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Author Topic: Sorcha Tiernay  (Read 2618 times)

Description: Hearth witch, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk. Played by Dani

Offline Sorcha Tiernay

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Sorcha Tiernay
« on: Jul 16, 10, 07:30:06 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Sorcha Tiernay
Age: 29; Born 160 After Purge
Race: Short-Lived, Scelt

Caste: Hearth Witch
Birth Territory: Scelt, Kaeleer
Home Territory: Scelt, Kaeleer

Birthright Jewel: cut Tiger Eye
Offering Jewel: uncut Purple Dusk


Play By: Maria Klungseth
Distinguishing Features: Soft curves and too long limbs always made Sorcha pretty, but never beautiful. She had an akward beauty that she grew into and caused her much grief as a girl. Taunts of knobby knees or pointy elbows, Sorcha still feels a slight unease in her own skin, present to those who watch her for long enough. Though, since growing breasts and filling out her form, she has turned into what her mother called adorable (she still cringes at the word, because what man would want an adorable hearth witch).

Her auburn hair is likely her most striking feature, inherited from her mother, it pairs strikingly with her blue eyes. Of average height at 5'7", Sorcha is still frail looking with the skin covering nothing but muscle and bone. Though, when she gets a chance to concentrate on her work, Sorcha is graceful, sweeping a room with that effortless efficiency that only a trained hearth witch has and even some Hearth Witches envy.


Always quiet as a child, Sorcha grew into a reserved woman, unlikely to initiate a conversation or be the loudest to laugh in a crowd. Although, she can be quite nervous also when forced to speak in front of a crowd of strangers or even Dark Jeweled Blood. When Sorcha gets truly nervous she has a tendency to either tug on her hair in the most un-ladylike fashion or to twist her fingers together, constantly moving them in a strange nervous dance.

In personal situations, Sorcha dissolves into a young adult, witty remarks and all. With friends she has a warm smile and a casual tip to straighten a dress or make the perfect bed. Though, having only been with the man who saw her through her virgin night, Sorcha is sorely uncomfortable with any sort of advances from men and have completely denied those who asked for dates.

Though, on the few days she has off, Sorcha is likely to be found playing cards either by herself or those acquaintances she finds herself willing to stand or working on her own personal chores she can never seem to find time for other days. Or, during her moon time, curled up with a book and a music sphere, a mild hint of fear in the room (mostly due to her sister's demise and know just how vulnerable she is). All in all, she is a quiet witch, but on those few times you catch her on the right moment on a good day, she may surprise you with an interesting tidbit of Hearth craft or a witty comment to lighten the mood.
  • The gentle sore after a long days work. Makes her feel accomplished.
  • Baking on winter mornings, it was an activity she shared with her mother.
  • Clothes shopping, it was always a rare treat that it has become almost a scared experience to Sorcha.
  • Spring. It reminds her of the picnics she took with her mother and father as a young girl.
  • Learning new Hearth Craft tricks.
  • Bed bugs. They are a pest common in the Inns where she grew up, and hated cleaning them up
  • Being Poor
  • Being spoken down to because she is a Hearth Witch.
  • Seeing women who were broken on a man's spear.
  • Cats. They only laze around and get their hair into furniture, and it annoys Sorcha to no end.
  • Being broken of mind or spirit.
  • Being unable to find work.
  • Dying alone.

Craft Strengths:
Sorcha is quite adapt at most of the forms of Hearth Craft, having been trained from a line of Hearth Witches that descends many generations. Though, her one specialty she can claim completely as her own is the recipe for currant almond muffins. Her sister would ask for them every weekend.
Craft Weaknesses:
Shields. Sorcha just is awful at personal shields that can withstand attacks. Oh, she can make one to cover something long enough to keep bugs or dirt off, but any amount of strength from another Jewel just seems to shatter her defenses.

Life Story

  • Mother: Elisa Tienray - Yellow to Rose Hearth Witch (Deceased)
  • Father: Neil Tienray - White to Tiger Eye Warlord (Deceased)
  • Siblings: Janna Tienray - Elder Sister - Birthright Rose Witch (Deceased)

Sorcha is the 2nd daughter and the apple of her mother's eye. Though Janna, her elder sister, wore the Rose, Sorcha was the Hearth Witch which would carry on the Tienray line of Hearth Craft. Her mother was a fountain of knowledge from a line of Hearth Witches that pre-dated the Purge for hundreds of years.

The early years were easy, her mother worked for a large Inn in the Denford Province and her father did maintenance there. Money was never bountiful, but they always had food and warm clothing during the winter. It was when her sister Janna was 15 everything changed. Janna was working late one night as apprentice tailor and was walking home alone. She was attacked, raped, and broken that night. She was brought home by a neighbor who saw her wandering the streets later that night. Sorcha last saw her father storming out the house, hell bent on finding her attacker.

Her mother and her never really heard if her father found the attacker. He just never returned, leaving a broken Janna and her mother to fend for the family. A couple years passed, Janna slipping away from them more each day, and her mother had to work more and more hours to keep them in their home and fed.

It was during a walk along the coasts with Janna that Sorcha had the unimaginable happen. Janna had always been careful of the high cliffs, scared of falling as Sorcha herself was, but the beauty was worth a bit a fear. When Sorcha heard the wail from around the bend where Janna was, Sorcha rushed to find her sister. Unable to locate her, Sorcha peered of the edge to the rocks below, losing the meager lunch she had eaten as she saw Janna's body.

The funeral was small and cheap. Sorcha and her mother worked hard over the next few years, sometimes keeping the same job for a year or having to move from job to job. Hearth witches were always needed, but rarely respected.

It was after her offering that her mother got sick. What the illness was, Sorcha never really knew, but one day her mother was working hard, a mild cough, and the next she was stuck in bed, unable to move without coughing up blood. The only Healer she could afford gave her something that she said would help, but that it was unlikely her mother would make it. About a week later, her mother passed to the Darkness. The funeral was even cheaper than Janna's.

It has been barely a year since her mother's death, and Sorcha has traveled far to find places willing to let her work. Its frustrating most days, as the Inn keeps are rarely darker than Summer Sky and they are uncomfortable with her Purple Dusk. So, barely living hand to mouth, Sorcha has one brilliant but terrifying idea. Ask the Territory Queen's Court for work.

Show us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
She missed her sister and father so badly.

Her mother had scraped together a few marks, enough to get a small altar to help Sorcha through her Offering. Wearing the cleanest cotton dress she had, but still she felt dirty (though it was spotless, it was just older and she was embarrassed).

The Priestess was cordial as she lead Sorcha to the altar, her mother giving her an encouraging wave. The words she was directed to speak went in one ear and other the other. It was a blur, but all she could think of was how lonely her mother must be without her father or Janna to keep her company. But then, she didn't have long to think of that before she slipped into the abyss.

From dusk to dawn, she descended. Tiger Eye came so quickly, passing the Rose, the Summer Sky, and finally, resting on the Purple Dusk. It was the uncut Jewel that surprised Sorcha. Wiping joyful tears away, Sorcha rose and went to greet her mother, a small thought in the back of her mind. How in the name of the Darkness will I pay to get this cut and set?

Petitions (if any):

Player Name: Dani

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Re: Sorcha Tiernay
« Reply #2 on: Aug 04, 14, 03:55:46 PM »
This character has been marked as Inactive

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