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Author Topic: Alexander Irons  (Read 1885 times)

Description: Prince. Sapphire to Gray. Played by phinn.

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Alexander Irons
« on: Jul 13, 16, 11:39:16 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Alexander Irons
Nicknames: Daniel Steel, Jason Steel (Post-Dharo Aliases)
Age:  41 (born 153 years PP)
Race:  Short-lived
Caste:  Prince
Birth Territory: Dharo
Home Territory: Little Terreille

Birthright Jewel: uncut Sapphire
Offering Jewel:  cut Grey

Play By: Daniel Craig
Distinguishing Features:
Alexander has gray eyes, though most people mistake them for a very pale blue.

Few people can say they truly know Alexander Irons, but at his heart he is a man of order. He has been meticulously groomed his entire life to be a precise and reliable man of action, an agent for the ambitious machinations of his father. There was little in the way of palpable affection in the Irons house while Alexander was young.  He learned early that it was perfection in performance that won him the most favor from his father. This being the case, he grew to be extremely demanding of himself, extremely competitive, and extremely good at whatever he thought it was worth his time to learn. Even his jewels, dark as they are, seem little more to him than fine instruments that ought to afford him a better chance at success. He has less reason than many to fail, his father would say, because of the power available to him.

He also learned to view the world around himself as a repository of assets and liabilities. The people around him were not excluded from this view. As such, Alexander has had extremely rare relationships of a truly personal nature. Women, though respected for what they are, are a pleasant and temporary diversion if they are anything at all besides a means to an end. Alexander has 'contacts' instead of friends, and 'acquaintances' instead of lovers. He prefers it this way, as his father taught him at a very young age how easily the things we grow attached to can cripple us when they're taken away.

And eventually, they are all taken away.

One might think that such a man could not possibly know a sense of humor with such a dire outlook on life. On the contrary, Alexander has a healthy (albeit dry) sense of humor and often seems to be quietly amused at some private joke no matter the situation.

  • Structure. Life is a game, one big challenge of nature. The big prizes come from taking the biggest risks, but only a fool would leave his fate totally in the hands of something as fickle as chance. Alexandedr rides the rails on the border between 'following' the rules and exploiting them. He has trained his entire life to assess a situation objectively, determine the best use of the assets available, and use the hell out of them until he gets what he wants.

  • Work. Quite simply, a job well done is the only way Alexander feels like he's earned his keep. It is perhaps sadly ironic that he rarely ever considers a job truly done as best as it could've been. There is always room for improvement in his mind, and he constantly strives for that higher level of performance.

  • Strong women. He may not even realize himself how much he enjoys women. His father hates most of them, thinks of them as burdens and silly creatures addled by entirely too much emotional baggage. Alexander likes to pretend to view them the same way, but he cannot stay away from them even so. He enjoys the way they can be so fantastically strong while being soft at the same time. They are truly a marvel, and while he does not often understand them, some part of him appreciates them nonetheless.

  • Disorder. Alexander cannot game the rules if there are no rules to game. He excels at making order out of chaos, but will always be at a disadvantage to those who can just jump in and thrive in the chaos without having to organize it first.

  • Emotions. The great enemy of order and logic. Alexander survives off of carefully-laid plans and his precious structure. Emotions throw wrenches into things. While he knows logically that he would not be able to enjoy his success if he were void of all emotion, he sometimes wishes for that anyway. It sometimes seems preferable to that disorder which emotions seem so adept at stirring up.

  • Transparency. Alexander is never comfortable without a few webs spinning at once. The more people know about you, the more power they have to harm you. Being laid bare before someone is the most uncomfortable thing he can imagine. And he can imagine a lot of uncomfortable things.

  • Failure. Faster than he learned to prize his father's praise, he learned to fear his father's scorn. Alexander is a man well grown by now, but some lessons do not fade with time. Failure. Is. Not. An. Option. It isn't even about his father anymore. Alexander's sense of self and his worth come from his ability to perform as expected.

  • Ian Irons. ...but his father IS still around. Normally it would be unreasonable to think that any one man could track someone like Alexander - an elite covert agent from the heights of Dharo's most secretive spies - across a territory, through the Dark Gate and into the tangle of foreign Terreille territories. But if anyone could manage it, it would be the man who taught Alexander everything he knows. If Ian got a mind to track his son down, there would surely be hell to pay for leaving Dharo as Alexander did.

  • The Queen's Bond. Alexander has always been most comfortable on his own. He has some measure of control over himself, his own practice and abilities and condition. He cannot account for other people, and so working with partners annoys him to no end on assignments. Imagine taking a man like that and filling him full of irrational emotion and then tying his happiness to the fate of another person. Alexander understands that it's statistically improbable that he'll ever meet "his" queen. But just in case, he tends to avoid them if it's possible. No sense in tempting fate to be cruel, after all.

    Craft Strengths:
  • Masking Psychic Scent. Intrigue and deception raised him as surely as mother's milk raised normal children. He's been hiding himself, masquerading as other jewels/castes/people for as long as he can remember. He's had to keep in constant practice to hide a scent as strong as his Grey, but he's managed it.

  • Mental Acuity. While understanding the minds of others is beyond him, understanding his own mind is something at which Alexander excels. He keeps an orderly house, mentally speaking, and is able with the help of Craft (and daily effort, usually via meditation) to maximize the mental agility and accuracy available to him. He has exceptional control over his own memory and recall, as well as the ability to process information, calculate data, and make decisions much faster than the average person.

  • Advanced Reading Psychic Scents. Alexander's time spent in Dena Nehele introduced him to an entirely different sort of spies and underhanded operatives. To him they seem crass and unsophisticated compared to those he grew up around, but their baseness made them unpredictable. He had to learn to sharpen his sense of discernment to compensate, lest he be taken by surprise by a particularly duplicitous associate.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • Compulsion Craft. Alexander's difficulty in understanding less organized, more natural minds than his own lends an intense handicap to any attempt he makes to forcibly alter someone else's mind. This is an obvious weakness for a spy, who would find infinite uses for the ability to make someone forget inconvenient information or comply with questionable directives.

  • Show/Whimsy/Impractical Craft. Alexander is a man of action, a man of business. He has neither the time nor the patience to learn anything but useful craft. Neither Show Craft nor Whimsy Craft would have earned anything but disdain from his father, so Alexander learned neither. To this day, his father's disdain for them both still manifests in Alexander when he is confronted with them.

  • Power Bolts. Part of the reason Alexander was so successful working beneath his father's eye was that he liked the kind of work he did. He spent too long as a spy, and now has such a distaste for more blatant and less elegant kinds of warfare that his skill with them has suffered. Though he can technically still form and execute a power bolt, he's lucky if they strike with even half the power they should.

    Life Story

    Mother: Marina Trent, Rose to Purple Dusk Black Widow (Deceased)
    Father: Ian Irons (65), Summer Sky to Opal Prince

    Espionage has always been a part of Alexander's life. Born to two spies, a Rampart father and a double-agent mother, Alexander had little choice but to be involved in the world of deception and shadow. His mother desired a different life for him, but his father Ian, wouldn't have it. When Marina tried to leave with her infant son, Ian killed her and kept Alexander to raise on his own.

    Though he cared for his son in his own way, Ian Irons had no experience fathering anyone. What he did have was experience creating soldiers for the shadow wars of Dharo, and so it was that expertise which he applied to his son's upbringing. Alexander had the best tutors and most skilled trainers that money could buy. Ian held a respected position as a trainer for undercover agents among the Ramparts, an assignment which afforded him the ability to allocate a generous amount of resources to his son's preparation. By the time Alexander received his Birthright, his path was already set. That he was blessed with a Sapphire for his first jewel seemed to Ian to only confirm his estimation that his son was meant for great things.

    The relationship between father and son was unique, efficient, and perhaps as dysfunctional as they come. It also had a profound impact on the man Alexander turned out to be as an adult. Alexander and Ian did not have conversations over dinner. They had 'debriefings' wherein Alexander reported the events of his day in excruciating detail. Well aware of the advantage afforded to someone skilled in observation and recollection, Ian demanded that his son be aware of and successfully remember as much information as possible about anything and everything he encountered. The pair did not have outings together. Instead, they had 'situational exercises' wherein Alexander would be taken to a place and given an impossible situation, and be made to suggest possible resolutions using only the resources available to him on site.

    As hard as Ian was on his son, and as hard as Alexander worked to win his father's approval, there was an element of Alexander's makeup that Ian could not suppress. No matter how thoroughly Ian assured his son that women were naught but trouble and liabilities, no matter how dearly Alexander tried to believe it, there was no stopping the fact that somehow, in his heart, Alexander was an irrepressible romantic. This capacity for fancy, for imagination and tenderness was a tremendous liability in Ian's eyes at first, until he learned to harvest those proclivities for the sake of the job instead of trying to suppress them altogether. His imagination was put to use inventing creative new angles from which to address problems. His soft spot for the fairer sex was indulged by having him trained in the arts of seduction. Dealing with the tenderness that Ian couldn't manage to weed out on his own was merely a matter of setting Alexander up for heartbreak on a repeated basis and affirming after each occurrence that such emotions were a liability to be guarded against.

    By the time Alexander made his Offering and received the Grey, he was ready to swear allegiance to the Rampart Club like his father before him. Ian Irons had sacrificed much in his lifetime to acquire for himself a position of respect among those men, and he took immense pride in seeing Alexander follow in his footsteps.

    Alexander served as a loyal member of the Rampart Club for well over a decade without so much as a hiccup. It did not take him long to earn a reputation as a solidly reliable asset. He was a shrewd judge of his own abilities, and did not promise results unless he was certain he could deliver them. He specialized in undercover work; he had a knack for presenting himself as precisely what he needed to be in order to build kinship with a mark, earn their trust, and position them precisely where Rampart wanted them to be. Whether the end was blackmail, persuasion, or something more sinister, Alexander did as he was ordered without fail.

    That is, until Tessa.

    To this day, Alexander could not tell you what it was about the witch that arrested him as it did. She was beautiful, but beautiful women were everywhere. She was strong, funny, intelligent, ambitious... but those were not uncommon traits either. Perhaps it was the particular combination of traits in one woman, or perhaps it was something more vague and nameless, driven by Darkness and fate. Whatever the cause, and against his own better judgment, Alexander fell in love.

    His father, still working as a trainer for Rampart and keeping careful (though more remote these days) tabs on his son's progression, was none too pleased. He reassigned Alexander to another district, but it did not stop him from seeing Tessa as hoped. Alexander assured his father that his affair with Tessa would have no ill effect on his work, and Ian stewed in annoyed displeasure for a while. It wasn't until Tessa went to Ian, determined to forge a relationship with Alexander's obviously-less-than-thrilled father, that Ian could stand no more. It was not the visit, really, that put him over the edge. It was the motivation for the visit. Tessa had found herself with child, and thought that she ought to bring Alexander's family together for the sake of the child that was coming.

    Ian saw red.

    It was Marina all over again. It was one more sentimental woman who would ultimately attempt to deter Ian's legacy from fulfilling its destiny with the work he saw as so vitally important to the territory. The fact that Tessa suffered a horrible accident soon after was not coincidental. Alexander was devastated - or as much as he could be, unable as he was to properly process that sort of grief. He suspected nothing at first - he knew of Ian's displeasure, but did not think even his cold father capable of such a random act of cruelty to a son he purported to love. It wasn't until Ian made a comment in passing (while feigning empathy with his son) about the pregnancy that Alexander began to piece together what had really happened. Tessa hadn't shared with Alexander that she was pregnant before she died, after all; she'd meant to after having the conversation with Ian but had never made it that far.

    Once he realized what had truly happened to his love, Alexander was faced with options. For a short while, he continued as though unaware. He couldn’t process the anger and grief properly, and wasn't sure how he ought to react. But as the days went by, the more and more obvious it became that he could not say nothing. A rage was building slowly in him, and he knew the next time he faced his father, he'd be unable to contain it. And railing at the old man was not going to do anything to bring Tessa back. It was only going to give Ian the grounds to point out how right he'd been about Tessa bringing about Alexander's ruin.

    So Alexander struck out at Ian the only way he knew how: he left Dharo. He did not leave a reason, not so much as a note as to where he'd gone or why. Bribing his way through the Dark Gate nearly depleted his resources completely, but he needed to make it as difficult as possible for his father to trace where he'd gone. He spent some time in Raej, watching the Gate for any sign that his father or any of the other Ramparts were coming after him. When he felt sure they were not coming soon if they were coming at all, he moved on. He explored Raej and the long-lived territories for a time, learning as much as he could about the foreign cultures and people. His fair complexion made him stand out when he wasn't disguised, however. He eventually migrated to Dena Nehele, a land where his complexion wasn't as noticeable, and one that was conveniently short on any great number of Queens. After having his world so unsettled by one woman, Alexander is more determined than ever to never fall prey to such nonsense again.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Writing Sample:
    The pocket watch opened with a soft, nigh-inaudible click, and closed with only a slightly more pronounced version of the same just a second later. It was nearly time. Alexander finished his coffee, his cold eyes ceaselessly scanning the people passing around him. He didn't have to look at them anymore to store data about them. Heights, gaits, demeanors, faces... they were each inventoried and processed in well-oiled turn. He combed through them nearly without conscious thought, some part of his strange mind looking for inconsistencies, little tells that might alert him to the presence of someone who should not be there. It was superfluous; Ian would not even have cause to miss him yet, much less know anything about his plans to leave the realm. Alexander would not be missed for some time, in fact, if he'd played his cards right.

    And he always did.

    By the time his father realized that his absence was not merely some trip driven by whimsy (inasmuch as Alexander subscribed to whimsy, in any case; he was prone to using his off-time to seek out new topics of study, sometimes requiring abrupt travel) and that his son was truly gone, Alexander should be firmly hidden on the other side of the Dark Gate. Alexander turned his head, looked towards that ominous-seeming point of departure now. He did not know what story Logain had fed the priestesses who ran the gate. He only knew that his own name had been left out of the arrangements. It'd cost him nearly everything he had, but being low on cash did not concern Alexander. It was easy enough to replace that sort of thing, with a little resourcefulness.

    Click. He opened the watch again, checked the time. Click. Closed it. Time to go. He lingered only a few seconds more, rubbing a thumb thoughtfully over the face of the closed timepiece. His father had given it to him after his Offering ceremony. It was the one thing Ian had kept of his own father's... the only thing his father had possessed worth keeping, Ian had said. Alexander knew that Ian's own upbringing and struggles were the origins of his obsession with creating a strong and lasting legacy. His own father had let him down in that regard, and it was vitally important to Ian that he perform in a better fashion for the sake of the Irons name. And now Alexander intended to severe that legacy completely. The culmination of everything Ian Irons had worked so tirelessly to create was seconds away from moving through the Dark Gate and into a new life, one that did not include the elder Irons at all.

    Perhaps Alexander should have been bothered by that, by how easy it was for him to so ruthlessly cut off the only thing that seemed to matter to his own flesh and blood. But he was not bothered. He was not bothered at all.

    Like father, after all, like son.

    Petitions (if any): 
    Why did this character became inactive?
    Steel's plots were tied strongly to Sheyla's court, and when those players left there was nothing for him to do.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
    Move him to Little Terreille.

    What are your plans for this character?
    He's going to get caught in Jon's self-Service Fair and be essentially trapped in the LT Territory Court for a while, where he'll plot to get back at Jon for the trap and maybe pop some heads. Or maybe not. You never know. The dad he was running away from is still around in Kaeleer, and will eventually show up to make life even more miserable.

    Number of previous Reactivations:
    0 for this C.

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :
    Age & current territory. Also, I changed him from a warlord to a Prince, because I have a better understanding of Castes now than I did when I originally made him. He should've been a Prince all along, really.

    Player Name: phinneas

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Re: Alexander Irons
« Reply #1 on: Jul 13, 16, 11:40:25 AM »
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Re: Alexander Irons
« Reply #2 on: Jul 18, 16, 04:48:13 PM »
character tracker

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Re: Alexander Irons
« Reply #3 on: Dec 12, 16, 03:47:54 PM »

Alexander has been blessed with Advanced Reading Psychic Scents.

You may add this specialty & its description to this character's existing Craft Strengths section, along with an additional Craft Weakness for balance.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Alexander Irons
« Reply #4 on: Jul 23, 18, 07:49:17 PM »
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