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Author Topic: Xerxar Landvik  (Read 526 times)

Description: Warlord Prince. Broken Yellow to Broken Rose. Played by Dash

Offline Xerxar Landvik

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Xerxar Landvik
« on: Mar 01, 16, 10:19:31 PM »
    The Basics

    Character Name: Xerxar Landvik
    Nicknames: Zerk
    Age: 2216 (39) (Born BP 2025)
    Race: Eyrien (Long Lived)
    Caste: Warlord Prince
    Birth Territory: Askavi, Terreille
    Home Territory: Pruul, Terreille

    Birthright Jewel: Broken Yellow
    Offering Jewel:  Broken Rose

    Play By: Will Smith
    Distinguishing Features: Xerxar's wings are operable but damaged since his time in the mines. He cannot use them for very long or carry more than his own person with them. He bears a number of small scars upon his back, arms, and hands, and his skin is notably quite tough and leathery. His voice is a rough whisper, and it's obvious it pains him to speak.


    In many ways Xerxar is a broken man. He has lost his Rose to the Hayllian Black Widow Lilith, and his Yellow trying to protect the mother of his child. Once, he was a proud and noble warrior of fierce arrogance and a bold spirit bordering on foolhardiness. His suffering at the hands of Lilith and his time in the Geiba Salt Mines has forever marred his chalice and his body. Where as once Xerxar was quick to action and quick to word, his body suffers too many lasting hurts to be quick in anything. A miasma of despair has settled over Xerxar's heart and he seems to constantly be depressed to those who interact with him.

    Age and pain has made him cautious and contemplative. He rarely speaks more than he needs to; choosing just a few words to express himself or none at all if he can manage it. His movements are deliberate and never uses an excess of physical energy unless it's absolutely necessary. He is burdened by his failures and the deaths of those closest to him. Xerxar's haughty nature has been washed away to leave a man that many of his fellow Eyriens see with only pity.

    But despite the shattered shell he wears as a body and the harm done to his psyche, there is a quiet strength to Xerxar. He realizes the failures of the past and has learned from them. Now the former Eyrien Warrior is patient, long-thinking, and pointed. Guided by a code of honor that defines him, he looks upon family as the penultimate responsibility and the only thing valuing. Treasures, prestige, power, these are nothing without the people you care about. Having lost most of his family, Xerxar's survival of the salt mines of Geiba brought this realization to light. There is no sufferance too great, no act too wicked, if his family is endangered. Though his body is in many ways a mangled manacle about his throat, it is capable of extreme violence if pressed to it.

    He has been biding his time, healing, building his strength, and preparing himself. He knows he is a shadow of his former self, but he is determined to not remain that way. The Eyrien Warrior knows that his destiny is back in Hayll, to find what he can of his sister, and to take his revenge. He is also certain that he will not survive. That sort of quiet acknowledgment of his death, along with what he has suffered, has forged a deadly serious man. Laughter is not made for the dead.

    • The Open Skies: Since he's been freed from the mines, Xerxar has taken to the skies as often as his damaged wings have been able. It strains him some times to exert himself so much, but for an Eyrien to have been forced in a cave for nearly two hundred years to not take wing would drive him mad.

    • Askavi: Xerxar is incredibly proud of his home and his people, despite their tumultuous history and their current difficult situation. Though he has been away for quite some time he was welcomed back with open arms amongst his kin, and he had never felt such joy until he was able to return to his homeland.

    • Honesty: Honorable Conduct and truth telling are things Xerxar highly prizes. Even if one is to hate an enemy, he would rather that they be honest about it than duplicitous in their way. He prefers even the blunt form of honesty, which has gotten him into trouble on a few occasions.
    • Hayllians: Even when he was in Hayll as part of the occupying force, he disliked them. Hayllians are arrogant, narcissistic, and prone to any sort of degradation for a cheap thrill. This was only worsened after he'd been broken by one of them and forced into the mines.

    • Reparations: Askavi has suffered enough in the wake of the Purge and the Red Queen's death. With the Sister Queens doing all that they can to mend the wounds of the nation, Xerxar feels that the idea of giving anything else to the other nations mortifying. Most of them are filled with short lived who do not remember, and it feels as if the deaths of all of his friends and his own suffering was for nothing if they were to act apologetic about the war.

    • Being Powerless: Once, Xerxar was a proud and powerful Eyrien warrior. He'd fought in the Great War and slain hundreds of the Blood with his blade and craft. But he was brought low by the Hayllian Widow whom was once his charge. Lilith's compulsion prevents him from communicating Faunian's last known whereabouts. He cannot even go to an Eyrien Widow for aid to undo her work. Even if he were freed from her machinations, he has no jewels in which to combat her or whoever is in her thrall. It is the biggest cause of his frustrations, and he's not sure how he can even begin to combat it.
    • Black Widows: Too much has been done to him by one of their Caste for him to ever feel at ease around one. Even Eyrien Widows are ones he feels nervous about being about. With no jewels to help defend himself, he knows he'd be completely at the mercy of the dangerous witches.

    • Closed Spaces: Due to his nearly two hundred years in the Mines, Xerxar has a mild form of claustrophobia. He doesn't even prefer to be inside a building if he can help it, and prefers to sleep under the stars.

    • Lilith: In his dreams he is haunted by her face, her malice, and the pain she had inflicted upon him. Her parting word still echoes in his nightmares, even all these years later. She is responsible for whatever has become for the younger sister he had sworn to protect. He knows he has to face her, but the idea of it terrifies him.
    Craft Strengths:
    • Xerxar no longer has access to anything but basic Craft since he was broken. He was formerly excellent at Shielding and Hearth Craft
    Craft Weaknesses:
    • Xerxar no longer has access to anything but basic Craft since he was broken. He was formerly quite poor at Social Craft and Stealth Craft.
    Life Story

    Mother: Loralian Landvik, Trained Healer (White to Broken Tiger Eye)
    Father: Tamanar Landvik, Blood Male (Deceased)
    Siblings: Devinar Landvik, Warlord Prince (Yellow to Rose)(Deceased)
    Faunian Landvik, Queen (Purple Dusk to Sapphire)
    Spouse: Senalian Landvik, Priestess (Rose to Purple Dusk)(Deceased)
    Inarian Landvik, Healer (Rose to Summer Sky)
    Lucky al-Izar, Warlord Prince (Purple Dusk Birthright)

    Loralin Landvik was the last of a proud Eyrien family, but she was the last daughter of a line of dark jeweled Widows and Priestesses. Bearing the lightest jewel in generations, she lacked a natural Caste and labored incredibly hard to earn her Healer Caste with little recognition from her family. But a Blood Male by the name of Tamanar, who's station was so below her own to nominally be ignored, courted her regardless of their different places in proud Askavi. Tamanar's love was fierce and validated Loralin in ways that her earned Caste never had, and she left behind her family to marry him without regret. Her family disowned her for marrying so low, but Loralin had become so bitter to her progenitors that it didn't matter. As long as she had Tamanar, she was satisfied. The fact that she was near penniless from becoming an outcast to her family was of little concern, she had the man who loved her.

    Loralin bore twin sons first, Xerxar and Devinar, both of whom was graced with the highest caste a Male could have. Their births were celebrated and seen as a great omen of the power of the love shared between Loralin and Tamanar. The two boys were fiercely competitive, even more so after they had both earned the same birthright and offering jewels. Despite their competition, they shared a brotherly bond that only twins might hold. As Askavi prepared for war beneath the banner of the Red Queen, Xerxar and Devinar joined the War Camps eagerly and honed themselves to become premier warriors beneath her captains. Things changed for their family completely when Loralin bore a precious Queen; Faunian. Their younger sister was the apple of their eye, and both swore to defend her to their death to their shocked parents. When Faunian bore the Purple Dusk as her birthright it caused a tremor in their family. Disinterested grand parents, aunts, and uncles buzzed back into their life as they'd come to learn that Loralin, their disappointment, had given birth to twin Warlord Princes and a daughter that held the potential to be a Dark Jeweled Queen.

    Drawn to Queen Ranosi, Faunian began to be tutored by the Red Queen herself. Naturally Xerxar and Devinar joined her court as well, becoming Faunian's escorts at all times and being taught the "proper" way to be Eyrien warriors from the premier warriors in the territory. Queen Ranosi saw to it that the Landviks were well cared for, their previous near-poverty level risen up as the favor of the Red Queen brought them up from rather unfortunate housing to the capital itself. Their esteem and fame grew due to their prominence and service, and Xerxar was overwhelmed to find the respect and accord that was granted to him and his twin, given how often they had been overlooked due to their wealth in the past. While serving in the Red Queen's court, he met his future wife, and also his future lover, Senalian and Darmian respectively. The former he would marry weeks before Faunain's offering ceremony, and the latter would be a lifelong friend who has become his current lover.

    Faunain's descent to the Sapphire made her a powerful tool to the Red Queen and the apex of anything his family line had seen. For a small while Xerxar felt jealous of his sister's luck and her station, but given that he owed much of his own life to those very facts his jealousy was short-lived. When Askavi went to war, he and Devinar went to the front to prove their loyalty to the Queen that had given them everything and seen to the well being of their family. Together they traversed the known world; taking part in the campaigns against Dhemlan, Raej, Shalador, and even far-away Chaillot. Where as many around their comrades died, the two brothers worked together to keep one-another sane and healthy, and the bond of the twins remained strong even through nearly a millennium of war.

    But life was not always war and the battlefield. His wife, Senalian, bore him a daughter that became the whole of his existence. Inarian was a sweet child that was close to both her aunt and cousins, and the whole of their family seemed to become a perfection the three Landvik children had hoped for, despite the fact that their nation was at war.

    All of that changed 362 years before the Purge. Cowardly Hayllians invaded Askavi, somehow finding their way through Raej to the heart of his home, and slaughtered Xerxar and Devinar's wives, as well as Devinar's children. Xerxar was at least spared that heartache due to the fact that Inarian was serving in Faunian's court at the time. Heart-broken and filled with an unquenchable desire for revenge, the two Landvik Warlord Princes vowed to make the Hayllians pay. The Red Queen gave them their chance.

    After taking Hayll, Xerxar gladly participated in the culling of many Hayllians in retribution for the cowardly attack that claimed his wife, nephews, and nieces. When Faunian was sent by the Red Queen to enforce her rule over Hayll, he and Devinar became her favored escorts. For the next 350 years, Xerxar made only infrequent visits to Askavi to visit his extended family and Darmian Kajaran, whom remained his friend even through the years. In these visits they found solace in one another, at times sharing a bed and their hearts. Back in Hayll Zerk enjoyed his pleasure from Hayllian women, degraded their men, and watched with some small satisfaction as the Hayllians had their comeuppance.

    Then the Purge struck, and everything changed.

    As the Witch-Storm tore through Draega, and all of Terreille, Xerxar was completely unprepared. Hayllian and Eyrien alike were torn asunder and broken. Devinar, seeing the winds of the storm half a second before Xerxar, leapt upon his brother and threw a shield of both Rose and Yellow around his twin. While it was successful in saving Xerxar, Zerk could do nothing but scream fruitlessly as his brother was torn apart by Witch's wrath. When the storm was finished, Draega was in ruins, Devinar was dead, and the Hayllians were organizing quickly to kill any Eyrien they could find.

    Taking wing, Xerxar quickly flew to Faunian's residence in the Hayllian capital. He found his daughter first, thankfully, and quickly rescued her from a trio of cowardly Hayllian "Princes" who thought she'd be easy pray. After sending Inarian away, he turned his full attention to rescuing his little sister. Enraged and full of the fresh pain of watching his brother's death, he hurried up the steps to Faunian's room, screaming out her name to summon her to him. But before he could reach his sister Lilith Cinerus found him first.

    Lilith had been a powerful Red-Jeweled Hayllian Black Widow who served in Faunian's court during the occupation. Xerxar had slain her husband for his part in the butcher of his wife and Devinar's children. During his years at Faunian's side he would make his comments to reassure her that her place in Faunian's court was secondary, confident that she could not strike him back while his sister ruled. But now, alone, surrounded by the Red Widow and her supporters, he was quickly overwhelmed and beaten. Not content on simply killing him, Lilith fed him safframate, raped him, broke past his inner barriers and tore apart his mind. When she was finished, she broke his Rose, and had her men take him away. When Xerxar, half mad from pain and the damage she had done to him, asked her why she had let him live, she responded with a haughty smile: "So you can Suffer."

    The Hayllians brought him to Pruul and sold him cheap to the Geiba. He would not see the sun for another 187 years.

    The Salt Mines would have been difficult enough were the imprisonment not exacerbated by his losses and Lilith's coercion. His attempts at rest in the dark pit were mangled with haunting memories and nightmares of what she had done to him and Devinar's death. Even the knowledge that his daughter escaped Hayll was small consolation when weighed with the fact he did not know what had come of Faunian. When he tried to speak of what had happened to him to another, the words vanished from his tongue and he was filled with an incredible skull-splitting migraine. Even if he were able to articulate what had happened, he was amongst condemned souls and his new jailers.

    There were times during his 187 years in the Salt Mines he had considered suicide. His resolve had been worn thin by the back-breaking labor, the poor conditions, and the fierce fight for survival that was the pit. But the knowledge that Faunian might be in the hands of the bitch that sent him here was enough to force himself to survive and endure so that he might one day leave this place and return to Hayll to claim revenge.

    Like a stone in a fast flowing river, the Mines wore Xerxar down. His couplings with women were few and often violent (though he never gave them any lasting harm) as the aggressive and feral nature of his anger was always at the edge of his skin. But it was Lilah, a Dena Nehelian Widow, that caught his heart and gave him solace in the darkness. She was no pleasant woman, and in many ways reminded him of Lilith. Perhaps it was that very thing that drawn him to her, for his years in hell because of the Red Widow had twisted his loathing of her into a terrible obsession. Their first encounter had been more chance than purpose, but soon enough their multiple, rough encounters produced a child. When Lilah, truly a woman no man should latch unto, wanted to terminate the pregnancy, Xerxar forbade it. He had been condemned to the darkest hell for too long to let her take away whatever happiness he might have known. But his desperation for relief blinded him to the grim realities of his situation. If he hadn't been so lost, he might have spared himself the pain that was to come.

    The Geiba found Lilah and her swelling belly and took her. When Xerxar tried to stop them, he went mad with rage at the possibility of losing both the cruel Widow and the child they bore together. He killed two men who tried to restrain him, even with such a light jewel as the Yellow. When he could not be stopped by conventional means the Geiba broke him of his Yellow and threw him into the deeper levels of the Mines so that he would be forced to work in the harshest parts of the tunnel system. They figured he would die within a year, but Xerxar survived and endured, though barely.

    He might have died there had Erisian Maboya's presence not drawn the salvation of the Salt Mines. Discovered to have committed no actual crime, he was released. When he asked what had become of Lilah and the child she bore, he was told she was euthanized by the Geiba, along with the babe in her belly.

    He returned to Askavi soon after, reconnecting with Darmian and Inarian. His father had died in the Purge, and his mother had been broken down to her Birthright. But even knowing his mother and daughter still lived was something to give him hope. Though he still wonders about Faunian, his psyche is too weak, his body too maimed, to yet act upon his thoughts of trying to find her. For now he serves in Belar's court in the West Black Forest, acting as a mentee for young Eyrien Warriors and overseeing his daughter's children. Many tried to console his broken spirit, his daughter most of all, saying it was a miracle he was alive.

    But his dreams are filled with Lilith's cold, smiling face as he's crushed beneath rock and salt, and somewhere in the distance a child with his face screams for its father, and when he wakes in Askavi his heart is filled with self-loathing and a sickness that consumes his body. He's not certain that he will ever rid himself of it until he gains enough strength to act.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Writing Sample:

    Golden eyes shrouded by a red haze whispered the word in the air. It was a cacophony as loud as thunder. Chains of red webbing wrapped around his person as he struggled to break his bonds. If only he could be free, he could fly. But the bonds held fast, and the whisper thundered through the skies as he fell, and fell, and fell...

    "Get up Eyrien." He heard a gruff voice growl out, a hard boot kicking into his shoulder that he'd been sleeping upon. It was the Overseer, the one that Xerxar hated with every ounce of his being. Were he stronger, he would have risen up and torn out his tongue. Rolling over, he stretched his wings and groaned in protest at having been shaken from his pitiful sleep. His body felt sore all over and was caked with the dirt that clung to his body thanks to the cold sweat that had covered his body. Even now, a hundred and eighty seven years later, he still tasted the Red Bitch's lips upon his mouth, felt her nails on his skin, and heard her voice in his ear. His body trembled as he struggled to bring his mind back to the present. Back to the Mines. Back to the dark hole she'd condemned him to.

    "You're lucky, heh." The Geiba filth chuckled as something bright and painful flowed through the door. "No work for you today." Xerxar's eyes, flooded with tears, blinked to wash away the painful bright light. "Why? What's going on?"

    The overseer shook his head as he laid a hand upon Zerk's shoulder and hauled him up. His legs felt weak and too heavy to use. "The girl Queen says everyone in the Mines is to be pulled out and cataloged. See who's worth keeping down here, and who's not. Sounds like you get to see the sun, Eyrien."

    His head spun. Dizzy, pained from the light, he blinked as he looked at the door. "See the sun? What do you mean?" he croaked out painfully, his throat having long become nearly useless thanks to the salt.

    "That's what that is, you stupid git." The Geiba overseer sneered as he pointed to the door. "Out. You're going up."

    Then it struck Xerxar what he was looking at; what the light was that was burning his eyes and his skin. It was the sun. The tears that swept down his cheeks were not from pain then, but from joy. He wrapped his arms around the Geiba; the cruel creature that had cruelly jeered and whipped him in the past, and he wept. All his hatred for the man vanished, as his body shook from the tears of joy. He loved that man, just then, loved him for the promise he had given:

    The promise that he could finally go home.

    Petitions (if any):  Reactivation

    Why did this character became inactive?
    Because I became inactive.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
    I can't promise it won't be ever again, but I have a high interest in writing him because of all of the Mineborn play and the huge interest in Pruul.

    What are your plans for this character?
    Try to counsel Lucky and teach him how to fly. Stand up for him against Abulurd and some of the mean people who are talking crap against the Mineborn, get his ass kicked, possibly confront Lilith in the future....

    Number of previous Reactivations: None for Xerxar

    Player Name: Dash[/list]

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    Re: Xerxar Landvik
    « Reply #1 on: Mar 01, 16, 10:20:03 PM »
    Ready for Reactivation
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    Re: Xerxar Landvik
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    Re: Xerxar Landvik
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    This character has been marked as Inactive

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