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Author Topic: Naoji Kirijo  (Read 897 times)

Description: Warlord. Blood Opal to Green. Played by Zen.

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Naoji Kirijo
« on: Oct 21, 19, 02:19:39 AM »
The Basics
Character Name: Naoji Kirijo no Ureshi-sa
Nicknames: Ji
Age: 26 (b. 168 AP)
Race: Short-Lived (Tacean)
Caste: Warlord
Birth Territory: Tacea
Home Territory: Tacea

Birthright Jewel: uncut Blood Opal
Offering Jewel: cut Green

Role: First Son (heir/protege)
Faction: Ureshi-sa


Play By: Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul (Ten)
Distinguishing Features: As a geisha, he is allowed liberties in his appearance that other males are not necessarily afforded. That being the case, his ears possess a small array of piercings and when he is outside of his traditional geisha garb and makeup he has a propensity for still indulging in eyeliner. Additionally Naoji has been told that he has exceptionally beautiful hands; which, as a poet and calligrapher he takes as one of the highest compliments.



Naoji is filled with every ounce of passion that one could expect from a dark-jeweled Warlord. He plays hard, works harder and loves hardest, exactly in that order. He enjoys his hobbies and his interests, adores the opportunities he's been provided as a geisha for Ureshi-sa and wants nothing more than to do right by the confidence everyone around him seems to have. The Warlord has worked incredibly hard over the years to earn that confidence and shows no signs of stopping even when he appears to be at the top of his game. The top of the pyramid is the most dangerous, after all. Wherein one's rivals and those with the potential to knock him down and best him are all scattered beneath at varying levels, but he would not see that happen if he can help it.

While combat training is a requirement of his occupation and he is very skilled at it, anybody who has met the young man in-depth would tell you that he is indubitably far more lover than fighter in demeanor - the textbook definition of a hopeless romantic in regards to his personal relationships and life in general. He has a zest for living and a virulent need to squeeze every, last drop of positivity and good out of his existence. Sentimental, idealistic and more than a little bit of a fanciful daydreamer, there are many who would try to peg him for foolish or naive, but he would dismiss those naysayers and simply proclaim himself optimistic. Life isn't always bright or kind (he isn't unfamiliar with Tacea's history, of course) and he knows this for fact, but that doesn't stop him from trying to find the silver lining and shine for those he loves even in dark times.

While he is joyous and good-natured, he is neither loud nor boisterous with it, as both of those things would be unfitting for someone of his occupation. He is professional and courteous while working and while not, but not to the point of rigidity or being boring and uptight. Along with the instincts that allow him to perceive the needs and wants of clients and loved ones alike, he aims to fulfill these to the very extent of his abilities and it is one of the many factors that have made him the successful geisha that he is today.

Wearing the Green, there is a natural edge to him beneath the surface as would be expected, but it is not something that tends to come to light without good reason to do so. Any natural excess of energy is funneled into his physical training as well as his practicing of numerous art forms, along with the occasional bout of meditation. What remains instead is a young man who carries himself and behaves with a diffusive calm and an air of serenity that seems to follow him wherever he goes.

  • Poetry. Like all geisha, Naoji was trained in every art form and expected to be at least passably proficient in them in order to cater to any array of the Ladies who would visit the okiya and request him. It was the written word (poetry, specifically) that ended up calling to him the most and where he found his natural talent to reside. Not only does he enjoy writing and reciting beautiful compositions for people to enjoy, he delights in reading the work of others as well. Published books, handwritten works from admirers (one in particular he is the most fond of) and anything in between.
  • Spring. His favorite season by far and for many reasons. It is the season of rebirth, a new cycle for land and people alike to have a clean slate for the upcoming year. The colors are majestic and inspiring when the plants of his homeland start to recover from the dead chill of winter (the cherry and plum blossom trees unique to Tacea are among his favorite types), not to mention the Flower Viewing Festival is by far the one he delights in the most. (Additionally, he has submitted poems to this regal event and actually found himself amidst the winners of its poetry contest several times.)
  • Fashion. Appearance is everything, that was one of his first lessons at the okiya. Being well-groomed and well-kept is of the utmost importance and anything less would bring dishonor to his mentor and Ureshi-sa as a whole. Besides that, it really is just a lot of fun. Naoji enjoys the art of carefully putting together his outfits and keeping up with the latest trends that spring up in Tacea both regarding clothing and makeup. Shopping for new robes and accessories is definitely up there on his list of guilty pleasures, but he isn't ashamed to admit it.

  • Coffee. He's only had it a few times but he's not found it appealing to his palette on any occasion. He finds it extremely bitter regardless of how much cream or sugar is added and it's also harsher on his stomach than other drinks, he's noticed. Besides, tea ceremonies are a wonderful art that he adores indulging in, so he'll take tea over disgusting bean water any day of the week.
  • Males Who Try to Shirk the Status Quo. Naoji doesn't understand these men and he never has. Women of Tacea are fierce, beautiful, strong... it is the highest honor a man could dream of to be permitted to serve and protect them so staunchly, in his opinion. So when he hears tales of the spear gender who break away from these positions, those who try to bring harm to the way of things or take power for themselves over the women, he can never help but cringe in distaste.
  • Arithmetic. Math is hard, okay? But in seriousness, this has actually been a lifelong source of struggle for Naoji. Not because he doesn't understand the basic concepts he was educated in, but because ever since he was a boy he's found himself with a hard time recognizing the numbers themselves. They seem to flip and reverse what they're actually supposed to be when he looks at them on paper, so it makes anything math-related exceptionally frustrating for him.

  • Losing His Place as First Son. Ureshi-sa has literally been the Warlord's life. He was left there before his earliest memories, he was raised there and was slotted as Ryuuen's successor at an incredibly early age due to his devotion and diligence to the work required of him. While he isn't covetous of very much and generally not competitive, his position within the okiya is one of the things he values the most in this world and he refuses to allow another to prove themselves his better. It simply will not happen because he won't allow it, keeping his skills honed religiously in order to prevent it.
  • Being Crippled. Physical fitness is a staple trait for any geisha. They are trained in combat with the aspirations of serving a Queen, competing in the tournament to receive the highest honor of becoming a Dagger. Naoji is no exception. While his leash (and his heart) does reside with another he is still expected to compete when the time comes, with many feeling even now that he will be a solid contender. That being so, it goes without saying that for anything to permanently injure him would throw all of this out the window. It would leave him devastated in his inability to properly serve anyone, much less His beautiful Queen or even the new Dragon Mother.
  • Rejection. Naoji was already the abandoned son of Mother Night knows who all those years ago, unwanted and unneeded by whoever his family was. While it's neither something he dwells on nor allows it to give him some outrageous complex, this doesn't mean he lacks insecurities or doubts regarding it. He has found family and friends alike inside the walls of Ureshi-sa as well as outside, and to potentially ever be dismissed by those he values most would surely break his heart on a large-scale level.

Craft Strengths:
  • Calming Rage. Though Ureshi-sa has taken in males of all castes, it is known that Ryuuen is most fond of seeking out the volatile Warlord Princes and helping them temper those violent natures. That being the case, Naoji offers his own aid by having specialized in this Craft, allowing him to move through the okiya and provide an extra level of peace to his more temper-fueled brothers. His skill in this has advanced to the point that he is also able to soothe any women he is in the presence of should it be required, given that their own personalities can also be equally fierce and deadly.
  • Witchfire. Naoji's command of witchfire is nothing short of a work of art. Able to command multiple spheres of it at a time, manipulate both the shapes and colors that he's able to form the flames into, and force it to burn hotter and brighter than the norm when he needs it to. The Warlord has found this skill to be useful in more than one capacity and he has adopted it into both his combat abilities as well as many of his geisha performances.

Craft Weaknesses:
  • Jewel Shielding. He can't. Plain and simple. For all his training and his efforts to do this, it has long ago come to light that he isn't able to directly shield what is considered the source of power for every member of the Blood. Why this is he has never figured out, but it's also one of his most closely-guarded secrets. To reveal such a thing would make this vulnerability a glaring target on his back for rivals or any who would wish him harm and he won't permit that.
  • Sight Shielding. He's capable of these shields, but admittedly not very good at them. They require more of his jewel energy to keep up and even then they aren't the most reliable. Either flickering inconveniently in and out of existence or sitting quite below the strength that would normally come from a Green, or even a Blood Opal.

Life Story
Mother: Unknown Blood female
Father: Unknown Blood male
Siblings: Unknown Blood

Otou-san / Mentor: Ryuuen Kirijo; Summer Sky - Opal; Warlord Prince (b. 142 AP)
Apprentice: Asahi no Tsukuda; White (will descend to Rose); Prince (b. 183 AP)


While most unwanted male children tended to be abandoned at the temples scattered around Tacea, Naoji's sires had skipped over that step and instead left him right upon the steps that led into Ureshi-sa within the city of Ito. Whoever they were they at least had the foresight and generosity to put him on the path to a respectable future, even if they themselves weren't the ones who would be providing it. He was taken in with great pleasure by the Otou-san of Ureshi-sa at the time, Ryutaro Kirijo, and was raised among the men there in equal measure, although it was Ryutaro's eventual successor, Ryuuen (along with his close friend and very concealed lover, Zhihao), that seemed to dote on Naoji the most throughout the years.

The Warlord had an advantage from an early age. While most boys didn't start their geisha training until after they'd had their birthright ceremony, the fact that he practically lived there behind-the-scenes as a toddler allowed him to start basic lessons far earlier. Even then he seemed to have a natural knack for what he was taught by the other geisha. After he came away with the Blood Opal in hand - and uncut, even! the proud, beaming look from his mentor still remains crystal clear in his mind to this day - his training intensified and progressed accordingly. But the boy turned teenager turned young man met each new challenge and lesson with determination and came away successful at every turn.

Over the years it was clear he was miles ahead of the other apprentices, taking to the rigorous art and combat training with a finesse that was nigh unmatched and highly enviable. When Ryutoro passed away from illness in the middle of the night during Naoji's teenage years, it was then Ryuuen who became Otou-san of Ureshi-sa and Naoji who was unofficially marked to in turn become the new successor.

While there was no pressure directly from Ryuuen to complete his training as soon as possible, Naoji knew the responsibilities that the older man balanced while also being a Dagger to the Dragon Mother at the time, Hinata no Kagen. He wished to make his friend and mentor proud while also easing his burden of work where he was able, so the Warlord strove ever-assiduously to do just that. By the time he was eighteen he had indeed managed to complete the last stages of his training, as well as making his Offering to the Darkness upon reaching twenty. The combination of these two factors allowed him to officially (as it had been noted in all ways but the paperwork of the matter until then) be recognized as heir of Ureshi-sa. The title of First Son of his okiya, his home, being one that he was elated and proud to accept.

His world was turned upside down a year later at nineteen upon meeting Yumi no Kagen one fateful afternoon. The Queen granddaughter of the woman who unified Tacea had been visiting with said grandmother and upon stepping into the tearoom, laying eyes on the younger girl he had felt lighter than air as the Queen Bond snapped into place with surprising force. Naoji had always been happy and content with his life, but that connection had provided him with something he wasn't even aware he was missing. They were permitted to visit and spend time with one another as any Queen and her male rightly should, but their paths had no reason to intersect beyond that given that she was not yet a Queen with a court and he was still the heir to Ureshi-sa.

That precarious tightrope walk between both worlds is where the past several years have continued into the present: balancing the duties he holds as a geisha and successor of the okiya with the desperate desire he has to properly serve the Queen of his heart and soul. Now more than ever with the recent events taking place at the Territory level, which in turn have forced destiny's hand in that Yumi will finally be ruling in an official capacity for the Kagen.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

It had to be perfect.

Granted, perfection on such short notice was asking quite a bit from even the most skilled of tailors, but that was highly beside the point and changed his mind none. Yumi's enthronement was unexpectedly upon them and while he was not permitted to attend the ceremony itself (unaffiliated with the Kagen as he was, it would've been inappropriate), the dinner afterwards was a social affair and he had gotten almost immediate approval from Ryuuen that he could go. The okiya would be overseen by the next most senior male for that evening alone as both himself and the otou-san would be at said festivities.

He was so giddy he was sure that he'd visibly vibrate from the eagerness had he been a less-controlled sort. But the elation was there in full, of that there was no question. His heart swelled with love and awe at even the mere thought of His Queen, His beautiful and kind and smart Yumi ascending to the role of clan Queen. She was wonderful, she was perfection incarnate and she was going to be the best ruler the Kagen had ever seen, he just knew it.

Which was exactly why his robes for that evening had to be exactly perfect, nothing else would do for such a momentous occasion. Yumi had told Naoji several times over the years what she dreamed her own robes would look like when the day came and he could picture them in almost precise detail even though he had not seen them in person. To match exactly would be disrespectful as it would take attention away from the Lady of honor, but to match his Queen in a more subtle manner was not a faux pas of any kind.

If only he could find the right fabric pattern! He'd been to at least two shops at this point, nothing calling to him thus far and he was growing frustrated, anxious that he wouldn't find something that was just right and would be forced to attend in something lesser. Huffing, his fingers continued to graze across the racks of as he walked in between them, about to call this visit a waste as well...

But then he spotted it and his eyes lit up, smile growing wide as he came across what he finally sought. It was metallic gray silk, a muted tone but not the color of mourning like a black or white one would've been. The inlay was the perfect shade of red, starting at the sleeves and working its way up and inward toward collar and shoulders then down the back. Paired with an exceptional sash of that same red meshed with gold and then swapping out his usual black earrings and accessories for those of gold as well... Yes, yes his outfit would be flawless.

"This one. This is the one I need, please," he spoke to the seamstress as he snatched it from where it was hanging and spun around on a foot to face the woman, still smiling victoriously.

Petitions (if any): 

Why did this character became inactive? Life stuff got wild.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? Write my wonderful son until the entire Territory of Tacea is sick of him.

What are your plans for this character? Drama goin' down, hearts bein' broken, plots bein' fulfilled, you know the drill.

Number of previous Reactivations: More than 0, less than 10. This is Naoji's first.

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any): Age updated to reflect the current year of the board.

Player Name: Zen

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Re: Naoji Kirijo
« Reply #1 on: Oct 21, 19, 02:22:10 AM »
Return this delightful boy back to me and his homeland! <3

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Re: Naoji Kirijo
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Re: Naoji Kirijo
« Reply #3 on: Mar 06, 20, 01:01:12 AM »
This character has been marked as Inactive

For more information please see this thread: The Inactivity Policy

If you would like to reactivate this character they will need to be submitted through the Keep's Registry again as a petitioned character using the Reactivation Petition.
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