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Title: Liana Volkov
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The Basics
Character Name: Liana Volkov
Nicknames: Li (because she will punch you in the throat if you call her Liana); "Gamble" (Jacks code name)
Age: 32 (b. 161 AP)
Race: Short-Lived (Dena Nehelian)
Caste: Witch
Birth Territory: Dena Nehele
Home Territory: Dena Nehele

Birthright Jewel: cut Tiger Eye
Offering Jewel: uncut Summer Sky

Role: Master of Silca / Steward
Faction: Jacks Guild / Brisaov District


Play By: Ruby Rose
Distinguishing Features: Li has always had a very androgynous look about her and tends to enjoy keeping it that way. Her hair has been cut short ever since her first insistence of it as a child and she's absolutely riddled with tattoos from various whims over the years. Some have distinct meaning to the witch and others not so much, but the colorful ink never fails to peek out from under her clothing in some fashion or another.



Perhaps the best way to describe the eldest child of Albina and Demyan Volkov is "what you see is what you get," for Liana acts with little abandon and makes absolutely no apologies for herself. She is one of the least deceptive individuals you'll ever meet, incredibly emotive and prone to wearing her emotions and her thoughts on her sleeve (reasons she'd have made the absolute worst Shaos ever). Outgoing to the point of brashness, the witch has never been one to pull punches (be them figurative or literal ones) or sugarcoat anything, so those who find themselves sensitive or easily offended? Be warned to tread lightly.

This isn't to say she's outright barbaric or classless, as the daughter of a courtier and a merchant she was raised with both of those things in mind and possesses the ability to navigate those circles nigh effortlessly when its required of her. It just tends to happen that more often than not it simply isn't required of her, which she's never prone to complaining about. The two starkly different aspects of her persona tend to entwine themselves much of the time, so while she absolutely won't hesitate to tell someone to go fuck themselves, she has the penchant for saying so in an unusually dignified manner when she needs to. The rest of the time her vocabulary is enough to make sailors blush, it merely depends on what the situation calls for.

Despite her very blatant rough-around-the-edges look and way of carrying herself, Li actually tends to be pretty laid-back and easygoing. Incredibly friendly towards most people she encounters unless they give her a reason not to, many tend to be surprised that she's not the type to hold a grudge. They're a waste of energy most of the time and generally it's easier to just knock a person around and then go have a few drinks with them afterwards. She doesn't have a particularly short fuse or explosive temper, but she won't hesitate to jump in amidst a conflict if someone she cares about is involved, her loyalty fierce and unwavering.

Predictability and routine tend to bore her to tears, so that's made her a bit flighty and reckless, to be sure. She craves excitement and adrenaline, generally uncaring of how she manages to acquire it and likewise ignoring whatever cost might come with it. Unless it's absolutely necessary to act the opposite, she's the type to jump into something headfirst and not bother asking questions until after the fact, something that's gotten her into hot water on more than one occasion, but she's never been bothered by the consequences.

Craft Strengths:
Craft Weaknesses:
Life Story
Mother: Albina Volkov; Blood Female; (b. 130 AP)
Father: Demyan Volkov; Summer Sky - Opal; Prince (b. 135 AP)
Aurelia Volkov ('s-registry/aurelia-petran/); Summer Sky - Blood Opal; Hearth Witch (b. 164)


Growing up in the Volkov household was not particularly tumultuous for any of its members, their firstborn daughter included. Liana was doted on and can't recall ever wanting for anything, having her dear father wrapped around her finger from even a young age. She got along plenty well with her mother as well, of course, but it wasn't quite at that same level of the father-daughter bond that had bloomed before she could even toddle around on her own.

Introduced into the court brat lifestyle at a fairly young age, Liana was always happy to tag along on Demyan's coattails whenever he went to work, always proclaiming she wanted to be just like her father when she grew up. Even his work as Steward of Brisaov District was fascinating to her and she'd always insisted he explain everything he was doing. Although as she grew older, so did her ambitions, her level of rebelliousness and need for more thrilling daily endeavors, leading to her spending about as much time out in the streets as she did learning from her parents in court and business matters.

This habit of adventure-seeking and mischief-making only increased tenfold when Aurelia was old enough to tag along with her, the pair of them never having been at odds with each other like other siblings could be. Their relationship had always been a genial one for the most part and Liana never felt overshadowed or antagonistic towards her little sister, even despite her differing caste or coming away with darker jewels. They became rather well-known for their shenanigans and partner-in-crime natures within their home district and it was this slight infamy that found Liana (and Aurelia, though that's a whole other story) recruited into the Jacks guild as a teenager, never to look back.

It had been a day or so after a bar fight the pair had gotten into, apparently wiping the floor with a couple of grown men before one's Offering Ceremony was a rather intriguing feat to a Jack, so the man had sought her out and discussed recruitment into the guild as an option for her. There was potential, he'd said, and it was certainly a far more riveting path than becoming a mere courtier or merchant after her own parents. That alone was enough nearly right off the bat to convince Li to join, and while her parents were somewhat perplexed they remained supportive, more interested in their children's happiness than using them to further their own gains.

Jacks training was a wonder to the witch and she picked up an array of new skills and talents from the varying presences within the guild. It became clear there were some things she was absolutely not suited for as far as contracts went (anything involving subterfuge or spying was painfully beyond her), but she managed to be proficient at just about anything else required of her. It tended to be her penchant for fighting and the uncanny ability she had to forge documents that garnered the most attention as far as clientele went, but she took care to keep a well-rounded skill set beyond those things.

Things proceeded without much incident over the next several years as she worked her way up within the guild, though it had been her last promotion that came as something of a surprise to her. When the last Master of Silca found himself on the other end of a tragic accident in 191 AP, many (including Liana herself) were surprised to find out that she'd been apparently recommended as his successor. Leading anything in even a small capacity had never been something she'd really considered and usually the role of a Master tended to be given to someone a bit older than she was at the time, but her familiarity and dedication to her home of Aechia Province along with her knack for Efficiency Craft had apparently given her an edge that the old Master had taken notice of.

There was quite a bit of deliberation on the matter as far as accepting the position went, but eventually Liana felt the pros outweighed the cons, so she agreed to take on the mantle, though it's clear her aspirations truly don't extend much beyond her current position. The witch enjoys the additional work in ways that she hadn't anticipated she would, but also appreciates the amount of freedom she's still able to have. Anything beyond that doesn't seem worth the extra stress and hassle, though over the past couple of years she's made sure to continue upholding the same standard of diligence to make things easier for those she works with as well as her superiors.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

News traveled fast within Dena Nehele. It traveled faster when one was a member of the guilds and had access to many fonts of information. Even faster still when the news was regarding a Queen of all things. Liana didn't need to be a member of the Shaos to be privy to the knowledge that a new Queen had taken up residence in Vatra Dornei. New but not actually new, technically, but semantics; she wasn't bothered by them.

Aechia Province was hers as the Silca Master of Jacks, which meant Brisaov had been under her watchful eye for a good while now. She'd grown up in the District specifically, her father had served the Queen before Catina Cosma as Steward, and now in her own adulthood she'd worked closely with the interim ruler to keep things running fluidly on both their fronts. She generally tried to keep a good rapport with as many of the rulers as she could, it was far easier to do her work that way and ended up a win-win situation for everyone involved, really.

Considering there hadn't been an actual ruling Queen in Brisaov since Cosma had taken over Aechia as a whole, it was kind of a big fucking deal when the news arrived on her desk. The fact that it was a Graveworthy in particular hadn't surprised her quite as much, the family being well-known as they were, though she was immediately intrigued and felt an innate sense of responsibility to go and check things out. Others might've been more complacent and just happy that there was a new Queen in place, but Liana wasn't quite so easy to satisfy.

She had questions and concerns and needed to know who the fuck exactly this Arkadie was and what sort of ruler she was now dealing with. Granted, she couldn't entirely imagine the woman being uncooperative or anything of that nature as it would be wholly counterproductive to try and start up a conflict with the Territory's biggest guild, but stranger things had happened, she supposed.

Either way, she'd decided a meeting was in order with the new Queen. Right that second, in fact.

She'd expected an obstacle or two since it wasn't exactly courtly behavior to simply show up unannounced and demand an audience with a ruler and she surely knew better than that... However, that was hardly any sort of deterrent for Li and she remained standing there with her arms folded loosely across her chest, staring down the couple of men stationed at the front entrance.

"As you can tell, Lords, it is with the utmost respect that I lack a Protocol-entwined fuck to give about not having an appointment and I assure you it's well within the Lady Graveworthy's best interests to acquiesce this audience with me. So you can either go inform her or I can come back later and be a Hell of a lot less pleasant than I am right now. Hm?"

Whether the notion of the threat was what spurned them or they were simply tired of the back and forth arguing that the witch had been providing for at least the past fifteen minutes didn't matter an iota to Liana. All that she cared about was the fact that a short moment later one of the Warlords scurried off to presumably do as she'd asked, leaving a lopsided smirk to upturn one side of her mouth while she waited with renewed patience.

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Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Tiger Eye Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Summer Sky Jewel at your Offering.

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