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Author Topic: Raevian Marais  (Read 2162 times)

Description: Black Widow. Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk. Played by Zen.

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Raevian Marais
« on: May 22, 18, 04:46:30 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Raevian Miradia Marais
Nicknames: Rae
Age & Birthyear: 830 (b. 637 BP)
Race: Long-Lived (Eyrien)
Caste: Black Widow
Birth Territory: Askavi, Terreille
Home Territory: Raej

Birthright Jewel: cut Tiger Eye
Offering Jewel: cut Purple Dusk

Role: Slave / Court Seer's Assistant
Faction: Territory Court


Play By: Diana Penty
Distinguishing Features:
Rae is fairly tall, even for an Eyrien woman, and it doesn't help that she has a fondness for high-heeled shoes on top of that. While she isn't quite at eye level with most of the men of her own race, she is about on par with a good portion of males from the short-lived races and even hovers a bit over them depending on what footwear she's chosen for the day. She enjoys the figurative and literal leverage the extra height provides her - an extra factor of intimidation, if you will (as if her caste and Eyrien heritage weren't enough on that front).


This particular woman is, without a doubt, every bit the Eyrien Black Widow that people would expect, as much as Rae herself hates being thought of as predictable. Quick-witted and sharp-tongued (in more ways than one if you were to personally ask her), she harbors a fiery nature that not even almost 200 years of slavery has managed to put out, try as they might to break her. Raevian has always been a spirited individual, even in youth she was quite a spitfire and it was only ever exponentially so when she was around her twin.

Incredibly candid in her speech and determined in behavior, the Black Widow is quick and eager to learn and even quicker to put what she's learned into practical use. It's fair to say that while she isn't spoiled, per se, she is generally used to getting what she wants one way or another but she is always willing to put forth the effort to get it. Anything she has thus far in life is a result of her own work ethic.

That being said, Raevian is decidedly impatient and can get needlessly aggressive or snappish, though given her combination of race and caste, it's not the most surprising thing. She's a little bit vain, being well aware that she's a good-looking female, of which she has no issue flaunting when it suits her. Sometimes the ingrained arrogance and stubborn nature of her people gets the better of her, but she moderately tries to catch it before she sticks her foot in her mouth too much and, at the very least, she generally means well.

  • Writing and Calligraphy. These are hobbies she picked up in her teenage years and one that has stuck since then. Poems, short stories and the like are an unusual creative outlet for the Black Widow and she finds the art form of calligraphy to be very lovely and underrated. Needless to say, her penmanship is remarkable.
  • Sweets. As prickly as this particular female can be, there is generally no quicker way to get on her good side than by offering her nearly any sort of sweet treat or dessert. Rae has had a nigh insatiable sweet tooth since she was a child and it has shown no signs of diminishing anytime soon.
  • Competition. Raevian loves a good challenge and hates being told she can't do something. She possesses the natural competitive nature of the warrior race and is not averse to putting in the hard work to make sure she comes out on top in any number of situations.

  • Sand. It's coarse, irritates her skin like nothing else and gets absolutely everywhere. Furthermore, her home in Askavi was all mountainous, rugged terrain, so sand was an anomaly for the most part. Thus, being surrounded by the stuff for the past two centuries only serves to leave her feeling melancholy in a manner similar to people who find themselves seasonally depressed in winter months.
  • Enclosed Spaces. Ever since she was little Raevian has had an exceptional case of claustrophobia. Whether it comes from growing up in the openness of eyries in Askavi or something else, nobody has ever quite figured that out.
  • Getting Sick. Rae likes to be active and productive when she can, or if she wishes to lay about she only wants to do so on her own accord, not because of a silly cold or flu. Being any sort of ill or bedridden is a hindrance and she dislikes the toll it takes on her usually keen senses and awareness.

  • The Salt Mines. Being enslaved and on the markets is one thing, but the mere idea of ever being sent into the salt mines of Pruul is another entirely and it terrifies the usually fearless Black Widow. The horror stories are bad enough, but the idea of losing her wings to the vicious effects of the salt and whatever mildew inhabits that place would devastate her.
  • Never Escaping Slavery. Nobody ever wants to be enslaved, but for someone who has an estimated life-span of 5000 years the thought of spending the rest of that life being owned and controlled by someone else is an incredibly depressing one.
  • Not Finding Her Brother. Rae never got to meet her mother and her father died in the Purge, making her brother Belinar the only family she has left, not to mention her best friend and confidante. If she never managed to find him, or worse still if it turns out he died as well, the Eyrien woman would undoubtedly be inconsolable and lost without her other half.

Craft Strengths:
  • Black Widow Webs. With a sharp mind and a seemingly limitless imagination, webs are one of the main focuses and outlets of her creativity; she's always pushed the limits of what's created or accomplished with them. Rae has found that if one works diligently enough, they can be embedded into nearly anything, triggered in practically any manner (regardless of how subtle or direct) and there isn't a spell yet that she hasn't found a way to weave into a web to use at the leisure of either herself or whoever the web is for. In her free-time one of the places she can be found is in a workroom tinkering with these and trying to develop any new and exciting uses or improvements for them.
  • Power Bolts. Raevian's brother made sure she was well-versed in proficient power bolts since it was forbidden for her to learn traditional, Eyrien Combat Craft and he wanted her to have multiple ways to protect herself if needed. Centuries of practice have allowed them to use less of her jewel strength than they would for her peers of similar depth - more bang for her buck, so to speak - which allows her to, mathematically-speaking, cast a greater total of them overall before running out of juice.

Craft Weaknesses:
  • Shadow Building. While definitely a formidable tool in the hands of any other member of her caste, this sect of Black Widow Craft is not one that Raevian has a propensity for. Disguise webs? Sure, she can do those, but asking her to conjure up a standalone illusion, much less a functional, realistic shadow of herself or anyone else? Definitely not. Even those of a stationary, inanimate nature are beyond her capabilities and always have been for whatever reason. At this juncture in her life she's given up bothering trying to fix it when she has other things she needs to be doing.
  • Passing Through Objects. The Black Widow learned the very basics of this type of Craft, but after far too many failed incidents (of which Belinar would attest to the humorousness of seeing his twin get stuck trying to pass through things) she has abandoned it. It's gone so long since she's touched it that she's now unable to perform even the most basic attempts, but she'll simply tell you that she just finds it a useless ability.

Life Story

Mother: Ellyssian Marais (b. 1619 BP); Priestess; Yellow - Rose; deceased, died in childbirth
Father: Kendar Marais (b. 1797 BP); Prince; Tiger Eye - Rose; deceased, died in the Purge
Siblings: Belinar Marais (828 years old; b. 637 BP); twin brother; Warlord; Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk; whereabouts unknown, went missing during the chaos of the Purge


The birth of Raevian Marais and her twin brother was considered fairly bittersweet, both a blessing and a curse. While Mother Night had graced the Priestess Elyssian and her Prince husband Kendar with two healthy, beautiful children, the birth itself had not been an easy one. Elyssian was a wisp of a thing compared to other Eyriens and her body just couldn't bear the strenuous ordeal of birthing the twins, thus she passed away shortly after Raevian and Belinar were born despite the best efforts of the Healers present. While Kendar did heavily mourn the loss of his wife, he never took it out on his children; never resented the energetic, winged tots for something that was beyond their control. Instead, he made sure that he would raise them the best he could manage, he would make their mother proud to watch over the twins from beyond the Realms of the living.

Even from a young age, Raevian and Belinar were inseparable, as many twins tend to be. The little Warlord and his (at the time) witch sister were never found too far from each other, whether it was during lessons from tutors or getting caught and sent to their room for trying to sneak sweets out of the kitchen before dinnertime. Raevian grew up a bit of a tomboy because of this, always wanting to play the rough and tumble games that her brother was involved in and learn the things he was learning. This was much to her father's dismay and he constantly tried to dissuade his daughter from such things, albeit in as gentle of a fashion as he could manage. This worked for the most part (as far as he was aware anyway) as Raevian took the time to explore differing hobbies but often Belinar would go back and teach her some of the various, basic fighting drills that he got to learn. He knew there might be a time - Mother Night forbid - where he wouldn't be around to protect his sister and he wanted her to be able to defend herself, too.

When the twins reached the age of their Birthright Ceremony they insisted upon going together, which was unsurprising to anyone who knew them. Raevian herself walked out with the earthy-looking Tiger Eye and Belinar with the same jewel, both children (and their father) very pleased with the blessing that Lorn had bestowed upon them. What Raevian herself was not pleased with, however, was that a mere few days later Belinar was sent off to the Hunting Camps for the beginnings of his warrior training. The tears and sobs she shed while futilely clinging to her brother were definitely some for the record books, for the duo had never been apart and it was just utterly unfair in her young mind. Eventually the girl calmed and took solace in the fact that he swore he would write her detailed letters as often as he could and promised that she would be the first person he would come home to see once he had his Offering and was permitted leave to do so.

With her brother gone, Rae occupied herself with her lessons for the next several years. Protocol and more formal things weren't the most interesting but she did enjoy her Craft lessons immensely. The girl even found a new fondness for writing, between letters to her twin and various poems or short stories of her own. She even took up the art of calligraphy, despite some protests from her father that it was an impractical talent to have (she was as stubborn and convincing as her mother, so the arguments never lasted long before Kendar gave in).

It was the middle of the night just about a month after the girl's 13th birthday that she woke up with unbearable pain in her ring finger and her father took her to seek out a Healer, though he had a feeling he knew what it was. Despite his late wife having been a Priestess, he knew the signs of a Black Widow and he had noticed subtle changes in his daughter's temperament before this incident. Shortly after, Raevian found herself ensconced in this new path and took to the various lessons like a duck to water. Poisons and web-crafting seemed to be what she had the most knack for, as her standalone illusions were usually just passable and she didn't quite have the patience to sit and play with them for too long.

The next several years passed without much incident at all. Raevian's Virgin Night went off without a hitch. A trusted family friend performed the act with the utmost care and duty and, in no small part due to the nature of her caste, started the influx of various lovers being had by the young woman - both men and women alike as Rae found both sides of the spectrum quite appealing. When the Darkness beckoned her to make the Offering, she found herself gifted with a full descent and used the new-found strength of her Purple Dusk to aid in finishing her Black Widow training, becoming a full-fledged member of the Hourglass Coven.

It was shortly after her Offering and completed training that her brother had kept his promise and came home to see her once his time in the Hunting Camps was deemed finished. She was incredibly surprised and pleased to find that her twin had also been given a Purple Dusk jewel and the duo spent a good span of time catching up on the years lost between them. It was a bittersweet moment once more when Belinar had to depart again, this time for the War Camps instead. His time in the Hunting Camps had honed his skills immensely and he knew the path he wished to take was that of defending his homeland and people, especially now during the middle of The Great War that Askavi seemed embroiled in. Raevian was reluctant to see him go, but much more composed about it and he was free to visit her more often so it made the transition a great deal more bearable. That didn't stop her from worrying about her favorite Warlord, however, given the constant blows exchanged between Askavi and the Territories it was trying to dominate.

Raevian herself wasn't entirely sold one way or the other on the Great War and for the most part remained neutral, as warfare just wasn't her cup of tea. There were a several instances in which her skills as a Black Widow were called upon to defend her home and she offered her Craft dutifully, of course, assisting with trap spells and webs in terms of defending the eyries from invading forces. That aside, with some financial help from her father, she went on to open her own clinic in their home District. Court life was never something that appealed to her strongly enough to pursue and she preferred to offer her skills to the common folk instead. Mind delving and healing had become her specialty over the years and her knowledge of poisons had become extensive enough to make her an asset to anyone who required assistance with such things.

It was when the Purge struck that the woman found her life turned upside down for the first time in a long while. The chaos was unlike anything she had ever experienced and she was undoubtedly terrified, but somehow the Purple Dusk-jeweled Eyrien managed to ride out the ferocious witchstorm and come out with everything intact. Her father, she found upon returning home to check on him, was not so lucky. Kendar was nothing more than a bloody heap with burnt out jewels by the time Raevian arrived to the eyrie. She took the time to mourn his loss, though grief was soon replaced with panic when she attempted to reach out to her twin and was unable to locate him.

As much as females weren't allowed into the War Camps, that didn't stop Raevian from checking there first when the dust had settled, but it turned out a dead end as nobody had seen him after the storm ended. Her web-weaving skills were more than a bit rusty, but she made the attempt to try and find him using such. It was partially successful, for while his life-force was thankfully still present and whole, she was unable to get a firm grasp on where exactly he was, but it didn't seem to be Askavi, that much she could tell. Thus, she set off beyond the borders of her home Territory for the first time in her life in search of Belinar.

Shalador had been her first thought, since she knew many Eyriens had relocated there during the Great War, and so it had seemed the most logical lead. In her desperation to find her twin, however, she let herself get a bit careless and wound up caught in the middle of a raid that was ongoing in the rugged Territory. It was all quite a blur, if you were to ask her about it today, but the end result wound up with Raevian being captured and subsequently collared by the raiding party. A moderately-jeweled, attractive, Eyrien Black Widow would surely fetch quite a hefty sum down in the slave markets of Raej, she vividly recalls the men musing to one another.

And taking her to Raej is exactly what the group did, where they did in fact manage to snag a fair amount of marks for their new prize. As much as she fought and struggled, it was met with only sharp bouts of pain from the collar around her neck and with her jewels having been confiscated by her new owner, she knew the situation was dire. It'd been 190 years since that dreadful day and Raevian had since outlived her third owner, for they've all been short-lived thus far, and has begrudgingly found herself back in the desert heat in the deplorable slave markets, unable to do much else besides hiss, snarl and wait for what's to come next...

Fortune seemed to favor her that year, however, when she found herself purchased by Odji Khaldun's newest Court Seer and the terms explained. Apparently the Lady Sanden's training of the Hourglass Craft was painfully incomplete - if Raevian taught her the rest and made sure it was thorough then Rhiata would have the collar removed and grant the Eyrien her permanent freedom. Two more years have passed since then and while Rae is careful not to tread on optimism of the matter, she's done her due diligence with her end of the bargain and waits to see if the other half will be upheld.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:
Raevian could only silently fume and glare in contempt as she found herself shoved and shuffled amongst the bustling crowd of the Raejian markets. Her most recent owner, some village-ruling Warlord Prince in one of the surrounding Districts, had recently passed away from old age and as such, she was forced to be put back onto the block. This would make the fourth time the Eyrien had changed hands in one-hundred-and-ninety years of servitude, but it left no less of a foul taste in her mouth nor did it make her any more agreeable.

As much as she loathed the situation, she could only hope whoever decided to purchase her next was the final one. Sure, she would have admitted that the last one wasn't quite as bad, only really using her for various manual labor around his estate and the occasional exotic arm candy; which was admittedly better than the first two owners who were more than their fair share of abusive in various fashions. Maybe the next one would be a weak-willed sort, one she could barter for her freedom with, though at this point she doubted it. Anyone who was perusing the slave markets weren't known for buying them to free them, regrettably.

The Eyrien woman was drawn out of her train of thought with a couple of rough shoves at which she turned around and sneered, "Watch it, you prick."

The outburst was met with a slap across the face and she hissed, bristling with irritation. "You're lucky I'm under specific orders for you from the Lady of the Markets herself or that'd be the least of your worries right now, you insolent wench," was the only retort from the burly Prince who was now directing her to a building in the more empty part of the markets.

Bringing a hand up to her stinging cheek, Raevian glowered once more but hardly thought to question what sort of orders the man was under. Though when it clicked that he mentioned being under orders from the mysterious Black Widow who ran the entirety of the slave markets, she was more than a bit tempted to do so. Rae didn't get the chance to do so, however, as before she knew it she was in the building and sat down at a table in an empty room. "Wait here. No funny business or you'll get the Ring this time," the man instructed gruffly before wandering out and locking the door behind him with Craft.

The Black Widow snarled a little at his departing form but huffed impetuously and slid into her chair, getting as comfortable as the cheap piece of furniture would allow and even taking the opportunity to stretch her wings out a bit. Folding her arms over her chest she resigned herself, albeit very impatiently, to waiting. Waiting and plotting and thinking about the day she would be free from this Hellish sandbox, same as she'd done for the past 190 years...

Petitions (if any): Reactivation!

Why did this character became inactive? Life, stuff, things caused me to leave the board unexpectedly.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? Not leave (you're all stuck with me, sorry)! Write all the snarky Eyrien words with people in Raej.

What are your plans for this character? Gonna live her best life and hit on unsuspecting Mistresses of the Guard. She'll also finish Rhiata's Black Widow training in-game and then likely be granted her official freedom from slavery! I'll be shoving her into more interactions with people who occupy the Territory Court and see who all she can sass. Maybe finally find her twin in the future, who knows~

Number of previous Reactivations: None for this character.

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any): Adjusted age, role and faction accordingly; changed and expounded upon Craft Strengths and Weaknesses to my liking (because reading them made me cringe); added a small paragraph to her history to account for the passing of the last couple years in-game.

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Re: Raevian Marais
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 18, 04:48:27 AM »
I'd like to get Rae's remaining 2 family rolls, please! I only used 3 the first go around.

Barring that, she's ready to go! <3

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Re: Raevian Marais
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 18, 08:28:17 AM »
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Re: Raevian Marais
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Re: Raevian Marais
« Reply #4 on: Sep 10, 19, 09:30:41 PM »
This character has been marked as Inactive

For more information please see this thread: The Inactivity Policy

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