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Author Topic: Jari Sydän  (Read 1815 times)

Description: Blood Male. Played by Astarte.

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Jari Sydän
« on: Jun 16, 15, 01:58:16 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Jari Sydän

Ruuben Pentii
    This is the alias he uses among the smugglers and other associated members of the underground. It's a name that has developed something of its own persona in the time since he first took it up and while it can make for an interesting day, and even a headache too it isn't anything he plans on changing any time soon. Many of  the people who he works alongside as Ruuben don't  know that it's not his actual name; the ones he trusts with the information are few and far between.

Age & Birthyear: 30 (160 AP)
Race: Short-Lived
Caste: Blood (Jewel-less)
Birth Territory: Glacia
Home Territory: Glacia

Birthright Jewel: N/A
Offering Jewel: N/A

Role: Runner/Messenger
Faction: Smugglers


Play By: Toby Regbo

Distinguishing Features: He has a  number of tattoos on his body; they are well-hidden and not openly displayed, at least not when he is among the members of his own family. One on his lower back, and another on his hip with the final one on his ankle. The members of his cell have seen some of them but Jari doesn't exactly advertise them even to those individuals.



It is a complicated matter when it comes to describing Jari; this is due to the fact he really and truly has to be at least two people. One of them is the public face he adopts most of the time and the other is much more about his true emotions and feelings, which could in fact end up causing him some truly serious problems were they more widely known. Especially in the hands of those in authority, which as far as he is concerned most definitely also includes his older sister, Maarika.

Jari has learned to be secretive. This has been something far more subtle than would normally be the case as he really doesn't want anyone to know he is even considering keeping secrets, it can make him seen a little cold.

This generally tends to happens the most when Jari is pushing others away, usually because he has issues with putting people in danger due to both the work he does and the risks that he takes. Jari a a keen sense of responsibility when it comes to protecting the people around him. Of course, those involved won't know that is the case and tend to draw their own conclusions about why he isn't letting them get in under his skin.

There aren't any exceptions to this rule, not even Madgalena can really slip in past his defenses though she has perhaps been the only one for whom he might even consider it being the case. As a child he looked up too and admired, even loved both his sisters but as he became older and he learned the realities they lived with he altered those emotional connections. Madgalena is still someone he loves and remains close too but as for Maarika he can barely stand to be in the same room with her and he isn't ashamed about letting her know that is the case.

As much as he has to hide, being honest about that is literally the very least he can do in order to feel remotely normal and honest while at home - which is really a misnomer considering that the family hasn't really had a unified home in some time. Whenever Jari does arrange to meet Magdalena it tends to be in their old homestead before Maarika became Queen and it alone has any positive memories.

Overall Jari would therefore be the very last person who could ever admit that there was even the slightly possibility that he and Maarika have anything at all in common with each other, however he as the same stubborn and at times over-bearing manner when dealing with things that upset him or just push the wrong buttons. It is possibly the only thing they share although he wouldn't appreciate anyone pointing out how similar that makes him to Maarika as she represents all the things he hates about life in Glacia.


    This is the sole member of her family that Jari actually likes; of course it hasn't been a real challenge for him to put her in that special place in his heart. She is one of the reasons that Jari is even willing to go home. He keeps his own family very much away from Maarika and her machinations, he does though keep his other sister involved with them. Yet, another way that Jari shows how much he truly cares about his sister.  Even if he isn't always to directly come right out and say it out loud as often as he probably should.

    Jari appreciates that for most the dominating feature of his homeland is the cold and desolate landscape, for him though it is one of the more inspiring parts of his existence and perhaps why he wouldn't ever imagine leaving Glacia and seeking out some better life. Although he fully supports and respects those who make that choice in light of the fact that they are faced with few other choices. Jari when he has nothing else to do will be generally found outdoors and he encourages this love into his own children as much as possible. 

Being of the Blood
    It might be strange to some but Jari is proud to be one of the privileged Blood. However, it is still part of who he is and Jari also genuinely believes that if they were able to they could actually do some good for everyone in Glacia instead of being so overwhelming obsessed about the color of an individual's Jewels.


The Dark Jewelled (Maarika specifically)
    He hates the way they treat anyone who isn't one of their number; it's all so unnecessary as far as Jari is concerned and even though he is largely ignored by the majority - pretty much like a Landen -  he cannot stand their disdain and self-righteous attitudes, which he gets to see all the time in his sister and is the reason she is the living embodiment of everything is that is wrong in Glacia as far as Jari is concerned. Just because he hasn't seen her in a while doesn't change things, he keeps up to date on her latest actions and as far as Jari is concerned nothing has changed.

    Jari hasn't needed to kill often; Ruuben has done it on occasion but only in the defense of someone in real need during the smuggling enterprises. It still isn't his favorite thing and as far as Jari  is concerned means he has somehow failed.

Glacian Politics
    They are messy complicated and as far Jari thinks should be completely overhauled and rethought. They are needlessly cruel and enforce terrible things onto the people they are supposed to be protecting. He has seen how bad things can be but Jari believes it can change with the right influence and direction.


Discovered as a Smuggler
    Everything would come apart if he was found out, his own life, his lover(s) and his children would all be affected and punished perhaps drastically so, it would certainly result in serious problems for all them. Jari also has concerns about it causing pain for Magdalena in addition to what has already been placed onto her shoulders.

The Dark Religion
    While he respects that he is not alone in this fear, it is something he is careful about anyone else being aware of as it could be used against him and might cause an investigation into his own loyalties. Jari knows he is going against the religion by smuggling and he knows that there are serious risks but he cannot and will not let his fear of the religion control him or the actions he deems as being necessary.

Magdalena being killed
    With everything that has gone on in terms of the controls and limits put onto the light-jeweled, not to mention the generally encouraged attitudes towards them. He really worries that eventually it is going to mean that Magdalena will end up being returned to the Darkness and that there is really nothing at all he can do to stop that from happening. 

Craft Strengths:

    Jari has a real use for these particular aspects of the Craft; when it comes to smuggling and even in the normal course of the day. It is something he uses often and therefore has developed into something he is rather good at even if it is never going to compare to what a Jeweled member of the Blood would be able to accomplish by comparison.

Short term Heating
    Jari will never have the same breadth and depth of abilities as are enjoyed by those who were blessed by Mother Night with a Jewel but he is really good at the simpler end of the spectrum especially as it's seen real use in his more covert profession.

Craft Weaknesses:

Intricate Craft
    It is beyond what he is capable of but Jari isn't really all that upset that it is the case. In fact, it has allowed him to focus more on the other parts of the Craft that he can reach out and use within the limits of his own strength. 

Communication Craft
    He can't do anything at all with this. Jari is bad at along with so many other things that are beyond the capabilities of his Craft, which is just fine as far as he is concerned. It might be a reminder of the fact he is not like the Jeweled members of Glacia but considering how disgusted he is by the Dark-Jeweled it is not that bad.

Life Story


Mother: Loviisa Sydän (nee Aalto) ❧ Priestess ❧ Rose to Opal (deceased)
Father: Akseli Sydän ❧ Warlord ❧ Purple Dusk to Green (deceased)

Brother-in-law: Jonothan Harmaa ❧ Warlord ❧ Purple Dusk to Green

Lover: Aune Vanhanen ❧ Landen
Lover: Ulriikka Lehtonen  ❧ Landen

Children (with Aune):
  • Sisko Vanhanen-Sydän ❧ Blood  (b. 179 AP) - will be able to descend
  • Sohvi Vanhanen-Sydän ❧ Blood (b. 182 AP) - not able to descend
  • Niklas Vanhanen-Sydän ❧ Blood (b. 184 AP) - will be able to descend

Children (with Ulriikka):
  • Irina Lehtonen-Sydän ❧ Blood (b.183 AP) - will be able to descend
  • Topias Lehtonen-Sydän ❧ Blood (b. 186 AP) - will be able to descend


One of his earliest recollections is seeing two blonde-haired little girls peering down at him. It is a rather hazy image, one that has softened with age and left him only with the sense of happiness and a sensation of joy. Jari can't really explain why that is the case but he does know that as a young boy he did truly love his sisters - both of them. Even his mother had a place in his affections, firmly set on the pedestal all children place their mothers upon no matter how deserving they are of the position.

He was told often of how certain his mother was that he would secure the same proper inheritance of a Dark Jewel which would publicly display the certain blessing of the Darkness on himself and the whole family. It made certain that on the day of his Birthright Ceremony Jari arrived with that same strong and unwavering belief as possessed by his mother who had always insisted it was the destiny of the whole family.

So, when he received nothing, not even the curse of a Light Jewel, he was beyond disappointed. How had this happened? 

At first he felt like he had failed, somehow it was all about his own personal failure. Jari however noted that it seemed to somehow distance him from his mother - separating him from whatever closeness had once existed between them. He couldn't understand and retreated in order to protect his fragile emotions from being hurt - a retreat that brought him into the circle of his sister Magdalena and the warm care she offered him.

It came in very useful in the wake of the Offering the two girls experienced when Magdalena ended up disappointing their mother so very completely. Jari was shocked and ashamed to see how she treated his sister. While his own lack was just that, a lack that could be apparently tolerated by their mother it seemed that somehow Magdalena had completely and utterly offended her and insulted the Darkness by failing so completely and when he didn't even walk away with a suitable Descent that became the new status quo.

Magdalena was to become the new martyr for all that was wrong with the family.

Which apparently met being verbally abused and over time physically as well. Jari was far too young and found it far too hard to completely understand why this had to be the case and he most definitely did not accept it.

It was around this time the schism started to develop between him and Maarika. While he would step up and challenge their mother - as much as possible, given the fact she could more than adequately restrain him using her own Craft. This eventually allowed Jari to see the less pleasant side of the reality that was Glacia and its treatment of those who were gifted with the Jewels that would condemn them.

Unfair, wrong and not something that he could apparently directly challenge.

It was around this time that he had started to spend time with Landens and the only disaffected Jewel-less folk that he knew in his immediate vicinity from among the other families that he knew from his own childhood.

Jari fell in love, or at least in lust (in the beginning) with a young Landen woman who attracted his affections. While he is not upset to have fathered children; he hasn't bothered to tell his family about the children but has received acknowledgement of his parentage. He is not worried about whether they descend or not and certainly he couldn't care less about what Jewel they receive if that does eventually end up happening. He has also had a relationship with another Landen woman, it has been these relationships that have allowed him the excuse of being well-traveled without drawing attention from the authorities.

In reality, Jari keeps his distance from them as a general rule in order to protect them from his actions as a smuggler. A life choice he made easily in light of the home he came from and the treatment that his sister had to suffer as a result of the way things worked in Glacia.

He started to spend more and more time away from them, unable to face what the couldn't change and not strong enough to witness all the abuse that was heaped onto Magdalena shoulders as a result of something she literally could not control or prevent from occurring in her life. It had all been a matter of luck and the hand she'd been dealt appeared to have left her without any possibility of redemption.

Jari came back very briefly upon the death of his mother; it has been the sole occasion when he has been proud of Maarika since they were children. Although he actually believes the public story behind her death and hasn't looked into the real reason behind it.

In fact, Jari hasn't even asked Magdalena for the details of what she knows both out of respect and because he actually doesn't really want to know the truth. 

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

He leaned on the pole of the spade, watching as Ulriikka walked towards him.

Actual physical labor might seem to be an out of place activity for one of the Blood but he had always found it a release - or at least a means to forget the aspects of his life that he found least tolerable to be forced to endure "You need to rest Jari; the sun is high and you're not used to this. Come the little ones want to spend time with you"  the smile she offered was a pleasant sight, there were no expectations from it but that he shared in it.

Oh so tempting.

So easy to forget.

But he couldn't. Jari had literally only one more night he could spend here, the last letter he had received from Magdalena had worried him. Worried him greatly and ensured he would be traveling as soon as possible to find out what was going in, while there had been nothing explicit in her comments it had not be her usual tone and he couldn't ignore it. Even if he wanted to spend time with Ulriikka and their children there were somethings that were more important than what he wanted.

Of course, Jari wasn't really here as nearly as often as his family would have expected to be the case given what his letters might indicate but Ulriikka understood. Even if she didn't actually know what was going on either.

"I'll be in shortly" he replied smiling back and returning to his work in the field.

Petitions (if any):

Player Name: Astarte

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Re: Jari Sydän
« Reply #1 on: Jun 20, 15, 06:47:26 PM »
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Re: Jari Sydän
« Reply #2 on: Jun 22, 15, 10:34:50 AM »
I've sent notes to your player account, Astarte. Please reply here when you're ready for round 2!

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Re: Jari Sydän
« Reply #3 on: Jun 22, 15, 12:07:32 PM »
Ready for round 2!
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Re: Jari Sydän
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Re: Jari Sydän
« Reply #5 on: May 07, 16, 09:21:57 AM »
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