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Author Topic: Shu Lin  (Read 557 times)

Description: Warlord. Birthright Yellow. Played by Lochlan

Offline Shu Lin

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Shu Lin
« on: Nov 18, 18, 07:44:33 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Shu Lin
Nicknames: None
Age and Birth Year:  18 (born 175 PP)
Race: Short-Lived (Tacean)
Caste: Warlord
Birth Territory: Zhong Islands, Tacea
Home Territory: Tacea

Birthright Jewel: Cut Yellow
Offering Jewel:  Will Descend to Cut Rose upon Offering.

Role: Wanderer
Faction: None


Play By: Kim-Hyun Joong
Distinguishing Features: Besides the fact that he is always, unless specified in post, has some layer of dirt on his person?



The best way to understand Shu is to understand what it means to be a commoner. Much of the world lies beyond his grasp to understand. He cannot read and only barely understands male cypher. He didn't grow up with the world at his fingertips and anything resembling ambition wasn't allowed to be nurtured. The life of a commoner is hard and appreciation of the small things is the only thing someone like Shu has to look forward to if the rest of the world doesn't show up and rip it from his hands first.

Shu has a desire to be notable but not on a scale that many would equate. Growing up with a mother he idolized yet was detached from bred in him an urge to be as awesome as she was. His drive is seen in his focus on any task given to him to do the best possible. With her death and subsequent death of his father during the volcano he has been left on his own. His focus has made him a survivor, learning things as he goes be it cooking to hunting/gathering to continuing his trade of smithing if only to earn a few coins to survive. The lack of earning his mother's respect, not so much her love, haunts him.

Hard labor, even intensive labor, is not a foreign concept to him. He can grit his teeth and take the punishment and hammer the strokes out one slam at a time. He has a few things going for him that only inexperience, his youth and his social status mitigate. His skill with a bow is noteworthy for his social status AND his age as his ability is on par with most seasoned soldiers, not to mention his sable reflex bow he uses. Second is his skill at blacksmithing. Being trained by his father who served as personal armorer and custodian of his mothers' weapons and armor gave him a vast education in minerals, materials and practices of a variety of weapons and armors. There is no academic knowledge to his skill, only experience from a calloused, soot-covered father who knew well the craft. Shu had to learn first-hand the usefulness of Jewels in the craft of smithing and had cultivated a talent for it until his village got obliterated.

  • Shu enjoys the simple act of creation. To make something, to eye it with pride and know that whomever uses it relies on you to give them something sturdy and reliable. No matter whether they forget your face, they will never forget your work. To Shu, his craft isn't art, it's a legacy being born and deserves the honor such a thing deserves.
  • Fishing has always been a fun hobby for Shu. The peace and quiet of the sea is calming to him. Not to mention he finds boats far too much fun as they were the closest thing to luxury activities he ever got to experience growing up.
  • The life of a wanderer has grown on Shu as he enjoys travelling. A commoner with no roots due to both age and not being needed is both uplifting and terrifying. You can do anything when no one needs you. It's also the type of people that bandits, rapers, murderers and slavers like or so his dad told him once.

  • He has nowhere to go. No home to call his own. No house that is his nor will he ever really get the coin necessary to have one. He can make shanties but shanties are not real homes, not like what he lost with the volcano. A place to call his own, to build memories and legacies and practice what he loves to do. A shanty is a place to live but it isn't home.
  • He doesn't like returning to Zhang island, his homeland. When he arrives he swears he smells burning meat and scalding hot iron. He can taste ash in his mouth. The whole island seems haunting to him. He does return but never stays too long. He has to find his fathers' remains and give them proper respects after all. 
  • Shu doesn't like Mistreatment. It's one thing for an aristo to look down on him but another thing to kick him just for fun. He never had to deal with aristos much but now that he has seen some of them in action during his wanderings he has grown to not like it. Some nobles just aren't so noble.

  • He fears not honoring his parents' memory. His mother was a badass, his father was a strong guide and mentor and everything a parent could be. Now that they are gone Shu has no one, literally no one, who even bothers to care about him. Honor, people have said, is a nobles' thing and that commoners have none or at least not the type one should concern themselves with. To honor his fallen parents he needs to have it and he prays he doesn't falter.
  • Shu is lightly Pyrophobic. A kiln? Sure. A campfire? A bit risky but it's tolerable. The more open it is the more he instinctively gets afraid as it reminds him of the burning magma and a village aflame.
  • Different from honoring his parents is his fear of being worthless. His home village relied on people with certain skills to survive and it was a community effort. Now, out in the world on his own he needs to find a niche to fill. Blacksmiths are everywhere and tanners are a dime a dozen. All are older, wiser and tougher than he is and so there is no niche to fill. Living shanty to shanty out in the wilderness is not something he wants to do. He doesn't want to be alone in the wilderness! He wants friends again, he wants to be happy doing what he does and that requires a niche to fill.

    Craft Strengths:
  • Growing up the son of a blacksmith, Labor Craft was an important tool of his father's (and his) trade. It was the first branch of Craft he learned, specifically toward blacksmithing.
  • Item Enhancement is another area Shu has shown proficiency in due to his upbringing. Knowledge of this branch of Craft allows him to perform maintenance and general upkeep on any mystically-augmented weapons (but not how to make them, he has to learn that on his own).

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • Shu Lin isn't a warrior or a soldier. No one would take him anyway because of his ineptitude with Combat Shields. A small part of him adores the bow more than the sword for exactly this reason.
  • As a commoner, Memory crystals were seventeen times above his pay grade and require an intricate mind to fashion them. He doesn't have an intricate mind and so this branch of Craft is beyond him.

    Life Story

    Mother: Xiwan Lin -- Blood Female  (born 151 PP, age 42) (d)
    Father: Fu Su -- Blood Male (born 154 PP, age 39) (d)
    Siblings: He was the only son to Fu Su, Xiwan Lin however had many lovers. He doesn't know if any exist.


    Shu Lin was born of a tryst. Contrary to the contraceptives used Xiwan Lin, a soldier, considered going to the Healers to terminate the pregnancy. It was only through the convincing of Fu Su, her armorer and the one she trysted with, to carry the son to term as the boy would be a useful addition to her household. Xiwan, a commoner herself had become a soldier to fight her way out of common bondage and the idea of having a child within her 'household' was enough to convince her.

    Shu was born early, a premature birth that caused minimal complication. At the revelation that he was a boy on top of the complications during birthing Xiwan had lost all interest in the boy. She passed the boy to Fu Su, who named him Shu, and told him to care for the boy as he saw fit. Then when better, she went off to resume her duties leaving the armorer with a boy to raise. Thankfully the village that Fu Su lived and worked was a humble one. A simple village with only a handful of Jeweled Blood, the ones who ran the village.

    There was no education for Shu. There was lessons in Protocol but that was all. Instead it was craftsmanship and work all day, every day. When he received his Yellow he was allowed to be trained by one of the village lady courtiers to be useful to his father, careful to ensure that the boy knew his place in society - a servant of both Blood and Woman and not a part of either. 

    As he grew up he became a stable hand to aid his father, becoming an apprentice blacksmith and weapons forger on top of learning the tricks of the trade. The fact that Shu had Jewels made the trade far easier to manage. As far as his mother goes. Well...Shu only met her a handful of times. Xiwan hated Shu. A boy with Jewels was like a slap in the face to her. She could have had a daughter with Jewels and helped her get out of her situation by raising her prestige but Mother Night saw fit to mock her. So, she retaliated on Shu by ignoring him most of the time. Shu, meanwhile, idolized his mother. The strong woman, capable fighter. Father had said she was a versatile combatant and valued strength and skill. So Shu sought to impress his mother.

    He practiced swordplay through playing with friends and while he never could be on the level of any of the warriors in the village he did become astonishingly good with a bow. When not working he would labor for hours into the night practicing the art of the bow. As time passed, and he grew better in skill, he sought to impress his mother formally by making a bow of his own. A bow that would garner her attention both for it's make and it's capability. It took a year to learn just what he would need to make the bow of his dreams, the one that would impress his mother.

    Shu labored taking additional jobs to help pay for the tools and utensils he needed. At 15 he convinced his father that, with the monies he gathered, to buy a slab of blackwood. Four months of work led to the creation of Shu's prized possession: Xingong or Starstriker in Common, a reflex bow of blackwood whose work required Craft to retain it's strength while giving the notoriously heavy wood flexibility enough to utilize. 

    It took him a year to not only gain the strength to use Xingong but to make arrows that could harness the power of the bow's tension without breaking. His father was floored with admiration at the work, especially for a boy his age. When his mother arrived next he annoyed her enough to watch as he showed off both his bowmanship and his skill at craftsmanship. She was unimpressed, not being a bow-user and scolded Shu for wasting blackwood, an expensive craft item, on something as trivial as a bow. Shu was undeterred, continuing to practice his bowmanship in an attempt to earn her respect.

    He would get it, just not in the way he imagined. Shortly after her departure the volcano erupted, spewing lava across the island and pouring ash and lava flows throughout. His village was one that was hit hardest by pure reason of location. Magma fell from the mountain and splattered across the village melting through wood and hemp to burn alive occupants inside. The village, simply hearing sounds from the distance erupted into chaos immediately. Fu Su sent Shu ahead with some food and goods in a knapsack and told him to leave with the villagers while he helped the others and to find Xiwan. Shu was swept away by the escapees as the magma flows crept over the village scorching and burning everything it touched. When his father didn't return to the refugees Shu broke away from them and returned to the village now covered with super-heated rock and molten stone with no one to be found.

    So Shu began his search. He evaded magma flows and half-fainted several times from the heat. He never found his father. He did find his mother though, several miles from the village with guards who had been hit. Their armor had melted into their bones while his mother, as badass as she was, had only lost her leg. In shock and unable to move, Shu stripped her from her armor and carried her over his shoulders away from the volcanic eruption to rejoin the refugees, making it just in time for the last boat to carry survivors to the main island.

    Xiwan died in transit. There was no sudden emergence of love from his mother. She simply agreed that he would have been a great member of her household. Then she died. Having lost her armor to the volcano the only thing left of Xiwan was her sword which Shu took for himself. If he could not honor her in life, he would try at least in death.

    The following years forced Shu into the life of a wanderer. A common-born with no unique or valuable skills that were not done by others left him with nowhere to go. He would hunt and forage for food with his bow and arrow and self-practice swordplay with his mother's sword. As a way to make coin, at 18 he picked up the trapping trade: Catching wildlife and skinning them for leathers and meat to both eat and sell for meager coin. He may not be a soldier, but he will honor his mother or die trying. He just doesn't know how.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    It had been two days since he ate last.

    There was a creek nearby to drink but his stomach wasn't craving water. It was craving food. He checked his coin-pouch, revealing it in his hand and checking to see if air was the only thing he had for currency. It was.

    The village he was in had no game to hunt in the area. What skins he had to sell were traded for a few coins in which he used to get a room. The meat he had, which he had in a chillbox tucked away in psychic storage had less in it than he thought. Father said that the body could go a week without food. His father of course didn't have Jewels either. His stomach hurt with how much he was hungry. It also didn't help there was no game in the area either. No critters to hunt and get a half-way decent meal even if it was raw. He doubted he'd be able to wait long enough to cook it.

    He left his room to check-out, the last day he was tendered to remain and the innkeeper was of no help. Not only was there nothing that needed fixing, nothing that needed updating, nothing needing extra hands and no real wildlife in the area Shu left holding his stomach. He left the traveler's lodge and then bumped into passer-bys, a few Blood whose Jewels shimmered in the high sun. The one he accidentally bumped looked at him and scoffed. "Watch where you're going, idiot." He spat at the ground at Shu's feet.

    "S-Sorry Prince. I was hungry and jus-"

    The Warlord Prince interrupted him. "Then do not look through your stomach!" He leaned down and grabbed Shu by the hair lifting him up onto his feet. Shu howled and thrashed at the man's arm but the grip was too tight, too firm for him to wiggle free. The Warlord Prince then shoved the boy against the wall of the lodge. The Warlord Prince looked at his compatriots and shook his head before continuing on, saying something about 'the destitute'.

    Shu scratched at his hair as if that would make the pain go away as he passed a vending stall where a tub had been recently filled with fish. Fishing, Shu thought. He could fish for food! He completely forgot about that avenue. He then immediately stopped thinking about it because the river was half a day's walk from the village and his stomach felt like it was going to rupture.

    The same stall was where the Warlord Prince and his posse had travelled to. The man behind the stall was wide-built. Not fat, the sign of opulence. Just wide. The Warlord Prince was haranging him too. She only heard the end of the conversation. "-Those fishes look mighty fine. I think I'll take them."

    The man shook his head. "The lady would refuse! I can't let you-"

    "I'll take what I want!" The Warlord Prince laughed, a flick of his wrist and the tub shot out to his outstretched hands. He sniffed at it and smiled. "Mmmm. Delicious. Thanks. Tell your lady it went to a good cause. She'll understand." the man smirked.

    Shu frowned. He looked down at himself, at his ratted clothes and his dirty hands and legs. He looked like the wide-man to be sure and the Warlord Prince? The Warlord Prince had gone too far. Stealing food. Shu called in Xingong, already curved and ready and one of it's arrows, a composite of iron and wood.

    "and the next time you decide to tell me no again boyo, I'll cut you from ear to-" Blood sprayed like a fountain whose pipe had burst. It splattered against the faces of his compatriots and grey matter clumped onto the ground as the body of the Warlord Prince immediately went limp and hit the ground with a lifeless thud. The arrow protruding from his skull was pushed out of his head and, shimmering red, laid gently on the ground near the body.

    The others looked around in time to find Shu drawing the next arrow back and crushing the skull of another. The arrow flew true, impacting the man square between the eyes that echoed with cracked bone and blood as he was flung onto his back shaking in death-throes. The last man gawked at the sight before looking back to Shu. "HOW DARE YOU!" The last man screamed, brandishing his sword and being met with an arrow that struck him in the chest as he was casting a shield, flinging him also to the ground.

    Shu slumped his arms as he vanished his bow. While Craft helped him knock and draw fast with Xingong the bow was still a hefty burden to use. It made his arms burn as if he had just tried to carry a cow by one leg ten miles. Others in the vicinity had already fled the scene leaving the small open road in the village barren save for him, the bodies and the wide-man. Shu vanished Xingong and went over to the tub, picking it up with a great heave of effort...then used Craft to get it the rest of the way up and put it back on the vendor stand.

    His stomach was in knots and he felt like he was going to throw up. Throw up what he didn't know. "T-There you are." Shu said. "Are you O-okay?"

    The man blinked several times. Then he nodded profusely. "Y-Yes. Yes yes, I am fine. Thank you, Lord. The madame would have killed me if those fish were to be taken. I'm in your debt."

    Lord? He knew he was a Warlord, but none had ever called him Lord before. It was...weird. It sounded noble. "Y-you're welcome." He wanted to walk away, It's what mother would do... but his eyes fixated on the fish. "Umm...could I please have a fish?" He pointed. "I..I ran out of f-food. I'll get more! I just need to eat s-something. Or anything. R-really, if the fish are too important."

    The man looked puzzled. He eyed the fish, looked back to Shu and then to the fish again. He pursed his lips and looked around as if he was about to be caught for something. He shook his head. "I can make you something for the road? I just...I just can't with the fish, Lord. Please understand!"

    Shu frowned but understood. His stomach howled so loud even the wide-man could hear it. He nodded with a weak smile and turned to leave before eyeing the bodies on the ground. "...Mister. How much do you think those leathers would fetch?"

    The man blinked, looked down at the bodies then back to Shu. "A fair price I'd imagine?"

    Shu nodded vigorously. "Okay! I-I'll be back!" He then took the bodies off of the road, stripped them and sold the leathers and weapons for good coin. Then he returned to the stall and bought the fishes fair and square. The dead didn't need weapons or armor. Especially those kind. He saved a fish for the road in his chillbox as he went toward the river.

    Petitions (if any): 

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    Wanted Ad Link:
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    Why did this character became inactive?
    Lack of Plot movement.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
    Be more active in plotting for Shu. He has a lot of potential, I just need to find the right group to take an interest in him.

    What are your plans for this character?
    Shu has been listed as a possible plot mover for Oryon/Wren's plot in dealing with a mysterious material found in the village of Rookwood in Dena Nehale. Plots have been discussed on how Shu, a traditionally born-and-raised Tacean, would find out about the material, where it came from and overcome the natural xenophobia of native Taceans to make the trip from Tacea to Rookwood. There he will study the material and also be pivotal in arming the village with the material giving him his first major plot-arc toward becoming a master smith.

    Number of previous Reactivations:

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : None.

    Player Name: Lochlan

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Re: Shu Lin
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Re: Shu Lin
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