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Author Topic: Lukas Gundar  (Read 1146 times)

Description: Prince. Rose to Opal. Played by Bowie.

Offline Lukas Gundar

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Lukas Gundar
« on: Jul 31, 18, 12:26:58 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Lukas Gundar
Nicknames: Traditionally 'Gundar'. To close, 'Gun'. To family only, 'Kos' and rarer 'Luke'.
Age and Birth Year:  76 (117 AP)
Race:  Short-lived (Glacian)
Caste:  Prince
Birth Territory: Glacia
Home Territory: Glacia

Birthright Jewel: Rose uncut (from Venla's family rolls)
Offering Jewel:  Opal uncut (from Venla's family rolls)

Role: Second Circle
Faction: Province Court of Virratt


Play By: Mads Mikkelsen
Distinguishing Features: Perhaps with a pindrop of the long-lived, Gundar looks a bit younger than his many years on this Earth, though not by too wide of a margin. His hair is dark gray turning silver, his face lined with wrinkles and eyes set colder every year. Prone to sharp, severe, simple fashions, he always looks stylish but also always extremely minimalist. Not one prone to fancy, it is reflected in his attire, which is stark and strict and precise.

Largely unblemished, largely unscarred, he is a man born from hard work and battle that is long behind him. No stranger to scars and burns and tattoos, his most striking distinguishing elements are somehow yet his very unique and unforgettable smile - whether granted saintly or full of its wicked twists - and his constant rolling of his hands.


The man who calls himself 'father' to those far outside the bounds of his children is at his core, a man seeking further power than that which the Darkness granted him. Despite what was offered him, he desired only more, and endlessly pursues it even now. There is no remorse or kindness in him except in how it benefits him. This old beast is every wrong element of a Prince: he is remorseless, calculating and unwaveringly self-involved and selfish. Fixated on things entirely outside of his grasp, he yearns to conquer them, always pursuing ever greater heights. At one point, he had a wealth of patience that guided his actions, tempering his hand, but even with his longevity that has gracefully propelled him into his seniority, he knows he is a man without an endless time before him and seeks to claim all that life has, now, before it is meaningless and he returns to the void poorer than when he began.

How he expresses himself, however, differs vastly based on his encounter. To most, he is a thoughtful, shrewd man with careful plans and a generous heart. His wealth is given to charities, his smile offered to those underprivileged, and the light jewels treated with magnanimity and grace. To some, he is more doddering old man, harmless and kind. More masks spring up as they are needed, though he favors the philanthropic and wise Prince he has most cultivated. None of these bear true fruit; and only himself and a few others have any idea of the desperation inside him, one that drives him to actions that might pale others.

Carefulness has long been his watchword, but it is fading with his awareness of the end. He is growing for the first time, daring to become more, as much as a final rush of determination as it is anything else. Worries are set aside when the horizon shows nothing beyond, after-all, and he rushes increasingly fearlessly towards victory now.

  • Wielding power. This is the most defining characteristic of his very being. In lieu of the Jewels that would grant it, or the Caste that could simply seize it, he yearns only to control it, often through proxies loyal to his guiding hand. Being respected is by far the best, and what he yearns for the most, or simply controlling those who have that power and knowing his power, in shadows, guides worlds.
  • Inflicting fear. Though rare, there is a great deal of satisfaction for him in putting the screws to someone. Watching them wriggle, seeing the fear in them, is its own great reward. That said, he finds no benefit in idle displays of power or contempt for Light Jewels, and does not make any efforts to shame them in turn.
  • Working with his hands. The man is not simply a creature of malice and hunger for power. Beyond, and beside, his appetites for control and for power, he finds no peace more than in crafts. Whether cooking, whittling, painting, or even simply tending weeds, there is a simple zen he finds in the art of keeping his hands from idleness. When nervous, or even when deeply focused and thoughtful, fidgeting or roiling hands prove his interest in this affectation.
  • Apologies and excuses. He rarely offers his own, and despises when others offer him theirs. There is no benefit to an excuse, nor an apology, as they do nothing to expedite success; report failures, seek retraining, and no longer make mistakes. Or, die, for your failure. This is the correct path, as he sees it.
  • Beggars. Those with hats in hands are abhorrent to the Prince. One must take or make, not plead from those who have succeeded. This always angers him, even though it often butts against another of his issues.
  • Mistreatment of the lesser. The Mother gifted some, but not others. He, like his once wife, was barely permitted. They are all but windows into one another's world, the great and the small. He does not stand for a disloyalty to the Mother's laws and practices, including the concepts of the obligation of higher classes: it demands a higher class of people.
  • Losing what little power he has scraped into being. This fear can take many forms for him. He has carved some influence and prestige, but so too does he define his identity as 'Dark' which only his Jewel so fully explains. Worry about being outplayed is a constant shadow hanging over him.
  • Dying alone. While he might have been there when his mother passed, with her gone, he often feels it is only him (ignoring his son as usual). He fears solitude, he fears his connections to others are shallower than he thinks - at least, shallower on their end.
  • Having no legacy. The Anderson daughters are almost all he has left, folks to carry on his legacy in form if not name. He has pinned his hopes upon them, ignoring his own son's fortune or lackthereof, and praying that he is at the very least a footnote in the story of Glacia, even if not chapters like his parents.

    Craft Strengths:
    No strengths

    Craft Weaknesses:
    No weaknesses

    Life Story

    Mother: Yvette Brynjolf-Gundar (deceased) Opal to Red Queen.
    Father: Oskar Gundar (deceased) Summer Sky to Green Warlord Prince.
    Siblings: None
    Spouse: None.
    Formerly: Ingria Anderson. Rose to Opal Black Widow. 72.
    Children: Rollo Gundar, Yellow to Tiger Eye Warlord, 54.
    Ayla Gundar, daughter-in-law, Rose to Opal Priestess, 52.
    Petyr Gundar, son, Yellow to Rose Warlord. 51
    Ilia Gundar, daughter-in-law, Blood Female. 49.
    From Rollo:
    Davik Gundar, age 29, White to Tiger Eye Warlord Prince
    Ennia Gundar, age 27, White to Tiger Eye Witch
    Katarina Gundar, age 23, Purple Dusk to Opal Priestess
    From Petyr:
    Aako Gundar. Tiger Eye - Summer Sky Warlord Prince. 22.
    Meier Gundar. Rose - Summer Sky Warlord. 22. (Twin to Aako.)
    Priska Gundar. 18. Yellow birthright Healer.
    Other Venla Anderson, son's half-sister, Purple Dusk to Sapphire Healer
    Kenna Anderson, son's adoptive sister, Summer Sky to Green Queen
    Isak Anderson, son's half-brother, Summer Sky to Green Jewelled  Prince. 46.
    Sofia Anderson, son's half-sister, Summer Sky to Green Black Widow. 41.

    His father is dead. His mother is dead. Mother lived quite a bit longer, truly, clearly a touch of the long-lived stronger yet in her. She died at a few years past a hundred, though, not from old age itself, but from her craft pushing her so far past her limits, and what frailty remained claiming her from his world. Five years of being the last proud scion of his household have come and gone. But even before that, he had been patiently waiting for them to both have died; his father died far before, a warrior who's common and vicious protestations saw him to his end. But his irritatingly condescending mother ensured she held on far beyond the bitter end, resentful and judgmental of every failing held in Lukas's heart. Never, to her, were his successes sufficient. Stillborn children, children dismissed by the Mother, he was an endless disappointment. 'Even your wife thought so', she said until her death, 'she made the right choice,' she insisted, because Ingria had somehow managed three dark-jeweled children by blood, wearing the Green and the Sapphire.

    He resented her until her last moments, satisfied that she died of shockingly natural causes-- she was weak enough that even with all her Craft to stop him from suffocating her, she could not stop him. Not without her mind snapping from the strain, as it had in the end. A psychic bolt ripped free the last of her mortal coil, ensuring no legends of the Demon Dead would exist for her.

    But his story began long before he pulled that pillow back off of her face, satisfied and relieved at last. He was a bright child, and a 'miracle' of sorts, as the aging couple had tried despite countless efforts on behalf of Healers and Widows and Priestesses; their first child had aborted when his mother dared use Craft. And since then, for almost fifteen years, they could not conceive, and then as if by magic, he emerged into this world whole. They exalted to be given this gift; and almost immediately dismissed him when his Birthright was found. He may be dark, they knew, but the Mother barely granted him any of her true blessing, and they tried for more children, but never managed. Not before his father's death, at the least, one he sadly had nothing to do with.

    His Offering granted him the barest whisper, but it ensured he remained amongst the Haves and not the Have Nots. Ingria was a spirited creature, and a beast in bed, and he did his best to saddle her, which she gladly endorsed under his impressive control and finesse. His mother challenged the rightness of daring the Darkness with children of two Opals, but he swore he loved her - or at least lusted for her - and together they joined their houses, and bodies, against the wishes of his own mother, who was sure to remind him of his own value whenever she could, as well as that of his meager wife. Together they bore a son; and he was even more worthless. Lashing out, he was the reason his wife pushed away from him, as he blamed her for their son. She sought to distance herself, and in time, that meant loving another... who had no time for another man's child. Reluctantly, bitterly, he raised his cursed child to the best of his ability, and the Opal couple's relationship lapsed.

    But it would not end; even as she fell 'in love' anew, she found herself pining for him, and the control he once enforced upon her. Even wed again, birthing children that presumably were not his own, but that he never bothered to truly verify. Sowing doubt, and keeping closer, became more important for him. And as the youngest of the children grew, he became so much more fascinated, and fought to remain closer in their lives. They were girls, first, which he had a far better time manipulating... and he knew it might mean being fit to rule.

    Venla was a gift offered by Ingria, under the auspice of his years of skill and tenderness; but she knew he had an eye on the young thing, and wished to keep him near her, so he might continue to love her as they both aged, her yearning for the man having never abated, even as his finally did for her. Venla was one of the primary motivators for this; after tasting her on her Virgin Night, he was all but obsessed with the young girl. And, in turn, with the other who sprouted beside her, the adopted Queen. The two of them were thick as thieves, and he knew he might yet command power should he foster loyalty and utilize his connection to Ingria and provide a father figure much needed. It largely worked, insinuating himself at the edges of Kenna's circles, just outside her Bound servants, and with eyes able to cast wherever they so pleased.

    Here he remained, condemned by his mother until he took her life, and seeking to ensure she died before he could prove her wrong; letting her die thinking her line ended in failure. It brought him joy to know she suffered in every way she could. For the future, he knew, would be his to define. And the Andersons would be his very path to it.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:
    It is a simple, if ugly, truth that one must in time admit their failings. It is a truth that Lukas was yet unwilling to concede. Events transpired that even he was taken aback by, caught so wholly unaware. Rather than ask for clarification, or take Kenna aside to inquire at her thoughts as some backhanded way to get that same information, he merely remained. Quiet, attentive, uninformed, he pursued knowledge the way a sponge pursued water. Patiently, it would fill; in the midst of it, he remained silent and careful in his expression.

    If any were to ask, he would seem intensely thoughtful, and at turns critical in the extreme. Blubbering words were offered to further explain, needlessly, a theory he well knew. Still, disarming folks with a mere glance of suspicion and doubt often played all too well, watching them pinwheel to offer additional prevarications and self-incriminations thought to excise one from their guilt: a notion he neither cared for, nor had time for even had he it.

    Slowly, the picture took form; the story at question presented its heart, both for comprehension and to have it ripped asunder. Growing in his comprehension, his curiosity was ample, and the pairing worked well to fill in little holes and gaps. Just in time for a raised hand, and a call-- to clear the air by asking him a cutting, quick question, seeking his old guidance.

    He smiled with a cheshire twist, the cat having completed its meal of canary, and then let his lips return to their purpose. "I'm so glad you asked," he deceived, having finally understood the very subject. "I have a few ideas," the Glacian Prince began, comfortable in guiding the direction where he needed - where he was focused and clear for it, ready to offer solutions that paid his dividends twice over.

    Petitions (if any): 
    Retired/Inactive Character Re-activation
    Why did this character became inactive? I forgot to buy him a waiver; and I generally ghosted on the site prior, making the situation occur in the first place.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? Actually post? And buy waivers, when I mean to. His play partners who I had designed him for are both now present, and as I am too, he now has the real opportunity to enter play.

    What are your plans for this character? With Nik and Petri's help, write some weird political and creepy shenanigans. I want to actually execute the plans I never put into place.

    Number of previous Reactivations: For him, zero.

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : None.

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    Player Name: Bowie

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Re: Lukas Gundar
« Reply #1 on: Jul 31, 18, 12:30:09 PM »
Ready for Review.


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Re: Lukas Gundar
« Reply #2 on: Jul 31, 18, 12:40:52 PM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Lukas Gundar
« Reply #3 on: May 04, 19, 03:18:12 PM »
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