangs, and has worked hard to stay under their radar. As a single manufacturer, she hasn't run into too much trouble, as she's no real competition for the bigger dogs. As well, she's earned a reputation as a sort of adoptive brood-mother to the "kids" she houses (though they're all technically adults or close to it). It hasn't taken many examples of her willingness to defend them at any cost for the locals to learn that fucking with the mama bear is a patently bad idea.
    Show Us What You've Got
    Character in Play:

    Old enough to think he knew how the world worked. Old enough to feel like he'd shucked off the naïve blinders of youth. Old enough to feel like he could win against the world if he just stood with his feet planted well enough in truth and righteousness.

    Old enough to die, a fool and a martyr to a cause that would never even remember his name.

    Kelda closed her eyes, shut out the sight of her son sleeping nearby. He always looked so much younger when he was asleep, his beautiful face relaxed from the worries and cares that held it during the waking hours. She was sure he was still too young to be thinking about living and dying, no matter how many years he'd been alive. She took a long and deep drag of her cigarette, an uncouth habit she'd secretly picked up years back simply because it was uncouth. She exhaled slow and looked out, away from the campsite and over the mountain range in which they were nested. Two more days and they'd be out of Glacia for good. She thought of Polla, even younger than Geir and now abandoned by her mother.

    That part hurt.

    Even so, there had been no perfect solutions. Polla would be cared for. Even if Kelda's disappearance reflected poorly on the family, Polla was still a Queen. Destined for a Dark Jewel, she'd have a comfortable life even if she never made it to a major Court of her own. Kelda would've given up a lot for the little Queen, but Geir's life just so Polla could have more comfort didn't seem a fair trade, no matter the Warlord's Jewels.

    Someone moved nearby, and Kelda opened her eyes. The smuggler who'd been leading them over the mountain was on his feet, smoking his own cigarette and watching her from a few yards away. For a moment, Kelda just watched him in turn, thinking. Then she got up quietly, and left Geir to sleep while she sought some comfort of her own.

    Player Name: phinn

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Re: Kelda Voll
« Reply #1 on: Mar 21, 16, 07:56:18 PM »
Would like to please use my banked Sapphire - Gray from Petrona's app per this transaction.

Please reduce it to Blood Opal - Sapphire.

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Re: Kelda Voll
« Reply #2 on: Mar 21, 16, 08:04:10 PM »
As per use of Banked Roll and reduction from Sapphire to Gray to Blood Opal to Sapphire.

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Blood Opal birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Sapphire Jewel at your offering.



Five family rolls:
1. Purple Dusk - Green
2. Tiger Eye - Summer Sky
3. Rose - Opal
4. White - Yellow
5. Yellow - Rose
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Re: Kelda Voll
« Reply #3 on: Jul 20, 16, 03:38:59 PM »
This application looks good in the eyes of Little T
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Re: Kelda Voll
« Reply #4 on: Jul 20, 16, 04:13:45 PM »
Ready for Review.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Kelda Voll
« Reply #5 on: Jul 20, 16, 04:48:52 PM »

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Re: Kelda Voll
« Reply #6 on: Dec 04, 18, 08:05:44 PM »
Per 2018 Thanksgiving Shop Adoptable Dark Ally Roll:

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Purple Dusk Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Green Jewel at your Offering.


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