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by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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Author Topic: Character Application  (Read 29382 times)


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Character Application
« on: Jul 14, 10, 12:38:59 PM »
Character Application

A Step by Step How-To for Getting Started With Your First Character, as Well as the Character Bio Template Used for All Characters.

Making a Character – Step by Step
  • Register your Character Name. For info on how to register a character read: here.
  • In the Keep’s Registry post your Skeleton Biography from your character account (fill out only the character name/age/birth territory/player name) and wait for your Jewel Rank. If you decide to pick a character with a White, Yellow, or Tiger Eye birthright, also fill in the Birthright Jewel section of your application.
Please note that randomized rolls will not be rolled for Player Accounts or for nameless characters.

  • Once your Jewel’s are sorted out (either by selection, petition, or randomization) fill out the rest of the character application.
  • When you have finished filling out the application, respond to your own post stating that your character is ready for review.
  • Wait (should be no more than one week for STANDARD applications, it might be more for characters involving petitions) – make any changes requested of you by Blood Rites staff (if any). Please note that while we aim for one week turnarounds, if there are an exceptional number of reviews or multiple reviewers on LOA, sometimes the reviews may become delayed.
  • You’re now free to post with your new character, have fun!

The Application – Breakin' it down for you

The Basics

Character Name:  This should be self explanatory.
Nicknames: Commonly known aliases, if any.
Age & Birthyear:  This is fairly straightforward for the non long-lived races. For consulting age in regards to the long lived (Dhemlanese, Eyrien, Hayllian and mixed) races, please consult the the age range guide found HERE. Please provide both age and birth year. Example, if the current year, in game, is 187 AP, so a 37 year old character would be born in 150 AP. This would read 37 (born 150 AP). Minimum age is 18 years old.
Race:  Short Lived, Long Lived, or mixed-heritage.

Caste: Remember that any Dual or Tri-casted characters MUST be petitioned. Additionally, the first character a player makes cannot be a dual caste female.
Birth Territory:  Where your character was born.
Home Territory:  Where he/she lives now.

Role: This should be representative of the role that the character plays in a larger arc, or should match their job title within a plot (ex. Master of the Guard, Guild Leader, etc.)
Faction: This should represent the sub-arc or faction that the character is aligned with, to better explain the position of the character in the plot and Territory. (ex. Court of Hayll, Coliseum, Shaos Guild, etc.)

Birthright Jewel: Please State What Sort of Birthright Roll you would like.
  • Light Random (White - Purple Dusk)
  • General Random (White - Red)
  • Petition (Rose - Red)
  • Request (White, Yellow or Tiger Eye)
  • Points Purchase- Item from the Shop or a Winsol Purchase

You may -always- choose a lighter jewel than what was rolled for your character. However you do not get to store/keep the discarded roll unless you've purchased a "Banked Roll," from the Points Shop.

If you'd like to read a full description on how assigning Jewels works on Blood Rites, click HERE.

Offering Jewel: State whether you'd like your character to have completed his or her offering to the darkness. If you would only like to descend one rank, please say so, otherwise you will descend a minimum of two ranks.


Play By: First and Last name. A link to an example picture of your model is acceptable, but not required. To find out if a particular model or actor is available for use as a Play By, check our Graphics Claims.
Distinguishing Features: List anything outstanding about your characters appearance. Notable scars, birthmarks, etc. If for some reason your character varies somehow for the aesthetic norm of their people, explain how & why here. Examples: Blue eyed Hayllians, Blonde Pruulian, Wingless Eyriens, and so on. Follow this link for the Standards for Mixed Blood Characters.


Personality: At least 2 paragraphs, minimum 250 words. Dark Jeweled and multi-caste characters will often require more to support the depth of the character. Considering a multi-caste? Read this.   
Likes: List 3. Each must be explained. 2-3 sentences each.
    For Example:
    Under Likes, Gemma the Yellow Jeweled Hearth Witch has listed "Nude Swimming." Her explanation following it reads, "Gemma enjoys swimming nude because her day to day life is so prim and proper that she gets quite the thrill out of a small, naughty indulgence like skinny dipping. It is the one time that she is ever really able to break away from the confines that seem to bind her. Even if no one ever knows of her tiny rebellion, it makes her feel more alive and less like the weight of her world will stifle her spirit completely."
Dislikes: List 3. Each must be explained. 2-3 sentences each.
Fears:List 3. Each must be explained. 2-3 sentences each.

Craft Strengths: **List two, complete with explanations. Sentences a must!
Craft Weaknesses: **List two, complete with explanations. Sentences a must!
**Craft Strengths and weaknesses are not necessary for Landen and Jewel-less Blood characters.

Life Story

  • Mother:
  • Father:
  • Siblings:
    Character’s IMMEDIATE family. Include Jewels, Rank and Castes. A player can request up to 5 random rolls from the Staff or can choose Jewels up to Descent Green for alive family members. Deceased family members can hold up to Descent Red. Use logic and do not abuse the ability of having Dark Jeweled family members, alive or otherwise. Include any other relatives of note to your characters history, but please keep it within reason. We don't need a genealogy of their families last few generations.


This is, without a doubt, one of the most important part of you character's application. It must be at minimum 3 paragraphs and 350 words.

For complex character concepts, more will be expected. For example, if you want to play a Landen who somehow manages to kill lots of Blood, we expect you to tell us just how he or she has managed to do it, and remain free.

Remember when writing Long Lived character concepts, that the Purge of the Blood which the Plot of Blood Rites is based off of happened less than two hundred years ago. If your character is old enough to have been alive back then we will expect you to make note of how he/she survived, and coped, during that very trying period for the Blood. It literally changed the face of the world, it should certainly have had an impact on your boyo/girl.

We understand that getting used to such a format is difficult. Many players, including members of the administrative team, prefer the "figure it out in play" style of writing. However, a good board is a board which doesn't contradict itself. Character histories which flesh out the important details, prevent that and foster a more full, detailed world for everyone to draw from! A little effort now prevents storyline continuity errors later!

There are of course, exceptions to every rule as at the end of the day story trumps any application or rules. If you really feel like it is necessary to leave some critical information out of your history, PM a member of the administrative team and we will talk it over.

Show us What You've Got

Character in Play:

The character in play section is just that, an example of your character "in action." This is mandatory for every character, with a minimum length of 250 words. The sample should be a snippet of a defining moment in your characters life. We suggest using their Offering to the Darkness. Other examples of defining moments are the birth of their child, the death of a close relative, etc.

Petitions (if any): Information on all Petitions and forms to be used can be found HERE.

Wanted Ad Fulfillment (if any): 
Wanted Ad Link:
Wanted Ad Sponsor: Name of the person that posted the Wanted Ad

Player Name: You know your name, right?

Application Template – fill in the blanks!

Code: [Select]
[center][b][size=16pt]The Basics[/size][/b][/center]
[SIZE=13pt][b]Character Name[/b]:[/size]
[SIZE=13pt][b]Age and Birth Year[/b]:[/size] 
[SIZE=13pt][b]Birth Territory[/b]:[/size]
[SIZE=13pt][b]Home Territory[/b]:[/size]

[SIZE=13pt][b]Birthright Jewel[/b]:[/size]
[SIZE=13pt][b]Offering Jewel[/b]:[/size] 


[SIZE=13pt][b]Play By[/b]:[/size]
[SIZE=13pt][b]Distinguishing Features[/b]:[/size]



[SIZE=13pt][b]Likes[/b]: [/SIZE]



[SIZE=13pt][b]Craft Strengths[/b]: [/SIZE]

[SIZE=13pt][b]Craft Weaknesses[/b]:[/SIZE]

[center][b][i][SIZE=16pt]Life Story[/SIZE][/i][/b][/center]



[center][b][i][SIZE=16pt]Show Us What You've Got[/SIZE][/i][/b][/center]
[size=13pt][b]Character in Play[/b]:[/size]

[size=13pt][b]Petitions (if any)[/b]:[/size] 

[size=13pt][b]Wanted Ad Fulfillment (if any)[/b]:[/size] 
[i](Use below for character fulfilling a Wanted Ad, otherwise remove)[/i]
[b]Wanted Ad Link: [/b]
[b]Wanted Ad Sponsor:[/b]

[size=13pt][b]Player Name[/b]:[/size]

If you are adopting or re-writing a pre-existing character please reference this thread for information: Re-Writing Characters & Inactive Adoptions

Please contact me via Email - not PM! <3 | GMT Time Zone