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Author Topic: Draven Rook  (Read 956 times)

Description: Warlord Prince. Green to Gray. Played by Dash

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Draven Rook
« on: Aug 19, 16, 08:34:29 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Draven Rook
Age: 39 (155 BB)
Race: Short-Lived
Caste: Warlord Prince
Birth Territory: Little Terreille
Home Territory: Little Terreille

Birthright Jewel: Uncut Green
Offering Jewel:  Cut Gray

Play By: Adam Levine
Distinguishing Features: Seven tattoos, sixteen scars, hands turned to leather thanks to the Salt Mines of Pruul, and a smile that has been known to weaken the knees of independent women (and some men).

Draven always wears a single earring on his right ear that holds a shard of Eris's Black. He tends to favor darker colors in his dress and shoes that are better for use than dress.


On the outside, Draven is a jokester, a prankster, and a man who's easy smiles are disarming and friendly. He seems easy to talk to in casual conversation and he can carry on with witty remarks and easy comments without hesitation or difficulty. While he lacks the proper education of an aristocrat, or the keen insight of a Widow, he nonetheless has become good on sensing when people are uneasy about him and how to disarm that.

But on the inside, Draven is a loner and a man who's quick to rise to the Killing Edge. It has become as comfortable for him as breathing, and as little as he'd like to acknowledge it, his space from Erisian has unnerved him. He is prone to intense bouts of sexual aggression and savored killing of those whom he perceives as threats or enemies. The time in the mines has ingrained upon him a "might makes right" mentality, and he has no qualms about killing someone with little preamble if it's the most expedient thing to do. While Draven won't seek out innocent people to kill them to sate some sort of bloodlust, when he hits that point he embraces his nature fully and without remorse or issue.

Draven is a con and a braggart who's duplicitous nature is only to allow him to get what he wants. Lying, cheating, stealing, killing, they're all just a means to an end. He's rarely balanced, save when he's with Eris, and given that he left her behind to find Marigold and Marcus, he's uncertain if he'll ever find her -- a deep-rooted source of anxiety for him. His moods are often mercurial in nature and one of the few times he feels comfortable with himself is during the Killing Edge.

If there is one redeeming quality to the volatile Warlord Prince, it's that he's intensely loyal and protective of those he cares about. While he left Eris behind, it was only because he felt inadequate to serve her at the time, and because he wanted to reconnect with the family he had left and to tie up any unfinished business.

  • Humor- When your life's been shitty, you find solace in laughter. An abusive and abandoning father figure and subsequent slavery in the mines, Draven's sanity(?) has only been preserved by finding things to laugh at. Sometimes it's something as silly as a one-liner, or a practical joke. But it's one of the few things that makes him truly happy.

  • Bragging- He likes to talk about himself, and he likes his ego stroked. He'll do over the top things just so he can brag about it to witnesses and friends later.

  • Burning Someone to Death- Draven's not a psychopath who'll kill indiscriminately. But hey, some people gotta die. There's nothing more satisfying to Draven than slowly immolating a well-deserved mark, listening to their frantic screams, and watching their hopeless attempts to save their own lives. It's the most arousing and beautiful thing he's ever seen and known (more so than even Eris) and is his favorite method of killing someone. Long and messy.

  • Bullies- Be they Slavers, Aristocrats, Dark Jeweled Warlords, or even Queens, Draven hates a bully. He hates people who push others around because they have this idea they're entitled to be above them.

  • Rules- He's lived his life as a slave and under the thumb of an abusive, neglectful, and then abandoning father. The Salt Mines were years that still scar him. The idea of having to serve Eris's every whim was one of the things that drove him back home to reorient himself. As it is he doesn't like playing along with anyone else's desires or wishes other than his own. Little else gets on Draven's nerves than someone telling him "You can't do that."

  • Akan- Stupid. Arrogant. Self-Righteous. Shaladorian. Muscled. Asshole. Mutter. Mutter.

  • Erisian- The woman he loved, his Queen, his world, and he betrayed her. Though Draven deeply and terribly wants to return to her side, he fears what will happen when he does. More than that, he's afraid that he might have pushed Lady Mad deeper towards the Twisted Kingdom, and should Eris ever truly lose her mind, the world's not large enough for him to escape the consequences of that -- even in Kaeleer.

  • The Dark- While he can go out in moonlight or in an overcast evening, Draven is not at ease unless he's in a well-lit environment. Too many years in the darkness, too long of being without the sun, has worn on the Warlord Prince. Draven will do what he can to avoid long periods of being in the dark, and will sleep with several candles burning/a fireplace on at all times at the very least, if not a well lit room.

  • Never Connecting with his Family- Draven doesn't have anyone left outside of Eris and her court. While he had no love for the father who threw him out on his own, he still wants to find his mother, brother, and sister. It's his fear that he abandoned Eris for nothing, and should he even find his family they'll reject him for a variety of reasons; not the least of which is both his Dark Jewel and his time in the mines.

    Craft Strengths:
  • Living Witchfire-- Maybe it was the anger in him that had persisted as a child. Maybe it was just a deep connection to the Abyss. Whatever the reason, Draven can do more than just project Witchfire blasts, but he can choose to cover his entire body with burning Witchfire. This usually takes on a silvery-gray light when he does so, and while it's active his hands can deliver terrible burns that melt through flesh and metal alike.
  • Stealth-- He'd always tried to remain unnoticed and unseen to avoid the wrath of his father and to not cause strife between his parents. As he grew older it helped him smuggle into Raej, which ended up with placing him in the Salt Mines. Now he makes great use of this to move around and steal what he needs or wants, or just simply get the drop on someone.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • Intricate- Draven has never had the patience for anything that can't be done brutally and quickly. All manner of intricate or slow craft is beyond his abilities.
  • Social- While Draven might be able to carry a conversation, he was never able to make good use of Social Craft. There's too much anger, bitterness, and hate in him to truly connect with someone enough to be able to just manipulate them. Even if he might be able to do it, he'd never make use of this sphere of Craft.

    Life Story

    Mother: Eletta Rook (Deceased) (Healer, White to Tiger Eye)
    Stepfather: Duncan Rook (Deceased) (Blood Male, No Jewels)
    Half-Siblings: Marcus Rook (Deceased) (Prince Tiger Eye to Summer Sky)
    Hush Eidolon (Blood Female) (Marigold Rook)


    The second child to a pair of middling farmers, Draven's life was always filled with suspicion. His mother had constantly complained that her husband hadn't provided a good enough life for their children, that he was distant, that he didn't care. Marcus, Draven's older brother, didn't much care for his younger sibling, and the two grew up as rivals to their parents' attentions. Duncan didn't have the time or patience to deal with squabbling boys, and thus shoved them into Eletta's lap, whom resented the lack of responsibility in her husband. When Eletta revealed that she was pregnant, Duncan roared out in rage that the child couldn't have been his, and after a rather violent argument, Eletta packed her things and left.

    Marcus ran away shortly after, but Draven was still too young and scared of what would happen to leave on his own. Duncan, angry, and full of despair, fell to drink. He was only mildly present as Draven's father. For a time he seemed to have rekindled some love for him when Draven came away with the Green from his Birthright -- striking his father as proud to have such a powerful son. But things did not last. As Draven grew older, Duncan saw less of himself in his remaining son. His hatred for Eletta remained, and as the years passed, he would strike out at Draven between stints of drinking and self-loathing, When Draven was fourteen, he violently resisted his father's angry advances, and holding such a powerful Jewel, was able to end the beatings and the drunken rages. He continues to help his father on the farm, but the two were never close thereafter, and often lived in silence in the same house, making Draven regret that he'd not been old enough to run away with his older brother and his mother. He had remembered his mother considering the name "Marigold" for her child if she had a daughter, or "Clark" if she had a son. At nights when Draven rested in his old bed, barely big enough for him, he'd dream of running away and finding a family that loved him.

    Duncan refused to accompany Draven to his offering ceremony, sending the boy alone. Although afraid at first he returned ecstatic about having received the Gray, but found the doors to his house locked and a SOLD sign posted in the window. Duncan had sold the house from under his son's nose, leaving only a note that read "You are not my son" to Draven as a farewell. With no money and nowhere to go, he lashed out and broke into the house, stealing whatever he could carry that was most valuable, and left.

    Draven fled to Goth to find work, but at first had little success. He worked a number of odd jobs and for a time fell in with one of the street gangs. Crime had some small appeal, and for once he was given some small measure of respect. One evening he'd been out with a few of his "friends" when they came upon a broken carriage in the more dangerous parts of Goth. The cargo of this carriage, an Aristocrat of some measure, a Lady Uma Renault, was grumbling at her two service men who seemed unable to fix the wagon. When Draven, sensing an opportunity approached, he offered to fix the wheel of the wagon for a small fee. Lady Uma seemed uncertain of the boy, but suggested that he go ahead. When Draven used the power of his Green to perform such a feat, Uma was ecstatic. "Thank you boy. You've saved me quite a bit of delay!" She gushed, and moved to board, informing her man to pay Draven a quarter of what he'd suggested as the fee. When Draven complained, Lady Uma placed a faux-pout upon her lips and said simply "Oh, young boy. You're barely worth that. Now go along.." She gestured to her Red set upon her throat, smiling prettily at him. "Get going before you delay me further."

    Enraged that he'd been taken advantage of, youthful and angry, Draven lashed out with his Gray and set fire to Uma's carriage. The Lady and her men barely escaped, and when she set herself to attack the young Rook, she shrank back in realization that he actually stood deeper in the Abyss than herself. "I've a mind to delay you forever, you vapid bitch." Draven hissed hatefully, but at the interjection of his fellow gang-members, retreated rather than do Uma any actual harm. Uma swore that she would exact revenge upon the Dark-Jeweled Warlord Prince, even if she could not do it herself.

    It was in Goth that Draven came to meet Kelt, the trader who passed through the gateway to Raej and Terreille beyond it. Draven had been working odd jobs for a month, and Kelt had mentioned a great opportunity in Terreille to Draven's boss. The well-meaning merchant, seeing Draven's hardship, suggested it to the young Warlord Prince, who immediately grew to like Kelt and his gregarious personality, as well as his habit for eating a great quantity of food. Kelt filled Draven's head of great mercenary work to be had: Draven'd be a sellsword, an Escort to exotic Queens, he'd have riches more than he ever knew in life. With his Dark Jewels and a bit of training, he was guaranteed a life of ease with excitement, women, and comfort. A young, naive Draven, never considered how Kelt might profit from Draven's work. He was just so eager to belong somewhere and to not be starving half the time, that he accompanied Kelt through the Dark Gate. What he found was not opportunity, but deception, treachery, and hardship.

    In truth, Kelt was a mercenary as he'd said, but he had also been paid by Lady Uma Renault to do-away with the powerful Warlord Prince. Kelt had drugged Draven's food, so as to assure that the young Warlord Prince would not be an issue. When Draven awoke again, he was in the Geiba Salt Mines, collared like a dog, and told that they were aware of his crimes of the past. When Draven professed innocence, the slave-master laughed in his face and kicked him into darkness where the wolves were waiting. The Mines were hell, where the air itself was a toxin and darkness was a constant companion. The first two years were the most formative, in which Draven experienced rape, assault, theft, and pains he'd never known. The labor was both back and soul breaking, and he might have fallen to the Twisted Kingdom had he not discovered the Killing Edge.

    He'd been finished after a day (or night, it was impossible to tell in that pit) of labor and had gone to reside in his corner and feel as if he were better off dead. That particular evening, however, he had just a small morsel of bread and fresh water, and he was certain there was no sweeter tasting thing in the world. When one of the larger slaves, one who'd not only beaten him but raped him the year prior, approached and demanded that Draven surrender his water and bread, he felt something snap. The man was larger, yes, but Draven had felt hatred beneath his skin boiling for months, seeking release through his cracked skin. When the larger slave, unhappy with Draven's silent refusal, moved to take his bounty by force, Draven dug his fingers into his soft eyes, and choked him to death.

    Then Draven had his food, in addition to the scrap of bread and water. And because of that funny turn of events, Draven was able to also laugh for the first time since he was thrown into that dark pit.

    After that, he was no longer victimized, and instead killed and stole as he needed to survive and prosper. Slowly he became stronger from the backbreaking labor, his heart hardened to the suffering of those nearby him, and he no longer concerned himself with the fear of someone hurting him. At night he still dreamed of finding his mother, Marcus, and Marigold (he preferred to think he had a sister to another brother) and escaping this hell he'd been placed into. He learned to sleep with one eye open, and to kill those whom posed a vocalized or subtle threat to him. He might have found madness before salvation, but in the dark he felt the pull of something he'd never known in his life -- the pull towards a Queen.

    Draven found Erisian Maboya in hell, the bond to Lady Mad being the only thing that gave him sanity. At first, Akan, her escort, thought ill of the scrawny, scarred fellow who laughed too easily and had his small witticisms. But Eris appreciated him. She knew that he was hers, and she knew that even just a little laughter could go a long way. Akan never came to truly like him, but in time when Draven stood side by side with the Eyrien in defense of their Lady, the two would hold a tense respect for another.

    They were in the dark for what seemed like an eternity. For Eris and Akan it had been even longer than Draven, and yet there was solace in being near his Queen, Erisian. For the first time Draven had found sex that didn't contain humiliation, shame, or agony. And it was with Eris that he found some measure of sanity. When the time came to drink her blood in a show of loyalty, he gladly drank and drank deep. Killing became easier, and when he killed for her it felt all the better. When the rut hit him, Eris was there to help him through those terrible moments of uncontrollable rage and lust. But despite all of that and the strength of the Queen Bond, he dreamed of his lost family.

    When they at least saw the light, and Erisian granted them their freedom through the Pruulian Queen, Draven was elated. Though his skin felt like sandpaper, his hands made of leather, he was free, and he never loved the heat of the sun so much as he did that first day of blinding freedom. For that short while they rested and ate and regained their strength, and Draven contemplated the most difficult decision of his life. He'd been without freedom for 16 years; half of his life, really. And here, now, Eris was going to return home to Shalador to become a Queen again. The Mad Boys and Akan were going with her, to a place that Draven was not certain that he belonged, and he longed to at least learn the fate of his family. Not the man who he'd called father, but the mother who bore him, and the siblings he both lost and never knew. When they reached the borders of Pruul he declared that he was not going with them -- a decision that did not catch Eris totally by surprise, given that he'd not cracked a joke since the day they were released from the mines.

    Though it broke his heart to part from his Queen, he could not refuse his desires to find some freedom for himself and to reconnect with his past. Eris, pressing upon him their bond, bade him to wait two days for her and then she would let him leave without issue. Those two nights had been tense, as Akan constantly gave Draven a glare of disapproval, and he'd lost all words in the presence of Erisian. On the day that he left, Eris granted him a sliver of her Black -- an earring crafted for him at her command. Moved by the token, he swore to her that on the day that he was worthy of her, he'd return to her side.

    The return journey to Little Terrielle was not as difficult as he had thought, for despite the murders he committed in the Mines, he was not guilty of any actual crime. Finding his passport intact and that he was a native citizen of Little Terrielle, he was allowed back home. From there, Draven first found and murdered Kelt, and then set off to find his brother, mother, and the child his mother bore. He has been searching for them the last six months.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Writing Sample:
    The house was so simple that Draven might have missed it, had he not followed Kelt for the last three hours. By now the moon was high up in the sky, bathing the cobbled street with its pale illumination. The Warlord Prince let out a soft sigh of relief to feel the slightest rise of warmth from it. In the Mines there was no sunlight, no moonlight. Just the occasional torch and the depths of unfathomable darkness and choking air. Every breath out here, under the moon, was something to cherish. Freedom. Freedom that might never had been returned to him if it weren't for Eris. Freedom that was denied to him by that cocksucker Kelt and his pulling one over on him.

    Well. Payback was a bitch.

    He wondered idly what Eris would say if she knew what he was going to do. Akan, that ever-pompous-Eyrien-fucker, would probably sneer at him and act as if he was some guttertrash for hunting the man down and deciding to take every single thing of importance from him. Eris would understand, he reasoned. Eris had seen to it that those Darkness-be-damned vile sons-of-bitches whom had ran the mines were all put to death. Sure, it was at that teenager Queen's orders, but it was Eris that brought all of them justice.

    That's what this was. Justice. Not revenge. Justice.

    Kelt had been settling in nicely into his home when Draven simply willed himself through the wall. The power of his Gray, nicely placed inside an amulet and a ring that he'd freshly acquired and had set, made it a simple task to just walk in. Kelt had only gotten one over on Draven initially because he'd been fresh from his Offering and hadn't known north from south as far as his Gray was concerned. Eris saw to fixing that. Lady Mad couldn't have any of her Mad Boys be incompetent, not when they were entrusted to protecting her. For a moment, he stood in Kelt's living room, hearing his wife preparing their meal, their kids playing in another room. He could thank the man, after all. Without him, he'd have never met his Queen.

    No, a rough voice growled in his mind. No, that sort of act could not be forgiven. Not when he'd had to suffer the Mines for years. The rapes. The being beaten senseless. The choking air that robbed him of sanity, of vitality, of his very flesh. It had cracked open more times than he could count, and he carried sixteen scars from where that toxic air had forever marked his flesh. One less scar than how old he had been when he'd been put there.

    Kelt was getting up slowly, the dark skinned Raejian had a home both in Little Terreille and Raej, but Draven had to wait for him to come here lest he never get his way back to Marigold and Marcus. The bigger man was moving for the door, starting to say something about how hungry he was. Heh... he couldn't have asked for a better opener.

    The Warlord Prince rose to his full fury and was upon the bigger man before he finished what he wanted to say about eating. Draven's Gray placed shields on the doors, assuring that not only would Kelt's family wouldn't be involved, but they wouldn't have to see what he did to their patriarch. "Hello, you filthy camel's cock." Draven snarled as he slammed the big man into the wall. He hefted him up with ease, the power of his jewel, so dark to the abyss, flowing through his arms. "I'm so very glad to see you."

    Kelt was panicked, crying out and yet unable to break himself from the smaller man's grasp. "Who are you? What do you want?!" Draven slammed his head against the wall, hard enough to daze him, and let him fall to the ground in a slump. Slowly, the former miner fell to one knee and brought his face very close to Kelt's. "I'm a kid you left in the mines to die sixteen years ago. Did the money you get from me help pay for this house? Did it help make you such a fat fucker, Kelt? The years havn't been kind to you."

    "The... the Rook kid?" Kelt asked, his eyes glazed from the blow, probably a concussion, and he tried to pull his senses together. "Please.. man I have kids.. my wife... plea..." His words were stopped short by a brutal punch to his gut, causing him to double over in pain as the wind was knocked out from him. "Shut up." Draven hissed as he slid his fingers into Kelt's greasy black hair. "I don't give a fuck if they hear you or not. You're not going to live another five minutes. But I want to know why you sent me down there.. why you sentenced me to death when I'd done nothing to you." Draven hissed at the fat man. It was all too easy, really. Kelt was just a light-jeweled nobody. His barriers were laughable to one so deep in the abyss. He delved into Kelt's mind, making him shudder and shake. He saw every memory: The birth of his children, his first kiss, the contracts he took, and then the one he'd sought. The one that had sentenced him to the mines.

    Lady Uma Renault was lovely. Draven could recognize her as one of the most beautiful women he'd ever met. In that moment, however, Draven could not appreciate her beauty. He extracted Uma's finding Kelt.. her paying him to track Draven down, her warning him that Draven wore the Gray. And then her paying him a great deal of money to send Draven away. "That vapid bitch." Draven hissed, his eyes full of hate as he stared directly at Kelt's horrifed eyes. "All for money. You sent me down there for money. I should flay you alive, you piece of human garbage, right here, right now." A light filled Draven's eyes, and he couldn't help but feel a smile creep onto his face. "But no man should go without a last meal." He punched Kelt again in the gut, letting him crumple to the floor as he fished something out of his pocket.

    Draven pulled out the very item he'd carried with him from Pruul. The company for Eris's Black sliver shard. A small ball of salt from the Geiba Salt Mines, showing it to Kelt with a slow smile. "Genuine Pruulian Salt." A touch of his craft went into the ball of salt, a silvery-white light. Forcing open Kelt's mouth, Draven stuffed the salt ball down the man's gullet, caushing him to hack and cough, but Draven didn't allow him to throw it up. "Now now, eat your dinner, it's good for you. It'll really clear out your insides.

    Y'know, the only problem with that stuff is it's just so spicy. It sets my stomach on fire for weeks." Draven had imbued the salt-ball with a touch of his Witchfire, which began to grow, and grow within Kelt, causing him to moan and let out a sobbing whimper. "But for you, I suspect it'll only be a few minutes." The Warlord Prince rose to his feet with a chuckle, taking a single step back and regarded Kelt as he began to sweat as the Witchfire spread... and spread... and spread.

    Soon enough he'd be screaming, and dying, and Draven didn't wish to miss a single detail of Kelt's death. Not one sound. Not one facial expression. Not anything.

    Petitions (if any): 
    Why did this character became inactive? He went inactive because I went inactive and Little T play dried up.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
    He is heavily involved in plots coming up with Shyloh, Kelda, Amerys, and Jon. Not to mention anyone else he gets thrown into.

    What are your plans for this character?
    He's gonna get mindfucked and have a real bad time.

    Maybe one day he'll get back to Erisian, but probably not. ;_;

    Number of previous Reactivations: 0

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : Updated the Age

    Player Name: Dash

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Re: Draven Rook
« Reply #1 on: Aug 19, 16, 08:36:05 PM »
Ready for reactivation.

Poor bastard.
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Re: Draven Rook
« Reply #2 on: Aug 19, 16, 09:52:58 PM »
character tracker

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Re: Draven Rook
« Reply #3 on: Dec 02, 17, 02:19:59 PM »
Your Dark Ally was Weighed by Mother Night...

...and rose from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Purple Dusk Birthright Jewel, and an uncut Green Jewel at their Offering.


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Re: Re: Draven Rook
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Re: Draven Rook
« Reply #5 on: Dec 04, 18, 08:48:51 PM »
Per 2018 Thanksgiving Shop Non-Adoptable Dark Ally Roll:

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Purple Dusk Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Green Jewel at your Offering.


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