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Author Topic: Harken Varent  (Read 461 times)

Description: Warlord. Rose to Opal. Played by Dany.

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Harken Varent
« on: Dec 26, 17, 05:18:41 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Harken Varent
Nicknames: The General
Age: 43 (150 PP)
Race:  Sceltic
Caste:  Warlord
Birth Territory:  Scelt, Kaeleer
Home Territory:  Little Terreille, Kaeleer

Birthright Jewel: Uncut Rose(As Per want ad)
Offering Jewel:  Uncut Opal (As Per want ad)

Play By: Tommy Flanagan
Distinguishing Features: Harken's face has been split from ear to ear in a lopsidedly, morbid grin.  The disturbing scars on his face give him an eerie appearance of always having an uneven smirk on his face.

Harken is always scene with a giant, mangy looking crow.  The man loves the birds for their cunning abilities and super sharp memory.  Wednesday, Harken's prized crow, travels with the Warlord everywhere.

Because of his heritage, Harken speaks with a slight brogue.  Most of his Sceltic accent has vanished over years of living in another territory.

There are very few that can pull one over on the Warlord known as Harken Varent.  A childhood of learning the delicate social intricacies and tactics of the formal courts, and an adulthood of  learning the less than subtle brutalities of the streets, have warped Harken into a slimy, calculating machine.  Not one to ever miss out on the opportunity to learn, Harken has used every lesson he has ever learned and applied it to the complex man he has become.

 Harken's “birthing into the truth” as he calls it was violent and left more than a few marks, both physical and mental on the Warlord.  What Harken perceived to be the truth was really just a fraud.  The courts were filled with nothing but liars, traitors, and hypocrites who had deceived many, including Harken, a betrayal Harken will never forgive. 

The true nature of people, Harken believes, is the bitter desire to survive, live, and punish those who cause grief to their person.  Unable to do anything of the sort from behind the false orations of the courts, Harken lashed out, using the skills he acquired in the courts along with the hard knocks on the streets be hone himself into a vicious, brutal killer with a seductor's smile.

Being a native of Scelt, Harken has a very distinctive brogue that has weathered and worn with time but is still very much present in his speaking voice.  Harken has adapted his style from being of a clean, sleek courtly style, to a dingier, darker version on himself. 

The brutal scars that seem to want to split Harken's face wide open are the external symptom of a deep seeded fear of blades.  Harken views blades as a weak man's tool and prefers to use anything but in order to prove a point.  The scruffy beard on Harken's face is not just for esthetics.  After having his face slashed into a morbid smile, Harken loathes putting a blade to his face.  In fact, Harken is both thankful and has a grim sense of humor about his inability to swiftly grow facial hair.

Crows hold a special fascination for Harken.  They are intelligent, cunning, sleek, and have a very, very clear memory.  All things that Harken finds to be important qualities.  Wednesday, Harken's prized pet, is always with the Warlord, while the remaining murder reside in Harken's office. The birds are one of the few living things that Harken shows any true affection for.

  • 1- Crows- Crows are smart, clever, cunning, and vindictive.  Some of Harken's favorite qualities.
  • 2- Tori Fenton- There is something about the tormented young healer that appeals to Harken.  Whether he would admit it or not is another story.
  • 3- A good fight- Harken has spent many years fighting anyone that would dare attempt to assault the Warlord. 
  • 1- Courts- They're almost always dishonest and corrupt.  Harken would rather be told something he dislikes than lied to.
  • 2- Liars- Lie to Harken in any way and he will never trust you again.  Having Harken Varent distrust you means never sleeping with both eyes closed ever again.
  • 3- Disloyalty- Knowing who's side you're on is easy.  Why lie about it?  You're either with Harken or you're against him.  And it's safer to be with Harken.
  • 1- Blades- After the brutality Harken suffered at the hands of the Courts, the man wants nothing to do with blades of any sort.  Not even to shave.  Thankfully, his hair grows slowly.
  • 2- Losing a fight- Almost all of Harken's clout comes from his record on the battle field.  One failure and all of that could be lost.
  • 3- The Courts- As big of a game Harken talks, the Courts truly to frighten him.  They tend to have far more power than one should and have the ability to destroy lives.
Craft Strengths:
  • 1- Shielding- Spending a majority of his life on the streets, Harken has perfected the ability to use his opal to shield himself, especially from blades.
  • 2- Intimidating Aura- Fighting someone on the street isn't just about who is physically the biggest.  It's about who is the scariest fucker there.  Harken makes damn sure he is that fucker.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1- Offensive craft- Harken would rather hurt someone with his hands.  A true warrior uses his physical strength and dexterity to take down an opponent, not the jewels granted to him.
  • 2- Cloaking- Harken has made it his life's goal to be recognized.  Hiding himself seems to defeat that purpose entirely.
Life Story

Mother: Aislinn Varent- White to Rose 71 (121 PP)
Father: Eamon Varent- Summer Sky to Blood Opal 71 (121 PP)
Siblings:Morigghan Varent- Rose to Purple Dusk 46 (146 PP)


Born into a family that served the Second Circle in Eirne Sheane's court, Harken had always shown an active interest and skill when it came to the tactics of guard changes, militarization of forces, and cunning battle strategies.  As soon as Harken could read and speak, he was mastering games such as cradle and Morris. 

In his early adolescence, Harken was accepted into the Guard, protecting the ideals and values he thought that everyone served.  How very wrong the Warlord was.  Whispers in the dark reached Harken's ears.  The courts were rotting from the inside, corrupt and broken.   It was an excruciating thought.  But of his small family, Harken was the only one that grew to believe the whispers. 

Abandoned by his family, who believed their son to be a rebellious trouble maker, Harken was left to fend for himself, alone in his cause except for his beloved bird, Rhiannon.  Crows had always fascinated Harken.  Harken marveled at their cunning, their beauty, and their nearly impenetrable knack for remembering anyone who threatened them.  It was an admirable trait.  One that Harken wished to teach himself.

Slowly, as the courts exposed more and more of their corrupt ways, Harken began to lash out.  Bringing himself further and further away from the obedient soldier he had once been.  Unable to contain his frustrations any longer, Harken struck out at those who were destroying their territory.  Only to be met with the harsh, unyielding fist of retribution.  In the same day, Harken lost both his youthful good looks, and his beloved companion.  It's said on that day, Harken also became a calculation monster.  Or perhaps that's what Harken wishes people to believe.

Expelled from the courts and his family, Harken left Scelt.  There was no longer anything for the Warlord there except painful memories and the reminder that Harken couldn't put his faith in anyone or anything.  The one territory Harken felt he could thrive in was Little Terreille.  The street gangs there were intense, brutal, and a hell of a lot of fun. 

Harken used his knowledge in military tactics and his natural cunning to make a reputation for himself.  The bloody, horrifying wounds of his betrayal left an impression on the gangs that crossed Harken's path.  What was once a charming face was now a hallow mockery of a smile, the cheerful eyes of a young man with a future were now hallow, tortured. 

It was in Little Terreille where Harken met Ransom.  Their ideals mirrored the other, their personalities clicked and Harken for the first time in years felt as if he could trust another member of the Blood.  The same was true of Bailey.  With Bailey and Ransom, Harken set out to build a gang unlike any other.  The Dragons, with his help became a force to be reckoned with .  Harken's military prowess and love of all things brutal helped make the Dragons a cunning fighting force.

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
Harken had met pain once or twice.  But never in his years had he ever been introduced to pain like this.  The beating wasn't bad.  It was brutal, painful, and was going to leave the Warlord with more than a few broken ribs.  Each blow brought a scorned cry from his beloved bird, Rhiannon.  If only these bastards knew that by harming her master, the torturers were forever being branded enemies by the purplish-black Crow being forced to watch her master's torment.  But Harken knew these men well enough to know they were holding back for something.  What, Harken didn't know.

The pain was tolerable because it in no way compared to the agony of realizing that the court Harken had served his entire adolescence, was a fraud.  Even the beating he was now taking just proved, bruise by bruise, that the cause Harken thought he served was a corrupt, twisted lie.  The pride wounds, those were far worse.  Or so Harken thought.

Blood cooled and bruises throbbed hotly as Harken, strapped into a rough wooden chair, was given a moment of peace from the brutal beating that the body was taking.  Though the wounds of the Self were going to be long withstanding.  Taking a quiet inventory of his wounds, Harken could count several broken ribs, and maybe a few bruised muscles.  Bleary, rage filled eyes focused on his beloved Rhiannon.  Her cunning, even in the face of fear and rage soothed Harken.  Even if he died, Rhiannon would forever hate these men.  That was enough to give Harken peace.

Spitting a wad of coagulated blood on to the stained floor, Harken's attention was drawn by the sound of a blade being removed from a sheath.  Never having been a fan blades, Harken suddenly felt his stomach drop, pinning his bowels to chair by sheer force of terror.  They were going to kill him after all.  Suddenly faced with the fear of his own death, Harken stiffened in his chair, a deep, inhuman growl rattling out of his broken ribcage.  If they were going to kill him now, let them see the man they were killing.  Let his inhuman sounds haunt them until the day that someone stole their pathetic lives. 

The iron hand on his jaw was a shock.  Not nearly as shocking as the sensation of the dull blade cutting into his face.  Jerking in pain only drew the rough edge deeper, tearing the skin further.  The sound... the sound would haunt Harken for the rest of his life.  Like paper being torn.  Burning unlike anything Harken had ever felt followed the shock and disorientation.  They were carving up his face like a Winsol roast.  Rhiannon's shriek of rage mirrored his howl.

Instinct cut through the panic.  He must keep his mouth shut.  Or he'd forever smile like a skeleton.  Clenching his teeth, Harken continued to snarl.  If they were going to do this to him, they were going to have to work for the effect they wanted.  In hindsight, Harken wished he would have screamed.  Screaming may have kept one tiny peace of his former life alive.  But in that moment, the Warlord had no idea what was coming for him.

All it took was a twist of the wrist.  The unholy, hallow, snap and the thud as the winged, feathered body was thrown into his lap.  He could still feel the warmth coming from Rhiannon's body, soaking into his lap along with her precious blood.  Unable to stop himself, Harken let out a howl that would have woke the Darkness, splitting his already mutilated flesh.  The burning sensation in now way compared to the heart break and pain lancing Harken's already ruined chest.

They left him like that.  Tied to a chair, staring at the broken body of his beloved companion.  Blood and saliva trickled down Harken's chin.  It was this very day that Harken Varent set out to destroy the aristocracy.

Petitions (if any): 

Why did this character became inactive? Harkin's original plot dried up as well as most of the gang he was apart of left.    And I lost internet

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? Harkin has new schemes and new plot.  And new internet

What are your plans for this character? Harkin plans on wading into the current plot and staking a claim where he can with the new rulers and taking over for Ransom as the Leader of the Dragons

Player Name:Dany

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Re: Harken Varent
« Reply #1 on: Dec 26, 17, 05:38:46 PM »
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