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Title: Qadira al-Hague
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The Basics
Character Name: Qadira al-Hague (born Qadira Essam)
Nicknames: Qadi; a plethora of slurs she will hurt you for using
Age: 28 (b. 165 AP)
Race: Short-Lived (Raejian)
Caste: Healer
Birth Territory: Raej
Home Territory: Pruul

Birthright Jewel: uncut Rose
Offering Jewel: cut Purple Dusk

Role: Court Healer
Faction: Tribe Hague


Play By: Lindsey Morgan
Distinguishing Features: Usually more prone to resting bitch face scowling, Qadira doesn't tend to smile a great deal. So when she does it's absolutely broad and infectious, never failing to light up a room.



In another life and under wholly different circumstances it's entirely likely that Qadira would've developed into the "stereotypical" Healer and been entirely proud to wear the mantle of such behavior. Kind, sympathetic, altruistic... all things that she definitely had the potential to be once upon a time, things that she was openly when she was much younger, even.

Unfortunately, that is not quite the case any longer and hasn't been since around her Birthright Ceremony.

Years of being ostracized and antagonized simply because of where she was born have quashed those more gentle, nurturing traits and replaced them with much the opposite. They still exist, somewhere deep down perhaps, but it's become second-nature for Qadi to stomp them down and not display them. Selfish, self-preserving, defensive, harsh; traits much more common within her demeanor and what she conveys outwardly. The woman has become jaded and more than a little bit mean over the years even while the Healer craves to revert and give in to the idealism and magnanimity of old.

This tends to leave her at odds with her Healer instincts much of the time, only furthering her frustration and her bitter temperament. The innate desire to have people close and be emotionally open is constantly waging war with her tendency to push people away, generosity tends to be replaced with spite and reluctance. There are rare exceptions to this, mostly in the form of her fellow Tribe members, the ones who took her in and didn't even bat a lash when she revealed that her place of birth was Raej, not Pruul. But even then she remains wary and cynical beneath the surface, always as if she's simply waiting for the other shoe to drop in terms of their camaraderie.

There are, however, some traits that have remained blissfully unchanged throughout the years. Her desire to better herself and reach new pinnacles of success within her caste. Raw ambition and the want to prove herself against those who insist she'll never fit in regardless of how much she strives to do so. She's hardworking and possesses a staunch sense of duty, so even if she doesn't openly follow the desire to help someone out of just the goodness of her heart, most of the time she'll do it anyway simply out of obligation or for whatever positive rapport it will afford her in the long-run.

Craft Strengths:
Craft Weaknesses:
Life Story
Mother: Edrice Essam; Yellow - Tiger Eye; Witch (deceased)*
Father: Abraxas Essam; Blood Male (deceased)

Adoptive mother: Isra al-Hague; Yellow - Rose; Priestess (deceased)*
Adoptive father: Bilal al-Hague; Rose - Opal; Prince (deceased)*
Adoptive sister: Arij al-Hague; Summer Sky - Opal; Black Widow (deceased)*

Escort: Samira al-Hague (; Opal - Green; Witch (Warlord) (b. 163 AP)

* - jewels rolled
+ - adoptable


The earliest memory Qadira has of her childhood is not a pleasant one. Quite honestly, she hasn't the foggiest notion as to how she managed to survive the sandworm attack on her family's caravan while they were traveling from Raej towards Onn, the only recollections she has being the horrifying sights and sounds as the majority of the group were killed before her very eyes. Further still she has no idea how, as a toddler at the time, she managed to survive the (however short) span of time between the attack and when another group of travelers came by and took her into the fold.

Tribe Hague had always been one of Pruul's least xenophobic, always looking to bolster their ranks and uncaring where a person came from. This was doubly so in the case of the scared, shaking little Healer they found crouched beneath the wreckage of another caravan from the day before. Isra and Bilal already had one child, a daughter they loved dearly, but Arij's birth had been a tumultuous one and left the Priestess unable to conceive again without risking her life. Naturally, just so happening to come across a young girl in their travels must have been a sign from Mother Night, so they were thrilled to adopt the Healer into the Tribe of the Serpents.

While most of the other tribe members were equally warm and accepting to their newest and smallest addition, it mostly stopped there. Members of some of the less-welcoming tribes and clans were as disdainful as ever once Qadira's origins became more known. Many could hardly stoop so low as to berate someone just beyond infancy, but that courtesy vanished once she was old enough to actually somewhat process what was going on. Most of the bullying and taunting started just shy of her Birthright Ceremony, somewhat dampening the event even as she tried to be excited by the brilliant pink jewel she emerged with.

Initially there were tears shed at the various insults spoken her way, but as she grew older it simply turned into anger and detachment, not only towards the antagonists but slowly trickling down into the realm of her own family and tribe members. Nobody could hurt her if she just didn't care about anyone, right? Qadira refused to give anyone that power over her, even if the ultimate cost was that of her interpersonal relationships.

Her Healer training was another matter entirely and a source of solace in her life. She showed a natural adeptness for the Craft and excelled in most of its aspects, thus giving her something to throw herself into and use as a distraction. Between that and her other lessons she allowed those things to be the center of her focus up through the passing of her Virgin Night and her Offering. Both events occurred with no issue (though she was notably more interested in the latter than the former) and after receiving her Purple Dusk she was able to complete her Healer training in full.

Certainly not the most personable individual within the tribe at this point, her natural talent in her caste set her apart from many. It was that proclivity (for it definitely wasn't her less-than-sparkling persona) that led to her being offered the position as Court Healer for the tribe's Queen after the former one stepped down into retirement. Initially she wasn't keen to accept, but after mulling it over she decided it was an acceptable means to her desired end goal and took the role.

That station is the one she's been occupying for the past several years, keeping her abilities honed and further improving them while she bides her time until the next great opportunity arises for her to pursue.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

Despite the chill hanging in the nighttime air and the breeze coming in, it did little to stop the feverish feeling Qadira was greeted with upon waking from a dead sleep, bolting upright in nothing short of a spike of panic. Over two decades later and she still couldn't manage to get rid of the damned nightmares. She was a Healer for Darkness' sake! It was absolutely ridiculous and unwarranted.

Samira, her escort for the past few years and very likely the closest thing she'd consider to a best friend (though would be loathe to admit it), stuck her head in through the door and eyed the Healer less-than-surreptitiously. Brows knitted in some concern as she'd been passing by on her own way to bed for the evening and felt the strange shift in the psychic presence coming from the room.

"Is everything well, Qadi?"

Blinking a few times, it took several moments before the woman bothered to respond, shaking her head to rid the rest of the sleep from the edges of her mind and focusing intently on breathing until she felt her heart rate slow back to something more normal. It was dark, but even without the use of witchlight she could make out Samira's form and simply just nodded brusquely, assuming she could see it well enough.

"Fine. Everything's fine. Shouldn't you be sleeping? We have a lot to do tomorrow." There was a bit less bite to her tone than would be usual, but she blamed that on the time of night rather than anything else, because of course she did.

"But of course. I was just checking. Goodnight, then," The witch replied casually - not even fazed by the snappish behavior of her charge and friend at this point - before she stepped backward and proceeded away from the entryway, leaving Qadira silently to her own thoughts and attempts to get back to sleep, however futile they ended up being.

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Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness blessed with a cut Rose Birthright Jewel.




Weighed by Mother Night...

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Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Rose Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Purple Dusk Jewel at your Offering.

( & (


1. Yellow - Tiger Eye
2. Summer Sky - Opal
3. Yellow - Rose
4. Rose - Opal
5. Opal - Green
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