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Author Topic: Ruqayya al-Jinan  (Read 4617 times)

Description: Healer - Summer Sky to Opal; Played by Dani

Offline Ruqayya al-Jinan

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Ruqayya al-Jinan
« on: Nov 10, 11, 03:35:59 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Ruqayya al-Jinan
Nicknames: Qayya
Age: 36; Born 157 After Purge
Race: Short-lived, Pruulian

Caste: Healer
Birth Territory: Pruul, Terreille
Home Territory: Pruul, Terreille

Birthright Jewel: cut Summer Sky
Offering Jewel: cut Opal


Play By: Rosario Dawson
Distinguishing Features: Upper right shoulder is her Clan Mark, a tradition done on the day after Offerings for everyone of the Al-Jinan tribe.


The desert Healer has a disarming personality that is uncommon in the mix of fiery tempers and boisterous fun of her family, though they are all adapt at the art of the sale. It was the Healer who they would usually send in with the proposition if the Clan they worked with was known for their own fiery tempers or had taken a liking to the woman – as both attraction and overconfidence can work well in the favor of a merchant clan. Trained with the rest of her family, Qayya is able to make and seal a deal in a swift succession that comes from a lifetime of practice. Her smile of pleasure while in the action of the barter a mark of her enjoyment at being able to seal a deal, even ones that may not favor her side of the bargain.

Outside the bargain and trade, Raqayya is upbeat and stubborn Healer. Though she specializes in work on horses, Qayya has a mild bedside manner, but a truthful one. She will tell anyone who she believes their chances to be low just how she feels, not sugar coating it, if only to give them a chance to say their goodbyes and get their life in line at the end. She has been known on occasion to throw out one of two from her family’s Healer tent if they insult her family or her name – her loyalty to her family comes before her passion for Healing. Thankfully, horses don’t insult your family, just try to stomp you to death which can easily be avoided by some effective shielding.

When around the fire at night while ranging with her family for trade, Raqayya is an easy person to make laugh though she is rarely the teller of jokes or stories. Willing to join in on friendly banter and serious discussions, Qayya rarely enjoins the arguments in her family. Preferring to both remain neutral and not work herself up, the Healer is more laid back then the Warlords and Witch of her family. Taking after her mother’s quite serenity, Rayya is a mix of the boisterous of her male family and the quiet reserve of her Healer mother and younger Healer sister.

  • Horses. They are her family’s life blood, and honestly, they don’t talk back when a treatment smells or tastes bad, which is preferable to Raqayya.
  • Alone time. She lives permanently with her whole family, and occasionally meets with her whole Clan, which allows for very little alone time. Hell’s Fire, the last time she dated when she was 24, her brothers had barged in when she was having sex. Qayya didn’t know if it was intentional or not, but she had used the full force of her Opal to fling her brother back into the sand and berate him. Albeit after that, the young Prince had gotten dressed and left, obviously uncomfortable with the family intrusion.
  • Celebration. Though few, Raqayya appreciates the time to let loose and to really just live for the moment.
  • Insults to her family or her Clan. Raqayya is generally very easy to get along with but one time the true fury of a desert woman is peaked within the Healer is when someone flings insults to her family name.
  • Windstorms. They stop the clan from moving forward and with the need to keep business going, they frustrate everyone and put tempers on edge.
  • Making a bad deal. Raqayya is from a family of merchants so she hates when she makes a bad deal or knows she could have gotten a better deal. It is the nature of things, but she is always trying to get the best deal she can.
  • War breaking out in Pruul. They have long been without a Queen and the Healer doesn’t wish to see her brother’s broken bodies paying the blood toll to the sands.
  • The death of her family. Having seen her brother killed over a pointless insult, Raqayya will do anything to prevent the deaths of the rest of her family.
  • Her own death. Qayya wants to do so much more in life, be it from making keeping her clan prosperous or making a smart marriage and continuing on her family line. Overall, Qayya is not done with life.
Craft Strengths:
  • Healing Horses. Her family thrives on the horse business, and Raqayya will heal all the horses in their train before she will even think about looking at a sniffle or twisted ankle from her siblings. They are smart enough to not kill themselves while she works, they can wait, horses cannot.
  • Cooling down items with craft. As it is both useful for Healing heat exhaustion and for having a cool drink, Qayya has used the very spell nearly every day of her life.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Combat craft. As a Healer, her training focused the other direction.
  • Seduction craft. Her eldest brother knew of it, but didn’t think she needed to know it – ‘you are pretty enough’ he would say. After he died, Qayya gave up the pursuit of that knowledge.
Life Story

Family:Mother: Nasrin Al-Jinan - Rose to Purple Dusk Jeweled Healer (61)
Father: Bahman Al-Jinan - Yellow to Summer Sky Jeweled Warlord (61)
  • Elder Brother: Ormazd Al-Jinan - White to Rose Jeweled Warlord (35) - Deceased
  • Elder Brother: Roshan Al-Jinan - Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Jeweled Warlord (39)
  • Elder Sister: Zena Al-Jinan - Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Jeweled Witch (35)
  • Younger Sister: Laleh Al-Jinan - Rose to Opal Jeweled Healer (30)
  • Younger Brother: Kurush Al-Jinan - Summer Sky to Blood Opal Jeweled Warlord (27)
Born middle child to one of the off-shoots of Clan Al-Jinan, her family was considered some of the best traders of horse flesh in all of Pruul. As they both had the resources and expertise to trade in horse flesh, they were also considered a very rich tribe in terms of trading position. As her mother was a Healer herself, it didn’t take long to see the way the young 5 year old watched her mother was more beyond fascination and was a true calling to the art of Healing. Her mother started the training the day after the celebration of her Summer Sky birthright.

Her teenage years were spent learning at her mother’s feet with her younger sister in attendance and learning the craft of the barter and trade. It was through watching her father and elder brothers she saw just how working with words was a craft of its own, just like working with Healing on horses and people was. Seeing the crafty and cunning ways her father could convince, guilt, or even talk circles around potential buyers is something that to this day Raqayya strives to achieve, but doubts she will even master her father’s art.

It was when she was nearing her Offering ceremony that tragedy struck her family. They had been stopped over in a larger gathering of Clans, offering trade and getting trade in return, mostly supplies they would need in the months to come. Her eldest brother, her eldest sister and Raqayya had been given a job to go between the clans and find enjoy flour or corn meal to supply them for a month. A normal to be given to her Brother and Sister, but it was special that Raqayya could go along, given a chance to see her siblings at work. It had been in the middle of the tents that the second son of Clan Sabbah along with what they would later know to be some of his cousins. As they passed the group, the second son of the clan called out an insult to her sister and herself, equating them both to beast of burden. Before either her sister or she could stop their brother, he had drawn his curved scimitar, entering into a formal hospitality with the other clansmen.

It was over much quicker than she thought it should have been. The second son drew his own blade, his face serious and lacking the cruel humor he had displayed before. Moving with the grace of a seasoned warrior, the second son of Tribe Sabbah snaked forward, engaging her brother. The clash of blades was quick, and it was clear that her brother was overmatched. When the Prince from the other clan drew first blood, her brother disengaged, waiting for the second son to do so also. Raqayya assumed that her brother would admit his defeat and ask forgiveness. What happened next was within the man’s rights, but it was uncalled for in such a mundane insult situation.

The second son of Sabbah clan lunged forward, curved scimitar striking her eldest brother deftly in the neck. As her brother fell and lay on the ground, both herself and her sister stunned, the second son stepped forward and deftly severed her brother’s head from his body. Raqayya knew what death looked like, but with the scene before her, completely unlike anything she had seen before, she fell over, her breakfast coming up in a wave of sickness. Her sister stood watch, her own gaze hard as the second son and his cousins left, a sneer at her brother’s body. She had knew as soon as her brother took possession of his blade he had taken his life in his hand, but neither her sister or herself had thought her brother would be taken down in such an unnecessary fight. From that time forward, her family had made certain that when they dealt with Clan Sabbah that they only sent their father, knowing that of the family, he had the experience in dealing with insults and letting them dissipate.

Though on occasion her family traded with the powerful Sabbah clan, Raqayya did her best to avoid them, focusing on keeping her family and their horse charges well cared for. Riding the wave of success on their horses, Raqayya started saving up funds, thinking she would perhaps be looking to start her own family business, having some potential proposals from other clans to meet and see if she and any of their younger men got along. It was a few weeks before one such potential meeting that one night they were set upon by bandits. Usually they tended to stay away from guarded caravans, but times were getting desperate. Though Raqayya had made her way straight to the horses that were their lifeblood, the bandits had already taken their finest stallion and a few mares. Though, as the three youngest all wore the Opal, herself the eldest of the three Opals, they managed to protect and keep the rest of their herd.

The issue was that they had been heading to a trade, having set up a trade with the Sabbah clan for the finest stallion of their lot. Her father, knowing the fierce temper and warriors of the Clan, did not want to put his whole family at risk of the potent tempers. So, he turned their family around, salvaging what they could and heading towards where the next big trade would be. It was a few weeks afterwards that her family had gotten the missive indicating that they were required to address the charge of oath breakers to the Grand Prince himself. Heading to the meeting with her whole family, Raqayya is hopeful that though many name him Tyrant, her families offer may be able to spare their lives and livelihood.

Show us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
Snuggling closer under her blankets, to ward off the cold desert nights, Qayya didn’t want to wake up and she didn’t care what her siblings wanted. It was the horse scream that brought her fully awake and out of the simple comfort of her bed. Rushing outside the tent she had set up for privacy, her younger Healer sister was still coming to wake, though there was fear in her eyes over what could cause a horse to scream like that. Dressed in her sleep gear – thin cloth pants and long shirt – Raqayya rushed to the horse corral, seeing her siblings and few guards who worked for them rushing around and even engaging what appeared to be bandits. Adding another Summer Sky and Opal shield beyond her first Opal, the Healer ran harder to the area that was her main passion, the horse corral.

Seeing the outlines of horses racing away into the night, Raqayya saw her sister had beat her to the corral and was already snapping up Summer Sky shields around the remaining terrified beasts. Adding an Opal to her sister, Raqayya proceeded to assist her sister with corralling and shielding the horses. It was either fortunate or unfortunate that the bandits seemed to have melted away back to the desert night. It was when she was working on one of the guards slashed leg that her elder sister came and told her the news.

“They got Hormazd.” She spoke, anger and pain obvious in her statement.

Stunned, Qayya looked away from the leg she was Healing and snapped a shield around it, so she could step up to her sister and put up an aural shield around her sister and her.

“They got our best stallion?” She asked, needing to hear the words again.

“Yes.” Her sister said angrily, though not directed at her sister.

“Hell’s Fire. What are we going to do? Has father said anything?” Raqayya asked, her features anxious but lacking the anger obvious in her sister.

“We are turning back; he told me to say to fix everyone up to be able to ride or walk, and pack up.”

Raqayya knew it was dangerous to turn back, but she didn’t mind. If she could manage it, she would avoid the whole of Clan Sabbah for all eternity, but they were powerful in the salt mines and had the money for expensive horse flesh. It wasn’t her call, which she was happy for, so Raqayya just nodded her acceptance. Dropping the shield, her sister walked away quickly likely the messenger to inform the whole family. Heart heavy with the disastrous news, Raqayya finished her Healing with her Summer Sky, informing the guard he would need to be careful or risk breaking it open again. Picking up her Healer’s pack, Raqayya went to the tent she shared with her young sister, finding half the work done already.

“You ready to leave?” Raqayya asked her sister, asking more than if she was ready for the journey, but what she thought may be coming.

“Yes.” Her sister answered. Taking comfort that the sister who seemed so much like her mother was ready, Raqayya resolved to be ready herself, for whatever may come.

Petitions (if any):
Why did this character became inactive?
Bowie sadly left us. While Pruul was never one of the hugely popular Territory it left me without any plot at all. I retired her voluntarily until something came along...

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
I am glad you asked! As it is, Gina has fully returned and with her, Yasmin, the Black Widow Priestess who had a hand in picking the previous ruler. There is plot that will be shown involving Ruqayya and the change of regimes. I'm going to be vague here b/c it will be a surprise. ^^

Also I will pursue other plots that will revolve around the change of regime and the interim plots until a new ruler petition Pruul.

What are your plans for this character?
Assisting in interim plots with Gina and her character Yasmin. Ruqayya will also be a part of the crew that assist in the Salt Mines and the rescue of specific characters from there. Creating Wanted Ads, but only a few, to bolster the interest in Pruul. Perhaps developing an interim plot that can hopefully put us on the doorstep of a new leader.

Player Name: Dani

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Re: Ruqayya Al-Jinan
« Reply #1 on: Nov 10, 11, 03:45:43 PM »
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Re: Ruqayya Al-Jinan
« Reply #2 on: Nov 11, 11, 03:54:54 PM »

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Re: Ruqayya Al-Jinan
« Reply #3 on: Nov 29, 11, 08:12:43 PM »

Ruqayya has been blessed with Advanced* Healing Craft (Healers only).

Advanced is indicative of a skill that surpasses the normal capabilities of someone with that Jewel rank.

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