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Title: Kyou no Izayoi
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The Basics
Character Name: Kyou no Izayoi
Age: 50 (b. 143 AP)
Race: Short-Lived (Tacean)
Caste: Priestess
Birth Territory: Tacea
Home Territory: Tacea

Birthright Jewel: uncut Rose
Offering Jewel: Broken cut Opal

Role: Foreign Minister
Faction: Diplomatic Corps


Play By: Lucy Liu
Distinguishing Features: Kyou's features aren't of the typically unblemished, porcelain variety that many of her people posses, her cheeks and nose spattered with freckles. They used to be a source of self-consciousness when she was much younger and she would go to lengths to conceal them with makeup or cosmetic Craft. This changed when she met her late wife many years ago, who found them to be a "unique and lovely feature," in those precise words.



Mother Night is unquestioningly a force to be reckoned with, and Kyou no Izayoi is but one of many of her caste who are then, in turn, the swords of that overarching entity.

As pious as she may be, she's always felt that there is a distinct difference between enacting the will of the Blood's deity and subscribing to a blind faith, the latter of which she harbors no interest in doing. She firmly believes in the notion that 'everything happens for a reason' and won't hesitate to profess this view if prompted about it. In contrast to this, however, is the impulse she possesses to infer and unravel what that reason actually is. The woman refuses to take action before thinking the situation through to her satisfaction. "Because I said so" is not a phrase she enjoys hearing from superiors, nor is it one she doles out to any of her subordinates. Everything must have a justification and she'll absolutely make sure those around her are aware of what hers are in any given situation.

Kyou is a very levelheaded and temperate individual, grounded by her caste and generally preferring to allow logic to take precedence over emotion when others are having outbursts or flares of temper. In a professional setting she tends to come across as stoic and strict, but she's found that a small sense of intimidation goes a long way in earning respect and cooperation. Those closest to her are generally privy to more of her "softer," emotional moments when they arise, as those are simply the people whom she's most comfortable entrusting with such things, though after the recent death of her wife this has been extremely limited, far more than normal, and even her family seems to only receive more of professional!her than anything else.

Duty is something that Kyou takes incredibly seriously, second only to her sense of faith and reverence (and sometimes not even ranked that low). It doesn't matter to what specific cause or person she's committed to, be it big or small or anything in between; when she's obligated herself to something there is never a question of whether or not the Priestess will provide the full extent of her loyalty and abilities to that person, cause, or thing. Conversely, this tends to have her expecting the same steadfastness and sense of responsibility out of others and many times she ends up finding herself incredibly disappointed and agitated when that turns out to not be the case. The two-faced and fickle as well as the lazy and the procrastinating will most assuredly not find an ally with her and she has little issue making that exceedingly clear, even in the instances in which she's forced to cooperate with those types for some greater purpose.

Craft Strengths:
Craft Weaknesses:
Life Story
Mother: Megumi no Izayoi; White - Yellow; Priestess (deceased)
Father: Ryota no Izayoi; Rose - Summer Sky; Prince (deceased)
Hibiki no Izayoi; Tiger Eye - Rose; Warlord (b. 138 AP)*+
Jun no Izayoi; Blood Male (b. 140 AP)+

Wife: Ume no Kojima; Yellow - Summer Sky; Healer (deceased) - died in the Izayoi court massacre

Niece: Ume Kaori / Revmira Ruhl; Blood Opal - Sapphire; Hearth Witch (b. 165 AP)*

Escort: Takashi no Kojima; Summer Sky - Purple Dusk; Prince (b. 141 AP; Ume's brother)*+

* jewels rolled
+ adoptable


Having been born in the midst of the Warring Dragons Era, Kyou's early years proceeded similarly to most at that point in time. The third child and lone daughter after her parents conceived two sons (no less loved mind you, but still they were sons which meant less was ultimately expected of them), there were certain expectations and burdens that the young Priestess was obligated to shoulder. An assortment of rigorous martial training specific to the militaristic Clan of the Tiger as well as any required caste training were thrust upon Kyou as early as the day she walked out of the altar with her Rose jewel cradled in hand.

The young Priestess took far more well to the combat training than she did most lessons of her actual caste, finding the former to be more engaging and interesting, so it was that of which she had decided she'd pursue her life's path somewhere in her teenage years. Fully aiming to add herself to Tacea's list of historic generals during wartime and bring both her family and Clan high honor and prestige, it came as something of a shell-shock when the war that had divided Tacea for so long was ended by Hinata no Kagen, her Clan being the apparent victors when the other three could sustain no longer. With her plans seemingly thrust into flux given that they'd revolved around the war continuing for far longer, Kyou hit a stalemate with her future between the years of sixteen and twenty.

The uneventful gap allowed Kyou to hone her skills further and provided her with ample time to do some soul-searching, consider her options moving forward once she made her Offering to the Darkness. At the end of that time, not only had she made an impressive full descent to the Opal, but her martial acumen and reputation of possessing both work ethic and ambition in spades had apparently garnered attention from instructors within the large military academy that Clan Izayoi was renowned for. She was approached by one of the senior members of the institution, offered a chance to further her reputation and put her years of training to actual use by joining the ranks of the academy as an instructor herself.

Given the option between that and being stuck overseeing an altar somewhere in the peaceful times that were brought on by Lady Kagen's rule as Dragon Mother, it was unsurprising to anyone that she accepted the offer without a second thought. It was an unusual adjustment at first and a ladder with many rungs, as she soon found out. But Kyou was quick to adapt to the difference in teaching versus learning and over time worked her way up from a green, junior instructor to one of the sharpest and well-respected of her caliber.

Not only had her professional life bloomed during the following years, but it seemed her romantic one had found a foothold as well with the introduction of Ume no Kojima into her life via her brother, Takashi, who had been actively filling the role of Kyou's escort for a couple of years prior. Their family was of the upper-middle artisan class and had been sworn to Clan Izayoi for the past few generations, so when the slow burn courtship between Priestess and Healer eventually became a more public affair, it was looked upon favorably both from a personal and a political standpoint. The pair of them were married in the autumn of 170 AP, a peaceful and routine five years passing before anything of great note transpired again.

When Hinata no Kagen's first Mistress of the Guard passed away in 175 AP, the news had spread far and wide that the Dragon Mother was in immediate search of a replacement, though such an opportunity hadn't initially struck Kyou to pursue as she felt content with her current station at the time. It was, in fact, her wife that had reached out both for letters of recommendation and to the reigning Dragon Mother to arrange an interview for Kyou as a contender for such a prestigious position. The spirited Healer having felt vehemently that her beloved was selling herself far too short and didn't wish for the driven Priestess to settle for her instructor position when a much more reputable career practically fell at her feet.

Despite the dumbfounded surprise of having the Unifier of Tacea showing up at her doorstep with absolutely no warning, the meeting went exceptionally well and Kyou was offered the job about a week later. Again, another adjustment and learning the assorted ropes that came with ensuring both the protection of the Queen of an entire Territory as well as most matters of military and diplomatic variety, the Priestess proved ever steadfast and reliable in her ability to adapt and do the job to the best of her ability for the next decade or so. The Queen's rule was ended in 185 AP as tradition of the cycle dictated, and Hinata's court scattered into their own endeavors, with Kyou personally being welcomed back into her former station as senior instructor for the Izayoi's military school. Though she has kept in contact with her Queen since then and routinely will meet up with the older woman, making sure any escorts or guards surrounding her are up to snuff and taking the liberty of replacing them with those of her own choosing if they are not.

The eruption of the volcanoes in 191 AP was a tragedy of epic proportions, but one that the Priestess and her beloved wife had managed to endure. Ume's talents and drive to help many of those injured and displaced were astonishing and ultimately led to her being offered a position within Ishiyo no Izayoi's court when the Red-jeweled Queen took her place as Dragon Mother after Yuki no Natsuhana's unexpected departure from the islands.

This, however, proved to be a grave mistake learned far too late for either woman to have possibly foreseen. Ume was present at court the day the Dragon Mother went mad and receiving the news that her love of so many years had been slain by the Red-jeweled Queen had managed to dredge up one of the few, rare instances of emotional outbursts and fragility within the usually calm and reserved Priestess warrior. For one of the first times in her life, Kyou has felt out of sorts and lost in her purpose and her faith, unsure how to properly deal with her grief even months later besides quashing it deep down and instead focusing intensely upon her work.

... Work that will once more find itself morphing and testing her ability to accommodate change. She has recently been offered the position within Seung Corro's Interregnum of something labeled as a Foreign Minister, and while she is unsure in regards to... essentially the entire thing, she refuses to let such a challenge best her capabilities.

Duty calls and she answers as intently as ever.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

"You're acting strange today," Kyou said pointedly, her eyes drifting up from the book she was currently indulging in and meeting the gaze of her wife across the living room of their home. While it very well was an accusation, it possessed a softness in tone that the Priestess only ever offered Ume and was further buffered by the small smile that seemed to wind its way across her features almost against her will.

"Me? Never. Don't be ridiculous, dear." A fib - for Ume could never bring herself to blatantly lie to the other woman, not about anything serious in nature - if there ever was one, and one she managed to bolster with a radiant smile in return as she continued her puttering around the room.

There was definitely a certain excited, nervous energy within the Healer, one that seemed to permeate far more than normal. It was unmistakable to Kyou, and though she didn't feel the need to engage in a debate about it (she was sure she was right, could sense it with her adeptness in emotional assessments), she let the very blatant look of 'I don't believe you' speak for her instead. Ume seemed unfazed by the gentle scowl, however, and continued about her business, looking to be the picture of surprise when there was a series of short knocks upon the door. "My hands are full, darling, could you answer that?"

Forever seemingly unable to be irked by or resistant to the whims and requests of her wife, Kyou flashed another, brief look before rising from her seat and striding to the door, book still in one hand while she reached to pull the door open with the other. The book she'd been clutching fell to the floor with a low thump as Kyou was then faced with none other than the Dragon Mother, Hinata no Kagen, standing on the other side of the doorway, First Escort and full compliment of Daggers all present around the Queen in question.

"You must be Lady Izayoi, if I'm not mistaken?" Hinata began with a smile, bowing respectfully with her entourage following suit smoothly. "Your wife speaks very highly of you, and the letters of recommendation my Steward received are absolutely glowing with praise. You're free at the moment for an interview, I presume? For the position of Mistress of the Guard?"

"... My wife..." For all Kyou felt her jaw threatening to drop in a manner which would've surely made her look like a fish out of water, she kept it together and returned the bow she was given with a deep one of her own. Eyes snapped rapidly to where Ume had been previously standing... only to find the Healer practically bouncing out of the room and into the kitchen adjacent, giving little more than a wiggle of her fingers and a beaming smile in goodbye before her figure disappeared.

"Yes, of course, Lady Kagen-sama. Please make yourself welcome, my time is yours this afternoon," was all the Priestess found herself able to offer, still struggling to conceal her unabashed bewilderment while stepping aside to allow the Territory Queen and her contingent to cross over the threshold.

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Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Rose Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Opal Jewel at your Offering.

( & (


1. Summer Sky - Purple Dusk
2. White - Yellow
3. Blood Opal - Sapphire
4. Tiger Eye - Rose
5. Rose - Summer Sky
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