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Author Topic: Verdant Ólerydor  (Read 556 times)

Description: Queen. Green to Red. Played by tenkou.

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Verdant Ólerydor
« on: Jun 20, 17, 01:25:08 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Verdant 'Aurora' Ólerydor
Nicknames: Ver, Danny
Age and Birth Year:  29, b. 163 ap
Race:  Medium Lived
Caste:  Queen
Birth Territory: Amaldur, Dea al Mon
Home Territory: Morwuud, Dea al Mon

Birthright Jewel: cut Green
Offering Jewel:  uncut Red

Faction: The Brood of the True Born


Play By: Siri Tollerød
Distinguishing Features:

Ethereal, Pale, Waifish..

Verdant is not just a member of the brood or former member of the Dea al Mon. She is part of the forest. Her movements silent in the pathways and body supple from mimicking the sway of branches, flight of deer, and skulk of predators.

The becoming left a few marks upon her. Scars to hint at her passage from the thin ones along her arms to the inch and a half wide loop around her right ankle. Scars from a past life she tries her hardest to bury away.

Her appearance at first strike is that of a young woman in the first bloom of her youth. Only the faintest tips of fangs and the curved nature of her nails turned towards sheathing claws indicate she is something else. Her storm gray eyes hold a deeper sense of age; of loss and rebirth waiting to trap those willing to peer into the abyss of her soul.



Bent but not broken. The 'Aurora' from before the waste forgotten and cast away. She has learned how to weigh and come to terms with the varying decays of self that come from being merged to the spirits. Her mind tends to dance along tangents tracing the leaves and trees; seeking the transformation of others.

Where some see the Waste as an affliction or blessing Verdant sees it as a Becoming; a new evolution of self. It is a balancing of decay and life into a mutual harmony that is necessary for nature.

Her tempers are mercurial. Quick witted and flicking from gaiety to agitation fairly quickly when provoked. Much like a feline she gives few indications to tell when those mood jumps will occur and will lash out with claw if prodded too far.

Hyper vigilant she is always aware of her surroundings. Her body language stiffening and relaxing in conjuncture to what the forest tells her sensitive ears. Fingers constantly are constantly seeking touch of materials even as she remains more perched than sitting; ready at any moment to defend if startled.

Hold overs from before her change remain; her love of the forest and the land. The need for the connection and the want of others around her. The Brood offered her a home and the Mother offered her a family; the touch and ties to the land are enough to satisfy that craving.

Verdant has the odd way of speaking; preferring to use We and Us to speak of herself and rarely acknowledges when spoke of in the singular. While she and the Lynx are fully bonded Verdant acknowledges they were once two sentient beings.

The touch of the earth and nature grounds her; in this she often leaves her feet bare. Preferring to feel the terrain she moves through over the cloaking of shoes. The idea of shoes is often scoffed at and retorted that 'paws are meant to be bare' as general acknowledgement of her feline half.

  • Beginnings: Life to her is all about beginnings. A new journey every day and a new chance at self discovery. There is a sort of wonder with which she looks at the world. Life in the Brood is hard but at the same time it is full of new beginnings with new joiners; seeing how the Waste affected each member and their new traits.
  • Moss and Fungi : Perhaps an impression in those final moments before rescue but the plants gave her insight into her view of the world as a whole. For them she has a soft spot. Moss and Lichens are a favorite of hers and often she will happily snuggle into a tree just to pet along the draping fronds of lichen.
  • Family: Always an outsider in her birth family Verdant adores her brood family. Caste, jewels, or quirks are not looked upon with contempt but acceptance; so long as 'Mother' approves.

  • Disappointing the Brood Mother: While loving the Brood Mother, like all mothers, occasionally has cause to discipline the more disappointing members of the Brood. Sensitive enough emotionally just the thought of upsetting her 'Mother' is more than ample chastisement and something Verdant tries to avoid.
  • Manipulation of the Forest: She can see how the Dea al Mon have shaped and changed the forest to their wills. Forcing the living entity of their world into chains for their own amusement and bidding. The beautiful and perfect cities leave her with a sense of discomfort and want to release the forest back to it's natural grace.
  • Swimming: She isn't a huge fan of getting wet for no other purpose than to be completely submerged. The floating sensation triggers faint hints; memories of her past she would rather keep discarded.

  • Destruction of the Forest: Too many signs point towards the falling of the Woods as the Dea al Mon continue in their hubris and ignore the spirits of the woods. Opening the borders and the continued forced 'tameness' of the forest in the cities only pushes them further from harmony.
  • Loud Noises: In tune with nature and the woods; loud noises tend to startle and mean danger coming. The sound of them sends her off balance; retreating inwards and shirking into the shadows with some barely contained instinct to hide.
  • Being Cast Out: While Verdant enjoys solitude she enjoys it more with people around her. Having been the odd child who resorted to making imaginary friends with trees. She enjoys that she can choose to be accepted or left to her devices as she and the needs of the Brood allow.

    Craft Strengths:
  • Sight Shielding : Verdant is a creature of the woods. Her nature is stealth and shadows and she has honed her ability to remain part of those shadows and dappled points of sunlight. Her camouflage truly making her part of the forest.
  • Queen's Gift : The forest and the trees are her loves. Since she was a child she has practiced the ritual give and take of power to the land. In this she has honed it to the point where the plants will partially follow her movements in her favored places.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • Travel Craft: Travelling involves focus for more than a few moments in time. When your mind already wanders with the whisper of a leaf and flickering of a shadow it is hard to hold a place in thought. For her the webs, while a lovely convenience, are off limits.
  • Emotional Healing: Hard to heal another when you are broken yourself. Verdant doesn't see anything wrong in all expressions of emotion but mainly she is so off balance herself that balancing others is not her forte.

    Life Story

    Mother: Constance Ólerydor, Healer White to Tiger's Eye (b. 120 AP)
    Father:  Élan Ólerydor, Prince, Blood Opal to Green (b. 116 A.P)
    Siblings: Patience Ólerydor, Hearth Witch, White to Tigers Eye (b. 152 AP)
    Prudence Ólerydor, Healer, Yellow to Tiger' Eye(b. 155 AP)
    Ardent Ólerydor, Warlord Prince, Rose to Summer-Sky (b. 160 AP)
    Spouse: Paladin Ealosum, warlord Opal to Sapphire  (b. 159 AP)


    Aurora's life had been a series of key points. Her birth as the youngest in a large family of mainly sisters heralded her coming as just a footnote of impatience. Her mother eagerly praying and hoping for the prestige of producing a Priestess; a higher honor than even the Queen she ended up bearing. Later Verdant would blame her mother's ambitions and drive on her lighter jewels and the desire to over compensatea percieved flaw.

    Her childhood progressed much the same. A minor aristocratic family in Amaldur, Aurora was a queen and given the attention suited for the caste; despite her mother's disappointment of having not birthed a priestess. Another excess queen from a light jeweled minor family that at maturity would cause strife by just being a queen in a land of too many of them. While her parents loved her; it was a distant sort of love and her older sisters were too wrapped up in their own concerns that she didn't really have too many playmates growing up.

    In this she became the odd child. Quiet and tending to stay to herself while playing with flowers or plants. Her Queen's gift honed until she could almost swear the vines reached for her and trees swayed to please her entertainment. Those silent sentinels of trees became her playmates and friends as she scampered through their branches and twined through their trunks in imaginary games.

    The approach of her Birthright lessened her ability to play and roam the forest as she had. Instead it became a slog of study. Her parents determined that as an excess queen she would at least wear middling jewels; as if their hammering craft lessons down her throat would change what the darkness had decreed.

    Her green, cut and beautiful in its faceted pear shape, perhaps proved her parents right in their own way. The outlier in her family for reaching an abyss standing even with her father's descent. The lessons pushed and demanded. Pulling knowledge and lore into a cohesive group until she was certain even Gale, their Queen, had not learned more about being a queen than she was being force fed. Each moment she could escape Aurora did; fled to those forests for comfort and quiet; to her silent friends who asked so little of her.

    As she approached puberty a talks of further training and apprenticeship threatened to cut her off from time spent in her beloved forest. While the girl wanted to rebel she wanted her mother's love more. More studies were thrust upon her; heaped as she moved through her early teens and towards her eighteenth birthday.  All kept her from her free and untamed forest. Away from the nestled ferns and scratchy bark arms of those stalwart and patient friends.

    She spent what time she could in her forest. Stealing away to lay draped on the branches of her imagined sentinels. To them she told her nervousness surrounding her virgin night. Her frustration surrounding training and politics of courts.

    Soon she even introduced a warlord she had been seeing. Bringing him to her quiet place and sharing the serenity of the forest. There she shared her first love and slow courtship and love making in the quiet serenity of her little glen.

    Her offering was made; that final descent into self where fortitude was tested. Walking away with a red uncut jewel was a major note of pride. For a moment she felt as if she had her mother's full approval. No longer just a queen from a light jeweled family she held a level in the abyss that few stood near.

    Even while her future as a queen was undetermined her future as a bride was settled. Paladin was everything his name implied. Steady, calm, protective, and good. She should have been excited about planning her wedding. Would have but for the fog of apathy that surrounded her.

    Perhaps it was nerves; the first excuses that came to mind when asked her ideas of decor and venue. More and more the wedding fell to her mother and future groom to plan. Her appetite faded as she lost interest even in going to her glade.

    Concern she pushed away blaming nerves and pressures of training for a position she may never hold. Blamed her moontime. Her mother refused to see her only dark jeweled child as sickening; refused to let it even be hinted that this child would be less than her crowning glory.  The Waste never mentioned; pushed away as a distant threat that couldn't touch on her life.

    The day of her wedding she felt the agitation. Her dress altered one last time to account for weight lost as she found it harder to choke down food; unable now to even keep from vomiting it up.

    Her wedding day, in her glade with her trees and ferns. She should have been excited, happy, even tearful. All she felt was numb and anxious. Her skin itchy and tongue occasionally pressing to canines already elongating slightly.

    A bride and nearly a widow in a span of hours. Her wedding night turned to horrors as that building and bubbling aggression finally spilled forth; sending her to attack Paladin. Teeth biting into his shoulder and nails raking bloody furrows into his flesh. The Waste could not be denied. Paladin lived and in her weakness she was subdued to the cost of his breaking heart.

    Just barely twenty three and her life was destined to end in the rush of blood from her body and her lover's. The wounds while not mortal were severe enough that immediate first aid was needed. All the while she was bound. Her eyes feral and lips pulled back from tiny fangs and nails curved into delicate blunted claws.

    Distantly she tried to care; to summon feeling that she had injured an amazing male but all she could find was anger. Anger that she wasn't good enough and that her family still placed another over her. Infected, diseased, mercify kill; she heard the words. Harsh and cold spilling from her mother's lips in a torrent.

    In the end her father, brother, and husband could not bring themselves to kill the Red Jeweled Queen. Instead she was rendered unconcious with a quick blow to the head and carried to the forest she so loved. Better that she die here; go back to the forest she found comfort in. Staked out like a goat she lay there for days. Waiting for death to take her by thirst or hunger.

    Her body ate through reserves; stripping away any spare fat she may have once held. Near death or loss of self; it was Wraith who came as that avenging spirit. Her trees framing his face in shadows of wavering lengths. Wraith who promised her a chance to belong and be safe.

    The warlord was the one who cut the rawhide from her ankle and carried her battered body to the Brood Mother for her healing and change. Wraith who spoke of choices and never being cast away. Genesis who cared for the battered queen as tenderly as any mother. Genesis who offered her the gift of truth and hope. Neither who looked in disgust at the clawed tips of her fingers, the hints of fangs when she spoke.

    Genesis would choose the spirit and weigh the options available. A queen, tied to the land, should invite something gentle and nuturing but the Priestess saw deeper than stereotypes. No the gentleness was not Verdant's; instead burned a wrath and sense of fierce independence echoed with so much loneliness.

    This called to her the spirit of a lynx. Trapped and left behind without the proper rituals to send it on until Genesis offered the damaged spirit a home within the queen. Together they bonded; coming from a she-cat and she-human to a We. No longer Aurora she was Verdant. There was no fresh new dawning but instead only the greening of the forest. A balance of life and death the Dea-al-Mon swung out of favor of nature's intends and bounds.

    With the brood she found acceptance and love with the Brood Mother and her siblings; and if not love then the paltry cousin of affection. Here she found the freedom of shackles that bound her to studies and strictures of society no longer needed. Gone were the trappings of manners and sophistication.

    The forest was hers again; alive and close. Her gifts were hers to use and give to the Brood Mother in willing service. One of many but no lesser or greater than any other of the children.

    So little and yet so much to buy that dark power- that facimile of 'Love' and 'Pride'.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    Loved, cherished, special- she had been these things once. Almost she could remember; could feel the warmth of touch to her pallid cheek; the warmth and scent of another body curled against hers. Gone; the memories mostly out of reach- strewn away in the haze of becoming. Drifting the sea of greens, blues, and grays. Her thoughts barely anchored to the shell of her body. Limp; injured and weak. The forest became her breath; sighing with the fall and rise of her chest. The sway of limbs became the motions she could not manage.

    Home, life, and place of death. Once she had run these trails with sure feet. Strong and steady she had breathed deeply of pine and flowering shrubs.  Now, she lay aching and tender. Her mind drifting from the reality of her future. She struggled with the need, the want, to use her craft and yet kept from mentally flailing as once more her thought distracted away by the flutter of bird wing. Hunger forgotten rumbled at the scent of decay. Subtle and yet pervasive through the lower stories of the forest.

    Dry and cracked her tongue teased across her lips. Dried blood, tantalizing enough to bring forth saliva, traced along tiny fangs. Nails curled against the earth in sharpened claws. The Waste; she remembered now. For a moment she could focus on what was. Grief struck her then. Loss of what she was and had been to this new becoming. Realization of whose blood she wore upon her ruined gown and along her lips. Lover; and yet he had been the first to try and bind her.

    She tried; her foot pulled against the tether binding her to the forest. The rawhide cord tight; painful. Temptation to gnaw upon the limb for her freedom there even as the thoughts again shifted. Her fevered mind caught in the illusion that was the verdant greens of the forest. Alive and yet infused with decay and death. A constant harmonious dance of becoming. Lichen and moss leached away nutrients from their hosts as effectively as the gaily colored mushrooms and fungi.

    Winter leaves and shed pine needles became her resting place; her strew hair a pillow and her soiled and bloodied gown her funeral shroud. All the while the forest watched on. Waiting for another transformation. Verdant; green and fresh. Growing and alive. Anger surged through her. Aurora wanted to live. Wanted to see the dawning she was named for and the new beginnings she had just started forging. She was Verdant! She was alive and fresh and green with becoming...

    Player Name: Tenkou

    Why did this character became inactive?
    Brood activity tapered off so want to play her poofed.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
    Nik is back and Brood stuff seems to be picking up.

    What are your plans for this character?
    Help with Brood take over in select areas. Drive Gale & Co. batty

    Number of previous Reactivations:

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :

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Re: Verdant Ólerydor
« Reply #1 on: Jun 20, 17, 01:32:07 PM »
Ready for review

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Re: Verdant Ólerydor
« Reply #2 on: Jun 20, 17, 03:07:17 PM »
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Re: Verdant Ólerydor
« Reply #3 on: Jun 21, 17, 02:05:59 PM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Verdant Ólerydor
« Reply #4 on: Jul 02, 18, 10:15:04 AM »
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