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Author Topic: Lisbet Weaver  (Read 840 times)

Description: Landen. Played by Erica

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Lisbet Weaver
« on: Jun 01, 17, 06:17:06 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Lisbet Weaver
Nicknames: Lizzy
Age and Birth Year:  118, 76 AP
Race:  3/4 Dharo, 1/4 Dhemlan (Blood Long Lived)
Caste:  Landen
Birth Territory: Portland, Little Terreille
Home Territory: Rockland, Little Terreille

Role: Head Minion
Faction: Ackley Academy


Play By: Maisie Williams
Distinguishing Features:
  Lizzy is an adorable creature.  She's small, dainty, and almost doll-like.  Which is actually how she ends up making most of her money.  She works in clothing shops, helping to sell clothes for young people of both blood and landen heritage.  Most never realize there is Dhemlanese in her blood until they realize she remembers... a bit more than she probably should about the goings on of Little Terreille.  According to her grandmother, she's very lucky.  She only has the 'jaw' of that 'bastard', and the odd golden flecks in her blue eyes... and her skin takes on that odd golden tone whenever she tans.
  She got in the habit during her youth of trying to avoid the sun just to keep her grandmother from losing her smile.


Lisbet has a quick wit and a quick laugh.  She takes advantage of the perceived weakness of landens and her size to put herself at an advantage in nearly every situation she finds herself in.  When being cornered in an attempted robbery, she'll play scared and weak until her would-be robbers get in close... and then she quickly teaches them the folly of their actions.  When dealing with customers at the shop is adorable and polite, able to gently extract information about her clients in order to find the best fit for their needs.

She is well aware that her siblings and herself are the result of a horrific experience on her grandmother's part, and that has colored their lives.  She will smile and wave, adore and laugh with her neighbors and coworkers... but she also has to watch them fade into old age and die.  She's only just over a hundred years old, and already she has been to more funerals than she cares to remember.  She tends to be a little more morose in the mornings as she braces herself for who else she might have lost during the night.

Despite her moments of gravity, Lisbet goes out of her way to attempt friendly relations with almost everyone she meets.  There is no telling who you might run into, and what favors you can garner, if you simply play your cards well.  She's had to use more than one of those favors to get her brother out of sticky situations, and so she tends to hoard her favors until she's absolutely sure she'll need them.


  • Mr. Schulyer Shepard -  She remembers him when he was not a him.. and she loves him anyways.  Or maybe because of his change.  Even she isn't sure.  But really, his music is what drew her the first time she heard it.  She'd been passing by a street corner when she'd spotted the incandescent little girl, and her heart soared.  Ever since, she's taken every opportunity to listen to Shepard's music.  She's even snuck herself into the court and masqueraded as a servant a time or two to catch a good listen.
  • Socializing - There is a reason that this tiny little landen female is working in such a high class shop.  She's damned good at selling things to people before they even realized they needed what she was selling.  Everything about her approach, from the way she smiles to the way she asks after family, is designed to ensure that the client is both comfortable and to ameliorate their experiences.  She's the best salesperson they have in that shop, and everyone there knows it.  True, she needs a coworker to tell her if the incoming customer is Blood and if so, which caste... but once she has that, she's set.
  • Knife Work - When she was about twenty years old, she made a deal with a few of the local street gangmembers.  Time in Goth then were more stable, and a landen girl was less likely to put herself at great risk doing such a thing.  In exchange for a few marks each time, they taught her the basics of knife work.  She's practiced ever since in her spare time.  It started out as a means of self defense... it has since developed into an art.

  • Rudeness - True, the blood and landen have different ways of speaking amongst themselves.  But regardless of which species someone comes from, there are certain universal markers of rude behavior.  Having a member of the Blood look down their noses at her because she had the misfortune of not being born one of them is bothersome.  Being looked down on because she's not as well off, on the other hand, is infuriating.  She may, or may not, have passed information to certain infamous figures about who had extra marks to spend that week when someone gets on her nerves.
  • Societal Disorder - There is always a little chaos in a city, and a little chaos can be a very good thing.  But there is a difference between a little chaos... and what has happened in the wake of Morr's court being chased out of Little Terreille.  The gangs of Goth are in a panic as Lord Black wipes away whoever displeases him.  Such chaos is never good for business.
  • Long Life - Most would see it as a gift, or a blessing, or some other load of pig shit.  She sees it for what it is; a tragedy.  She and her siblings had to bury their grandmother, their mother, and their father.  At least their grandmother passed from age... but their mother and father died younger than they should have because of an.. incident.. involving the gangs and their work.  They have watched their friends in Little Terreille grow old and die, while they remain looking as if they are in their twenties or younger.  It isn't fair, and it makes lasting friendship hard to form.

  • Ruts -  Her grandmother was the victim of an unexpected rut in Dharo.  She nearly didn't survive it.  Her horror at finding herself pregnant two months later spurred her into fleeing to Little Terreille.  She kept her daughter, she loved her... but there was no denying that Grandmother Adaline would flinch whenever she saw her daughter in profile.  Lisbet grew up learning about the Ruts, just in case... but it doesn't change the fact that they seem awfully... intense.. for someone not Blood to handle.
  • Spiders -  There is almost nothing worse than opening a door and seeing a spider dangling in your face.  It's one of her brother's favorite pranks on his sisters, and it works every single time.  She's over a hundred years old and she will still scream like a little girl when he dangles spiders in front of her face.  Worse... occasionally he lets one fall into her hair!
  • 3 Losing Her Sight -  If there is anything worse than living for darkness-knows-how-long.. it would be living that long without her eyes.  She's seen a few blind people before, and they seemed... capable enough.  But the thought of losing her eyes is enough to make her blood run cold, and is a recurring nightmare for her.

  • Knifework -  Lisbet is surprisingly quick and dexterous.  She's practiced for over 70 years with two knives, and she can make quick work of anyone stupid enough to try to rob her on the streets.  It used to be an extremely uncommon occurrence.  These days, with all the chaos?  Attempts have become more common.
  • Acting - She realized early on that she would look small and too young for a very long time... and so she learned to perfect various mannerisms to achieve the desired result in those she is interacting with ;  whether that desired result be a sense of safety or being taken seriously. 

  • 1.  Strength - As quick and lithe as she is, Lisbet is not a physically strong woman.  She's dainty, and she knows it.  Taking a good hit in the wrong place could easily snap her joints, and so she does her best to not be struck.
  • Family Loyalty -  Most would see this as a strength, but she can feel in her bones that it will get her into trouble.  Her brother doesn't take life seriously enough, and eventually, he will put himself into a position that she will have to dig him out of; just as she's done all her life. 

    Life Story

    Grandfather:  Dhemlanese Blood, otherwise unknown
    GrandmotherAdaline Williams - Retired Butcher - 17 AP
    MotherCarolyn Weaver - Textile Worker - (half long lived)46 AP
    Father: Jessup Weaver - Textile Worker - 43 AP
      Braxton Weaver - Courier - 74 AP
      Marissa Weaver - Seamstress - 82 AP

    Employer & Co-workers
    Merihem Striker - White to Rose - Warlord Prince
    Casper Banks - Jewelless Blood Male
    Peter Nasarov - Landen Male
    Sri Miller - Landen Female
    Vevina O'Clery - White to Rose - Black Widow


      The stories would always come when it rained.  Everything from the village where her grandmother had grown up to the terrible three nights of Hell.  She'd grown up hearing the stories of her grandmother's rape... and her fury at how the no one would call it what it so obviously was.  A rut, apparently, was immune from those laws.  She'd always kept quiet about how that made sense, because it was always so very obvious to her that her grandmother had never fully recovered from that night.

      She learned quickly to try to keep out of the sun so as to not gain that golden gleam that could make her grandmother so nervous.  She learned to always keep her eyes away from her grandmother's face so that the woman wouldn't have to face the odd little gold flecks that gleamed like treasure in a blue sea. 

      She loved her grandmother, and for her, she would do anything to make her grandmother not be afraid.  Even if it meant that she had to hide more of herself than she liked.  Her grandmother an old woman, as all people hope that their parents and grandparents will.  She died comfortably, in her bed, surrounded by her family. 

      Her mother and father didn't take much longer to pass.  Not because they got old, no... the gangs of Little Terreille could be rather rough when they wanted something.  Her parents were merely unfortunate enough to be at the mill when it was burnt down.  She and her sibligns joined in the frantic efforts to try to dig through the ash and rubble, hoping beyond hope...

      They were rewarded by finding their parents' bodies relatively untouched.  Inhalation, they were told.  The smoke had killed their parents after the doors had caved in.  None of the three children cried as they buried their parents.  They were too shell-shocked... too aware of the curse of their long lives in that moment to shed tears. 

      Her brother, Braxton, was the one who took the course furthest from the family traditions.  He chose to work as a courier rather than in the industry his parents had worked in.  Where Marissa and Lisbet had a more serious approach to life, Braxton was constantly looking for a good time; often at the expense of safety.
      Marissa chose to work as a seamstress in a high end shop.  No, she had no craft... but she had an eye for detail and was renowned for her embroidery.  Lisbet, on the other hand, took after her grandmother in her diminutive stature.  She had no gift for needlework, and she did not have any desire to work in the producing of cloth.  That being said, she had an eye for quality, and a silver tongue to sell it.

      Together, they both worked in a high end shop in Portland.  Their clientele ranged from landen to Blood.  Court to merchant.  Marissa never approved of Lisbet's hobbies, but she complained more about Braxton's than her elder sister's.  Marissa was always the more serious of the three of them; and both of them appreciated it. Marissa is their glue, and they are the wild flowers that she enjoys viewing.

      All three of them do the best they can to live productive lives... and lately, Lisbet has begun to wonder if they could do more than just exist comfortably.  Surely there is more.  Surely they could reach for greatness?

      But always Marissa warns her against it.  "Remember what happened to Grandmother, Lisbet."

      And she always wonders if that is a good enough reason.  It's so rare, after all, for Blood to even SEE Landen as desirable.  Surely reaching for the stars would not court that sort of disaster twice in one family.  Surely she could make something of herself in theater with her acting.  Surely she could find herself remembered similar to her idol, Schulyer.  Surely there is something more to life in Little Terreille than bolts of cloth and safe walls.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:
      She adjusted her grip on the wine pitcher, walking from person to person in the throng of the Court.  She kept her eyes low, and a polite smile on her lips... and as always, no one noticed her.  She was just another servant girl bringing refreshments while everyone waited for HIM...

      And as was expected, the moment he stepped out on stage, everything went quiet.  Like all of the other servants, she moved to the side of the room with her pitcher in her hands as she waited.  The first notes trembled into the air, and she caught her breath.

      She had to close her eyes.  Had to.  The notes were so... perfect.  They spoke of memory, and sorrow.  They spoke of grief, followed by joy.  How did he DO that?  She swore she could almost feel the notes in the air moving against her face.  They felt so real, as if she could reach out and curl her fingers around them.  Schulyer was magnificent.

     Determined, she forced her eyes open.  Forced herself to watch his magnificence as her eyes sparkled a little .  She didn't even feel badly about it.  Plenty of the Blood in this very room were tearing up themselves.  Even Marissa couldn't find anything to criticize Schulyer for.  His fashion sense was impeccable. His mannerisms were beautiful. 

     And his hands... Just watching the way he held that violin, the way he pulled the bow across the strings and made music spring to life was enough to have her grip on the pitcher tightening a little.  She would never grow tired of this.  THIS... seeing him play... it was worth the risk of sneaking in to serve this Court just for the chance to hear him play.

    How she envied the actual servants of this place.  How she wished she could walk through the halls without worry of being noticed just so that she might actually be able to speak with that beautiful boy on that stage. 

    Stop reaching for the stars, Lisbet... you'll just fall and you mightnot be able to get back up.  Marissa's voice echoed in her ears... but she couldn't help the dreams that his music evoked.

    Someday... someday she would find a way to meet him.

    Player Name:  Erica

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Re: Lisbet Weaver
« Reply #1 on: Jun 01, 17, 08:11:28 AM »
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Re: Lisbet Weaver
« Reply #2 on: Jun 01, 17, 08:40:46 AM »
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Re: Lisbet Weaver
« Reply #3 on: Jun 02, 17, 02:06:41 PM »
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Re: Lisbet Weaver
« Reply #4 on: Nov 07, 19, 02:19:50 PM »
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