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Author Topic: Rian Maboya  (Read 645 times)

Description: Priestess. Green to Gray. Played by Phedre.

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Rian Maboya
« on: Jul 22, 17, 02:07:04 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Rian Iskandar Maboya
Nicknames: High Priestess, Lady Maboya
Age:  1483 (1290 BP)
Race:  Eyrien
Caste:  Priestess
Birth Territory: Askavi, Terreille
Home Territory:  Shalador, Terreille

Birthright Jewel: Green
Offering Jewel:  Gray

Role: Former High Priestess
Faction: Traditionalists

Play By: Almudena Fernandez
Distinguishing Features:
Rian never has nor will ever be someone to fade into the crowd. Even when she does not insist on wearing the tall, tribal headdresses with her Priestess robes, her height sets her apart. Taller than most of the natives, she stands out among a race of short-lived Shaladorians as distinctly foreign. Her skin is a deep, warm brown tone regardless of her time spent out of doors, though those months that she is outside more often, she is noticeably darker. Her body is slim, her gray eating up any excess weight she ever thinks to gain. Of course, as she spends so much time fasting for the sacrifices, there is precious little excess weight to spare.

Almost always held tightly against her back are two very large wings. They are darker than her skin tone, and with the use of craft can stretch out and take the woman soaring into the skies where no one needs to speak to her about political issues, nor does she need to hear the screams of those who are sacrificed on her altars.

Her features are a contradiction most of the time. Bright golden eyes seem to promise warmth with their color, however her eyes are almost always intensely icy, chilling to whoever is the culprit of their gaze. While her features may appear soft and almost youthful upon first impression, it is easy to see the harshness to them that comes from centuries of solemn expressions and an intensity that belies her apparent youth. Her expression is almost always serious or even stoic, despite what is going on around her. As such, these soft, rounded features seem harsh and unyielding, much like the woman they belong to. Her voice is a mixture of the gentleness of a Priestess and the commanding voice of a leader.

Almost always, Rian is adorned in some sort of priestess garb, particularly those of the Shaladorian people. She wears bones and jewelry, though she is very rarely without her Green and Gray - she uses feathers and jade to create her Priestess jewelry. She has a number of headdresses, though the two most particular are that of a bird of prey and the other of a panther. Both are large and quite heavy, adorned with any number of stones and other additions to make them beautiful and uniquely fierce.


Many things can be said about the High Priestess of Shalador, the first being that she is a true believer. There is no pretense in her respect and regard for the Darkness and Mother Night, but rather a belief as sincere as that of a small child. This belief is easily the basis for every trait that the woman possesses, even pushing her to the leadership of Shalador and the sacrifice of her citizens.

Rian is not one who is willing to allow things to fall apart. When she determines that something needs to be done, she is one who is only going to stop when she has exhausted every possibility, and thrown all of her strength into moving whatever it is that stands in her way. There are very few who can get away with telling her "no" as that is not something she accepts in her vocabulary. And her determination falls on many levels of her personality. She allows nothing to come between her and what she believes is best for her territory.

That being said, she is a true leader. She draws those around her to rally in the shadow of her strength, inspiring them with just a touch of craft and bringing them to their potential. Because of her strength and leadership, Shalador has become stable despite the brutality that would be considered savage by many of the other lands. She knows full well that she has what expression to wear and how her voice needs altered to gain the support and strength of her followers. There is a reason that no one has dared to challenge the woman, and the Gray jewel she wears is just one of them.

The High Priestess is not one who shies away from things that are not as clean and clear. Her entire leadership operates within the boundaries of gray morality, appropriately falling beneath the stone of her descent. She is a woman strong and willing to make the difficult decisions in order to fulfill the needs of the Darkness and see her people strong and thriving. This is not only true of her people - willing to force them into sacrifices, but also of herself. She has given up everything for the people of Shalador, and she asks nothing of them that she would not do herself. They have been forced to give up their family members, and she sent her lover in addition to her own sister to their deaths, likely more prolonged and brutal than those of her people on the stone altars. She embraces the people as her family, and treats them as though they were her own children, caring for them, but unafraid of asking for their sacrifice, even the ultimate if it is required of them.

Rian never dreamed that she would take the leadership of the Territory. Though they land had accepted her, and she was drawn to it there was never any desire for the power over their lives. She took the position out of necessity, seeing that if she did not, the land she had called home for so many years would spiral into destruction. The woman is not one who is looking out for her own life, but rather hoping that through perseverance and endurance, she will bring about good for the people of Shalador.

That is not to say she is a perfect woman. On the contrary, years of ruling have left her quite conceited in her own abilities. She believes she has a special communion with the Darkness, often spending hours at a time in meditation in order to feel closer to an understanding of when the time will come where bloodshed is no longer necessary. The Priestess had at one time believed that her sister would grow to take over the Territory Seat, however when Erisian's ideals differed with those of Rian's, her doubts began to surface. When she walked away holding a jewel of greater power than Rian had been prepared for, she simply knew that this was a danger to everything that held them together.

Perhaps she came across the flaw naturally, but she is quite closed-minded. She does not believe that there is another path they could take. She is unconcerned with what sort of image she presents as long as everything goes according to plan, her plan. She knows what is best and is unwilling to listen to compromise or negotiation. As such, she can be seen as a brutal leader, though there is little doubt that it is due to her strength that Shalador has not fractured since the Purge.

The years of ruling have perhaps allowed her to indulge in this power, for even now that she has another potential Queen poised to take the leadership of the Territory, she is hesitant to leave her people in another's hands. Unwilling to relinquish the power completely, she is beginning to question if it is indeed destiny for her to relinquish her position. Perhaps it is necessary to find someone with a spiritual communion with the Darkness before she is to step aside.

One of the few surviving the Purge has left her feeling quite paranoid and superstitious. She is fearful of any reminder of that time, and is determined to never allow it to devastate her land again. It is this superstition that has led her to the live sacrifices, allowing her land to be fed with the blood of her people. She hopes to appease Mother Night in an effort to keep another Purge from occurring. It is her paranoia that led to the loss of her sister as well as the strong, cold-hearted woman she has become.

  • The Darkness - There is a connection to the Darkness that only a Priestess can understand and appreciate fully, and it is quite an enviable connection, as well. Rian believes that it should be the pursuit of every member of the Blood to search for that connection, embracing the pulse of the Darkness as though it were their own heartbeat. It is to be respected, embraced and controlled to a certain extent.
  • Blood - Rian adores her people, those who hold that special connection with Darkness, but she has also learned to embrace the blood flow on the altar. Not one to shy away, she has embraced the sacrifices that have become so necessary in the lives of the Shalador people, and to an extent she has come to enjoy them. She does not take lightly the death of her people, but the ritual in and of itself is quite beautiful.
  • Warriors - From a territory of warriors into another, she adores the culture that embraces the strength and beauty of the warrior. Her own work with a blade has weakened since she has become overly occupied with the work of the territory and the loss of her lover, but she has a strong respect for those who claim the craft with blood and sweat.
  • Shalador - When her family settled in the land, she was welcomed in their midst. Over the years she has chosen to claim Shalador as her home, and even stepped up to take leadership when the Purge devastated the land. Though she does not believe she will rule it for the extent of her life, she has a love and respect for the land and will do everything within her power to protect that land.
  • Flying - One of the few things she allows herself to indulge in, Rian adores the feel of the wind under her wings and the ability to escape the pressures that come with ruling the Territory.
  • Askavi - While she loves that it is the Territory that she claims as home, she did not approve of how it was led. Leaving with her family, she has since chosen to call Shalador home regardless of what Territory actually brought her to life.
  • Threats - She does not take threats lightly, nor does she believe that she should. She is not accustomed to people treating her with such disrespect that they threaten her or her livelihood, however when they do, they are dealt with. Immediately.
  • Losing Erisian- Erisian was a favorite, beloved sister. Making the decision to lose her was almost more than Rian could take. If she had the decision to make over again, she's not quite certain she could go through with it again.
  • Sacrificing Her People - Her heart may seem cold because of the outer expressions, but her heart breaks with each sacrifice. She is simply able to keep those emotions out of the necessary decision. Each heart that beats the blood down the altar to feed the land is one she would rather not lose, but the demand of the Darkness is great.
  • Denying Herself - For so many years, she has denied herself. Always too serious for jokes and too busy for love, Rian has grown tired of the self denial that has become a necessity with her work.
  • Giving Up Power - Though she would never admit it, she is frightened that there will come a time where she will be required to give up her position as Leader of Shalador. She knows that she has what is best for the Territory at heart, but she cannot be so certain with these other potential leaders. And then, what is to happen if they no longer see the necessity of giving the Darkness its Blood sacrifice? What would happen if things were no longer seen to as they should be?
  • The Purge - She lived through the first one, watching as it devastated everything. No one was safe from it except by chance, and there was no power in the Realm that could protect them. She is absolutely terrified of the potential of another Purge, and will do everything in her power to protect her people.
  • Erisian - Once her greatest hope, her sister now is her greatest fear. She saw the potential of Erisian, and it terrified Rian. She saw the depth of power she could hold, and knew that destruction would follow after it.
Craft Strengths:
  • Emotional and Social Craft - Rian has a voice. When she speaks, people stop to hear what it is she has to say. She has convinced more than a generation to give up their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and spouses, to sacrifice them on a cold stone altar. They sacrificed the screams of their loved ones in exchange for hopes and dreams of the future. With a touch of craft, Rian can persuade quite effectively, her voice the right tone to inspire or terrify.
  • Rituals and Ceremonies - Rian has always been a quick study especially in regards to her caste training. She knows the rituals and ceremonies as though she wrote them herself, and she's quite comfortable in front of a crowd or petitioning the Darkness, using her own power and a bit of improvisation to give a bit of strength to her petitions.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Intricate Craft - Any craft requiring finesse with the exception of her ceremonies, and Rian is not at all capable. She wields her strength clumsily in these instances and it cannot be relied upon. While the Gray is a deep power, it is not so much so that it completely makes up for the lack of intricate lace-like work in craft.
  • Stealth Craft - Rian is a woman who is meant to be noticed. She has no skill in becoming invisible, nor does she excel at cheap illusions. While she can misdirect with her words, there is very little strength in her ability to carry out anything requiring stealth or illusory craft.
Life Story

Mother: Meridian Maboya, Opal to Sapphire Priestess - deceased
Father: Adar Iskandar (Maboya), Green to Red Warlord Prince
Siblings: Erisian Maboya, Red to Black Priestess Queen

Daughter: Itzel Maboya - Blood Opal Queen (pre-descent)

A shadow stretched across Askavi, one that would begin leeching into the surrounding Territories as its leaders drove their people mercilessly into war and destruction. Despite the fact that the warrior people were well hardened for this sort of battle, there were many who were not agreed on the direction their Territory was heading, and the inevitable war that would result. Two such Eyriens were Meridian and Adar Iskandar. They made their decision to leave - but the question of where they could escape the long reaching arm of Askavi remained.

Without a specific location in mind, the pair set off and were welcomed into the arms of the Shaladorian people. This was a Territory that embraced those who sought to escape the life of war that was being waged. Within a few years within the borders, the couple renounced all claim on their Askavi heritage, taking a new name and declaring Shalador their home. They were no longer, the Iskandars, but the Maboyas - welcomed among the people. Years passed and more Eyriens arrived seeking the same refuge. The pride of the Eyrien people was not so easily put aside, and there were often fights between the people who now called the Territory home.

Meridian and Adar were blessed during this time, a daughter born to them during the festival of Mother Night. Soon it became apparent that their daughter was equally blessed, the Priestess caste giving hope that she would grow to be a woman like her mother. The young child grew, and though healthy and still somewhat childish, she was quiet and had bright gold eyes that saw everything and understood far more than they revealed. From a young age, she was taught to take pride in her heritage along with her wings, but to also understand that Shalador was the land that opened its arms to them - that this was home and the people of this Territory were her people.

At her birthright, the gift of the Green was enough to encourage her arrogance. That same arrogance that left her facing down any number of opponents who dared to verbally lash out or threaten her people or her land. Even as a youth she could feel the pull of her people, the tug on her heart that kept her planted in the face of much stronger, older opposition. A smile was rare for the girl, childish laughter even more so which often perplexed those around her as they did not fully understand the need to serve her people that called the young Priestess child.

The Maboya's were progressive, and oftentimes found themselves in circles above their outsider status until they made their way into the Shaladorian Court. Rian was completely dedicated to her studies of the Priestess caste, ignoring most of everything else that would distract a young woman drawn into the Territory Court. Quiet and studious, she was unwilling to be drawn from her studies by anyone, least of all the strong, handsome Eyrien Akan Uzumati. Of course, that was much easier determined than executed. She openly ignored the man, but that did not keep away the respect and admiration for his strong body and handsome face when she was alone.

As she completed her training, she was brought into the inner circles of the Court to help guide and advise the young Queens of Shalador with her family. Their long lives made them ideal for advisors, and they had never shown any real desire for the ruling seat of the Territory. Rian herself never had any intention of claiming the Territory seat, merely aiding those who were gifted with the connection to the land. Queens were meant to rule, so Rian was a devoted aide seeking to better the lives of her people and the land. That was all before the Purge.

The devastation that overtook the land was unbearable to the Priestess. A full woman, she felt like nothing more than an arrogant child as she lost everything she held dear. She was nothing more than a little girl again as she held her mother whose body was left empty due to the power that had ravaged the land. Her father had managed to survive, though the loss of her mother was enough to almost cripple the woman. Everywhere she turned there was devastation. Queens were left broken, their minds shattered. When the dust settled, there was not a Queen dark enough, nor old enough to rule the Territory competently. Shalador was broken, the land ravaged for some unknown reason by Mother Night. The destruction was senseless to the mortal eye, even one as long seeing as an Eyrien Priestess.

The realization of the purpose of the Purge was not immediate. Grief colored her vision of the world around her, but as that began to slowly fade, she was able to see what was around her. In every direction there was devastation, but every Queen was broken. She sought out guidance, fasting and performing rituals where it was necessary to study and oftentimes eat the offal of her sacrifices. It was during these bouts of fasting and sacrifice that clarity was granted to her. Mother Night was requiring a blood sacrifice, but not those of animals. No, Blood was required to answer the call of Mother Night.

There was no battle for the Territory Seat. Everyone had looked for a strong leader - one who would stand strong in the face of destruction, and that is what they received. Rian was a Priestess, already highly respected and still whole. Her strength unified the people, and there was a hope that they Territory could rebuild in the shadow of her strength. Drawing a blanket of court members around her, she began the task that she had determined would take her entire life. At her right hand was a familiar young man she had been too proud to flirt with - Akan Uzumati - as her First Escort.

This was when the first sacrifices began. Those who stood opposed to Shalador, seeking to take advantage of her weakness found themselves on the altar. Others who had committed crimes were stretched across the altars as well. Rian performed the ceremonies herself, the High Priestess and Ruler not shying away from the blood of her own people. If there were sacrifices to be made, she would not distance herself from them. This would bring peace and a strong Queen to rule her people.

Years passed, and her father found himself another wife - a Shaladorian woman. Time had begun to allow the mixture of the bloodlines so it was not uncommon, but the child that resulted was. A half sister for the leader of the Territory, and a Queen and Priestess both from a combination of bloodlines. Feeling as though Mother Night had blessed Rian's efforts and sacrifices, the High Priestess began her own preparations for a sister to take over the Territory.

For the next few years, everything seemed to fall into place. Rian still continued her harsh rule, but there was hope for the young Queen to come into her own power as well. In addition, Rian allowed herself a luxury she had never before: a flirtation and romance with her First Escort. She also took over the training of her sister, a personal protegee for the most important of positions - unification of Shalador as their leader. But Erisian was not so easily bullied into beliefs. She questioned things, and her nature was much more spirited than Rian's had ever been.

It was not until a birthright ceremony for a beloved sister, that there was ever any hint that this was not exactly as things were meant to be. The Red glared at her throughout the day, hinting at the destruction she had lived through already. Rian was terrified of the day she would make her descent, as she could already see what was so incredibly clear to her, though none ever could claim to see it - Erisian would make a full descent. The black would once again be in the realm, and with another storm unleashed across the Territory, Shalador would most certainly be destroyed.

Still, this could be avoided. Rian spent more time training her sister, a harsh teacher trying to force the ideals that had governed Shalador so far since the Purge. A need to teach and protect the people, and to keep them in aligned with Mother Night so that they would be blessed. The more that Erisian disagreed, the more fanciful she became, the more paranoid Rian was. The inner struggle between her position and responsibility, and the love for a younger sister and deepest hope was beginning to tear her apart. She knew what she needed to do, but still she avoided the decision.

Weeks she spent in fasting and prayer. Nightly vigils were kept, yet still there was no reply from Mother Night. The sacrifice was clear. Mother Night herself had dressed up the sacrifice that was required - made her to be exalted and revered only so she may present herself as the most noble and complete of sacrifices. Still, she could not bear to cut the heart from her own sister, and she would not push onto another what she herself would not do. No, Erisian would not grace the Altars of Shalador, but would instead forge her own in the mines of Pruul. It was a death sentence, perhaps far worse than if she had chosen to simply sacrifice her, but the decision was made.

The attack was completely orchestrated by the hands of the High Priestess. She even kept Akan out of the plotting, as he had a loyalty to both the Maboya women, and he would be her guard during the attack. His sacrifice was just as necessary, though less symbolic. Her heart broke the day of the attack, losing both her sister and lover. And she had been the hand that led to their slaughter.

The people mourned the loss of their symbol of hope, never knowing the twisted lies told by the High Priestess to keep them ignorant of her true role in the tragedy. A strong leader, she stood tall and pulled the people close around her, banding them together to face an uncertain future. Sacrifices were necessary, and there was not a single regret in the heart of the woman who stood at the head of the Territory.

It was quite a few years after losing her lover before she took another - this one for a single purpose. He would be her lover for a year, and at the end of that year he would be sacrificed in hopes that his Blood would be a suitable offering for a child borne from their coupling. And a child she was gifted with. Rian's daughter was born a few months after her father's death - and within days it was obvious that the young winged girl was a Queen. A Queen to help lead the land and replace the one who had been lost.

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:

The Darkness was always at work, weaving through the lives of her children attempting to bring them into greater balance and communion with her. Rian could feel those sticky tendrils cling to her soul, dragging her down a path that most would rather leave untread. Most would deny Mother Night, draw themselves up and fight what had been mandated, but the woman knew she could not afford such a luxury. This was more important than she was - it was even more important than everything she held dear.

Dawn was breaking through the horizon, blanketing the earth with a warrior red sky, a fitting symbol on a morning such as this. The High Priestess and Ruler of Shalador had spent the night in the temple, her eyes closing only for meditation and reflection, but to no avail. She had been certain - quite certain in fact - that Erisian was the symbol her people needed. She had even begun making plans to step aside as soon as her sister came to her full potential, but that could no longer be. The certainty she had felt mocked her painfully on this day. The blood red hue of the sky seemed to taunt her, bringing forth the not so foreign memory of her sister clutching the cut red stone in her hand. That memory had haunted her since that fateful day.

Red. The color of sacrifice. The color of blood - all the blood that had been shed when they were ravaged by the Purge. Every drop of precious Blood that flowed freely down the altars, her altars. No, it simply could not be. Erisian was too young to understand the implications of such a jewel, but Rian could. The fierce Eyrien woman knew that Erisian would descend to her full potential if allowed. The black would once again take its place in the Realm and destruction would follow. She did not need to be a Widow with a Widow's sight to know what was to come. It was clearly read in the determined features of the beloved sister and the shadows power that rested around her.

Rian was High Priestess, but that did not mean she did not try to run from the fate. She had once thought that perhaps Erisian could be trained further. Perhaps she could petition the Darkness to keep her sister from that offering for which she was so destined. Each day proved to her just how wrong she was. Her sister's mind was sharp and fast, but she did not have the necessary understanding to rule Shalador as it needed to be, that was quite clear. But also, she was not one who could be denied the position once it was within her grasp. A decision had to be made, had already been made and was now simply waiting execution.

Erisian's gift was a symbol. She was Mother Night incarnated so that she could be doted on as a powerful symbol, then sacrificed in the most primal and pure form of sacrifice. She had been dressed up as a Queen, a Priestess even to be venerated and adored, but never allowed to survive the sacrificial slab. A young Priestess entered the temple, obviously startled to see the High Priestess at the end of her third nightly vigil. The single tear that had slipped from the corner of her eye at the thought of her sister's heart and blood on the altar was quickly wiped away, the woman collecting herself despite the exhaustion that threatened her.

"Lady Maboya," the soft voice greeted as the girl dipped into a customary greeting. The Priestesses chin tilted upwards, her wings tightening against her back as she regarded the intrusion with a grace and ethereal knowledge that colored all her interactions. "Everyone is gathering for breakfast, if it pleases you to join them,"

"No," there was no gentleness in her tone as she bristled at the thought of food on a day like this. Did they not feel it? Could they not understand what was coming to pass? She bristled at their incompetence. "Today we fast in preparation for tomorrow's sacrifice," her tone was cold and husky, her expression grave as she moved from the room with a regal, collected grace that had been born of a century of sacrifices. Tomorrow, there would be an addition to the customary sacrifices that had been a part of the Shaladorian tradition for as many years as the Priestess had ruled. And tomorrow, Rian would return that most precious gift of her people to the Darkness. Oh, Erisian would not be subject to the cold, stone slab that the actual sacrifice, but it would be a sacrifice nonetheless.

In the single most difficult decision of her long, gruesome life, Rian sacrificed her hope and dreams on an altar in her heart. Tomorrow would come too soon, and with the morning's light it would be discovered that the Shaladorian Priestess Queen was gone. And she would never return.

Petitions (if any):  Character Adoption, as written with permission from Blue

Updates: Age, Playby, Links to Erisian and Itzelian, Role and Faction

Blue's notes: "The Jewels that were rolled for this character originally. Also, Territory Ruler for Shalador as adoption for Petrichor - I don't know the formality of this as a petition right now.

Rian's father is still alive and wears the Red as his descent. This was a stipulation in the NPC sheet, not a specific choice by me. I don't know if they were rolled jewels or not."

Player Name: Phedre, as written by Blue

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Re: Rian Maboya
« Reply #1 on: Jul 22, 17, 02:40:24 AM »
Rian is ready for adoption as written, with permission from Blue.

Changes listed at the bottom.

Discord: Phedre#7147
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Re: Rian Maboya
« Reply #2 on: Jul 22, 17, 02:27:26 PM »

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Green Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Gray Jewel at your Offering.



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Re: Rian Maboya
« Reply #3 on: Sep 10, 19, 09:27:51 PM »
This character has been marked as Inactive

For more information please see this thread: The Inactivity Policy

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