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Author Topic: Lydiian Dzajic  (Read 1848 times)

Description: Black Widow. Purple Dusk to Green. Played by Dani

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Lydiian Dzajic
« on: Dec 29, 16, 09:40:46 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Lydiian Dzajic
Nicknames: Dii (pronounced Dee), Lydi, The Head Bitch
Age: 1,301 [26]; Born 1107 Before Purge
Race: Eyrien, Full Blooded

Caste: Black Widow
Birth Territory: Askavi, Terreille
Home Territory: Askavi, Terreille

Birthright Jewel: cut Purple Dusk
Offering Jewel: uncut Green


Play By: Donna Feldman
Distinguishing Features: Lydiian is on the tall side of Eyrien women and has a predilection to wear high heeled shoes, both to accent her long legs and to allow her to use her height to intimidate, especially if her rank and Jewels are not enough. Lydiian is a potent mix of sexuality and ferocity, using them to her advantage in her wardrobe, able walk the razor edge between overly revealing and sophisticated.

Also there is a long scar on the front side of her thigh, left leg, that is covered with illusion. Those who have had sexual encounters with the Widow know of its existence as there is the feel of puckered flesh, consistent with a scar.


The Head Bitch is a name associated with only one person at the Territory Court of Askavi – Lady Dii. Though spoken behind her back, Lydiian understand and embraces the role. She didn’t become the Steward of Askavi by playing nice or by the rules. Under the reign of previous Warlord Prince of Askavi, Lydiian worked hard to secure contacts loyal to her in the Court, but she quickly realized in the position generally given to a man, she had to play rough to get noticed and respected. Though after she started to gain respect from the men and women of Court, Lydiian couldn’t stop the pressuring those who need pressure or let others get away with any slight on her or to the ruler. Lydiian was the Steward; she had to maintain the Court and the Territory.

Lydiian has no friends in Court; she has only lovers, people bound to her service, and enemies. With no time for friendship, the Black Widow is consumed by her job to make sure she knows everything she can at Court itself and to make sure that the rest of Askavi is taken care of. Of course she is no miracle worker, Askavi is not magically fixed, but she makes sure her job of fielding inquires for the Territory Ruler and bringing to his attention meaningful items instead of worthless queries. A true workaholic, Lydiian has her fingers in many pies and has to spend a lot of energy to maintain them.

If there is one nice thing to be said about Lydiian is that she has honor. For those who are willing to serve her, to feed her information or work within the Court to better her goals, Lydi will not betray them. Having learned the price of betrayal by watching those who came before her, Lydiian is loyal to those she serves and expects the same in return. Those few who betray her have met painful endings, so anyone who throws their lot in with the Green Black Widow has come to know she is not a person to cross lightly, especially if they value their life.

Even though Lydiian is all business nearly every hour of the day, occasionally, and this is very occasionally, the Black Widow will unwind for a few hours with a tall bottle of the finest wine she can find in Askavi and relax. Though, it is not unknown that Lydiian is a vixen in bed and that she deeply enjoys the relaxation she finds there.

  • Fine red wine. She would sneak tastes of her parent’s wine from their cellar as a child and the taste for the deep reds has never left her. It is a well known fact that entering her office with a rare or special bottle of red wine will warm the normally chilly Steward up.
  • Sex. Lydiian has always been a Black Widow but has also felt the extra layer of sensuality beyond that of her innate sexuality of her caste. It is both a relaxer and enjoyable, but beyond that sex has become a way for Lydiian to secure power from certain parties with the Court. Though she is not indiscriminate with whom she sleeps with, Lydiian has never felt ashamed of her predilection for comfort in bed.
  • Seeing her plans come to fruition. Lydiian has always and will always be a planner, be it for how to get a certain Court member disgraced or even mundane on how to see the largest amount of grain imported for the best price. Whatever it may be, Lady Dii always gets a warm feeling of completion when her plans fall into place.
  • Messes – be them physical or political. Lydiian wants everything to run smoothly. Having a snag in her plan or the plan to fall apart completely can drive her to drink – or just excessive bouts of sex.
  • Incompetence. As Lydi has to deal with a wide variety of people, those who just don’t know how to perform their job or even those who don’t understand the political waters of Court can easily earn this Black Widow’s ire. Her opinion is if you don’t having anything meaningful to say, just shut the fuck up.
  • Unfounded gossip. Though it is bound to happen, Lydiian has had to listen to the gossip and then ask who provided them the information, following the chain back to the top before she can give credence to the information. As some of the Court men and woman have a flare for exaggerating and embellishing, Lydiian has come to dislike the unfounded gossip she finds. At one point, she did contemplate killing the most notorious embellishers but decided they did serve a purpose to sow confusion and fear occasionally, which she could use to her advantage.
  • Losing Control. She controls the Court and her life to a precise detail, to lose that would destroy the basis of her life and her role at Court.
  • Her death. Askavi is a brutal land with a harsh and deadly Court also. Lady Dii is first and foremost concerned with her protection. It is the reason she has nearly a dozen deadly webs placed around her office and vanished for easy retrieval. She is not paranoid, but a little paranoia at the Territory Court can go a long way.
  • Seeing Askavi die. So there may be an unexpected core of love for her Country and for those who are not involved in the complex and dangerous waters of Court. If she thought it would keep Askavi safe, Lydiian would do nearly anything to see it done.

Craft Strengths:
  • Illusions. Lydiian took to the craft like a duckling to water… or at least like a drunk to alcohol. They are her best Widow strength and the Coven was sad to see this Illusionist continue to bigger things within the Territory.
  • Seduction craft. Looks can get you most of the way, for those last few inches, a few tendrils of seduction craft can bridge the gap.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Visions. This Black Widow hates visions – hates them with a passion. She believes these wishy washy possibilities to be worse than useless, they can be self fulfilling. If she could, Lydi would remove the ability to have visions from herself, instead she ignores the few sparse ones she has.
  • Combat craft (minus shielding). As an Eyrien woman, her task has never been to fight, so she left that to others, let them make war while she waged political wars. Shielding was defensive ans was taught to her, like all other woman, but anything like sight shields or bolts of power are beyond her; though as a Black Widow she is not weaponless.

Life Story

Family:Mother: Faelian Dzajic - Summer Sky to Blood Opal  Jeweled Witch (deceased)
Father: Seivnar Dzajic - Broken Opal to Broken Sapphire Jeweled Prince
  • Elder Sister: Naomian Dzajic - Rose to Purple Dusk Jeweled Priestess
  • Elder Brother: Leivar Dzajic - Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Prince (Deceased)
  • Younger Brother: Vernar Dzajic - Rose to Summer Sky Jeweled Warlord (deceased)
Aunt: Illenian Dzajic - Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Jeweled Priestess

Lydiian’s life had been planned since a young age, to grow and marry, to raise high in the Coven or become a Court Seer and bring even more glory to her family. A family where her aunt was married into what constituted to the royal family of Askavi, to the brother of the Current Queen of Askavi, one Tasiar Dakane. It had brought her whole family up in the political circles, to better positions and higher power. So when the young Purple Dusk girl turned out to be a Black Widow, her family planned on what her first Court would be, if she should go for Head of the Coven or High Seer or the Territory, nearly everything in Lydiian’s view, which is likely the basis for her knack for planning and organizing comes from.

Life continued as normal while the Queen of Asakvi ruled, continued even after the Purge struck, stealing her brother life and her father’s descent, although she rode the dark wave and survived. It was when her Uncle by marriage took the throne after his sister’s family was killed that her family truly came into the limelight. Her aunt and parents got invited into the First Circle while Lydi whittled away at Coven politics, unhappy with her situation. She had been given the best her parents could find and the Black Widow knew she could do so much more than weaving Widow Webs or trying to find hints of what may come in dreams; Lydi was a politician and the life in the Coven was dull at best. Lady Dii wanted a challenge; she wanted into the Territory Court –not some fifth or sixth circle – and told her family as much.

Lydiian’s chance came in a surprising fashion, after the former Steward to her uncle was found out in an attempt to betray her uncle, and summarily executed in front of the Court. It was a void in the Court that needed the Steward to run the show, to filter requests to her uncle. When her mother saw the void, she approached Lydiian’s aunt, whispering about how Lydiian would be better suited for a job like Steward, how she excelled at politics and was part of the family. When her aunt finally caught the ear of her husband, bringing his attention to her niece’s abilities and her long legs, it was a short time before Lydiian was called before the Court, an offer she had never expected before her. Lydiian was offered the position of Steward, though she could see the lust in her uncle’s eyes and that lust mirrored in many within the Court. She had never been one to stand back in life, to let it wash over her, and she could deal with lust, could deal with nearly everything given time to come up with a plan. Her resounding acceptance was the barest pause between the spoken offer and her delectation, a sly smile already playing at her mouth. She was destined for this job and she would prove it.

Fifty years past. For fifty years she had been the lover of her uncle, for fifty years she had learned the game of Court and had become a master of the game of lies and lovers. She had always been raised to live within a Court, to be a Steward was only more planning and attention to detail, which was a niche she could fill with finesse. Lydiian pulled no stops, working always to further herself by staying loyal to her uncle, by making sure he would have no complaints about his Steward, by making sure his bed was kept filled with either herself or a string of other willing women from Court and beyond. It was not hard to find women willing to get a leg up by bedding the Territory Ruler.  It was not surprise to Lydiian when her uncle divorced her aunt, only a few years after Lydi herself came into her posistion, adding one of the young aristo girls she had found for her liege to the position of Consort. Of course her former uncle didn’t risk her family’s wrath by removing their positions within the Court and her aunt retained the position of High Priestess, remarrying a few years later to another wealth and connected aristo family.

It was when Endevar Ranosi came back from the dead that Lydi’s world was turned on its ear. In what seemed like the barest of moments, the man she had served devotedly as Steward and bed partner was killed, but when his death finally came around, she didn’t flinch – much. The Black Jeweled Warlord Prince explained that he was a Queen killer, a family killer. He was hired others to do his dirty work, and of all things, he had been willing to kill a child. Lydiian was not without blood on her hands, but she would never harm her own family or a child who was guiltless. It made her sick, but she watched his death with a strength she used in her most trying times. It was after the story Lord Ranosi told that Lydiian realized one important fact – Endevar Ranosi was still a child. He was barely 65 years old, and to Lady Dii, he was a boy in a man’s suit, playing at being grown up. Of course he had the right to kill his uncle, her former uncle, but he had no experience in life, no time to learn how to rule a whole Territory. Of course she had learned before she even took her position as Steward that there was one thing that would keep her alive – loyalty. So Lydiian pledged to serve Endevar, pledged to serve a child. Now all she has to do is find the way to make sure he can serve Askavi and her own ends.

Show us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
The Head Bitch was furious and it was evident that the whole Court knew. As she passed others in the hall, Lydiian was given a wide berth, and only the brave or the stupid bothered to look her in the eye. Thankfully for them, the Black Widow was on the way to her office and hell or high water and she was going to throw out whoever had the audacity to bother her today. Not only had their ruler, the cornerstone of the Court, been slain, this Black Jeweled nephew had taken the throne. Black Jeweled! If the death wasn’t enough to cause uproar at Court, the very Jewel struck paralyzing fear in nearly everyone. The only reason Lydiian hadn’t been completely immobilized had been her preservation instincts; swear fealty and swear fast. Clenching and unclenching her fists in the hallway, Lydiian rounded on the corner that would take her to her office and was aghast as the crowd outside. What had to be nearly twenty-five people stood in front of her Green locked doors, waiting the return of the Steward. Generally Lydiian would make a speech about how anyone who had questions could make an appointment with the witch who was her secretary, but today she could use a good tongue lashing to release some of her pent up anger.

Adding the Green to enhance her voice over the rumble of the crowd, Lydiian spoke, anger restrained in her voice. “Ladies and Gentlemen, today is a terrifying and startling day with the arrival of Lord Ranosi.” Hearing a mumbling of yes, Lydiian was sure none of those arrayed in front of her office wanted anything more than empty assurances that everything would be ok, and as much as Lydiian played to the Court as much as the former Territory Ruler, she didn’t have the patience to hand hold this flock of sheep. “Now, I can imagine there are many of you who need to talk to me for very important reasons.” Stressing the very important, Lydiian slipped a small smile on her face, almost looking sympathetic, which was a warning to those who knew the Head Bitch well. “Too bad none of you are important enough to warrant my time during this emergency. Now get the fuck out of my way or you will be escorted from the Eyrie – permanently.” Lydiian had already thrown people from Court before, having had the confidence and lust of the former Warlord Prince, so all the lower circle members vacated quickly, not daring to pass by the Black Widow and leaving the hall the other direction. Only one person stayed, her Aunt – the High Priestess.

“Lady Steward.” Her Aunt said her voice haughty but strained. “We need to talk.”

Lydiian nodded and unlocked her door, opening it and letting her aunt pass first while she checked the room with her Green, activating a spelled ring at the same time so if there was anyone waiting to attack she would be prepared. The arrival of a Black Warlord Prince had heightened her normal sense of paranoia to a new level. Finding her room empty, Lydiian went to her desk, keeping the ring waiting on standby.  Taking a seat behind her desk and calling in a small carafe of wine, Lydi poured two glasses, floating one to her aunt and sipping hers before speaking. She needed the warmth alcohol could provide.

“How may I help you High Priestess?” She asked evenly, her simmering anger dimmed for the formal discussion.

It was then her aunt snapped up an aural shield and Lydiian tensed. It was one thing to have a Black Jeweled Warlord Prince in residence; it was another to announce to him that they were talking of things that they wanted no one else to hear. “Have you got mad?! Take that blasted thing down this instant!” She shouted, nearly spilling her drink on her desk as she vaulted up. “The Black will bypass that thing in a moment’s notice!” She yelled her face twisted in contempt as her aunt dropped the aural shield. Smoothing her dress after the aural shield was dropped, Lydiian calmed down again, ignoring the look of surprise and embarrassment from her aunt. Her aunt was smart, but sometimes she was a cursed moron.

“How High Priestess, where were we again?” She said coolly as she slid back into her seat.

Her aunt shifted, resettling her emotions and calming her face and nerves. “Do you have a plan on how to deal with Lord Ranosi?” She queried, voice neutral but Lydi could see by the small muscles in her face and posture that her aunt was at a loss, was looking to her for the answers.

“No.” Lydiian said calmly, not bothering to lie; the truth got you so much further. “But I will.” She added with equal confidence. It was also the truth. Though the Black Jeweled Warlord Prince was unexpected, though he was a child, Lydiian would find a way to make sure she stayed safe, and if she could, she would see her family provided for. One thing she had working for her favor was the dense smell of fear that pervaded the Court; the Steward could use fear. He may be a child, but at least he did one thing right. He made himself feared.

Petitions (if any):

Why did this character became inactive? I went inactive during a flurry of real life activities.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? I have plots in place with Askavi no longer being soft closed.

What are your plans for this character? Lydiian was Team Illyrian when Gillian was around but now that she is missing, she is going to be scrambling to try to keep the Territory Court together. Though she is of questionable morals, she is proud of Askavi. With Drakkar coming to the Court she may fall into her bad habits of following men over Queens but he comes with his own baggage as well. Between trying to keep the Court from imploding, she'll be desperately looking for a way to refinance the Court and become financially stable while still avoiding a war with Hayll.

Number of previous Reactivations: 1

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any): Updated her age +1 year.

Player Name: Dani

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Re: Lydiian Dzajic
« Reply #1 on: Dec 29, 16, 09:42:22 PM »
Ready for reactivation review.
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Re: Lydiian Dzajic
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