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Author Topic: Treasa McCrae  (Read 2542 times)

Description: Black Widow, Yellow - Rose. Played by Astarte.

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Treasa McCrae
« on: May 30, 15, 04:43:42 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Treasa McCrae

    This is the name her father used when addressing her, as such it hasn't been used in over a decade. She misses that sense of closeness and the sound of his voice on long winter evenigns when he would sit and spin stories to entertain her girlish dreams.

Sweet Poison
    It's hardly the warmest adage that can be applied, though its not inaccurate either. Treasa was regarded very much in this vein while among the Sheanes and its a name that has carried forward into her new home. Treasa doesn't like it very much as it recalls a period in her life that she is not especially proud of having experienced.

Aoibheann (AY-veen - AY - rhymes with the letter 'A', veen - rhymes with seen)
    It's a long name for a short reason. Treasa has often used this name as an alternative to her own in order to avoid the associations of her proper name. It's literally one she picked out from a story told by her father about an ancient heroine who girl-Treasa admired greatly and who adult-Treasa still occasionally aspires to be.

Age & Birthyear: 22 (168 AP)
Race: Short-Lived
Caste: Black Widow
Birth Territory: Denford, Scelt
Home Territory: Tuathal, Scelt

Birthright Jewel: Yellow (cut)
Offering Jewel: Rose (uncut)

Role: Black Widow, Court Member
Faction: Kerry Clan


Play By: Sophie Turner

Distinguishing Features: N/A



So much about Treasa that can be described as naive; it's not strictly speaking the case but is more a reflection on the sheltered upbringing and restricted experiences that has been the bulk of her life thus far. Due to the nature of the Court in which she was raised or perhaps it would be better to say controlled by since she has been old enough to remember on any conscious level.

Treasa has developed a vivid imagination  which has been married with her own strong sense of compassion, she has used this creativity to resolve some of the challenges with which she has been presented. This has not always been as successful as she would have liked and in fact as left her with extensive feelings of guilt over some of the acts which she was forced to participate in, whatever her own preferences might have been to the contrary. It doesn't prevent Treasa from still being able to provide as well as even enjoy finding the perfect solution for someone that she cares about, which remains a personal strength as well as ensuring she can be an excellent counselor or ad visor to the right person.

She has always been an insightful woman, with time she has learned to see through not only gross dishonesty but also more disingenuous motives that are displayed by others, it can make her appear to lack trust in people.

She can and is an inspiring woman, at least when it comes to public speaking. Treasa is an astonishingly good orator,  able to speak with warmth and passion, as long as she is actually proud about what she is discussing. Treasa has a decisive quality to her nature, it makes she is able to follow through on her ideas with  real and lasting conviction, willpower, along with the planning necessary to see it all through to the end. Ultimately its a case of Treasa not just seeing how things ought to be but being willing to act on that insight.

Over time Treasa has certainly learned that when something is important it is better to pursue that goal or ideal with real conviction no matter the difficulties. This attitude can and does catch people off guard. She has paid for some of this in the past and its one of the reasons she has now aligned herself with the Kerry Clan. Treasa is now prepared to make sure that if she sees, hears or is privy to something which she disagrees with that she can and will stand up and say or do something in order to change it.

However, she is still rather vulnerable and sensitive should someone actively challenge or criticize her principles, the reaction varies from situation to situation but it usually makes her question the stance she has adopted. Treasa is working through this side of her nature but its definitely a real challenge in the face of her determination not to be used and manipulated ever again by those in positions of power and influence in her life.

Due to her upbringing Treasa has developed into an extremely private woman, she doesn't mind people knowing little details about her thoughts but anything which comes close to touching on her personal life will result in her deflecting them away as much as possible. Treasa finds it very hard to open up, even to close friends. In fact, learning to trust a new friend (or potential one) is awkward and even painful for her to have to experience.

She remains something of a perfectionist in all her pursuits, from the hobby to her craft and most especially those unique aspects of her talents as a Black Widow. It can and is a wonderful quality in many ways, it does present problems when a situation or circumstance cannot actually end up being perfect due to the natural chaos present in all things. Treasa can and does accept that many of her qualities are those which can result in the possibility of her burning herself out.

While her passion, is excellent there is the fact she is poor at her own self-care with a strong tendency to overlook subtle clues that would indicate to others they need to take some time for themselves. Treasa will instead carry on regardless being she is (increasingly) likely to exhaust herself in fairly short order if she continues on without proper regard for her own health and well-being.


Tangled Webs
    It's the one thing where she has always felt the most certain of who she is and what she can do. There are no demands or expectations on her, no guilt and most importantly no one to point out her mistakes. Treasa is a skilled weaver of these and has used them to affect the minds of others, in spite of this being the case she still finds using them to be one of the things she most enjoys.

Honesty & Openness
    In spite, or in fact perhaps because of the circumstances that surrounded her early life and upbringing Treasa is someone who is passionate about people displaying honest attitudes to her person. She can read others very well; which doesn't always make her happy when its revealed that they have in fact been deceptive in her presence. Treasa understands its something of a conflict to her own nature, as while she is honest that doesn't make her very open at all. In spite of what she prefers in other people.

Sweet Foods
    Treasa developed a fondness for such delights under the care of her mother; she was an excellent baker and it left her with many happy memories associated with those sort of treats. It can literally bring a smile to her face to be presented with them and it's very much the food she picks over any other indulgence when she has the chance to do so.


Romantic Entanglement(s)
    There have been a few very brief encounters but aside from her Virgin Night she has not been intimate with a male. Treasa has never been willing to allow someone that level of closeness, it doesn't mean she is lacking in desire or interest but as far as she is concerned the idea of becoming involved with someone else is a risk that she cannot afford to take as it might end up hurting her in the long run or forcing secrets into the light.

Sea Travel
    As a young child she went out on boats, but it was soon discovered that Treasa experienced quite violent sea-sickness. As a result of which that method of travel is one that she dreads as well as avoids as much as possible.

Violence & Violent People
    Growing up among various members of the Blood meant that Treasa witnessed much that could be described as both violent and aggressive. She possesses a strong sense of unease when she has to be around those situations and individuals as Treasa finds all of it far too much to handle and she certainly doesn't like the inherent potential for danger towards her own person that exists at such times.


Revelation of her Secret
    It might be foolish and pointless desire but Treasa wants nothing more than to forget what she was forced to do to the minds of various Blood males. There is a part of her which is proud of the skill she displayed in making it happen but the guilt over what happened and the damage done to the innocent constantly eats away at her. All of which makes it very hard to remember her time with the Sheane Clan as well as leaving her with a deep sense of concern about the future, especially in relation to any dealings with the Killian Clan and the Scelt Queen in particular. She is very frightened of what could end up being the result should her involvement become public knowledge.

Imprisonment & Darkness
    This was one of the methods in which the Sheane Clan controlled and disciplined her in the past and it haunts her sleeping hours as she struggles to move on past that period in her life. At the moment Treasa has to sleep with at least one lighted candle in order to feel comfortable and safe enough to relax into real restful sleep. The nightmare of being imprisoned or held against her will is one that plays out fairly often given that she has a valid cause to be held as just punishment for her actions.

Remaining an Outsider
    Treasa has never really felt at home. Even with the Sheane Clan she was never made exactly welcome, accorded some respect and polite treatment only as long as she behaved as they wanted and certainly as long as Treasa was of some use to them and their own goals. She has concerns that it will now be the case with the Kerry Clan as well; there is some hope to the contrary but her experiences to date aren't encouraging that this will end up being the case.

Craft Strengths:

    She has always had a way with weaving, this extended into using her ability to look ahead. There is rarely a day when Treasa does not use this craft, she is aware that her vision is not always to be relied on but it remains one that she is still keen to utilize to the extend of her skill in this arena. At times it's hazy and unclear but Treasa does manage periods of clarity that she uses when offering advice for others. Along with making some of her own decisions about the right direction for her future.

Manipulation (Memory Specialty)
    Treasa might have been denied the proper education of a Black Widow due to the circumstances of her birth but that hasn't prevented her from managing to acquire an adept measure of talent in some aspects of her craft. This particular one led to the Sheane Clan making using of her to render webs about the mind of one of their own and ensured that as much joy as Treasa takes in using her craft there is also a lasting and bitter guilt associated with it as well. She has the knowledge and experience necessary to place ideas, beliefs and even recollections for the person involved. All of which are carefully designed to suit whatever outcome has been planned.

Craft Weaknesses:

Seduction (Charisma)
    She has never been interested in developing this side of things, Treasa doesn't view herself as being particularly desirable and while she can be charismatic in terms of speaking to others its just her natural manner without any additional support from her own craft in the matter. Treasa knows that others think much of seduction and they tend to be the individuals she will avoid spending prolonged periods of time in association with.

Illusions (Medium-Large Scale)
    Treasa has a fairly direct and honest nature, which has affected her in this instance. She can generally affect a small-scale illusion and for a limited period of time but anything past those very specific limits makes it all break down into one chaotic mess.

Life Story


Mother: Siobhan McRae ❧ Hearth Witch ❧ White to Tiger Eye (deceased)
Father: Darragh McRae ❧ Warlord ❧ Purple Dusk to Opal (deceased)

Siblings: N/A


As unusual as it might be for this to be the case Treasa's mother had left it very late in life to have her children, previously having taken the view that her profession was the more important part of her life rather than becoming a mother. In fact, it had been something of a concern that it might actually no longer be physically possible for her to have any child at all.

Unlike many Treasa's parents elected to marry each other, perhaps out of acknowledgment of their daughter's arrival or just because they really did love each other deeply. It is the latter case that has been the view that Treasa has taken.

The memories she has of her parents are warm and tinged only softly with sadness. She misses them a great deal but at the same time Treasa hopes that in some way she continues to make them proud. Although not in respect of some aspects of her life and the choices which had been made for and by her during her time with the Sheane Clan. Treasa seriously doubts that either of her parents would have found in which to approve, save perhaps in her own determination to learn in spite of the limitations when it came to her Caste-specific skills and very much in spite of those who had otherwise rendered themselves as her guardians.

Such an arrangement had become necessary not long after her twelfth birthday, while Treasa had lost her mother a year after her offering it was not long after she hit puberty and started to display the traits which indicated she was a Black Widow that Treasa also ended up losing her father. She is no longer completely sure if it was as much of an accident as was stated at the time or whether this was some political maneuvering to effect her into a position where she was forced into accepting a place in the Court at Denford for her protection as a ward. 

It should have worked out fine. However, Treasa soon discovered her 'protection' and safety was very much linked to her good behavior and willingness to undertake the commands of Eirne whatever they might be. Any attempt to disobey resulted in her being punished, in various ways, which included being restrained, denied food or water, locked in her room and even beaten - at least in the beginning - until her phobia about the dark developed. Eventually, it was learned that the most effective one was taking Treasa to be locked away in a small dark space to be plagued by her own personal demons.

All of which was perfectly sufficient to make sure that she was far more willing to do what she was told without questioning or directly challenging the orders given by Eirne.

They did provide her with some limited tools to assist in her learning certain aspects of what it meant to be a Black Widow but it was clear enough that they had little intention in supporting her towards completely unlocking all the available potential of her Caste skills.

Of course, Treasa was aware that she never be on a direct par with those who possessed darker jewels but that didn't mean that she could ever appreciate the methods used to constrict her options for learning and developing any real reservoirs of strength. In fact, they eventually began the subject of her own lasting nightmares even until the present day.

The only good that came of her being held imprisoned was that it gave her plenty of time to work on the more subtle aspects of her talent in silent defiance of the wishes of her captors to the contrary. Treasa after all had very little available to her for such limited acts of rebellion towards the controls placed over her own person regarding the application of her Black Widow gifts. The most enduring and potentially destructive legacy of this time was the effect on various Blood males at the order of Eirne; while Treasa personally found the whole act disgusting it can't completely remove the pride at the achievement against their minds.

However, long before the massacre arrived, Treasa was already afflicted with a deep and abiding sense of guilt. It certainly explains at least one reason why she has little hatred towards those who perpetuated those bloody events; along with why Treasa is now determined to stay among the Kerry Clan in hopes of a better life and future.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

The firelight brought strange shadows to light, creating an aura of the mysterious that added further weight to the words being spoken. Admittedly, Treasa knew she would have been utterly captivated in any case given the author of this current story - the affection and love that Treasa felt for her father had only been enhanced since the recent loss of her mother some months past. It had created a void, one that would be of a lasting impact on her young shoulders.

"...and then the Prince mocked Aoibheann, deriding her and the efforts to secure a safe haven for all those under her care. So, she went away once more" the words were whispered lightly and with a focused intensity as Darragh continued the story, one of the favorites for his daughter and at the moment an indulgent reward for all her efforts at her craft skills during the day "It seemed that both Aoibheann and her Court were doomed to wander, for she had not the Jewels to challenge this cruel Prince. However, instead of giving into despair she instead elected to pray..." he carried on, under the watchful eyes of the young girl who was so currently enchanted enough to be willing to resist the tugging pull of sleep on her person.

Halting for a longer pause than Treasa would have expected she broke the silence, her voice ringing out in protest "Father! Do not stop now, what about the cloak?" her childish excitement endearingly charming, even as it betrayed the fact she had heard this particular story on numerous occasions.

"Alright, my Tizzy-Belle! Alright!" he smiled widely before clearing his throat carefully and proceeding with the rest of the story "So, she prayed. Ordering her Court to follow her pursuit and on the third day she went once more to the arrogant and cruel Prince with a select group of her those in service to her person, this time asking only for the land that could be covered by her own cloak. At this the Prince laughed, once more inclined to mock but he agreed, deeming it so small a matter as too be unimportant to further resist..." Treasa's eyes widened as they headed towards the exciting conclusion of this particular part of the story, her breath held with the wonder of it all.

Darragh once more cleared his throat "ahh! It seemed that the Prince would have his way, right until the last moment. As Aoibheann ordered those in her service to each take a corner of her cloth and walk in the four directions of the compass and as they did so, the cloak grew more and more, stretching out to cover many acres of land. More than enough to build her home upon and provide support and arable land for all those who followed in her service. So, Aoibheann proved herself capable. And the Prince? Well he joined her cause and in time learned the wisdom of his lesson in humility" he finished and smiled at his daughter, reaching out to brush the hair from her features.

"Again! Please father?!" she pleaded, her eyes still bright. However, Darragh shook his head "No, not tonight my Tizzy-Belle. You need rest as do I" he remarked, standing to tuck her more completely into her bed and then pressing a soft kiss to her forehead "Dream well" he whispered before departing from her room.

Treasa sighed at his leave-taking but she did not resist that being the case, she understood the wisdom of his words and snuggled into the covers before closing her eyes.

Petitions (if any):  N/A

Player Name: Astarte

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Re: Treasa McCrae
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 15, 04:45:05 PM »
Ready for rolls, please!

Could I also please have two family rolls as well., thanks in advance!
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Re: Treasa McCrae
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 15, 04:48:03 PM »
Per your request for a general RAndom...

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Yellow birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Rose Jewel at your offering.



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Re: Treasa McCrae
« Reply #3 on: May 30, 15, 05:27:06 PM »
Two Family Rolls:

1. White - Tiger Eye
2. Purple Dusk - Opal
character tracker

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Re: Treasa McCrae
« Reply #4 on: May 31, 15, 11:20:32 AM »
Ready for Review
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Re: Treasa McCrae
« Reply #5 on: Jun 02, 15, 03:37:15 PM »
resident sillybeast-dragon hybrid
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Re: Treasa McCrae
« Reply #6 on: Aug 01, 16, 03:32:08 PM »
This character has been marked as Inactive

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