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Author Topic: Riordan Doyle  (Read 1606 times)

Description: Warlord. Rose to Purple Dusk. Played by Jamie.

Offline Riordan Doyle

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Riordan Doyle
« on: Dec 31, 15, 01:30:01 PM »
The Basics

Character Name:  Riordan Doyle
Nicknames: Ridan (since his little sister could not pronounce his full name)
Age:   163 AP (29 years old)
Race:   Sceltic, Short Lived

Caste: Warlord
Birth Territory:  Scelt
Home Territory:  Scelt

Birthright Jewel: Petition Rose
Offering Jewel: Request Purple Dusk


Play By: Ben Barnes
Distinguishing Features:
    Riordan is rarely seen without a small upon his face or a twinkle in his eye. It is his most defining feature reflecting the inner personality that Riordan is very open with. Everything within Riordan reflects his fun and light hearted nature but it constricts him, making him incapable of bringing a seriousness to his personality and beautifully featured face.


    Riordan's fun nature and light personality has served him poorly following his Offering and acceptance into the Court of Scelt. He had spent his childhood on the cusp of the inner circle that surrounded Loreniel from a very young age. Riordan was a bit too young to truly fit in with his elder siblings even when they tried to include him. He had always been a little too young and a little too small to play the big kid games. That sense of being too young followed him through life despite later gaining a younger sister in addition to the younger siblings of the Devlin family, making him no longer the youngest of the families.
    Riordan is known to be very eager to be involved or to please. It has served him well at Court despite the view others held of him as being immature. These traits have also gotten him into enormous amounts of trouble, even after he out grew his childhood adolescence. Despite actively trying to shirk the stigma of being akin to a young Sceltic puppy- possessing hyper energy, an eagerness to please, and always being underfoot- no one else seems to have noticed the difference. Riordan has grown up and no one seems to have noticed. The frustration in dealing with that stigma has brought out the inner anger and temper within the otherwise seemingly happy-go-lucky soul.
    One duty that Riordan would never shirk is that of his unofficial capacity as the Court and family's Lord of Moral. Riordan's ability to bring the smile to the face of any Court member, even Brogan, or a laugh to their lips has earned him a very special place in their hearts and especially that of the Queen, Loreniel. As a perpetual jokester Riordan is always looking for a way to create the ultimate prank which has gotten him into more trouble than he'd like to remember with varying members of the Court. Riordan studied Protocol thoroughly, as did each of his brothers and sisters, but interpreted it in a different manner. He saw a hole missing at Court consisting of a view that Loreniel and Scelt had become too focused to miss all the good things in life. Riordan has chosen to bring merriment to Court in an attempt to fill that void and to erase the somber atmosphere that threatens to choke the Court of Scelt.
    The energy that he brings to everything he works on is remarkable. Yet it remains unappreciated by the other members of Court who focus on his antics and larks. More recently, since the brutal breaking of his brother Ciaran, there has been a damper to Riordan's spirit and a forced amount of seriousness that is unsuitable to his warmer nature. By forcing himself to become a
proper member of the Court Riordan has managed to deny Scelt of the light and soul he had once shined upon them. And it has become a daily struggle for him to maintain the sedateness he has deemed important for his work within the Court.
  • Humor and Laughter; There is nothing in the world that Riordan likes more, with the exception of Queen and Territory and family, than laughter. Especially when he has been the one inducing the laughter and bringing the joy of merriment to those that he holds dearest.
  • Loreniel Killan and Scelt; Riordan has always looked up to Loreniel as inspiration and with devotion. Additionally he has always been aware of his loyalty to her and Scelt, as well as the expectation that he would one day serve. Being aware of those things at a young age has allowed him to truly come to appreciate everything that Loreniel and Scelt are and could be.
  • Sun; As easily as Riordan finds it to bring a smile to someone’s face or a chuckle to their throats he has found that the sun also shares that brightening effect. And sometimes the sun’s rays are far more therapeutic that a perfectly timed punch line.
  • Depression; He both dislikes this very much and fears it at the same time. Being the bringing her humor, of warmth and of joy Riordan sees depression as being his natural enemy and something to be banished from those he loves.
  • Light-heartedness being mistaken for immaturity; Riordan remains excessively frustrated by his friends and family’s inability to see his joking ways as anything but a deterrent to their way of life. He wishes that he could be cherished and appreciated for who he is and not who they want him to be.
  • Conflict; Riordan goes far out of his way to avoid conflict and confrontation. It is something he has deemed out of his ability to handle. Beyond that he finds that most conflicts and confrontations are unnecessary.
  • Failure; Riordan has always accepted his position at Court seriously and as such he fears failure. He fears failing his Queen in any manner, or failing the Court, or failing the Territory. All of these things he had deemed as his priorities in life, in that order and failing any one of them is something he cannot afford to do.
  • Death; Riordan fears death less for himself and significantly more for those he loves. Losing someone would be a damper to his life that he would not be comfortable accepting.
  • Depression; Riordan has discovered that he has no understanding of depression but only of its effects upon those he loves. It is something he greatly fears, especially if it were to leech into the Court or affect one of his loved ones.
Craft Strengths:
  • Aural Craft; Both in magnifying sounds or magnifying his voice. It is a trick he learned at a young age and continued to use to his advantage growing up. Often he is accused of being a loud mouth.
  • Stealth Craft; Another trick learned in his childhood allowed Riordan to truly study Stealth craft. He has used it, until this point, primarily as an aid to his pranks and jokes but is aware of the strength it can provide to Loreniel and her Court.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Battle Craft; Riordan was never comfortable in studying or implementing battle craft. There were plenty who would serve Loreniel that would be better suited and trained for such activity.
  • Delving Craft; A particular weakness for Riordan is his ability to delve or analyze his surroundings accurately. Where many other blood are capable of delving buildings to understand schematics or what is within Riordan is poor at the ability. He also is terrible at sensing Blood and the strength they possess if it is not overt or in direct correlation to his own Jewel set.
Life Story

    Mother: Fiona Doyle // Summer Sky to Opal Healer
    Father: Devin Doyle // Yellow to Summer Sky Prince
    Maeve Doyle // Purple Dusk to Blood Opal Healer [31]
    Rorie Doyle // Rose to Opal Warlord [28]
    Ciaran Doyle // White to Rose Broken Prince [25]
    Siona Doyle // Yellow to Summer Sky witch, Healer in training [18]

      Born as the youngest son to one of Scelt’s most influential families Riordan was faced with the family’s legacy and the expectations that encompassed. While those expectations weighed heavily on his older brothers and elder sister Riordan never fell prey to the same stress.
      Riordan was the youngest of his family for four years, until the birth of his younger sister Siona. But he was also the youngest of the extended family, which included the Devlin family and the Killan family, for five years until the twins were adopted. This left a lasting and lingering impression on Riordan throughout his adolescence. Being the baby of the families gave him a carte blanche to get a way with nearly anything and he did. By the age of six he excelled at performing pranks on his siblings or anyone else that leant themselves to become the victims. Only he never seemed to grow out of that phase and by the age of eighteen it was no longer adorable or even expectable to those he knew and loved.
      For the majority of his childhood he was just a touch too young to play with the older kids, and a touch too small. At least until he hit his growth spurt at sixteen and began to tower over the girls and give the full grown males a run for their money. By then the older siblings and friends were too involved with growing up and maturing that they were no longer interested in the games that Riordan had longed to be a part of. He turned to the few that were younger than them and became the ring leader, submerging himself into a role where he would extract just a few more years of childhood if he put himself on par with Siona, the twins, Aine Devlin and Siobhan Devlin.
      Throughout his childhood Riordan really looked up all of the older siblings and friends he had. In particular he looked up to Loreniel, who he knew someday would be his Queen. He looked up to Brogan, who always seemed to know exactly what to do in any given situation. And he looked particularly up to Ciaran, who was one of the kindest individuals he knew and never thought of himself when someone else was in need. Those three really shaped Riordan’s childhood and his view of the world.
      Once he had achieved his Offering he presented himself to Loreniel and was thrilled when she offered him a place in her Court. Not only the Court but within her First Circle and Riordan had eagerly accepted. The expectations held for Riordan was that he would mature after his Offering but he disappointed many who loved him by remaining the same, light hearted and easy going.
      It took an event of severe proportions for Riordan to break from his habits, and the safety of his comfort zone. When Brogan, Maeve, Cillian and Rorie had brought home Ciaran everything changed for Riordan who had greatly looked up to his older brother. Seeing Ciaran broken and in such a state seemed to trigger something within Riordan that forced him to focus and adopt a serious nature which had previously been so foreign to him. Since that momentous occasion Riordan has transformed as an individual and stepped in to fill his brother’s shoes while he continued to recover from such a horrific incident. Even though he has developed a much needed sense of seriousness he continues to remain, in the eyes of others, as a little boy.

    Show us What You've Got

    Writing Sample:
      Riordan raised a finger to his lips, indicating to Siona to be silent. Together they were perched high up in one of Killan Estate’s finest pine trees. They remained sheltered from the sky, comfortably so, despite the bright sun that had fought its way clear of the clouds moments before. Their targets were almost in sight and Riordan was aware this was when Siona historically lost her concentration to a fit of the giggles.
      Though she was four years younger than Riordan they were the closest of friends. Even more so than Siona was with the girls closer to her age- especially Sorcha Devlin who was only two years older, or Aine Devlin who was only two years younger. But Siona had always preferred to devote her time to her elder brother. It also helped that she loved getting in trouble.
      Riordan held up his hand so that Siona could follow his count down. Their targets were approaching the tree that they were perched in and it was a moment too perfect to pass up.
      The first of the targets was Riordans elder brother Rorie and the other was one of the young house maids he had been so intent on wooing. A more perfect moment to bomb his brother with water balloons would never arise. Nor would Rorie be aware of their presence with the shields that Riordan has so carefully constructed. That and Rorie wasn’t particularly creative enough to suspect that his younger siblings would be hiding far above him in a tree while he attempted to steal a kiss from the maid.
      Five. Four. Riordan counted down as Rorie leaned back on the tree, so sure of himself and his attempt to lure the maid into kissing him.
      Three. Two. ONE! Together Riordan and Siona let lose a barrage of water balloons upon their unsuspecting older brother.

      Later, when they faced their formidable mother, having been dragged there mercilessly by a truly furious Rorie, neither could muster up enough remorse to satisfy Fiona Doyle. “Riordan! You are simply too old to be continuing with this non sense. I will not stand it. You are months shy of your twentieth birthday and shy of joining Loreniel’s Court. Do you think the
    Queen of Scelt is going to allow this kind of immaturity and foolishness? I’d advise her to spank you! I clearly didn’t do that enough when you were a child.” Riordan had never seen his mother so exasperated and upset by any of these incidents. Even Rorie had been surprised by Fiona’s vehemence.
    “Siona, you know better than to consort with your brother and his schemes. You’ll go to your room and study the brews Maeve was teaching you earlier this week. No more free time to waste getting into trouble with your brother. Clearly Maeve is not working you hard enough and I will instruct her to work you sun up to sun down until you can draft those brews in your sleep.” Fiona had always been frustrated that her youngest daughter didn’t follow in her footsteps, and those of her eldest daughter, in being a natural born Healer. Though she figured if she forced Siona to study hard enough she could continue the craft of her family. “Go. Now.” Fiona dismissed her sister.
    Seeing the look in Fiona’s eyes Rorie took pity upon his younger brother knowing that Riordan was not the malicious type. “Mother, may I propose something?” Fiona didn’t seem to have enough patience at the moment to truly hear them out so Rorie spoke quickly. “I think that if Riordan has his Offering early it would help to bring focus and drive to his life and activities. I can accompany him to the Altar tonight. Loreniel is also in need of men she can trust and it would be a good experience for Riordan to join the Court he was destined to join.” Like Rorie, Riordan had known from childhood that Loreniel was the clean he was meant to serve.
    “Take him to the Altar tonight and see that he grows up, Rorie. Loreniel cannot afford to have such a failure in her Court.” The words cut deep and Riordan could not understand where the bitterness derived from with his mother. Little did he know the truth behind his mother’s sudden bout of anger and the turn that Scelt would take, leading them towards an inevitable civil war.

    Petitions (if any):
      Jewel Rank Requesting:
      Reasons For Requesting this Birthright:
        Firstly- I am requesting this Birthright to match the NPC roll he received when creating Loreniel's Court.
        Secondly- Riordan is a trusted member of Loreniel's court in spite of the perceived unruly and immature personality. As a family friend and long time supporter it is expected that he would be given a role within Loreniel's Court but his Jewel would add vertical movement for him through the Circles despite the perceived issues with his personality.
        Thirdly- The Rose to Purple Dusk combination would put him just a notch below his elder siblings, a place that has become increasingly uncomfortable for Riordan to be at. It would present a development opportunity to delve into the struggle of a Warlord who is a touch to short in most things he has a hand in- a little too young to play with the big kids, a little too light in comparison to be a true force to reckon with, a little too immature to be taken seriously. These short comings will make Riordan a truly dynamic character and the Rose to PD, while seen outside of his family as a truly gifted set, would provide another level to this dynamic.
      Plans for this Character:
        Riordan will serve as a member of Loreniel's Court and provide a much needed balance to the oppressiveness of the Court's too serious atmosphere. Additionally he will step in to help fill a void created with the breaking of his brother Ciaran. This will provide him with escort duties to the Queen and duties to serving the Territory.
        As far as the character development portion of my plans go- I plans to reflect on Riordan's previous problems with being
      too light hearted in a Court that prides themselves on their strength, drive and focus. I plan to develop the character based on the events of the recent thread ( NAME ) where his brother Ciaran is broken while escorting Honora Devlin to visit her husband's grave. I think that the reality of the Territory's strife will help mold and develop this character past a gangly phase in his life and bring true meaning to his existence through the RP. Then I will explore the dynamic of a truly high spirited comedian trapped by his own drive to present a more focused and serious nature to the Court.
      Other Petitions you’ve made here: None

      Why did this character became inactive?
      The plot for Riordan had stalled out and though he was still a main member of Loreniel's Court there wasn't a tremendous amount he could get involved in that would add value rather than just additional content. Therefore I opted to retire him while I waited for those plots to catch fire once again.

      What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
      Riordan is an absolutely key element in an upcoming plot that I plan to launch in early February. Everything that he has been and could be will be impacted and I think we'll see a tremendous new angle for Riordan to explore as a character. There's a lot more activity in Scelt but it is more than capable in this new role to truly explore himself if push comes to shove.

      What are your plans for this character?
      Riordan will resume his role as a main member of Loreniel's Court and will be undergoing consideration for both roles of Master of the Guard or First Escort to Loreniel. In addition I've alluded to a plot kicking off in FEbruary that will change him heavily but would prefer not to give away the details here.

      Number of previous Reactivations: 0

      Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : None.

      Player Name: Jamie

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