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Author Topic: Letizia De Luca  (Read 2676 times)

Description: Blood Opal to Broken Sapphire Black Widow; Played by Dani

Offline Letizia De Luca

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Letizia De Luca
« on: Nov 15, 11, 10:55:56 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Letizia De Luca
Nicknames: Lettie, Tizia. Lady De Luca is what she is called most often.
Age: 3844 years old. Born 3658 Before Purge. (Approx 64)
Race: Hayllian
Caste: Black Widow
Birth Territory: Hayll, Terreille
Home Territory: Hayll, Terreille

Birthright Jewel: uncut Blood Opal
Offering Jewel: Broken cut Sapphire

Play By: Helen Mirren
Distinguishing Features: While elegant and beautiful still for her advancing age, Letizia does not hold markedly distinguishing features. Fine clothing and jewelry she has aplenty, but no more than those aristos of the Hundred Families. In general, she is an aged beauty that would not stand out in a crowd.


Strength of character has always been the core of Letizia’s personality. She is a fighter, but not one with swords or power. Instead, she uses a sharp mind and powerful caste to get her way, and when that doesn’t work, she doesn’t have a qualm with fighting dirty either.

Generally to those beyond her inner circle she is considered emotionally aloof though. She married for profit and Letizia wasn’t destroyed by her children’s deaths during the Purge or assassination. Both of these examples, while very Hayllian, have coalesced into the typical view of an emotional distant business woman. Instead, she adapted an attitude of the “Darkness gives and takes as it wills.” Letizia observes the social queues she feels required of her, such as mourning her husband and children’s deaths. While she is saddened of course, she just doesn’t let those emotions get the better of her.

As a Black Widow, Letizia often gives into her sexual urges, especially as a Widow of power. As very wealthy woman in Hayll and while not aristo, there are many men seeking favors to warm her bed. Even knowing their goals it does not bother Letizia to take what she wants from them, they would do no better to her.

Raised by merchant parents, Letizia maintains a very business minded outlook. What is not good for the goose is not good for the gander. She is not above being blunt if needed, but as a Hayllian, shadows and secrets are as much of her life as breathing. While she is in no means a scholar, Letizia can weasel out a good deal and is a hard assed negotiator.

The greatest weakness that Letizia holds to would be her own vanity and sense of infallible business practices. She has been a merchant for thousands of years as well as a skilled Widow which has directly led to her inflated ego. Not all of it is unwarranted but Letizia would be easy to lure into a trap if they were well laid plans.

Though not overly empathic, Letizia can be a very caring friend. She has helped friends solve finical issues with loans that were very cut rate. While these that she cares for and helps are not very numerous she is not completely a cold hearted bitch. That is just what she wants her competition to think.

  • A successful deal. Specifically in business, Letizia always feels a sense of a high after closing a deal that favors her. This sense of wheeling and dealing can go the other, feeling loss at being on the losing end, but the high is worth the risk.
  • The finer things. Since coming fully into the wealth of her family and her husband’s, Letizia had acquired a fine taste for things. She does not drink the most expensive, rarest wine ever, but she does enjoy a well known vintage that does not come cheap.
  • Being known for her work. Working within a shadow organization makes it so she gets no credit beyond the members for what she does. With the Colosseum at least Letizia is known for the sport and entertainment. Being recognized, in a sense of the fame she possesses, is very gratifying for the Widow. 
  • Being of common stock. Many see as being not an aristo as a freedom but Letizia knows it only limits her. She hates the limits it imposes and wishes she could have been lucky enough to hold her caste, Jewels and aristo blood.
  • Dirtying her hands. Letizia doesn’t want to do the dirty work herself. Instead, she sends one of those she controls to do her bidding. Of course, she makes sure that the person she sends in loyal and will get the job done the first time.
  • Keeping up with the Jones’. New fashions, new rugs and furniture, the expenditures, while lovely, annoy Letizia. Hayll is the center of decadence, so by the needs to keep up appearances she does in fact have to maintain those newest looks. Spending thousands of gold marks on something she will change in six months does bother her though.
  • The Family becoming known. Centuries The Family has remained secret, a dangerous secret tied by Widow Webs and trust. Now that Letizia is in charge, she worries about every new initiate, that something could slip even with all the protections in place.
  • Her own death. Seeing her husband die of old age has made Letizia fear her own death. She doesn’t fear this at every moment but when she realizes that her life is over half done, the fear seeps in again and gnaws at her.
  • Another Great War. Strife was common during the time Askavi held sway over Hayll. A woman who enjoys fine things and power, another Great War would likely see the Long Lived crippled as they are slow to rebound from the Purge.
Craft Strengths:
  • Enchantment. Letizia spells many items to various effects, though often it is money for tracking or rare shipments to make sure they are not moved. Her enchantments have killed a number of people over the years who were trying to steal her wares or merchandise.
  • Protection craft. In her line of work, Letizia always has to be prepared for the worst case. Be it an attack in the dark or just an assassin from a jealous family wishing to take over her business, she knows no end to the dangers in her life. This does not faze her as Hayll has always been a deadly place.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Visions. A portion of her Widow craft that never called to Letizia like the Widow webs and even in a mild sense poisons. She has little use for “possible” futures and in turn puts little stock in those Sisters who speak so highly of their visions. Letizia’s own visions are generally impossible to understand and of little import.
  • Emotional craft. Letizia has always been pretty straight forward in her manipulations, not resorting to Craft to make people do or think what she wanted of them.
Life Story

Mother: Yvette Gracchus – Purple Dusk to Sapphire witch (deceased, Purge)
Father: Marimo Gracchus – Summer Sky to Blood Opal Warlord (deceased, Purge)
Siblings: Selene Gracchus – Broken Summer Sky to Broken Green witch  (approx. 68 years old., Broken before Purge)
Husband: Alexio De Luca Sr. – Green to Red Prince (deceased, old age before Purge)
(eldest) Alexio De Luca Jr. – Broken Opal to Broken Red Prince (approx. 48 years old., Broken from Purge) Married with children.
(older middle) Iason De Luca – Opal to Sapphire Warlord (deceased, Purge) Was married with children.
(younger middle) Minos De Luca – Rose to Opal Warlord (deceased, assassinated before Purge) Never married.
(youngest) Thea De Luca – Summer Sky to Purple Dusk witch (approx. 40 years old.) Married with children.
Born during what some consider the height of Hayll. Life was full of parties and politicking, but also the world was slowing descending into a pit of greed and hate. A merchant family, Letizia's family made their name in the business as money lenders of moderate repute, founded generations ago by prosperous textile farmers.

The blessing of her natural snake tooth for the family meant they were bound for greater and better things. The ability to hold the powerful caste of a Black Widow and a Dark Jewel meant that Letizia was able to make a match above her families’ status. The man, one Alexio De Luca, was a powerful and wealthy man. He was not a member of the Hundred Families but he was of high enough status that he could be considered an appropriate contact to go to for business.

Alexio was not young by any means. By the time Letizia had married the man, he was already old. His first wife had died of illness and his second had left him for a much younger, and handsome, man. For Letizia though, it was a smart move. Of course she felt passion, knew it was not part of her marriage, but that was not why she appreciated Alexio. No, there was a man who wanted a wife to bear him children and she wanted him to provide her, and her family, the prestige to grow their business. Between the two, a partnership was born.

Now Letizia De Luca, her family was able to break into the business of money lending to aristos. As her family were no longer “completely common” as the aristos said, her mother, father and sister were able to live more comfortably and with greater clout. Letizia’s duties were only to her family though she continued to assist with the family business. For the Coven though, after she was a fully qualified Widow, Letizia has not taken part of their politics. The politics of business is more than enough for her.

In the intervening years, before Hayll fell to Askavi’s shadow, Letizia bore her husband four children. Three boys and a little girl were all that she was given during the centuries with her husband. Generally the two got along, good friends and companions, though they fought about the business and how to raise their children. It was a typical and good Hayllian marriage.

It was 500 years after they married that Alexio let Letizia in on his true life, the secret she had known he held but respected out of affection and the children. It had been the only stipulation in their marriage that she would not seek out his secrets. A woman of her word, Letizia had complied. Finally, Alexio had introduced her to The Family.

A group of men and women who worked together to find profit and enterprise in the shadowy underside of Hayll; Letizia was fascinated. They were bound by Widow Craft, the same Widow Craft she had accepted to learn the secret. It was why they were never spoken, why the small group had remained hidden for thousands of years. Offered a part of the group, Letizia had leapt at it, knowing her Widow talents and business sense would be invaluable. In truth, Letizia was thrilled to be part of the organization but she wanted to unravel the secrets of their Widow talent as well, the complex web almost impossible to unweave. The Widow who loved in enhancements screamed for her to find those secrets as much as the allure of The Family.

Years turned to centuries as she served with her husband, integrating into the family. With Alexio holding the status of Second in Command, Letizia had much to learn. In time she proved her value with a sharp business mind as well as Black Widow talents, cementing herself as a member of importance. During this time, she is also placed as the Head of her family business, her mother and father comfortable retiring.

It was one thousand years before the Purge Alexio died. Old age instead of treachery, Letizia mourned for years. She missed her good friend and husband but still took over his spot in The Family. Within years of her husband’s death, her sister was brutally attacked, Broken of her Birthright and Descent. Her youngest son was murdered just weeks after the event. Letizia knew it was a move from a competitor, even knew who because of the contacts The Family kept. A petition of the family to use an asset to seek revenge was granted. The scene was spoken of in gruesome horror for months, but Letizia’s family was safe again.

Before the Purge hit, Letizia took a lover. He was of great importance, the son of a Queen. Much younger, their lust was passionate. Her children did not seem to mind the man, though he younger than her own children. Nevertheless, Hayll was the center many a sexual revolution – it was not unheard of.

It was the Purge that changed much for Letizia. While her family business has expanded into many empires, even the Colosseum of Hayll, the Family had remained about the same. Instead, when the Purge struck, it was within the confines of a secret meeting, planning for the next centuries. Her eldest son, a member after his trustworthiness was proven, was the one who protected her most during the Witchstorm. Still, she lost her own Sapphire as well as her second oldest son.

Most chaotically, it was the head of the Family, a Dark Jeweled Male, who was utterly destroyed. Letizia, sensing the opportunity, wasted no time in taking up the mantle. She possessed much of her strength still and was trusted as a calculating and even merciless leader. It was years later, sensing the need to expand the Family, she informed her much younger lover and brought him into the organization. While she had to give up her sexual dalliances for his abilities, Letizia feels the trade was a good one.

By light, she maintains her families’ public business, spending much of her time at the Colosseum directly managing the fights while still lending money to those aristo families willing to risk their fortunes for favor. In the shadows and secrets, she runs a Family who controls a much too large of portions of Hayll’s wealth as well as dealing in deadly secrets. For a grandmother, Letizia is a dangerous foe and equally dangerous ally.

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
It was her son’s funeral. Of course she was dressed in all Black, but Hayll had been swamped by funerals. Letizia was lucky money could buy a slot of time of the undertaker’s so she wouldn’t be forced to bury him herself. That was below her, to bury her own son.

Instead, she dabbed her eyes as she listened to the weeping around her. Family, friends, those who survived seemed much more affected than her. Of course she could remember thinking him the most adorable boy, the most adventurous, but like anyone, he turned out human like the rest of the world. Quick to anger for a Warlord and willing to spend too much and frivolous items, Letizia had still loved her son.

Still, the Purge was out of her control. Raging against the deaths, asking why, it was not required. Why didn’t matter, that it happened was enough. Witch, in her wisdom or insanity, had seen fit to see them suffer. Instead, Letizia planned to make sure her suffering was a minimum. There was no reason to live in the past, remembering the joys and sorrows of her son. She would always have the memories but crying over this death would do nothing for him.

It was sad to see him go though. He looked the most like her father, the least like his father. His laughter had been heartening when his mood was good and at the end of the day he was a child of her lions. The remainders of the family he had made, another political match created by his mother, they wept hardest. Her son’s wife had lost a child as well but seemed more torn apart than Letizia. It was a pity she hadn’t found her son a stronger wife.

Even as she listened to the Priestess, words about the Blessing of the Darkness, the arms enfolding her son, Letizia’s mind drifted. She would need to hire someone for her son’s wife, make sure she did not destroy herself in the years to come. Maybe a Landen? They had not been hit by the Purge…

Petitions (if any):  none, besides kicking ass.

Player Name: Dani

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Re: Letizia De Luca
« Reply #1 on: Nov 16, 11, 09:16:38 AM »
Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Blood Opal birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a BROKEN cut Sapphire Jewel at your offering.



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Re: Letizia De Luca
« Reply #2 on: Dec 01, 11, 07:10:44 PM »
Ready for Review.
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Re: Letizia De Luca
« Reply #3 on: Dec 03, 11, 01:57:42 PM »
Ready for Review #2 please. ^^
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Re: Letizia De Luca
« Reply #4 on: Dec 03, 11, 08:33:46 PM »

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Re: Letizia De Luca
« Reply #5 on: Nov 02, 12, 06:05:37 AM »
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