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Author Topic: Lilith Cinerus  (Read 2115 times)

Description: Green to Gray Black Widow. Played by Dash

Offline Lilith Cinerus

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Lilith Cinerus
« on: Dec 11, 15, 01:01:19 PM »
    The Basics
    Character Name: Lilith Teritus d'Maris-Cinerus
    Nicknames: Ignoto
    Age: 1778 (Born BP 1584)
    Race: Long Lived
    Caste: Black Widow
    Birth Territory: Hayll
    Home Territory: Hayll
    Birthright Jewel: Cut Green
    Offering Jewel: Uncut Gray
    Play By: Phoebe Tonkin
    Distinguishing Features:
    Lilith is quite youthful looking for her age, seeming to have held up quite well for all that she’s been through. Nonetheless she has a reputation for being an ice-queen, and it’s a common comment that the Lady Cinerus never, ever smiles.

    As Indomitus, Lilith’s mask is a plain, featureless mask of black iron. Her voice comes out as a thin, asexual metallic note while she bears the mask.


    Most who meet Lilith, or even have known her for some time, can recognize immediately that there is something wrong with her. Not so much that she is without her faculties, for she is exceptionally sharp and patient, but that she doesn’t look at people, but through them. When she speaks it is in a quiet near monotone, never rising and never whispering. Rarely is there inflection, nor emphasis. She simply speaks and expects others to listen.

    Lilith has survived a momentous amount of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse but not without great cost. It’s incredibly difficult for her to feel passionate about anything. Intellectually she understands there are priorities and there are things to enjoy, but she finds little comfort in anything. Even her children, Keziah, Jupiter, and Gideon, she loves deeply, but finds it incredibly difficult to express such emotion. She recognizes she feels a certain way, but has disconnected so much so from sensation and emotion to protect herself now she cannot engender it without great concentration. Lilith does not so much feel anything so much as she makes a facsimile of it; she plays the emotion through, but cannot actually fulfill the sensations that would normally pass.

    She is incredibly driven and incredibly ruthless, almost to the point of heartless single-minded purpose. Outside of her family and Faunian, anyone and everyone is an asset to be used and discarded when it is no longer of benefit. The source of her drive is the pain and loss she has suffered, but it would be a mistake to consider her driven by something as petty as revenge. The true heart of it is she sees her actions as almost divinely supported by the actions of Witch. Hers is a goal of the highest value and she’ll not let anything stand in her way.

    Patient and long-thinking, Lilith moves through others to achieve her goals. Rarely does she bring her incredible power to the fore herself, preferring to remain unseen and unknown as she acts through her agents. Much like the proverbial spider, Lilith waits for her targets to fall into carefully prepared traps and contingencies, only striking fatal blows when they’re already so entwined they cannot escape.

    She is exceptionally protective over that which she sees as hers. Her children, primarily, then Brutus her only living brother (she shed no tears when she heard Demetrius passed), then Faunian. It is the last that Lilith has the strangest sort of relationship. She served under the Eyrien Queen for some three hundred years, knowing her mind and her methods well. When the Purge struck she took her captive, and has since victimized her in a manner similar to how Jadar, her former husband, had victimized Lilith. Yet she feels deeply attached to Faunian, and it is only in the company of the other woman that she is able to allow the slightest sign of just how damaged, and at times doubtful, she is.

    Confident and cold, she sees no male as her equal or as her superior. She places great stock in the place of women by the designs of Mother Night. Any male who has displayed to her a contempt of her gender is one marked for destruction, and a target she will quite zealously try to eliminate.

    • Power: Power brings independence. Power brings control. Power brings safety. But it’s not the overt power of politics that is so common in Hayll, nor the power of jewels, but the true power of authority and manipulation. It’s not enough to be strong in the world, but one must bend it to one’s will to truly be safe. It is the penultimate currency, and one that Lilith must constantly strive for more, for there is never “enough” power.

    • Dogs: Her family has raised hunting hounds for millennium, and the Cinerus’s breed are the most renowned in the territory. Dogs can be incredibly vicious if trained properly, or deeply docile. But most of all they are loyal creatures, and her two closest dogs, Kaiser and Antony are her constant companions at her estate.

    • Faunian: It is a strange thing to loathe someone and love them at the same time. Lilith placed the bulk of the blame of her hardships in Hayll on Faunian, the foreign-born Queen who came to rule Hayll for the Red Queen. She has tormented her and persecuted her, has subjected her to horrible things, and yet she cares for Faunian deeply. More than just a valued pet, she is the whipping post for Lilith’s release. For a person as secretive as Lilith is, it’s a strange irony that the person who knows her best is the very woman she was forced to serve due to a foreign occupation.
    • ”Needless” Cruelty: Everything has a price and a cost. Lilith can be incredibly cruel -- to those she feels deserve such punishment. The likes of Lucius Pullo and Nero Augustus disgust her, for that shows the wickedness within the Blood. Faunian and Jadar are being punished for what they have done, no more, no less. But monsters like Pullo savagely treat their slaves in manners beneath any herd-animal merely for the sake of ego. Behavior like that is the lowest of the low.

    • Males who try to dominate women: The natural order exists for a reason. Women rule, men protect and serve. Yet Lilith has been surrounded by men who would disrupt this dictation by Mother Night. Her brother Demetrius, Jadar, and the Consul of Hayll are all prime examples of these individuals in her homeland. And nothing, nothing will bring the cold rage of a Black Widow like seeing a male physically mistreat a woman in her company.

      Such men have learned to give the Gray Widow a wide berth.

    • Eyriens: There is no further explanation needed for her hatred of the winged race. She does not see her son or other half-born children as Eyriens, she sees them as Hayllians born under the oppression of the villainous race. The Purge did well in breaking Askavi’s power. But she’d not go so far as others in her Territory to see them all wiped out. But she’ll never trust an Eyrien. Never.
    • Some harm befalling Gideon: The racism in Hayll has risen to a fever-pitch. The violence against the Eyrien delegation is just the beginning, and Lilith is aware Ignoto is planning something even greater from here. Gideon has long been treated with (undeserved!) scorn, and she knows it’s only a matter of time before someone tries something. As powerful as she is, as far-reaching as her influence is, she cannot be everywhere. Her son is proud, and rightfully so, and she cannot treat him as a fragile vase to hide away in a closet.

      As such she constantly is spying on Gideon. For his own protection, of course.

    • Breaking Faunian: As a Black Widow Lilith is well-aware of just how much damage a Chalice can take before it breaks. She didn’t care about Faunian’s brothers, or Lilith’s own “husband”, but she doesn’t want to push Faunian much more for fear of damaging her permanently. Nonetheless she cannot help her urge to want to hurt her, either, and she must walk the line between indulgence and preservation at all times. She’s not sure if she’s able to stop hurting her, and knows it’s only a matter of time before she pushes too far.

    • Hayll Starting War: There are familiar historical trends, and Hayll’s is something Lilith has seen before. If Sabine Vicentius, guided by Ignoto continues on its route, Lilith fears that it won’t be long before Hayll becomes the modern conquering Askavi. The pretext of invasion against Askavi could easily be shifted to Territories that do not co-operate with the desires of Sabine Vicentius. And if that were so, how long before all the Territories in Terreille unite to prevent such an action? How long before another ruinous Purge?
    Craft Strengths:
    • Psychic Threads: Lilith has always had a special talent that she has honed to something incredibly potent over the years. Lilith can hold multiple psychic threads at once in private, and more importantly is able to connect them at such distance that she is able to communicate with anyone she has seen before. She must concentrate undisturbed to reach beyond the normal range of Psychic Threads in order to do this, but it has proven invaluable to her place within the Tenebrosi Iarvis.

    • Illusions: Always a creature that acts behind the scenes, she makes great use of Illusions to act as proxy agents throughout Hayll, down from the slums of Draega to the halls of power, Lilith weaves her way through all echelons of the Territory’s life. Whispering, Manipulating, Directing the aims of her agents and pawns to her penultimate goal.
    Craft Weaknesses:
    • Psychic Healing: For all of the damage that she can do to the mind, Lilith lacks the basic abilities to lend mending to an individual’s Chalice, be it her own or another. Stubborn, she has refused to see others within the Coven for assistance, even though she probably should. Moreover, because of her inability, she cannot tend to Faunian, and must now consider risking exposure of that secret if she wants to keep her safe.

    • Reading Tangled Webs: For all that she is a spider who spins her webs, Lilith cannot interpret the future in any fashion. Blind to the possibilities of fate, she is forever in the dark. This has proven to be something of an embarrassment, as she has always had to defer to less senior or less powerful Widows in Hayll for coveted roles of Court Seers, due to her complete inability to give the two hallmark uses of the traditional role of a Black Widow at court.
    Life Story
    Mother: +Caelia Secundus Cinerus (Rose to Blood Opal Queen) *Deceased -- Killed in the Purge
    Father: +Gaius Demetrius Primus Cinerus (Blood Opal to Green Warlord Prince) *Deceased -- Killed in the War with Askavi

    +Iuliana Primus Cinerus (Opal to Red Priestess) (Older Sister) *Deceased -- Killed by the Eyriens in retribution for the attack on Askavi.

    Brutus Secundus Cinerus (Summer Sky to Broken Opal Prince) (Older Brother) *Senator of the Cinerus Family

    +Demetrius Quartus Cinerus (Opal to Broken Sapphire Prince) (Younger Brother) *Deceased - Murdered by his daughter.

    Brennen d'Maris (Green to Gray Prince) *Deceased -- Killed by the Eyriens in retribution for the attack on Askavi.

    Jadar Devno (Broken Purple Dusk to Broken Green Prince) *Deceased -- Currently held in a dungeon beneath her estate.

    Jupiter Primus d'Maris-Cinerus (Summer Sky to Green Warlord Prince) (From Brennen) (1312 y/o) **Adoptable

    Jupiter is Lilith’s first child and the only one of her children who remembers how she was before the Eyrien occupation and her “marriage” to Jadar. He is protective of her, but also frustrated by how cold she has become. He is deeply proud in Hayll’s heritage and its people.

    Anarius Secundus d'Maris-Cinerus (Purple Dusk to Green Prince) (From Brennen) *Deceased -- Killed in the Purge

    +Gideon Cinerus (Purple Dusk to Sapphire Warlord Prince Priest) (From Jadar) (320 y/o) *Half-Eyrien Son

    Keziah Cinerus (White to Tiger Eye Priestess) (20 y/o) *Undisclosed Father

    Lilith’s youngest child and only daughter, Keziah has just recently received her Offering. Steepled deep into the rituals of the Hayllian Priestesshood, Keziah is devoted to the religion and her own advancement. A bit of a spoiled child, she was doted on more favorably than Lilith’s other children. Unknowingly, she is the device Lilith plans to control the Priestesshood with, in time

    + indicates jewels were assigned, not rolled, and thus are subject to change.
    Brennen has been linked to Karlissa's sheet, where his jewels were originally rolled.


    The Cinerus family is one of the oldest and purest bloodlines in Hayll. Contesting with the likes of the Tibault, Augustus, and Greco families, it’s reputed that the Queen who formed the Senate was Keziah Cinerus, a strong Queen who united the people of Hayll for the first time. Whether that is myth or history matters little, as it lends weight to their bloodline and their place within the Hundred Families.

    Lilith was born the third child of the former Province Queen of Faro and her Consort. Caelia was a strong Queen who instilled in her children all of the qualities that would make them good Hayllians: A proper education, an appreciation for sex, a knowledge of protocol, and a love of democracy. For twenty years Lilith was the baby of the family. Her siblings, Brutus and Iuliana were both over a thousand years older than her, and her parents were still vibrant and popular both in the Senate and in more popular circles. Growing up she could want for nothing, and was truly a spoiled and rotten child. But her life took a dramatic turn after her Birthright Ceremony, where not only was she gifted with the Green, but began to manifest her Caste. While jewels are not the hallmark of power in Hayll, being a Black Widow who was a member of the Hundred Families while also bearing at least a Sapphire was cause for not only celebration, but a strong sense of self and ambition.

    That ambition was, for a time, tempered when she met Excessus. A member of the highly secretive Tenebrosi Iarvis, the Gray Warlord was their premiere assassin and recruiter. He had arrived one evening while she was out on a soiree with some friends, only a year away from her Offering. At first she was not aware of his identity, as he was simply a very handsome Dark Jeweled Warlord who seemed interested in her. He would sneak nights away to speak with her, saying his name was only Draco, and that he was not a member of the Hundred. Nominally the fact he did not share the standing of the upper class would have been a deterrent of her interest but she was enthralled with him as a powerful, older, mysterious man.

    Nominally the Tenebrosi Iarvis recruited outside of the Hundred Families, for fear of using the Iarvis for personal political gain. But as the third child of a strong family, Lilith posed no direct political threat. The Senatorial positions in the family were spoken for for at least four thousand years, and by the time Lilith might have been able to take the seat, she would have well been in her twilight years. The Iarvis, eager for a powerful Black Widow to join its exclusive ranks, agreed with the reasoning of their assassin, and they drew her into the world of the Masks after her Offering.

    When she received the Gray, her family was shocked and proud, but it had changed nothing in her own circle of friends and family except for idle gossip. But inside her Lilith wanted more. Being the third child in her family, even with her Caste and Jewels, meant that she would forever act in a position of service. When her brother, Demetrius, was born shortly after her offering, she could no longer even enjoy being the baby of the family; that role had been usurped. Instead she focused her attentions to her training within the Iarvis.

    The Tenebrosi Iarvis had existed since the early founding of Hayll, a clandestine organization that focused at first merely on intelligence and unifying Hayll after a series of political struggles nearly undid the Territory, it grew into an organization based upon knowledge and later, as the Blood became more corrupt, one that tried to subvert the policies of its own homeland and its neighbors. Lilith became enthralled in the ritual of the Iarvis, its history, and its lore, Excessus served as her initial mentor, until it was determined that she was capable of following the methodology and the intense regimen of mental training and physical exertion. Her former sexual interest had tempered into a respect and competitive desire to best the Gray Warlord, whom was a harsh task master to his new pupil. Lilith would spend hours reading dozens of different books, honing different methodologies of Craft that were unique and distinctive. All of this studying sharpened her mind and gave her a purpose and drive, but she sacrificed her learning of the Widow’s arts, save for the useful knack of Illusions she showed a natural talent for.

    In the Iarvis, only the Master, Ignoto was aware of the identity of any of its agents. As soon as Lilith had passed her trials she was granted her mask and her identity, Indomitus, unyielding, strong, and the anchor for the Tenebrosi Iarvis. She had been a special case in the Iarvis, along with her selection, being allowed to continue her old life, as she would serve as the eyes, ears, and subtle influence of the Iarvis into the Court.

    Lilith integrated herself into Elettra’s Second Circle, able to be inserted into that select group thanks to her brother, Brutus, acting as part of the Council. It was shortly before Aleiya’s ascendance that, while being part of Elettra’s council, she met Brennen d’Maris. While Lilith had not excelled at her Widow Craft, she nonetheless was a nominal and respected part of the Coven. It was through her friend, Karlissa, that she had come to meet her older, dashing brother. Though he was not part of the Hundred Families, he nonetheless was a pure-bred Hayllian Prince who bore the Gray. Lilith instantly felt a sharp attraction to him, the spirited, confident man had ensnared her heart much as her mentor had years before. Almost scandalously they engaged in a short, fiery courtship, ending with an elopement that enraged her parents and older sister, but brought quite a bit of amusement to Brutus and Queen Elettra. Those years with Brennen before Aleiya took the reins of power from Elettra were Lilith’s happiest. Her duties within the Iarvis did not interfere with her love life, and within a few scant years she bore two sons to her husband, Jupiter and Anarius.

    While many of the Iarvis worked abroad, Lilith served as the agent at home, having the most communication with Ignoto, acting as his courier to their faraway agents with her special talent at distant psychic threads. What had been merely an interesting application of Craft became an intensely useful tool to their organization. From within the Iarvis she watched as Ignoto lead their organization through its biannual rituals of commencement. Blood sacrifice was common, as were prayers to beings that transcended the mythical Witch. When war with Askavi began to brew, the Iarvis considered action, and it was Lilith who convinced the Praetor of Aleiya’s Court to lead an attack deep into Askavi, hoping to catch the Eyriens unprepared.

    The attack was a failure, killing only women and children, which had only served to enrage their foe. When war came to Hayll’s borders, the proud Hayllians were in no position to defeat the Askavi war machine. Soon the Eyriens swept into their fractured Territory, Aleiya quick to surrender the Territory after the war had reached Hayll’s past borders into the heart of Agrippa and Leira. Her father, brave Gaius, died defending Draega from the invasion, and Lilith felt a cold hatred rise in her for the Queen of Hayll for surrendering so willingly. This only worsened when, in retribution for the attack against their own citizens, the Eyriens took hundreds of innocent Hayllians and killed them in the streets. Brennen, her beloved husband, and her sister Iuliana were amongst the victims of this brutal action. And if that were not enough of an indignance, she had been taken as a bride by the arrogant Eyrien Prince Jadar Denvo, a General in the Askavi army.

    Lilith nearly snapped, her fury and her grief so great that she could hardly contain her rage. Excessus, one of her constant friends and allies, had disappeared deep into his duty afar. Karlissa, whom was her sister by law and by blood of her children, had begun to support the Eyrien Occupation out of fear. The constant forced attentions of Jadar made her feel filthy, yet powerless, as for all the strength of her Gray she could not reverse the reality of the matter. Hayll was under control of Askavi.

    Instead she became chained to her forced duties as her sons were held as hostage against her for her good behavior. While Jadar took his pleasure in the evenings from her at night, during the day she served alongside Faunian Landvik and her two brothers, the Eyrien Queen whom had been sent by Queen Ranosi to direct Aleiya and her corrupt Court. While most of Hayll itself saw Aleiya as their Queen, still, Lilith and a select few knew that it was Faunian who directed the occupation. Faunian’s brothers were quick to abuse her when they thought she was plotting something (for she was), but given Jadar’s rank and his position, they never incurred permanent damage onto her.

    When she found she was pregnant with Jadar’s child, she contemplated suicide. The Iarvis, for all of their power, had refused to intercede. Ignoto, the Master of their ranks, had suggested that they act in as subtle as a fashion as they could, searching for a weakness to exploit, or attempt to feed information to the ineffective rebellion lead by Prince Cicero. Lilith knew that the Iarvis was too weak to affect real change against Faunian’s occupation, and though she contemplated killing the babe in her belly or herself, she feared for Anarius and Jupiter. As long as she had obeyed her sons had been relatively untouched by the Eyriens. Jadar had been good to his word, and though she suffered the resentment of her family in silence for her cooperation, she did as she was bid. When Gideon was born she knew she had made the right decision, for despite the parentage of her darling son, he was still hers. Jadar was an aloof father, for though the boy bore his seed, he would forever be marked as Lilith’s child as well. Jadar made it clear that Lilith was only his far-away prize. His true wife had been murdered by the Hayllians during their cowardly attack.

    So it went for three hundred years. Lilith’s warmth, save for her sons and her loyal hounds, was sucked dry by the impressment of near slavery. Jadar found other women to amuse him in time, but he never stopped reminding her that she was his. Even if she was a Hayllian, some part of Jadar loved her. When Lilith refused to act as anything more than an obedient servant, it enraged the Eyrien Prince who could not inspire in her the devotion he had for his Eyrien wife. When the Purge struck, Lilith did not try to shield herself, hoping that the wrath of Dreams Made Flesh would claim her and remove the suffering she found herself in. Instead she heard the screams in her household of her dying son, Anarius, alongside Hayllian and Eyrien alike as Witch was indiscriminate. Mythical indeed.

    But while Anarius died and Jadar’s jewels were broken, Lilith suffered neither breaking nor death, instead finding she was in the unique position of holding all of her power while those who had murdered her family and raped and abused her were now powerless. Ruthlessly she struck against Jadar, then took her living sons, slaves, and servants to the home of Faunian Landvik, and claimed her vengeance upon them as well. She slew one of Faunian’s brothers, raped and broke the other, condemning him to the Geiba Salt Mines. Rounding up a mob of hate-filled countrymen, she used her abilities to call to people all across the Territory, and organized a vicious retribution against the few Eyriens who had survived the Purge. Very few survived the day, and those that did would forever remember mobs of enraged Hayllians trying to hunt them down.

    In the aftermath she settled to try to rebuild Hayll alongside her brother Brutus. Jadar and Faunian remained as her prisoners, both subject to torture, degradation, and ruthless manipulation. Collared and bound to her, Lilith kept their existence a secret, known only to Brutus and her surviving sons, Jupiter and Gideon. In the Iarvis, the tone of the organization had shifted. Where as before the Purge and the Occupation they had been more scholarly with a small note of political manipulation, they were now bent entirely towards acting for the best interests of Hayll. Never again would their Territory become the conquered lands of another people. Much of their number had been reduced, and Lilith even wondered if Ignoto was not affected by the Purge, as their masked Master seemed.. different. More driven. Zealous. Harsher in her words. Ignoto had directed that the Tenebrosi Iarvis begin to kidnap Dark Jeweled children throughout the Territories, beginning to train them to serve as silent, covert soldiers in the war for Hayllian supremacy.

    At home, Demetrius stated openly that he thought that replacing Aleiya with Elettra was foolish, and that they should just forget about needing a Queen. Lilith held little affection for her younger brother. He had stolen her place as the beloved youngest child. He had always been cruel and spiteful, and after the last three hundred years, she had no tolerance for a male that thought to ignore the rightful place of women as rulers of the Blood. When he left for Dena Nehele, bitter and cursing both her and Brutus, she did not mourn his loss. She would have gladly traded him for Brenen, or Iuliana. “The wrong sibling died”, she had told Brutus, and she had meant it.

    In the years following the Purge Lilith’s cold attitude has become more sharp. Few would recognize it outside of her older, protective brother, and her two sons. Where as she had once been a vibrant and playful woman, she is now only the coldest of Widows. Her focus on every matter is intense, her gaze sometimes unbearable. In the dungeons of her home she tortures those who had ruined her life whenever she feels the fancy, though Faunian she has kept as a pet and lover, masking her Eyrien nature in powerful illusions. With how remote her home is, and how cold she is to most she engages in, she has few visitors, which suits her fine.

    Faunian represents one of the strange contrasts of brutality and jealous protective aspects of Lilith. In Faunian she lays blame of much of the ills of her family, and as such has a driving need to punish her. Yet she is greatly attached to her, finding some of her only moments of tenderness with the Eyrien Queen. She is the only lover Lilith will allow to stay in her bed, the only lover that she will allow some measure of control. She harms her nearly daily, yet would be deeply distraught if any permanent damage came to the captive Queen.

    Lilith has more in mind than just giving out petty justices done to the Eyriens who hurt her. Her want for more has fully manifested in her unique position as the organizer and director of the Iarvis’s movements. While she still takes her direction from Ignoto, she plans to change this soon. Lilith’s ambition has sharpened to a cold razor’s edge, her vision of the future having no room for the vengeances of Nero Augustus or his silent puppetmaster. The Master of the Iarvis has become dangerous and unbalanced, and Lilith plans to replace her and assume the identity of the leader of their group. In the public eye she serves in the Second Circle of Sabine Vicentius, though typically as a silent presence. She is also one of the principal investors in the Coliseum, drawing in slaves from the Raejian market, serving as one of the heads of the establishment and the push to outlaw death in the Coliseum. For it is the Coliseum that Lilith sees the opportunity to bring forth a fighting force that could forever change the balance of power in Hayll.

    She is no longer content to serve. Her plans for Hayll, and herself, are now much grander than just the petty games of the Hundred, their slaves, and the Coliseum. While Ignoto plots to destroy the Eyriens through Sabine Vicentius and to control Hayll, Lilith plans build Hayll. It’s not enough to just kill Ignoto and take her place, or to change the face of the puppets. Lilith plans now to tear down Hayll to its rotted foundations and rebuild it into something stronger, grander, and more powerful than it ever has before. And once she is done with Hayll, she will expand her aim to the rest of Terreille. It was the corruption of the Blood that ignited the Askavi War Machine, Aleiya’s decadence, and the death of everyone she cared for. And obviously Witch’s work was incomplete. She sees that every day when she walks through Draega.

    Lilith is willing to finish what Dreams Made Flesh began; the complete transformation of the Blood to some nobler purpose, even if she has to watch Hayll burn to see it done.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Writing Sample:

    “Step Forward.” The kind, matronly voice of Ignoto came from the darkness that filled Lilith’s sight. All of the Tenebrosi Iarvis bore masks that altered their voices atop dark robes that hide the shape of their figure, save for an approximation of height. She herself lacked the mask -- at least until the end of the ritual. For now her figure was covered in an amorphous shadow that blocked her features from the vision of her superiors and others in the organization.

    She knew that she was underground somewhere, for the dirt was cool and damp beneath her bare feet. She sensed the bedrock and could hear the distant sound of rushing, free water. She did as she was bid and walked beneath a large platform that stood atop her. The smell of unwashed flesh was above her. Dung. Scented Oils. Sulfur. Wax. Small pinpricks of light flickered just at the edge of her vision.

    “You have undergone the trials. May Mother Night bear witness to our offering.” Another voice, one she did not recognize. Feather light to the ear. Atop the platform, high above, she spotted the spiked crown of Excessus, the deliverer of death for the Iarvis.

    A creature bellowed out as the entire room was filled with chanting of a tongue she was only beginning to be versed in. An old tongue in Hayll, one that had fallen out of use thousands of years ago. She caught certain words. “Blood”, “Sacrifice”, “Duty”, “Offering,” little more. The droning chant became a hymn, then a song, and the hollowed underground chamber was filled with the song. And the bellowing cry of the creature above her. A cow, she thought.

    Suddenly hot, thick liquid fell upon her face and her shoulders. She opened her mouth to cry out in surprise, and instead found her mouth filled with it. Blood. Blood of the cow above her. The prayers were louder, the very ground shaking with the hymn as the blood of the sacrifice above her filled her nose, her mouth, tongue, face, and completely ruined the white robe she wore.

    She fell to her knees, forced there by some strong invisible hand. And then there was Excessus, draped in a black robe with no features, his dark crown of metal staring at her through eyeholes of empty black. He was handing her something -- a mask. Her mask.

    The entire room became a cacophony of voices. Thousands of them. Millions. All speaking in a chorus of different voices, yet harmonious in that dark chamber as she sat covered in blood. ”Rise, great pillar. Rise, Mask of Darkness. Rise, Indomitus.”

    She rose to her feet, reached out, and placed the mask that Excessus had offered, donning her new face.

    Petitions (if any):  Reactivation

    Why did this character became inactive?
    Because I became inactive.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
    Phinn might kill me if I make her inactive again.

    What are your plans for this character?
    None of your goddamn business.

    But seriously, Hayll plot stuff.

    Number of previous Reactivations: Too many

    Player Name: Dash

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    Re: Lilith Cinerus
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    Per 2018 Thanksgiving Shop Adoptable Dark Ally Roll:

    Weighed by Mother Night...

    You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Blood Opal Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Sapphire Jewel at your Offering.


    Congratulations!  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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    Re: Lilith Cinerus
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    This character has been marked as Inactive

    For more information please see this thread: The Inactivity Policy

    If you would like to reactivate this character they will need to be submitted through the Keep's Registry again as a petitioned character using the Reactivation Petition.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker