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Author Topic: Damian Reis  (Read 499 times)

Description: Prince. Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk. Played by Beka

Offline Damian Reis

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Damian Reis
« on: Jan 20, 19, 02:06:58 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Damian Reis
Age and Birth Year:  33, born 161
Race:  Short-Lived
Caste:  Prince
Birth Territory: Little Terreille, Kaeleer
Home Territory: Little Terreille, Kaeleer

Birthright Jewel: cut Tiger-Eye
Offering Jewel:  cut Purple-Dusk

Role: Escort to Lucy Benton
Faction: Rockland province


Play By: Gabriel Aubry
Distinguishing Features: Noting to note, no noticeable scars. No tattoos. No piercings. 


Damian is a very quiet, controlled man as most Princes tend to be. He thinks everything through before acting, preferring to have a plan and not caught unaware. He nearly always has a pad of paper he can use to keep track of what is going on. If he can’t keep a list, he makes use of memory crystals so he doesn’t miss anything. This need to know what is happening extends to new surroundings. He will draw maps of his surroundings, be it outside a building or a room. Lists were something that came about in his teen years as he struggled to find a purpose and to make his father proud before he gave up that hope.

He also finds himself to be overly critical of every action he does or word he speaks. While most of this stems from his childhood, the feeling he was less then so he had to prove himself. He, despite knowing better, constantly seeks his parents’ approval. If he isn’t careful he can spend hours in the evening analyzing everything he did that day, to the point of making himself sick. This is only grown worse since coming back home to care for his parents.

Damian can be very standoffish with people. He distrusts people’s motives since those can be harder for him to track. The distrust mostly stems from dealing with his father, Ezra’s, behavior post-Breaking. Ezra would have mood swings with little warning, so Damian always felt on shaky ground, trying to care for the man and his family. He often felt alone, as his mother would back Ezra in any disagreement.

Very little gets under his skin, he manages whatever temper he might have so it never shows. Only a few people seem to have a talent for igniting his temper. His father and sister being the top of the short list. Damian’s temper is a slow burn, a passive-aggressive reaction that will last for days or longer depending on how bad the loss of control was.

  • Bossy females: growing up with a no-nonsense mother, Damian likes the challenge of a bossy witch. He likes when a woman knows what she wants. 
  • Spicy foods: Damian rarely seeks out surprises that might set his teeth on edge or mess with his control.  Spicy foods are one of those items he searches out. He likes not knowing if the food might make his face melt or not. He figures it is harmless fun.
  • Rowboats: while there are aspects of sailing Damian doesn't like, he likes being out on the water. Much like his needs for lists or music the water calms his mind. It reminds him he doesn't have to be in control all the time. Since he doesn't have the desire for a large boat he has turned his attention to two-person rowboats that he can easily moor and care for. He tends to go out of his way to look at rowboats, always seeing if he can find a better watercraft for himself.
  • Messy eaters: most of this dislike comes from his innate need to be organized, his area spotless. His biggest pet peeve is crumbs everywhere and the annoying sound of someone chewing.
  • Fish: having to eat fish daily for ten years ruined whatever desire he might have had to eat it. He avoids all things fish, even going fishing.
  • Seagulls: nasty, noisy birds. Beyond the noise and the mess, seagulls were always a sign he was returning from a trip out to sea. That meant he was coming home which never was a good feeling for Damian.
  • Fire: as a former sailor, he fears fire. He has seen the after-effects of a raging fire on a ship, dock, or home. Fire haunts his nightmares.
  • Permanent physical injury: this fear comes from watching his father struggle. Damian vows to never be in the same boat. He’d rather die.
  • Sea monsters/octopus: this fear mostly comes from tales as a child coupled with practical jokes as he worked for the Boessons. Some of the teens one night put a living octopus on a sleeping Damian’s face. Now he can’t be around tentacles without shivering.
Craft Strengths:
  • Exploiting Weakness: Damian is a careful Prince and he spent years reading and practicing on the best ways to quickly take out an opponent. Exploiting weakness with Craft just plays into his strengths of using everything to turn a confrontation towards his advantage. Longer fights in his opinion are more likely to end in disaster.   
  • Memory Crystals: simpler to Damian’s love of lists, memory crystals provide a way for him to keep track of tasks and hobbies. He has practiced and practiced to hone this skill more than any other.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Witchfire: usually witchfire is a basic Craft skill for most Blood. Damian, however, struggles to even create a lick of it. If he needs candle or fire in a hearth he will use a match. He might have been able to master witchfire if he wasn't so nervous around the stuff. He doesn’t even try anymore.
  • Compulsion Craft: Damian is really an honest man. He considers any compulsion craft to be distasteful and avoids the skill altogther. It's a weakness due to lack of practice not the ability.
Life Story

Mother: Naomi Reis, healer, 56 (b. 138), Summer-Sky to Green *
Father: Ezra Reis, warlord prince, 56 (b. 138), Summer-Sky to Green (fully Broken) *
Abel Reis, warlord prince, 32 (b. 162), Opal to Sapphire *
Diana Reis, black widow queen, 20 (b. 174), Opal to Sapphire (played by Myst)

Uncle: Devon Kael, prince, 57 (b. 134), Yellow to Rose *

Paternal Grandmother: Margaret Reis, black widow, 78 (b. 112), Yellow to Summer-Sky
Paternal Grandfather: Oliver Reis, warlord, 80 (b. 114), Yellow to Rose

* - indicates family rolls or adoptable

Damian was born the oldest of three children to a Healer and a Warlord Prince. His father, Ezra, was a rising naval officer who was only home when on leave. His mother, Naomi, was a village Healer along the coast. Due to his father’s frequent absences, Damian was largely raised by his uncles. He often felt trapped in his father’s shadow. He wasn't a Warlord Prince, nor was he a Dark Jewel. When his brother, Abel, came away from his Birthright Ceremony with a Darker Jewel, Damian felt even more pressure. At first, this resulted in Damian causing more mischief in order to get attention. His father felt him unruly and would often enforce far stricter rules on Damian than his other sibling. Damian turned to books to escape the boredom of endless groundings from his father and mother’s. He still found himself misbehaving until his uncle Devon took the preteen under his wing and began teaching him skills and schooling him towards a career in the Navy.

For a few short years, this seemed to help Damian form some bond with his father. He began to get along with Abel as well. However, this changed when Diana was born. It was evident she was a Queen. Ezra seemed to instantly be drawn her. Whatever progress Damian felt he had made with his father was lost over the next few months. Damian, in response, started hanging on Devon’s every word. Devon seemed to realize this and invited Damian on a number of longer sea trips. Damian decided on this trips away from home he didn’t like being at home. He sent to work to towards moving away from home. For the first time in his life, he started to make plans and lists. He began to engage in his training and learning.

By the time Damian was sixteen, he felt equipped to handle striking out on his own. He applied for several dock jobs and with transport shipping companies. It took a while for Damian to land a dock job with the Boesson family. He thought he knew how to work, but quickly realized he didn't. The first few weeks nearly did Damian in. He refused to give in and it took months before he was physically able to keep up with the more experienced dock hands. This was when he first met Lucy Benton, daughter of one of the Boessons’ captains. At sixteen years old, he was flustered with how pretty she was. He called her Lucille, thinking that Lucy was a nickname. He was trying to be smooth, but he was quite wrong. Mortified, Damian avoided her for weeks. Once he drummed up enough nerve, he talked to her again and they became friends.

Damian stayed with the Boessons for a decade, working his way from the docks to the ships. He loved sailing and hungered for each trip out. By accident, he started working within the clerks’ offices for the Boessons when he wasn’t out to sea. Damian assumed if he was busy with the Boessons he wouldn’t have to go home. He volunteered for everything he could. Through working in the clerks’ office, he found he loved organizing even more than being out to sea. He would use those skills on the ships as he found rather disorganized. A few captains would love to have him on board and others would bar him from their ships for trying to be too controlling.

Beyond sailing, shipping, and organizing, the Boessons also taught him skills like guarding and escorting. Sometimes he would escort Lucy or other Healers, and other times he was a guard, facing off trouble on the docks or out at sea. What pulled Damian away from the Boessons was his father’s Breaking.

Ezra had been attacked on the docks while on leave from the Navy. It left him with a bum leg that refused to heal and shattered Jewels. Damian hesitated when he found out but ultimately decided to return home to help out. He may not have liked his parents but he couldn’t see pulling Abel from his Naval career. He had barely had any contact with his family since he started working at 16. Upon returning, he struggled to mend fences. He struggled the most with his father, who seemed angry over every little thing Damian did. Damian struggled to leash his pride and his temper, and he stepped into the role of escorting his mother to get away from Ezra. Eventually, he bought his own house and settled in the village he grew up in. Something he never thought he would have done.

He missed the sea and was often restless. He wasn’t happy at his parents’ village but he couldn’t just leave them. His pride wouldn’t take it. He should be able to care for them. His grandparents would often visit and Oliver seemed to realize how unhappy Damian was. Oliver started having Damian escort Margaret about. Though it was usually to one place, a family-owned bookstore in town. Damian had visited some as a child but he hadn’t been back since. He fell in love with the shop and after a few visits, he offered to start helping out at the shop. That was a year ago and he spends most of his day at the bookshop as part escort for the female family members who often stopped by and also as a clerk so his great uncle could spend more time with his witch.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:
“Roses are red
Violets are blue”

That’s how the poem started, Damian mused to himself. He supposed it led into complementing a crush’s physical appearance. He never understood, but he wasn’t much of a romantic. At least, not when it came to witches. He worked too hard to manage a lasting relationship, not to mention he was prone to being tongue-tied around witches he liked. Damian wasn’t sure why; he was confident in every other aspect of his life. The prince shook his head with a snort. Just as well, he supposed. Watching his brother’s love, Damian was glad he was single.

Damian glanced up to observe the teenagers, who had spawned the original musing over poetry. This was one of the public spaces in his home village, with this one known as Lover’s Loop. The official name was after some long dead Province Queen. Lover’s Loop was the safe place to start one’s courtship. There was always a guard or escort on duty, whose job it was to watch the teens. If the teens behaved, they had some freedom to get to know each other with the witch having a family member as her escort. Now if the teens were stupid, that unspoken agreement would void. The guard would let the head male of the witch’s household know. Usually, this was the father or older brother, who would puff over and spoil their fun. That rarely happened, however, because most teens behaved for the freedom.

He nodded at the guard making rounds before he ducked his head to hide his smile. Though that wasn’t always the case. Poor teens, he mused. It was bad luck when the guard on duty was the witch’s older brother. He turned his attention back to his book since he promised an aunt he could read the book and give her a review. It was one of the joys of working at the bookshop. Books and time away from “home”. He knew he couldn’t stay too much longer at the park, he would have to check in on his mother and father before too long. He wondered as he absently turned a page if he would have another argument with his father about not checking in on his sister.

Damian wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. Since his father’s injury, they could barely be in the same room. Damian didn’t know what he had done to sour their relationship, but he was sure that at this point it would never be repaired. Instead of the lingering pain, he would find there was just cool acceptance. He would finish the chapter and face the music. Maybe he could escape to his own house before night fell.

Player Name: Beka

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Re: Damian Reis
« Reply #1 on: Jan 20, 19, 02:56:52 AM »
I would like to use my family roll from Lucy Benton with Myst's blessing for Tiger-Eye to Purple-Dusk.

Purchased here.

Could I also get 5 family rolls?

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Re: Damian Reis
« Reply #2 on: Jan 20, 19, 09:51:08 AM »
Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Tiger Eye Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Purple Dusk Jewel at your Offering.



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Re: Damian Reis
« Reply #3 on: Jan 21, 19, 12:23:13 AM »

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Re: Damian Reis
« Reply #4 on: Jan 21, 19, 11:46:39 AM »
Added to the queue.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Damian Reis
« Reply #5 on: Jan 22, 19, 03:16:32 PM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker