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Author Topic: Min Liu  (Read 1059 times)

Description: Queen. Summer Sky to Blood Opal. Played by z.

Offline Min Liu

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Min Liu
« on: Apr 15, 18, 02:15:44 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Liú Mǐn (刘敏) (western style Min Liu)
Nicknames: Xiaomin (literally "little Min"), Minmin
Age and Birth Year: 27 (b. 166 AP)
Race: Tacean
Caste: Queen
Birth Territory: Zhong, Tacea
Home Territory: Currently Kagen Province, Tacea

Birthright Jewel: uncut Summer Sky
Offering Jewel: uncut Blood Opal

Role: Queen
Faction: The Tang


Play By:  Li Yuchun
Distinguishing Features: Min is fit and muscular. She almost exclusively wears loose, plain tunics and trousers suitable for manual labor: Min is theoretically fine with dressing formally, but would be wildly inappropriate for her to wear silks and jewelry while her people don't even have enough warm clothing for the winters.


Min is the happiest when she gets to feel connected to her body. Dancing, hiking, and martial arts are her three favorite things: not only are they intensely physical, but it's one of the only areas of Min's life where she feels like she can pour effort into something and see concrete improvements. Academics are a lesson in diminishing returns, and even Craft feels like it's more innate than studied, even though that isn't necessarily true. Being able to witness the physical changes in her body and rise through the ranking systems of the various martial forms she studies is incredibly satisfying to Min. Dance and martial arts are also good outlets emotionally– Min is hot-tempered, and structured physical activities giver her a constructive channel for her anger and annoyance. People close to Min can always tell when she hasn't had a chance to work out recently, because she gets snippy and petty.

Min's mother often called her stubborn, but Min prefers the word "tenacious." Once she sets her mind to something she'll dig her claws in and refuse to give up. Sometimes it pays off, and she's able to accomplish something extraordinary. Often, it backfires and Min is left having poured her energy into a task that turned out to be truly impossible. Even in failure, Min rarely regrets trying. How can she know if something is impossible if she hasn't attempted it.

Before the eruption of Mt. Mago, Min never worried about her people. It wasn't that she didn't care, but she knew that the islands of Zhong were in good hands under the rule of Queen Guanping: everything was safe and stable. Now that Min is the Queen of a ragtag group of refugees, that's changed. She feels achingly responsible for her people, and cares deeply about the wellbeing of every single Tang survivor. Min is acutely aware that she wasn't first (or second or third) in line to succeed Guanping, and she's determined to do her very best now that she's been thrust into a position she was never meant to have. Min is committed to make up for what she lacks in polish and education with heart and resolve.

Like most of the Tang refugees, Min has not only lost her home, but also her family. She's had no chance to process her grief– there's simply too much to do to. Refugee camps need clean water and safe housing. Orphaned children need to be cared for. Rescue expeditions need to be organized. One day her people will have some semblance of stability, and Min's days won't be dawn-to-dusk crisis management. Stability is the goal, of course, but Min is secretly dreading it. When she can't throw every waking moment into taking care of others, she'll have no excuse not to take care of her own grief. She knows she hasn't dealt with the deaths of her mother, sister, and mentor, but Min has spent so long shoving her own needs aside that now the only way she's able to handle any of her feelings is to throw herself into hard work.

  • Martial Arts. Unlike academics, martial arts come easily to Min. She loves getting to be physical, connecting with her body and exercising strict mental discipline at the same time.
  • Camping and hiking. One of Min's few mother-approved chances to get out of the city, on the basis that spending time with the land was good for Queens. She was always escorted, but it was the closest Min ever really got to alone time and she grew to relish both the physical challenge of difficult hikes and the serenity of the environment.
  • Music. Try as she might, Min never learned to play an instrument well. But she loves listening to music, especially instrumental ensembles.

  • Chess. A distinguished, cultured game of logic and skill. Also a tedious and mind-numbing exercise in losing, over and over again. Min has had stress dreams where the chess pieces come to life and beat her up.
  • Failing tests. Min doesn't test well, and every time she's subjected to an academic test, she just gets into a vicious cycle of knowing she'll fail, and then dreading the test and performing badly, and then failing.
  • Men. They are inherently the weaker, stupider sex. Aside from sperm, men simply have nothing to contribute to society, and Min would prefer not to waste her time interacting with them.

  • Losing what little she has left. The eruption of Mount Mago took nearly everything from Min. Her mother and sister, her friends, her Queen. She has become fiercely protective of the remaining Tang people– her people, and is acutely aware that they're her responsibility now.
  • Earthquakes. They used to be just another occasional occurrence, but since the massive earthquakes that preceded Mount Mago's eruption, the shaking ground strikes panic into Min's chest as she's brought back to the worst day of her life.
  • Being replaced. If another Tang Queen is found who is a better scholar than Min, she could be replaced as Queen. Before the Earthquake, Min had accepted that she'd never be Queen of more than a small village. But caring for the refugee Tang has become Min's whole life– without it, she wouldn't know what to do with herself. Min would become just another refugee, alone with her grief.

    Craft Strengths:
  • Land Sense. Min has always had a strong connection to the land, and is able to intuitively find underground springs or know the best place to put a building.
  • Passing through objects. Rowdy child that she was, Min learned to sneak out of the palace by simply phasing through the walls. As she got older she also learned to use this skill in combat, letting weapons pass harmlessly through her body.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • Communication Craft. Psychic threads have long been a weakness of Min's. She's severely limited by distance– if someone isn't in the same building as her, she has no hope of reaching them– and has to maintain constant focus if she's psychically communicating with someone.
  • Queen's touch. Min has a rather low opinion of men in general, and has never had a bonded male. She's never gotten any practice with her Touch, and doesn't really know how to access that power.

    Life Story
    Family: (names are given Chinese style, family name first)
    Mother: Liú Juān, Rose to Purple Dusk Priestess, presumed dead at age 48 (b. 143 AP d. 191 AP). A Priestess in Queen Guanping's court.
    Father: Unknown, denied paternity.
    Sibling: Liú Lì, Rose to Purple Dusk Black Widow, presumed dead at age 25 (b. 166 AP d. 191 AP). Min's twin sister.
    Mentor: Cài Guānpíng, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Queen, died at age 57 (b. 134 AP d. 191 AP). The previous Queen of the Tang people and a Distinguished Scholar.

    Min's childhood was mostly consumed by endless lessons. Her mother Juan served Queen Guanping as a Priestess in her Court, and Min and her sister Li received the highest quality education in the Zhong islands. Lessons in art, literature, history, mathematics, Craft and Protocol were a matter of course. Min and a few other young Queens also had occasional private instruction with Queen Guanping, studying the art of ruling.

    Though she was given every advantage, Min was never top of the class. She dragged herself through academics, scraping by with passing grades thanks to extra tutoring from courtiers. To add to her embarrassment, Min's twin sister Li was consistently at or near the top of her classes. The only subjects Min excelled in were dance and martial arts. She loved being able to move her body, and spent as much time as she was allowed in the dance studio or in the kwoon, practicing dance steps, working out, or sparring. Her mother disapproved, of course. The Tang were a very academic-minded people: the fact that Min was not only below what was expected of a Queen, but below even the average for females, was incredibly humiliating for Juan.

    Receiving her Offering to the Darkness was doubly sweet for Min: she grew in power, but it also marked the end of compulsory academic education. Finally, Min was allowed to spend her time the way she wished. She still sat in on Queen Guanping's meetings occasionally, but there were other young Queens who were far better suited to succeed Guanping than Min was. Her real dream was to serve in Tacea's military, but the best she could really hope for was to rule a small town or farming village, a fact that Min had made her peace with as a teenager.

    Min had always loved hiking and camping– activities her mother grudgingly allowed after Min convinced her that her caste demanded she spend time in nature. She'd always had a strong connection to the land, and in the days before the eruption Min could tell that something was wrong. She was out hiking Mount Mago with friends when the first earthquake hit. At first, it wasn't much to worry about. The Zhong Islands were regularly rocked by small quakes– just a fact of living in a volcanically active part of the world. But then the earthquakes just kept coming. What started as a leisurely day hike became a mad scramble down the mountain, the ground shaking like the mountain was trying to buck them off. When they made it back to Chang'an with only a few scrapes and minor broken bones, they felt lucky to be alive.

    Min was woken in the middle of the night by a palace guard bursting into her quarters. She was allowed only enough time to throw on a robe over her nightshirt before she was hustled out of the palace and down to the docks. She struggled against the guard, trying to find her mother and sister in the crowd, but he promised her that they were on a boat already. People were crammed like swine into the hold of the boat, and when no more could fit, more stood shoulder to shoulder on the deck. Min had no time to grieve or be afraid as magma and clouds of ash rolled slowly toward Chang'an– every able body was put to work casting off the boat, and she threw herself into blowing wind into the sails to speed them away from Zhong.

    When they docked in Kagen province, Min lost no time searching for her family. She asked people from every single ship whether they'd seen her mother and sister, but she only got shrugs and shaking heads. Maybe their ship had been lost, caught up in the treacherous rough water. Or maybe they hadn't made it out at all. Juan and Li were just another two of the thousands lost in the eruption.

    Again, there was no time to grieve. When the initial chaos died down and survivors were counted, it became clear that Min was the only adult Queen to make it to Kagen Province. Guanping, of course, had overseen the evacuation of Chang'an and refused to leave. Some other Queens had done the same, others had been lost to the sea of the Winds, a few had simply gone missing. For the first time in her life, Min was the most qualified candidate to rule. She threw herself into the role with vigor. She might not have much of a head for mathematics or Protocol, but this was a time for action. A refugee Court sprung up around Min, and she took each crisis one at a time. The refugee camps need food? She worked out deals with local farmers to use her Queen's Gift on their rice paddies, increasing yields. Sickness spread among her people? Min negotiated with mainland queens for healers to be brought in. She worked side by side with laborers to build better accommodations in the refugee camp when it became apparent that it would be years before the Tang people could return to Zhong. She wasn't the scholar-Queen her people wanted, but she was determined to make herself what they needed.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:
    Min had never been so afraid as she had that afternoon, stumbling down the mountain with her friends Bai and Yazhu, dodging boulders and falling trees as the earth quaked like Mount Mago was trying her best to buck them off. As she lay in bed, Min's mind kept flashing back earlier in the day, scenes of chaos seared into her eyelids. Wiping sweat off of her forehead and realizing it was blood. Yazhu's arm dangling limply from her broken shoulder as they ran for dear life. Fires in the suburbs of Chang'an at the foot of the mountain, a rescue brigade trying to free a family from a collapsed house. Min was rightfully exhausted, her body bruised and aching and screaming for rest, but sleep refused to come. She tossed and turned fitfully, no position comfortable for long, reliving the earthquake over and over.

    Min must have dozed off at some point, though, because she was woken by a palace guard bursting into her room.

    "You have to get up, the mountain is erupting. You have to leave now."

    Too shocked and exhausted to do anything but comply, Min numbly grabbed a robe and ran barefoot after the guard. She tried to turn toward the east wing where her mother and sister slept, but the man grabbed her arm roughly.

    "No, to the docks. I'm sorry, but I'm under orders to make sure people don't try and go back for anything. There's no time."

    Min wrenched her arm away. "You think I care about things? My family are back there, I–"

    He cut her off. "They've already been evacuated. You'll see them when you reach the mainland. Now stop wasting time!"

    Min let herself be hustled down the halls. The closer they got to the palace's dock, the thicker the crowds were, people half-dressed or in pajamas like Min, some carrying hastily-packed bags, most empty-handed. They pressed closer and closer together– at one point Min looked back and realized she'd lost the guard, he was nowhere to be seen in the crowd. She couldn't see what was ahead, couldn't turn back: her only choice was to shuffle forward with the crowd, everyone trying to maintain a veneer of calm over deep panic. At last, the hallway opened up onto the palace's private dock in the channel between the twin islands of Zhong.

    Boats were, in fact, waiting, and Min let herself be funneled into one. People crammed belowdecks like swine, standing shoulder to shoulder until there was no room left to sit or turn around. One look down into the hold told Min she'd rather be anywhere else, and she joined a throng of evacuees pressed against the railing. More and more people flooded onto the boat until Min was sure it would sink, and even as the crew cast off people were jumping from the dock and trying to climb the side of the vessel. Some of them made it. Min saw one man fall in and tried to drag him up out of the water with Craft, but his head had slipped under the water before she could get a good hold. Some Queen she was, unable to even save one man from drowning. Min wasn't given an opportunity to dwell on her failure. A white-jeweled witch grabbed her arm and pressed her into service. "Can you make wind? Good. Help get us out of here." Min threw herself into the task, shutting out the screaming and the smoke and the panic in the air. She would make sure this boat reached safety or she would die trying.

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    Wanted Ad Sponsor: Reid

    Player Name: z

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Re: Min Liu
« Reply #1 on: Apr 15, 18, 02:18:39 PM »
May I please have a general random roll? Thank you!

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Re: Min Liu
« Reply #2 on: Apr 15, 18, 02:23:41 PM »
Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Summer Sky Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Blood Opal Jewel at your Offering.


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Re: Min Liu
« Reply #3 on: Apr 25, 18, 01:57:16 PM »
Min looks lovely and I am excited to see her in play :D This is a stamp for the Tang Queen wanted and for tacea canon refs :>

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Re: Min Liu
« Reply #4 on: Apr 25, 18, 01:58:51 PM »
Thennnn I am ready for review!!

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Re: Min Liu
« Reply #5 on: Apr 25, 18, 03:35:49 PM »
Added to the queue.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Min Liu
« Reply #6 on: Apr 27, 18, 09:00:04 AM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Min Liu
« Reply #7 on: Feb 02, 19, 10:27:58 AM »
This character has been marked as Inactive

For more information please see this thread: The Inactivity Policy

If you would like to reactivate this character they will need to be submitted through the Keep's Registry again as a petitioned character using the Reactivation Petition.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker