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Author Topic: Thorvuld Reid  (Read 1758 times)

Description: Warlord Prince. Opal to Sapphire. Played by Dani

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Thorvuld Reid
« on: Feb 28, 15, 09:01:38 AM »
The Basics
Character Name: Thorvuld Reid
Nicknames: Thor, pseudonym Stefan Tyris
Age: 32 (Born 161 After Purge)
Race: Short Lived Glacian / Sceltian mix (Looks mostly Glacian)
Caste: Warlord Prince
Birth Territory: Glacia
Home Territory: Glacia / Nharkava (He works in Nharkava but spends much of his time in Glacia as well.)

Birthright Jewel: Opal
Offering Jewel: Sapphire
(Both were rolled on his sister Elionura's sheet. Dark Jewel Slot purchased.)

Role: Climber
Faction: Smugglers


Play By: Chris Pratt
Distinguishing Features: Numerous scars from a childhood of reckless trouble and a few from his excursions in Nharkava. He has a slight variation on the Glacian accent due to being raised by his Sceltic mother. He can force a more Sceltic accent when he tries but can not master either full Glacian or full Sceltic accent.


Thorvuld feels that his heart is wide and deep enough to hold everyone in it, even if he realizes after time all may not deserve it. He grew up in the deeply religious Glacia though has never ascribed to their Dark doctrine, regardless of his own blessed state. His mother and younger sister, the ones he loved most in life, both held Light Jewels. Elionura, his younger sister, held the lightest Jewel of the whole family. Still, it was his mother and sister who had the largest hearts, the kindest smiles and the sweetest of laughs. For those reasons the ideal that his mother and sister held something innately wrong in their soul stuck in this throat, unable to choke down the religion the Priestesses taught him.

What he learned at heart from his sister and mother was kindness. He will escort a pair of elderly women all day if they are without proper male escort. Thorvuld will stand up to a shopkeeper trying to price gouge another if only because of the Jewel they hold. He talks to Landen like they are real and human instead of some lesser creature with only limited intelligence. He is truly kind to people because he likes being appreciated for that kindness and the warmth it brings to him.

That he is kind and friendly does not stop the Warlord Prince within him though. It is a force that drives him to protect, to protect his family, those who can’t protect themselves, to save the world. While not able to win every battle, his welcoming smile can be swiftly replaced with a dangerous growl if he even thinks someone is being hurt or abused. He has been forcibly expelled from the District Court he trained at by fighting with his Jewels against the Master of the Guard after a public whipping of a White Jeweled young woman, who had at the time been the same Jewel as his sister. It has given Thorvuld a reputation as being wild and dangerous among the Dark Jeweled in Glacia, for they are usually the ones who evoke his dangerous anger most quickly. Conversely, Light Jeweled, Jeweless and even Landen count among his closest friends, for they seem more tangible to him, more relatable.

A facet of his personally most exacerbated by his Warlord Prince caste is truly his reckless nature. In his attempt to just do good, Thorvuld finds himself in dangerous and dumb circumstances. He cannot defeat a Territory who believes unjustly, but he still reacts to suffering without forethought or worry about the consequences. Many near escapes as well as others forgiving his outbursts due to Caste and Jewel has given him a basic understanding of his carelessness and barely average intelligence. He has been known to listen to a plan so long as his anger is not riled and he jumps to action before thought. Thorvuld in the heat of anger is nearly guaranteed to make a dumb decision, if not more.

Overall, he is a Warlord Prince who wants to save everyone, but knows first he has to save his family. After he vanished with a hair brained scheme to get his family out of Glacia, he realized he had more planning to do. In perhaps the smartest and simultaneously stupidest moment of his life, he teamed up with smugglers and has been assisting them while saving marks and making contacts that should ensure his family’s safety outside of Glacia.

  • The women of his family. While his older sister was more distant to him, Thorvuld truly loves and enjoys time with the women of his family. He thinks if every family had a man like him in it their women would be safe always, protected and happy.
  • The cold. Nharkava is swelteringly hot in comparison to Glacia. Even Nharkava winters are hot compared to Glacian summers. It is a nice change of pace when he returns from smuggling to Glacia, where he is comfortable again.
  • The activity of his job. Thorvuld likes to move, to be active, it is the curious and reckless side of him. While being a smuggler is not the plan he would have decided when he was younger, he gets to help those less fortunate while remaining busy. I loves to help those in need and being a climber among the smugglers gives him the opportunity.
  • Religion. He is fine and happy enough with Mother Night, in his own private way. It is the organized religion and the extension of them, the Priestesses, the he truly dislikes. The Landen religion is tolerable to him but even that rubs him wrong from time to time.
  • Being mocked for his accent. He has always talked slightly different in Glacia, due to his mother being from Scelt. The few boys who felt brave enough to mock him were quickly rewarded with the anger of his Warlord Prince side. It is only because he is embarrassed and couldn’t truly get rid of it even when he tried.
  • When his elder sister talks down to his younger sister. Petra is a Priestess, a problem Thorvuld rarely has to deal with, but she obviously dislikes Elionura but likes him immensely. It bothers him because they are Blood by family, not just Jewels, and Blood is thicker than water. He fought with Petra before he left to look out for Elionura, but he knows from rumor she had done none of the sort. When he returns he will have harsh words for Petra and her lack of affection for Elionura, and she should listen to him since he and Petra always got along so well.
  • His sisters being harmed. He loves Elionura and Petra to pieces and would be destroyed if either were harmed. In his life he feels that everything is second to making sure they are safe.
  • Being captured or an error resulting in the capture of men and women under his protection. Life as a smuggler is full of fear but after a few years doing the work, he feels he is proficient. Proficiency doesn’t stop fate from bringing down the guards who stalk the border and Thorvuld has lost a few friends to the capture of Guard and Glacian Courts.
  • The Queen of Glacia. She is powerful, darker than him, and probably the only thing standing between himself and freeing his sisters from Glacia. He is scared of her and hopes that he figures out a way to safely get Elionura and Petra away without gaining her attention.
Craft Strengths:
  • Combat Craft. While he was young the District he served hope one day he would apply for Master of Guard of a Court. His political and religious leanings destroyed that but the training still stuck.
  • Stealth Craft. His basic schooling laid the groundwork but his work with the smugglers refined it. Thorvuld can hide tracks, groups of people, even scents. He is a master at the unseen Craft arts.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Emotion / Influence Craft. His first lessons were disastrous and it is not something he can manage in the least. It would be best to say he is easily influenced by emotional Craft and unable to do it himself in the least.
  • Sound Craft. Aural shields, boosting his voice, anything with sound he is just at a lost. It never seemed important when he could shout across the house to his sister or mother if he needed another snack before bed; they always cursed his nature as an ever growing boy.
Life Story

Mother: Guinhyfare Reid, Rose to Summer-Sky hearth witch
Father: Sovren Koskinnen, Summer-Sky to Opal Warlord
Siblings: (Elder Sister)Petra Koskinnen, Summer-Sky to Opal Priestess - Five Years Elder
(Younger Sister) Elionura Reid, White to Tiger Eye Healer - Two Years Younger


Thorvuld’s earliest memories are of getting into trouble for hurting himself yet again playing outdoors. He was a reckless child and deeply curious about everything around him. Bee hive? Thorvuld thinks he should hit it with a stick. A ladder to the roof? Obviously Thorvuld must jump off of it. The amount the family paid to the local Healer over the years was doubtlessly in the numerous gold marks range.

Thorvuld’s second earliest memories are of his sisters and mother. His father was gone often so it was strict and serious Petra, adorable and laughing little Elio, and his mother, the heart of the whole family. He loved each of the women of his family deeply and the obvious nature of his caste had him protecting them, even before Jewels.

The Opal changed his life. Though he would never ask for different, Thorvuld has not always enjoyed the burden the Opal put on him. Suddenly his was inordinately more important. His father pressured him, the District Court took him to teach him most days of the week, and worse, he was separated from his mother and Elionura. Petra went with him to Court but little Elio was too young to come.

After Elio came away with her White it was a deep blow to Thorvuld who had been all but sure she would match Petra or more. White was the wrong Jewel for her. He told his father who and the man slapped him for the words. He was not to judge Mother Night. Who could judge God? Surely not Thorvuld.

Yet he did, for years he cursed Mother Night for giving Elionura the wrong Jewel. It took years of training and multiple fights with his father, the Court where he trained, Priestesess like Petra, all of them before he realized it wasn’t Mother Night that was wrong. It was Glacia.

The realization was a start for the sixteen year old who felt his sister Elionura was his best friend in the world. Nothing was wrong with her, from her fiery hair to her warm smile, White Jewel and all, she was perfect. He had hugged her so fiercely on his realization that she had asked him if he had thought her dead. It was silly but he was suddenly alive with knowledge she was perfect, just as Mother Night had made her.

It took a few months for the knowledge of just what he was fighting against, a whole religion, and that it would be a hard fight. He tried to talk to the Priestesses who only scoffed at him, his Opal Jeweled sister included. Those at Court couldn’t be bothered to listen to a troublemaker like him, regardless of his power or Caste. No one listened, not even his father.

Thorvuld tried one last time to convince the Opal Jeweled man he called father, who he loved, but hated for believing in Glacia’s religion. It had been after their mother got sick, after she had spoken out only to be destroyed. That would have been Thorvuld if he hadn’t walked away from his Offering with the Sapphire.

For Thorvuld, he knew he was too important to have his mind raped like his mother, but his father still wouldn’t see the destruction that damnable religion caused. He had thrown his father across the room for the first time using his Sapphire, his bellows silenced by the aural shield his father had used to keep the women from knowing. Thorvuld had almost killed his father before he left for business, anger at the man and himself for almost hurting this father rife in him. The avalanche that found his father while he traveled had killed him destroyed any chance for forgiveness in Thorvuld. He still regrets his last angry words with his father, but not more than the damage inflicted on his mother by indulgent and privileged Dark Jewels.

In grief he had decided that the only smart thing to do was get his mother and sisters out of Glacia, home to Scelt where they would be safe. He told no one and waited only so long as Elionura’s Offering to leave. He lied to his best friend when he left, his sister, but to keep her safe. She was too vulnerable and he couldn’t risk knowledge putting her in more danger. He wrote letters once he left, vague to make sure she knew he was ok. It stopped after he finally found the smugglers and joined their cause (for they told him it was far too risky to write home).

Now he goes by Stefan Tyris, he plays up his Sceltic accent when he is in Nharkava and plays an equally dangerous game of smuggling Glacians to Little Terreille. Thorvuld also works as a secret contact for the Queen of Nharkava.

It was a reckless plan to request asylum from the Nharkavian Queen who is tied to Glacia. Thorvuld had been too angry to stop himself though, a small child who had not survived the mountain crossing. He had come to the Summer Sky Queen full of rage and demands. It turned out she was a prisoner as well, a prisoner of politics and Glacia’s Dark Religion. After a short talk it was decided he would help her if he could, but she could do nothing for him. Elionura would have to wait longer in Glacia as he worked up the money, contacts and guts to brave bringing them out of Glacia.

Four years he had been gone but finally the rumors of what happens in Glacia’s Court have reached him. He isn’t always in Glacia so when he heard the Reid name, Petra was his first guess. To hear that Elionura had accepted a job as Court Healer to the Territory Queen only caused ice to form in his veins. No, he was not angry, he hadn’t time for that. He was terrified he wouldn’t be in time to save the only woman he had truly felt the world had created for him alone. His sister was in danger and his own inability to keep in contact with her, to tell her his plan, put her in the greatest risk he could ever imagine.

The smugglers he worked with had contacts though and when he informed them of his sister’s danger they promised they would have someone watch her, that the time wasn’t yet right for him to take her from Glacia. It has been seven years among the smugglers and that Elionura still lives her life in constant danger is a boulder that weighs down his every step. For Thorvuld each man and woman he saves from Glacia is one more pebble closer on the road to rescuing his sister.

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
It was damnably cold but Thorvuld was at least happy it wasn’t the Nharkavian heat. Of course some of the others unused to such cold were miserable. In particular were two young girls, Birthright Yellow the both, who reminded him so much of Petra and Elionura. Their parents had stayed behind but wanted to give them a chance at a better life in Little Terreille. It was why he was there in the mountain passes, with another smuggler, and a small group of men and women.

They had stopped for a snack and the two girls, the ones he called Elio and Petra in his head, wanted to relieve themselves. He had told them he would turn his back but they demanded privacy. He even heard them giggle lightly as they walked around a large rock outcropping and hid themselves from view. Thorvuld crossed his arms and smiled, absently hoping the cold chased them quickly back towards their makeshift camp.

He felt Craft being used before the screaming started. It was from the direction where the girls had gone for privacy. The problem was the screaming wasn’t in fear, it was in pain. Thorvuld lept over the icy rocks, Sapphire glowing as he balanced himself automatically and flew across the snow. The screaming continued and finally the first clue to the source came to his ears. The roar of the bear was deafening but not uncommon in the passes.

The girls had attracted a bear.

Concern and fear funneled easily into his anger as he rounded the rocks behind which the girls had concealed their modesty. The one who reminded him so much of Elionura was sprawled on the ground, the older one screaming even as she tried to push the beast with Basic Craft. She wasn’t trained to defend herself or her sister.

But Thorvuld was.

The bear was likely angry, or scared, but neither mattered as he saw the blood around the younger girl’s still form. Two easy expulsions from his Sapphire pushed the bear away and severed its head readily from the body. He ran the rest of the way to the girl and knelt down, trying to pull her into his lap and remember anything his Healer sister Elionura had told him.

“Hey, it will be ok,” he said, his voice cracked and betrayed the lie. He leaned back onto the rock as he tried to close the wound on her chest and stomach with his gloved hands.

“I’m so cold,” she whispered, eyes sliding from his to her sister’s. A small smile, brief, slid on her face for her sister before the smile slid off again as death claimed her. Thorvuld pulled her closer, wishing he could warm her more even as she died.

He hadn’t even known her name, so it seemed so strange to be holding her like a lifeless doll, sobbing. Even her sister stared at him with glazed over eyes, shock evident as she slowly crumpled to the ground. It was just so wrong she died from something so easily avoided. He should have come with, should have used his Jewels to shield them. Thorvuld knew of the bears, knew the danger.

It was his fault the girl died.

It would be his fault if Elionura died. If Petra died. He only sobbed harder as he rocked the dead girl in his arms. Her vibrant red blood was all over him as her body cooled rapidly in the mountain air.

Petitions (if any): 

Why did this character became inactive? Tangled went inactive and this character was originally created for her Wanted Ad.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? I have plotted with Phin a very extravagant and exciting Smuggling plot that involves a certain dangerous Black Widow. We shall glut ourselves on our posts.

What are your plans for this character? Be a bad ass smuggler, try to get in touch with his sister, interact with a face changing Black Widow, save the cheerleader, save the world.

Number of previous Reactivations: 0

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : Updated age and play by. Updated the very end of his history to reflect Elionura’s going inactive and adjust that plot to account for why Thorvuld hasn’t left the smugglers yet.

Player Name: Dani

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Re: Thorvuld Reid
« Reply #1 on: Feb 28, 15, 09:01:52 AM »
Ready for reactivation review.

Please note the DJ slot purchased by Phinneas for lovely ole me. <3
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Re: Thorvuld Reid
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