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Author Topic: Norah Sheane  (Read 2011 times)

Description: Black Widow. Rose to Opal. Played by Kellee.

Offline Norah Sheane

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Norah Sheane
« on: Dec 02, 15, 01:27:41 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Norah Sheane
Age:  35, b 156 pp
Race:  Short lived
Caste:  Black Widow
Birth Territory: Scelt, Kaeleer
Home Territory: Scelt, Kaeleer

Birthright Jewel: Cut Rose
Offering Jewel: Cut Opal 

Role: Court Seer
Faction: Court of Denford


Play By: Karen Gillian
Distinguishing Features:



Norah has spent her adult life attempting to make up for something that she had no control over.  In the time before her Caste became apparent, Norah was a lively,outgoing child who enjoyed being the center of attention. The manifestation of her Black Widow Caste has greatly shaped Norah’s life and personality.  Gone is the confident girl who would eagerly speak up when given a chance. She’s been replaced by a quiet, and skittish woman, who while she isn’t afraid of her own shadow, she’s also not likely to draw attention to herself.
Still, the witch has a Widow’s sensuality and appetites, and from time to time will indulge herself in them. While she doesn’t get to indulge as often as she’d like, she’ll settle for the slide of silk against her skin, and the occasional dalliance with a male who’s willing. She's found that unlike so many other parts of her life, when she indulges herself, she's able to be more confident.  Perhaps its the fact that her lovers come to her knowing full well what she is, or a sign that some part of her is healing, Norah enjoys being in control of her lovers. The teasing, and drawing out pleasure for the both of them.

Norah is happiest when she’s helping someone.  So much of her personality has been shaped around being of use to others, that she’ll often push down her own wants and needs to fulfill other’s needs.  This reshaping took place slowly over time, beginning with her training with the Coven and culminating with her time in Eirne’s Court.  Her want to be helpful comes from not purely altruistic thoughts.  When she’s helpful, she’s non threatening and “safe”, that is, if any of the Blood can be considered safe.  And when she’s considered safe, people lower their guard around her, and can let her into their circles, if not into their hearts.

Norah has used the nicer aspects of her Caste to buy her entry into the circles she now moves in. Her ability to weave and interpret webs, along with a decent skill in poisons, gives her something to barter with.  The Widow has learned that as a person, she’s not worth much. But her skills, they give her worth even if they’re the skills that Scelt despises.  Norah has learned to take any scrap of emotional praise that she’s given and hold on to it. She takes that praise and keeps it alive for when she’s alone and needs to remember it. Almost as if she can look at it as proof that she has value. That she is wanted and needed, even if the thought is only a coping mechanism. 

Norah knows that what she’s doing is simply coping with what she’s been dealt.  However she’s been doing it for so long now, she isn’t sure if she’s capable of changing at this point in time. Now that she’s moved away from the Court she served in, Norah hopes that she can begin to make amends for the webs that she wove for Eirne.  While she realizes that there will be some that she will never gain forgiveness from, Norah hopes that one day, she’ll be able to forgive herself as well.

  • Weaving tangled webs. Its something that she excels at, and Norah needs to know that there is a part of her Caste that is needed and almost accepted. For herself, tangled webs allows her a sense of freedom.  When she weaves a web, it allows her to see, and to some extent control parts of her life.  While she may have to give up that information, in the initial moment, its all hers.
  • Being useful. Norah has been taught from the time that her Caste became apparent that her only role was to be of use to her Clan.  As such, she's become dependent on feeling of use to people even at the detriment of her own hopes and wants.
  • Sensuality. All Widows have some degree of sensuality, and Norah revels in hers. It doesn’t matter if its the feel of silk against bare skin, a body pressed against hers, or the velvety ice cream melting on her tongue, Norah seeks out these pleasures when she can. 
  • Her lack of knowledge. Norah knows that her Clan has kept her ignorant of Craft that others of her Caste know.  At first, she believed that they had her best interest at heart, and wanted to keep her safe, both from herself and others.  As she grew older, she knew it was so that they could keep better control of her. Now she eagerly seeks out the knowledge that should've been hers to begin with.
  • Discrimination based on her Caste. Ironically, she knows that she is the prime example of why others are afraid of Black Widows.  Still, the idea that Black Widows should be burned or otherwise harmed based off of circumstances they had no control over, annoys her.
  •   How easily those stronger than her can get under her skin. Her Caste marks her as one of the most feared members of the Blood and yet, if she’s not careful, Norah can find herself maneuvered into a position she didn’t plan on taking. Her brief time with the Kerry Queen has helped, but the Widow knows that the work is just beginning.
  • Never making amends for what she's done under the Sheane Queen's command. Norah is fully aware that she could've chose to not do what was asked of her. That she could've said no, and accepted the price of her disobedience.
  • Dying as so many of her Sisters have.  From the moment her Caste became apparent, family and friends who had previously welcomed her with open arms, began to shun her. Norah has seen first hand what can happen to Black Widows who wander to far from safety, or give their neighbors even the slightest fuel for distrust.
  • Never having a family to call her own. Having cut most ties with her Clan, Norah worries that she’ll never find anyone to share her life with. While she can find men who will spend a night or two with her, she’s yet to find one that will consider building a life with her. And while she’s not sure if she wants children, she knows that time is running out should she choose to have them.   
Craft Strengths:
  • Interpreting Tangled Webs. Considered by her parents to be an “safe and acceptable skill” , Norah has taken an natural strength and turned it into one of her greatest strengths.  Eager to make any use of her Caste that was deemed acceptable, this is one area that she takes pride in.
  • Defensive Shields. Even with her Opal, Norah is able to make shields that are hard to break through. Her father, knowing that the ability to make strong shields might save her life, made it a point to make sure she could shield well.
Craft Strengths:
  • Interpreting Tangled Webs. Considered by her parents to be an “safe and acceptable skill” , Norah has taken an natural strength and turned it into one of her greatest strengths.  Eager to make any use of her Caste that was deemed acceptable, this is one area that she takes pride in.
  • Defensive Shields. Even with her Opal, Norah is able to make shields that are hard to break through. Her father, knowing that the ability to make strong shields might save her life, made it a point to make sure she could shield well.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Mind Healing. Terrified of becoming the type of Widow the people of Scelt feared, Norah wasn’t able to train in any sort of Craft involving delving into the mind, even if it could be of use later.
  • Compulsion Webs. Already scorned because of her Caste, Norah didn’t even try to learn how to weave compulsion webs, which is why her work on Eamonn was so rudimentary.
Life Story

Mother: Iona Sheane Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Priestess, age 51
Father: Raymond Sheane Opal to Red Warlord, age 57
Siblings:Caitlin Sheane Summer Sky to Opal Healer, age 38
Bevan Sheane White to Tiger Eye Priestess, age 28


Norah’s branch of the Sheane Clan was most known for it’s Healers and Warlords, with the occasional Priestess.  There hadn’t been a Queen, Warlord Prince, or Black Widow born to their line for as far as anyone could remember.  And so, there wasn’t any fear of one of Iona and Raymond’s daughters bearing the dreaded Black Widow Caste. As a child, Norah’s world revolved around playing with numerous cousins and her sister, and learning the lessons in basic Craft her mother taught her.  The youngest child, Norah enjoyed being the apple of her father’s eye, often finding ways to get into good natured trouble, and flashing a smile to get out of whatever punishment was planned for her.

At her Birthright, she walked away from the Altar with a Cut Rose Jewel. And although it wasn’t a dark Jewel, it was hers, and she was delighted with it.  A curious child by nature, she enjoyed her lessons, always eager to learn more, much to the delight of her tutors.  As she neared puberty, her parents noticed that Norah’s sense of humor became sharper, her temper shorter, and the previously easygoing girl became more prickly. It didn’t take long for rumors to begin to spread about Norah, and in concern, her parents began to keep her closer to home.

Norah, not fully understanding what was going on, chafed at the new restrictions placed on her, and began finding ways to test the boundaries of her new rules.  Eventually things came to a head when her snaketooth finally grew in. Finally things fell into place, and Norah understood her parent’s precautions they’d begun to take.  Having grown up on stories of the evils of Black Widows, Norah felt both fear and disgust, as her former friends began to distance themselves from her.  The bright and outgoing girl became more withdrawn as she began her studies with the Coven.  Her studies in Craft and Protocol ramped up, as her parents wanted her to have the training needed to keep both herself and others safe.

Her time with the Coven centered on her natural strengths of weaving and interpreting tangled webs. Norah also gained skills in creating, finding, and creating antidotes for poisons, even if it isn’t something she advertises.  Very little time was devoted to compulsion spells, other than to recognize when they were being used.  Her fear of becoming the type of Black Widow that the people of Scelt feared, kept her from even being able to learn the basics of mind healing, so terrified was she of delving into someone else’s mind.  Throughout it all, Norah threw herself into her studies, not wanting to disappoint, or bring shame to her Clan.  The fear of shaming her Clan was something that was driven home repeatedly.  While the Clan could see the usefulness of having a Black Widow at the Court level, the idea of what she could do once she was fully trained was something they feared.  Because of this, her training isn’t as complete as a Widow from another Territory.

The Widow surprised even herself when she made a full descent to the Opal at her Offering.  Many had thought that the withdrawn girl would be lucky to come away with a single Descent, let alone a full one.  Her Opal and her completed Virgin Night marked her as an adult, even if she didn’t quite feel like one.  With only the rest of her Court training to finish, Norah accepted a position in the Sheane Court in the Third Circle.  Wanting to feel accepted and trusted, Norah pushed herself hard to learn what was expected of her.  Her need to fit in and make others happy, meant that she often took on jobs that others didn’t want. It also made her an easy target for Eirne Sheane to ask more of her than she should’ve. 

Norah’s skill for interpreting and weaving webs made its way to Eirne, who decided that she could use the young witch to further her needs.  Gradually, she earned the Widow’s trust, eventually offering her the position of Seer.  At first, Norah was pleased to have been noticed by her Queen.  She felt that Mother Night had given her a chance to prove herself by placing her in the Sheane Court. So eager was she to please, that she didn’t balk at the tasks assigned to her by Eirne. Gradually, she slipped down the rabbit hole.  Each seemingly harmless task was followed up by one that was only slightly questionable, causing Norah to realize the predicament she was in too late.

By the time that her Queen asked her to set the webs on Eamonn’s mind, Norah was numb to the idea of taking control over someone else’s mind.  Gone was the sense of guilt that she would’ve felt earlier on in her time at Court.  The webs she placed were rudimentary at best, cobbled together from what she was able to learn on her own, and not something she was taught. The Sheane prejudices that kept her from being fully trained in her Craft, weren’t above
using them to further their own goals.

Norah was on leave from Court visiting her ailing mother when the Territory Queen destroyed Eirne’s Court. Guilt warred with relief when she received the news. Guilt that she’d survived when so many of her Clansmen had died. Relief that she’d no longer have to serve the Queen she’d quickly come to hate. After the dust settled, Norah was left adrift without purpose.  For the first time in years, she could set her own course, and decide on her own actions.  The idea of staying with her Clan that was afraid of her and what she could do turned her stomach. Guilt was her motivation to seek out Clan Kerry in hopes of making amends for what she’d done under Eirne’s rule.  While she knows that she’ll never be able to take back what she’s done, Norah does hope that the price can be paid going forward.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

Norah walked away from Eirne’s Office with a heavy heart.  Just when she thought that she’d become used to what the Queen would demand, there was always something that was required of her that caused her to die a little more inside.  Surely Mother Night wouldn’t have given Widows their skills if only for them to be feared by the Blood around them.  Distractedly, she acknowledged the people that she passed on her way back to her workroom, her mind already at work on the webs that she’d be weaving next.

This assignment would be the hardest for her to complete.  Her training with the Coven had been haphazard at best, and certainly hadn’t included compulsion webs.  A look of concentration crossed her face as she pulled down the books she needed to reference.  Few of the Court knew what it was she did in her workroom, but none of them dared to enter her space. Still, she kept the books she’d managed to gather about her Craft locked with the strength of her Opal.

Placing the books on the stand next to the wooden frame she used for weaving, Norah cleared her mind and began to plan how she would weave her web.  It would need to be light, and settle into place easily. Eamonn stood deeper in the Abyss than she, and even if the plan was for him to think that Loreniel placed the web, it wouldn’t do for her to be sloppy. It had to unfold almost naturally, without him suspecting anything was amiss until it was useful for him to do so.

Sighing, she sat before the frame, and called in the skeins of silk that she used to weave. Clearing her mind, she began to weave, all other thoughts were pushed out of her mind as she focused on the task at hand.

Petitions (if any):   

Why did this character became inactive?
Life was crazy, muse dried up, and I should’ve taken an extended LOA

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
She has a thread with Dallan that will get her moving to the Kerry Court, and one in the works that will take place once she’s there.

Also, I’m only reactivating Norah and Cypress. I have a few apps currently in the Keep that I’m working on, all in active Territories with plots lined up for them.

Just made a post with her here:

What are your plans for this character?
Being the Denford Court Seer, attempting to make amends for her past actions.

Number of previous Reactivations: 2 for her I think.

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : None

Player Name: Kellee

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Re: Norah Sheane
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Re: Norah Sheane
« Reply #2 on: Mar 21, 17, 06:30:11 AM »
This character has been marked as Inactive

If you would like to reactivate this character they will need to be submitted through the Keep's Registry again as a petitioned character using the Reactivation Petition.

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