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Author Topic: Odji Khaldun  (Read 4514 times)

Description: Priest Warlord Prince, Summer Sky - Blood Opal. Played by Dani.

Offline Odji Khaldun

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Odji Khaldun
« on: Jul 24, 10, 10:20:36 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Odji Khaldun
Nicknames: High Priest
Age: 49; Born 144 After Purge
Race: Short-lived; Raejian

Caste: Priest Warlord Prince
Birth Territory: Raej, Terreille
Home Territory: Raej, Terreille

Birthright Jewel: cut Summer Sky
Offering Jewel: uncut Blood Opal (Both rolled before the IPBfree Crash of 2010)


Play By: Naveen Andrews
Distinguishing Features:


At the core of what makes up Odji Khaldun strength; strength of will and personality. A potent mix of the will to do what is necessary and the charisma to make others believe him has protected Odji from many of the potential pit falls of a ruling a Territory. As a child he was always self assured and fancy free, it was his training as a Priest that enforced his self assurance but removed from him that sense of fancy free. Now Odji remains a force like a flood, both that which destroys one who does not tread carefully around him but still that life giving liquid that is water. Willing to do what is necessary for the Blood of Raej, Odji does not step back from battles for those he protects, ever willing to enter a political killing field or send those with the aptitude for physical battle fields.   

Because of his mixture of castes, Odji is most unlike many Warlord Princes. In most situations where a Warlord Prince’s fury is stroked one would need to fear seeing that rage manifest, but not Odji. At a young age he learned to control his rage against the trial called his younger brother. As his Warlord Prince sibling was of a young age Odji was inclined to not so much butt heads with his brother but allow him to use Odji as a deer uses a tree, to scratch an itch to fight. From the practice young Odji learned to contain his wrath even if his features may be stretched from containing such an intense inferno of fury. If one could bypass his mental barriers it would be likely they could hear his thoughts, a mantra taken from his teachings nearly endlessly repeated during his times of trials: “Anger is the beast which clouds my sight and steals my hand. I will tame that beast, and I will turn it upon my enemies. I shall be its master.” *

Conversely, this calm exterior can lead to the deception that he is not a full Warlord Prince. This is not truth and those most closely tied to him have seen this. There is a deep and cold center to the Warlord Prince that is only seen when one has truly released the final gate of anger within this Warlord Prince. Though this was not seen after the events in Hylia his inner Court witnessed an instance where rumor led to Odji turning cold and killing a member of his Second Circle. It had been a year after his ascent and on advice from his mother he had appointed a man she trusted but in the end it turned out he had only been waiting for a time to bed his mother. When the rumors of what had happened and the man’s own words about his mother’s bed skills reached him he couldn’t contain the burning cold that had enveloped him. This emotion essentially turned his vision red and before he knew truly his actions he had tracked down the man, and in front of much of the inner court, tore him apart piece by piece.  Though he had contained the news to the Court it proved to his Court and slowly through rumors to much of the aristocracy that their Ruler was still a Warlord Prince and not one to be trifled with.

When the needs of the Court and Territory begin to weigh on the Priest too heavily Odji turns to his Priest training to center himself. Making his way to a garden, choosing the private and calming garden opposed to the luscious, sprawling public garden. Seating himself near the bubbling pool, Odji mediates to clear his mind, the rites and rituals cataloged in his mind springing up to keep him company. Though more often than not he is interrupted before he is ready to leave, it is clear that even a brief couple of minutes can help center the Warlord Prince again, lines of worry easing and gaze more focused. This process is almost a cycle after 10 years, the hectic days with Odji stepping back and realizing his wits are nearly at an end, he retreats to a private garden. Eventually a page of the Court finds him with more urgent work and the cycle begins anew.

In social situations it is apparent that Odji knows how to work a room full of people, be it one on one or in groups. A way with words and with the right amount of charm Odji can turn most people to his opinion, given both enough time and information about the man or woman. With his motivations always to see his end goals achieved, Odji is quite willing to use any information or any person to that end even twisting truths to fit his need.

As for Odji’s wants, he is not a man of simple tastes. Though he has power he does not feel he has been corrupted, at least not absolutely. He has determined that he must walk a fine line between the opulence of a ruler and the humility of a savior. As he wishes to be both Odji does limit his indulgences, both that of fine foods, fine clothing and fine women. Still fully equipped with the sexuality of a Warlord Prince, Odji does not shirk the stream of women looking to share his bed be them willing as he know none will find his heart in the act and he does no favors for those women beyond the number of pleasures they find on his silk sheets.

When all's said and done, Odji is a man who knows what he wants to accomplish in life. He may have a deep reservoir of faith in the Darkness but he is yet a Warlord Prince and his desire to protect has led him to the Territory seat of Raej. Willing to see his goals completed the Priest Warlord Prince will go to nearly any end to see those aspirations come to fruition.

(*Thank you Gina for the creation of mantra)

  • Battle arenas. It appeals to the brutal side of his nature, giving him an outlet that may be seen as a ruthless sport. Odji enjoys the action and makes no excuses for it, not to any of the Province Queens or the Priestesses whom surround him.
  • Moments alone with his mother. Since the incident with Hylia and the events leading up to death of his father, brother and sister, Odji has become quite close with his surviving family member. Leaning on her both when the trials of a ruler are hardest, Odji values their alone time. As he is often consumed with the work required to run a Territory they are very rare indeed.
  • Longest Night Ceremonies. Though the worship of Witch has decreased since the Purge there is still a large amount of faith in the Darkness to see the Blood through this hardship. As the Longest Night is a yearly ceremony during the winter equinox Odji finds both comfort in how closely he feels with the Darkness and the fact that is deep winter in Raej, meaning that the days are very tolerable weather.

  • Those who speak of Witch negatively. Though Witch may have extracted a heavy price from the world she is still a true blessing from the Darkness. Odji believes that they haven’t determined the real reason that Witch has tested them but believes that the Darkness would not have gifted her unto the world had  they not needed a reminder of the strength and danger of those rare gems of power. If someone in his presence has the audacity to insult Witch they are likely to get a harsh tongue lashing from this ruler if not a prompt removal from his company by his guards. Odji does not take his faith lightly.
  • Poor floods of the largest river in Raej. As Raej already imports much of items it needs, Odji knows that poor floods will result in less crops for the winter months and larger taxes for food imports. At the end of the day, it just means a rough year ahead for Odji and dealing with the Merchant Council.
  • High Summer. Throughout the sun’s highest path of the day work is regulated to that which can be tolerated and Odji dislikes the inactivity. Though he may feel the lethargy too it only means that Odji curses the heat nearly as loudly as everyone else.

  • Another Landen uprising. Since taking the throne Odji has had the number of Landens in Raej counted and if all the able men and even just part of the women attacked the Blood it would be a catastrophe of gargantuan proportions, perhaps even larger than another Black Witchstorm.
  • Revealing the truth of his deception. Using the name of the first Priest has brought Odji much prestige and welcome from the Blood of Raej. To be found out and then subsequently tarnished by his deception would hurt his cause. For this reason Odji is careful to make sure that any potential leaks of this information are quickly silenced.
  • Love and Marriage. He does not want to give a woman power over him and his heart. Though he didn’t believe his dead wife to be his true love he knows that sort of weakness could break a man. For that reason Odji has taken many women to his bed and even borne bastards, all for the continuance Blood and his bloodline – he does not see these children as they are raised by the Priestesshood and does not remember the mothers as they hold no place in his heart.

Craft Strengths:
  • Emotional craft, specifically crowds. Ruling has given Odji must practice at subtlety manipulating others, especially those Lighter Jewels. The Priest Warlord Prince also has figured out to very mildly increase emotions in crowds, which is like fuel to fire, only amplifying as each person notices the shared emotion around them.
  • Shielding. After the attack at the villa that killed the previous Queen, Odji has made sure his shielding craft is top notch.

Craft Weaknesses:
  • Combat craft. Taken into the Priestesshood when he completed his Birthright, the Priest Warlord Prince in no way learned the craft and now Odji relies on his guards for that facet of craft.
  • Seduction craft. What Odji can’t obtain through his personality, power, or marks is not worth spending craft on – end of story.

Life Story

Mother: Ramla Khaldun - Rose to Purple Dusk Jeweled Priestess
Father: Haji Khaldun - Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Jeweled Warlord Prince - Deceased
  • Younger Brother: Gahiji Khaldun – Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Jeweled Warlord Prince – Deceased
  • Elder Sister: Masika Khaldun - Rose to Summer Sky Jeweled Priestess - Deceased
Wife: Yesilla AnumtYellow to Summer Sky Jeweled Priestess - Deceased

There are those whom destiny is shoved upon them and those who seek out destiny and give themselves over to it. Odji Khaldun is a mix of both, fated to wear a Summer Sky Birthright and be blessed to the Warlord Prince caste; he was not satisfied to live out the fortune the Darkness had given him. Odji always watched for a way to take him to the next level. He was a Priest Warlord Prince, the High Priest of those Priests and Priestess within the Territory, even more influential than the High Priestess due to his extensive connections. When the chance came to take up the Territory mantle Odji wasted no time, his passion for power fueled by darker emotions. Though now we get ahead of ourselves. Who is this Odji? Perhaps it is best we start at the beginning…

Raej had always had a tradition of selecting a few of the best and brightest males and train them as Priests after the first great Priest started the tradition. A reverence for the Darkness was seen early within the young Warlord Prince Odji, even before his birthright. Son of a Priestess, young Odji was more often seen with his Elder Priestess sister and mother, listening to their talks and rites or even trying to read the books beyond his years pertaining to the call of the Darkness. Always drawn to the mystical teaching of their caste it was eventually his mother who petitioned the High Priest for his admittance to the program, using his natural intellect and predilection for study to justify her petition. Odji entered training the day after receiving a Summer Sky Jewel at his Birthright. Thought it had been rare to see a Warlord Prince in the training, it was only after the Purge the occurrence became more common, the need for continuing their order outweighing the rarity of exceptions.

So at seven years of age Odji began training that would shape his world view beyond that of his natural razor sharp temper, need to protect and cunning intellect. The young Warlord Prince would learn to commune with the spiritual side that most often would be overthrown by the bestial Warlord Prince – which was yet often the case for the first couple years. Though after a few bouts of reasonable beatings and daylong enforced silent meditation the young Odji began to tame his beast, even if it was a silk leash that only respect and understanding could hold. Once the young Priest in training managed to control his beast – much quicker than the High Priest imagined too – he moved unto the next stage of his learning: legend and rites.

At first glance many Priests and Priestesses are only seen for their ability to provide Birthrights and Offerings but that is not true; to be fully trained a Priest or Priestess is to know all the rites by memory alone, fluent knowledge of the old tongue and most of all, believe in their work with every fiber of their being. Odji was able to capture all these requirements, his sharp mind picking up the rites and though he struggled with the old tongue in a few years time the language of Witch was nearly as perfect as his native tongue. It was division with Raej and the responsibilities that High Priest and Odji came to quarrel with. The young Warlord Prince had always been ambitious and it was clearly evident from the way that Odji took his own reins in life but to the High Priest the quintessential Priest was he who was always thinking about the Territory as a whole about how to bring stability in the post Purge world. Whereas Odji agreed with those tenants he also wished to right the wrongs he saw, to protect his Territory beyond providing for it, the Warlord Prince in him demanding the protection and not just service from him. Throughout his teenage years the High Priest attempted to tame this wild fire in the boy, wanting him to fully tame the beast though it would never be. As much as Odji would be a Priest he was equally a Warlord Prince and those that beast can never be fully caged.

His adolescent years passed quickly with Odji spending time between the temple and his family home. With his elder sister always a step ahead of him, Odji was able to learn early the advanced topics while at home his sister, both sharing their passion for knowledge. It was through his little brother that Odji truly learned true patience with his beast. As his sibling was a Warlord Prince, though without Odji’s predilection for learning and rituals, he had the full temper spectrum as per the caste and it made matters even worse that he was a ladies’ man. At a young age Odji’s brother learned to leverage his looks and charisma against women in the same way Odji had learned to leverage his intellect and charisma against the Priestesses and Priests of the temple, the main difference being in how those events would turn out.

Odji’s dearest younger sibling would nearly always return home from his young courting excursions begging for a fight whether or not he was successful in his endeavors – the curse of shifting hormones. If Odji’s elder sister or mother was around they would often be able to calm the young Warlord Prince but more often than not they were preparing at the temple as his elder sister was nearing her own Offering. It was therefore Odji’s task to deal with his kinsperson, his father employed at the Territory Court and gone even more than his mother and sister. Of course when his brother came home itching for a fight he didn’t see his elder brother Odji as anything more than competition, his scent nearly instantly taking on hue of fury. It was Odji who had the practice leashing his beast and remained at ease, letting no emotion taint his physic scent or at least none but understanding. If Odji could have he would have tried to teach his sibling the stillness that could be found when you made peace with the fury within but Odji knew his male kin was hotter than he and wouldn’t be able to contain his molten anger. Instead he withstood the verbal lashing or the furious pacing, typically a mixture of both with insults being to either himself or another male whom his brother saw as competition. Of course Odji was holding onto his temper with a white knuckled grip, if there was anyone he wanted to give both a verbal and physical lashing he saw it as his spoiled brother, but his Priest training ran deep. Repeating rites in the Old Tongue to himself mentally, Odji took the chance his brother offered and learned from him, both learning how not to act and how to control himself in the situations beyond his control. Eventually his sibling would release the needed anger and return to his room to release other sorts of urges that adolescent men knew so well.

After Odji completed his Offering, he and his brother’s anger fueled encounters ceased; Odji then left his family home and entered the Priesthood full time. Inducted as one of the few male Priests, Odji began to truly put his talents to use. Tasked with assisting in community rebuilding and schooling, Odji was sent to a small Province that sat on the southern border but was still next to the main lifeblood river of Raej. Serving the Queen of the Province as a secondary advisor, after the Priestess who had been serving the Queen for 20 years, Odji wasn’t long for his job. It was true he excelled at his work, bringing schooling to Blood villages and Landens alike, providing even supplies for those whose communities were some distance from main Raejian river and had to survive within the desert oasis’. After two years Odji was called to the Territory Court by an unexpected turn of events. His younger brother, just done with his Offering, was being offered the position of Consort.  Odji, who knew of his brother’s ability to charm women, had never expected him to be able to win the heart of a Queen nearly 10 years his elder. In the end, Odji was fine with his return to Court, having learned as much as he could from a Province Court and seeing his appointment to Second Circle a fortuitous event.

From the Second Circle Odji was able to watch the High Priest and High Priestess work, giving advice both to the Queen and to the Council of Merchants, a guiding hand in the commerce and health of the Territory. It was those two Odji watched most often and it was through them how he met Yesilla Anumt. She was still in training with the Priestess but her mother was the High Priestess, so within the order she was as much the favored child as she could be. She was visiting her mother when Odji met her and though it wasn’t love at first sight, Odji knew she would be a strong political ally. It was only their mutual ambitions and shared caste that brought them to marriage. By that point Odji had already proved an invaluable ally to the Queen, using connections he had been fostering since his Offering throughout the Territory to help her reign and gaining entrance to the First Circle. His brother had already provided the Queen with one son and they were often and rigorously working on another child. Though Odji served the Queen his brother married he never truly felt she was fit for the job of Queen. She was always too concerned with his brother or her son after his birth or even getting another child. Odji saw the High Priest and Priestess up late nights doing the work intended for the Queen, all but governing in her stead. It would turn out though the first time in a long time she took her job as Queen seriously she only brought all of Raej to a screeching halt.

Hylia. They had gone on strike, demanding from the Province Queen better treatment and fair pay. The Province Queen, thinking the issue severe, had gone past the Council and the Queen’s advisors, including the High Priestess and Priest, and went straight to the Queen. The Queen, finally pregnant with their second child, wanted a swift resolution to the situation and believed that if a single town was given leave to rebel than all the Landens would. For that reason she ordered the Territory Guard to remove the town, permanently and without garnering advice from her advisors. It was swift the massacre, or at least that was the men who returned said; humane they called it. A few days later, the First circle and Queen’s Triangle left to the summer home with their Queen, north to the coolest part of Raej while Odji stayed to conclude business with the Council of Merchants. It was here that Raej was destroyed.

Landens came, a wave of them, tipped off by one of the Queen’s own guard as to her location. It was a pitched battle, almost two dozen Jeweled men and women versus hundreds of Landens, furious about Hylia and the town’s name a battle cry on their lips. Landens died in larger numbers but at the end of the day, the whole Court was killed in the Landen’s revenge. Odji was the first on scene, even passing the Landens who committed the act while on the Winds, never knowing how a short delay had so closely saved his life.

The images of the villa still haunt his thoughts whenever he thinks of his brother and wife. He found their bodies near each other, his brother barely recognizable over the mutilation but it was clear had had died to defend his pregnant wife and sister in law, Odji’s wife. Though Odji had never felt the well of love the poets proclaim he was still broken apart at her battered form and the thought of his son or daughter having died with his wife, their first babe nearly six months along. Though it felt like hours he spent wandering the halls looking for survivors of any kind, it was barely an hour later before Odji departed, the Queen’s bloody ring a token and testament to reveal to the rest of the Court with no witnesses left to testify.

It was during his ride back to the capital that Odji realized he had to protect his people from the Landens. After the Purge the Landens had done nothing to assist the Blood in their time of need and now it had culminated to bloodshed, the killing of a Territory Queen. On this current path Odji could only envision the complete destruction of the Blood, even if they were still a majority of Dark Jewels they would be crushed under the weight of a Landen tide. Resolved that not only was the doom of the Blood looming on the horizon, Odji knew there was only one person for the job – himself. He had the desire to protect his people and he knew with his skill set there could be no one better.

Wielding the Queen’s bloody ring as proof until other observers could be verified; Odji started his warpath by convincing his fellow Priests to elect him High Priest, his mentor having been killed along with the High Priestess and Queen. It was simple truly, he was one of the best candidates and had the most fervor of the moment, his brother, father and wife having been killed in the attack. His mother’s voice of despair lent much credence to his campaign and before the end of the week Odji become High Priest.

Connections of his mother and his through serving the First Circle helped him with the next part of his plan, the rumors. There were viable Queens and Odji needed a step up from them, something to get the Blood men and women interested in listening to him when they were all conditioned to rule from Queens. In Raej there had always been talk about the first High Priest, about those descendants from his lineage. The last true male descendant had died during the Purge but that didn’t stop the rumors; Odji just made use of them. The first week it was just increased talk about the High Priest’s lineage, that near divine line, and rumors there was still living descendants. The next week a new rumor cropped up that someone had discovered a document linking a living Priest to the first High Priest’s sister, a relative of that first true line. When a month had passed and the buzz of the lineage was nearing a peak, Odji released the forged documents, filling in his own missing lineage with that of the first High Priest’s sister. The news spread like wild fire and the validity of the fact was lost amongst the enthusiasm among the Blood. Odji saw the way the Head of the Coven eyed the document, likely wishing they had been asked to view their visions before the announcement but Odji knew it would be for naught. Though it could be just as likely the Coven wished for a pedestal to place a Widow on such as the Priestesshood had with Odji.

The convening of rulers was a short week after the news, not enough time to truly validate the lineage proclamation but the damage was still done. Odji was the favored among the Queens, Warlord Princes, and even Priestesses who served small districts where no Queen or Warlord Prince was available. Though not a unanimous vote and without the support of a suspicious Coven, Odji was elected the new ruler.

He had done it; Odji could finally start ruling his way instead of watching a Queen who thought more about herself than the Territory or some Warlord Prince who thought his ass looked good on a throne. This Warlord Prince knew with him at the helm of the Territory that Raej would have the best ruler it could, he was done taking chances with rulers who could look good on the outside but fail when needed most. He had relied on the deception of the common man and woman, instilling the fervor of the first Priest, the man who had in ancient history kept Raej from Civil War. With the Landens rebelling and work slowing to a halt, the common Blood were frightened; the idea that a descendant of that mythological first male Priest was alive seemed to have worked wonders, bring out support from the woodworks. Still, it made for a big secret to keep the lid on; the price for what Odji saw as a necessary action. The longevity of the Blood was at stake, there was no better battle than that for his whole race.

Ruling may not come easy as breathing but Odji knew who mattered and it was the Blood. Their survival was paramount but there could be no war launched versus the Landens, too many Blood would rebel and the Landens could muster enough forces to make the Blood a distant memory. Slowly, his work would be done slowly and with the gentle touch of a master. For that Odji knew he would need support which took time but he had time. Only 27 and the ruler of Raej, he had time…

Show us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
He could already feel the blood trickling from his nose as he lay prone on the ground. His brother’s dark mop of hair was blurry from the sand that had forced his eyes to well but Odji could still feel the rage leaking from his younger brother. A Warlord Prince in his true furious temper and Odji knew he had pushed it too far. Gahiji was a ladies’ man; he embraced the lifestyle with both arms wide and perhaps believed it more than a lifestyle. That true passion, both for temper and for the fairer sex, had led to Odji’s own mishap.

The Priest Warlord Prince knew his sibling had come home from a bad date because of the set of the shoulders his brother had, as if he was asking for a fight. Odji had never given in to that nature to fight, holding his own temper and regarding his brother as a test from the Darkness, nothing more and nothing less. Now they were older, Odji himself 19 and nearly to his Offering, but today he was having issues controlling his temper. The High Priest and Odji had gone around in circles again with beliefs and always about how Odji wanted too much from his position; the Priestesses and Priests were there to be used as tools by the rulers, not to be those who made the decisions. As always Odji had argued that tools were only as good as their wielders and when a man or woman had the power and intelligence, why would you want to hold them back? For years the argument festered and though that day was no different Odji felt the anger in his teeth that the High Priest would never yield to his point no matter how logical is was.

So as his brother came upon Odji, meditating in next to the small flowing pond of their villa, Odji prayed to the Darkness his Gahiji’s anger would subside quickly. It was not to be so as his kinsman had been scorned by his newest love, she seeking the arms of another and Odji knew that his anger would be the darkest now. Standing slowly, Odji had meant to say something from the teachings, had meant to tell his sibling the virtues of learning from his situation, but then his brother crossed a line he had not crossed before.

“Why am I even talking to you? It is not as if you ever sleep with women.” His brother scoffed, words biting and begging for a fight.

Odji couldn’t stop his self from being offended, but his rage was still locked tight at his breast even though he was aghast at his brother as he knew Odji partook from with the Priestesshood. It was with lack of thought he snapped back, his voice betraying the hurt of the lie.

“If you could perhaps learn to keep your cock to yourself you may actually attract a woman who would want you for more than one night.” Odji retorted his voice in comparison calmer than his brother’s but it was an uncharacteristic display of anger.

Odji didn’t see his Gahiji move but he felt his fist connect with his face all right. He must have blacked out briefly as when he opened his eyes his kinsman was standing over him with fury still plastered on his face and nearly begging him to get up. Feeling blood dripping off the side of his face, Odji took stock of the situation, feeling his own beast begging – nay demanding – retribution. Selecting his favorite ritual, one to welcome the night on the longest night of the year, Odji ran through it mentally in the old language until he felt calm enough to speak. “Brother, I would like to request a wetted towel for my face.”

The request, so unlike a Warlord Prince seemed to deflate most of his brother’s anger and leaving an almost sorry look to his face. “Sure Odji. Give me a minute…” Gahiji said as he walked off. Odji knew he would take more like five to ten as he cooled down elsewhere and that his brother would likely bring him some sort of peace offering such as a cool glass of juice. Thanking the Darkness he was able to think of a way to control his own rage, Odji decided to use his time to think of a convenient explanation for their father who would no doubt demand it after seeing Odji’s swollen nose and perhaps darkened eye. Younger brothers… such a menace but a great test of will nonetheless, he thought ruefully, as he pushed himself into a sitting position, preparing to wait for his rash brother to return.

Petitions (if any):
Caste Requesting : Priest Warlord Prince
Reasons For Requesting these Castes:
I wish to showcase a Warlord Prince who is in touch with the Darkness, both through the rights of the Priestesses and through his own desire to serve his People. This desire is still a manifest of his Warlord Prince nature to protect but it’s channeled to the society as a whole with Odji’s own personality being the backbone in his confidence to do such.

Odji will be a display of the depth that can be achieved when a male holds more than one caste and not that of the Black Widow as seen in the base trilogy. Bound by ritual and rite he is still the basic building blocks of a Warlord Prince, protection and ferocity bound all in one package. Though he is not the only choice for a ruler of Raej, I wanted to show a dual casted male who feels because of his work and dedication that he is the best candidate for a ruler over that of a Queen.
Plans for this Character:
Odji will be the ruler of Raej and has been for over 10 years. Due to the events at Hylia he has convinced himself and some others that though their original purpose was to protect Landens the centuries have changed that bond and there is no going back to what their lore and scripture spoke of where the Blood protected and cared for all. Now Odji will be working on both attempting to protect the Blood from the Landens, knowing with their current numbers they would likely completely wipe out the Blood in Raej, and to restrict their privileges enough to keep them from an uprising like before. Using his status as a Priest of the Blood and a Warlord Prince Odji will be leveraging himself upon the populous as a savior, the only man who could have brought prosperity and safety back to Raej after Hylia.

For the future plot I am going to be looking to create tension between the Coven and the Ruler and even the Priestesshood itself. Along with this will be Odji’s plans to work on solving what he sees as a Landen problem, attempting to enforce a greater pressure from the Blood and not treating Landens as if they are protected but instead a force to be protected from. With these increases in tensions and Odji willingness to do whatever necessary for his cause will help make sure the plot around him is not dull.
Other Petitions you’ve made here:
Cerian Wydriem for a Summer Sky Birthright, broken descent.

Player Name: Dani

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Re: Odji Khaldun
« Reply #1 on: Jul 27, 10, 12:14:56 PM »
Humble, graciously and  finally, Odji is ready for review.
character tracker

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Re: Odji Khaldun
« Reply #2 on: Oct 01, 10, 10:25:42 PM »
Odji is officially accepted by the Staff.

Congratulations Dani! You'll make a brilliant ruler of Raej.

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Re: Odji Khaldun
« Reply #3 on: Nov 03, 11, 08:21:06 PM »

Odji has been blessed with Advanced Ceremonial Craft.

Advanced is indicative of a skill that surpasses the normal capabilities of someone with that Jewel rank.

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Re: Odji Khaldun
« Reply #4 on: Sep 10, 19, 09:25:20 PM »
This character has been marked as Inactive

For more information please see this thread: The Inactivity Policy

If you would like to reactivate this character they will need to be submitted through the Keep's Registry again as a petitioned character using the Reactivation Petition.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker