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Author Topic: Kenna Anderson  (Read 818 times)

Description: Queen. Summer Sky to Green. Played by Petrichor.

Offline Kenna Anderson

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Kenna Anderson
« on: Jan 10, 19, 09:27:23 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Kenna Anderson
Nicknames: Birdie (childhood friends and family only).
Age:  33 (161 AP)
Race:  Short Lived, Glacian
Caste:  Queen
Birth Territory: Glacia, Kaeleer
Home Territory:  Glacia, Kaeleer

Birthright Jewel: Summer Sky
Offering Jewel: Green

Play By: Rosie Huntington Whitely
Distinguishing Features: 

Kenna was born prematurely. She is of fragile constitution  and susceptible to illness.  Her kidneys are prone to issue and infection and she possesses and a weak heart. 

Most children born as early on as the Queen also suffer from a lifetime of lung troubles. As a very small child, Kenna had respiratory complications as well. However, unlike the rest of her health issues these strengthened and healed on their own over time.  When she was finally able to take part in choir with the other Children of the Light in worship at the age of nine it was discovered that the Queen had been gifted with a high, powerful soprano for all her troubles. 



Growing up with a birthright of precarious standing within Glacia as an abandoned child, for better or worse, contributed to the lion's share of traits, quirks and flaws that would become a part of Kenna for life.  She left the Children of the Light Home for Orphans at the age of thirteen, but hard living takes its toll quickly and leaves marks visible to all for years to come.  The Queen carries few illusions about the nature of Glacia's fanaticism.  She has seen the ugliest sides of the land both in her life and in her strange, earth-bound visions of corruption spreading over the nation; Kenna simply sees the institution as too big to fight.

Unable to beat the system, Lady Anderson threw herself in to understanding it's rules, pitfalls, and trappings so that she might best exploit it to suit her needs. Though she has no special talent for craft based manipulations the Queen is excellent at manipulating people and situations around her to best suit herself, and the Province she cares for dutifully.

Naturally intelligent by luck of her birth, Kenna spent much of her youth amusing herself in books, craft, thought and study.  Poor children have little but their imaginations to entertain them, and ones in conditions such as those presented by the orphanage even less so.  The hand me down toys and games provided to the Children of the Light held no interest for the girl.   Along with her natural inclination to prefer more studious pursuits, the young Queen was prevented from exerting herself in the ways of other children due to frailties in her health because of her premature birth.

With great care she has cultivated her image, drawing people to her with purpose.  Even as an child she understood the value of having a variety of tools at her disposal.  While she is socially astute enough to pull a myriad of strings with ease, Kenna prefers to actually muddy the waters of people's actions and intent directly as little as possible.  More than most the Queen understands the potential impact of a properly placed gentle touch as well as that of a full out assault.  While Lady Anderson is not loved by all, she is popular enough to hold her Province seat with ease.  Not everyone is the Queen's bosom buddy but everyone in her region knows that it's best to not land on the wrong side of her attentions.  Kenna is known for being ruthless with those who violate Glacia's tenants. 

Her fervour comes not from belief, but fear and it is that most basic of instinctual emotions that drives men and women alike to their greatest heights, and their cruelest acts of cowardice.

Beneath the charming ways and delicate manners the lowborn girl studied and mastered so carefully lay the instincts of a cunning predator.  She struggled and scraped to EARN her place at the top , Kenna will stop at nothing to insure she never has to see the world from the bottom of the mountain ever again – no matter the cost.  The Queen is adept as justifying her actions to herself in spite of all the signs and feelings she has pointing to the wickedness at the core of Glacia's system. What justification and circular logic can not cover, Kenna drowns in calming tonics and opiates which, she claims, help her feel her sacred connection to the land more profoundly.

A self-doubting survivalist, Kenna has latched on to the precepts of Glacian faith with a stubborn resolve.  Over the years much energy has been spent on integrating what she knows with what she has been told to believe is the truth.  The result is a firm outlook built on shaky foundations fortified with careful reasoning and smoothed over with the various things she takes to cope with the pains of her body and her heart.  Lady Anderson, is quite the high functioning addict, but she is so loved and feared by those around her – famous as she is for her fair but punishing judgements upon the guilty – that few in the Province Ruler's life are close enough to recognize that she has a problem.  Kenna's skill with  self deception is only surpassed by the easy way with which she misdirects and misinforms the attentions of others.  In other words: deflect, deflect, deflect. 

When the weight on her spirit grows heavy, and not even the strongest of calming brews can ease her conscience Kenna dives not in to her vices, but her passions.  Music and art are where she turns.  Graced with a strong voice with a range Kenna has few chances to indulge in her love of song.  Most often late nights when she can't sleep the Queen can be found in her studio, with music crystals blaring flawless orchestral performances as she paints, or sketches out plans for a piece in graceful strokes of charcoal.  Her art is inspired most awful by her fitful sleep.  Even as she rests her constant, potent connection to the Glacian earth bombards her subconscious mind with the state of the land, and the echoes of her people's sufferings, trials and evils.  In her waking state she's compelled to paint these beautiful and terrifying works.  Her works by many are considered to be gifts from Mother Night for even in their imposing truth their is a delicate artistry to her work so coveted and adored by the Glacian aesthetic and collectors the Realm over.

  • The Arts.  Kenna takes great pleasure in study, and appreciation of the finer arts.  She herself loves to sing, paint, and draw – all of which she practices to varying degrees of skill.  The Queen's voice is her primary gift, honed from a young age in her orphanage as a part of the choir, followed closely by her skill with a brush and canvas.   Her interests further expand to opera, literature, theatre,  classical music, the study of art history and the many mediums of the discipline.  Never having fully recovered from the frailties brought on by her premature birth,  Lady Anderson bears a passion for these enriching pursuits which she may indulge in without being reminded of her own body's many limitations.  Since coming in to her full Green jewelled power,she has worked hard to further her areas of expertise so that she might better fit in with those whom were raised in the opulence and privilege Glacia is famous for.  (A note, Kenna is a skilled singer, and 2 dimensional artist who works primarily in charcoal and oils.  The Queen has a fondness and a knack for water colours but given Glacia's climate she rarely gets a chance to practice the form.  She has a knowledge and understanding of many other artistic pursuits but she does not have a general talent for all things creative.)

  • Having Power.  Growing up in such a precarious position, even after her adoption, the Queen longed for nothing more than a safety net.  With a Province to call her own, the Green as her offering, and  connections assuring her continued seat in a position of standing brings the tortured woman some measure of peace.  Kenna will do anything to stay at the top, regardless of who needs to be sacrificed in order for her to do so.  She proved her worth to the Darkness and the dark jewel she wears proudly, if to her own detriment because of the frail nature of her form, is proof that she has the RIGHT to use the cursed less powerful, non blessed blood to her advantage.   While her conscience wrestles with her decisions, most often when she dreams, the Lady pays those nagging sensations little heed.  The alternative to her current lifestyle and the consequences it bares are too perilous for Kenna to consider.  One day her eyes may open and her selfish priorities may change but for now she is happy to serve Queen and Land to the letter of her people's hard laws.

  • Drugs and Tonics. Her medical condition warrants the regular daily use of a variety of medicines to heal the Queen in her daily taxing responsibilities, and to numb the very real pain of her condition. At some point Kenna will need to undergo a serious series of extended healings to repair the damage on her body, and the birth of her child 4 years past contributed to the hastening of the process.   She is not yet at that point and her Healer's – including Matias  – all agree that her best chance of eventually making a full recovery is waiting until as many things as possible can be fixed at one time. Her body likely would not survive the channelling of such heavy amounts of power multiple times. 

    This means that for Lady Anderson things will get worse before they get better and so her days are filled with a regimen of medicines, calming tonics, and soothing palliatives.  Having suffered through her pain in her early childhood with so few accommodations she now relishes the availability of escape.  Oftentimes when she calls for one of her pain tonics or an alchemical remedy it is as much to take the edge off her day as it is the pain.  Luckily for Kenna her actual need and imagined need overlap enough that her habit goes by little noticed save by a small handful of people in her life.

    Occasionally when her fevered night's dreams have her on a streak of no sleep and frenzied artistry the Lady dips in to less recreational forms of escape.  This is a closely guarded secret of the Lady's most trusted friends, and seen by them as a forgivable flaw in the light of the gifts and sacrifices she makes so freely to her Land and her Dark Patron.  More often than not these behind-closed-door binges cause complications in the Queen's health and her inner triangle does it's best to manage Kenna away from this behaviour.  Her mother however, often provides these strange tinctures as a manner of reward and control, just another thorn the Black Widow's pricked in to her adopted daughter's soul to keep the Queen just where she wants her. 

  • The Cold.  While most Glacian's relish the feeling of the crisp, chilled mountain air on their alabaster flesh, it brings Kenna little but trouble.  Winters are a time of pain, and increased illness for the Lady.  Her fragile immune system is further weakened by the season's toll. 
    Cultural standards in the Territory make this an unnaceptable weakness for the Lady to openly display.  Therefore she pushes herself beyond her limits with the aid of craft and specially prepared tonics in the spirit of keeping up appearances.  While she always has a Healer close at hand year roung during these months they are never far from her side and one keeps watch over the lady's health and condition as she sleeps.   

    While she can keep this preference secret to those who have never visited her Territory, those whom have visited Kenna's Keep in her home province of Virratt in the winter months have all noted the above average use of warming spells and spells to keep out drafts throughout the household.

  • Being reminded of her origins. The Children of the Light are famous the nation wide for their relentless regimen and carefully cultivated program for rearing unwanted minors. Blood youth are abandoned at these Prietess Run Orphanages at all ages some as infants (most often the progeny of light jewelled blood who show no apparent caste early on), others as old as teenagers.  Not only is it socially acceptable to leave  your ungifted children with these zealots in Glacia, there are a good number of Blood whom believe it is the best shot their poor souls have of achieving any sort of peace, or redemption in the case of those whom wear birthright jewels which could go either way. 

    The days are hard, the tasks punishing, and the overseeing mistresses unrelenting in their education methods.  Their is no shame in coming from this organization when their methods work and you come out, as Kenna did, with a full descent and  an uncut Green jewel to call her own.  However, in comparison to the position she's achieved thanks to her own atonement combined with her mother's considerable machinations the Lady does not like thinking about where she came from.  It seems far from proper to discuss or consider in the fine halls of her Palace.  Besides, what point is there in thinking about the past when thanks to her Offering she needs never worry about enduring such hardships ever again.

    Most days she simply prefers to pretend she was born in to the Anderson family, and thanks to her Caste and position in the Territory it's an illusion everyone in the clan is happy to perpetuate.

  • Constant connection to the land. One of the gift's of the Queen is their ability to reach in to the land and emphatically feel the earth's health, stability, and in cases of great joy or great sorrow of the people sense the people's triumphs and tribulations.  A potent ability, it's a skill most Queens must concentrate to use and to understand, the information received often overwhelming and

    Kenna bloomed a natural gift for this particular bit of craft even before her offering ceremony and by the time she received her Summer Sky Birthright, she was unable to sever her ties to the pulse of Glacia's heart. 

    Given the tumultuous times the Territory is currently experiencing, this is a far from pleasant constant connection.  While it brings her great respect in the land for this strange, unique gift – the toll it takes on her psyche is far from small, and it contributes to many of the Queen's more flawed coping mechanisms.

  • Darker Jewelled Blood.  Being raised by the severe Sisters of the Children of the Light, Kenna learned at a very young age the horrible sort of power and tyranny the darkest gifted Blood can wield over their inferiors.  While she is quite gifted herself with the Green, Glacia is a much blessed land and there are many whose gifts surpass her own. 

    Though  she is able to maintain her composure when made nervous by a new Dark Jeweled acquaintance the Lady finds it impossible to relax in their presence until they are bonded to her, or under her spell in some manner so that she knows they may be counted securely amongst her allies.

    In truth the Queen's fixation on popularity and station has more to do with staying atop the social heirarchy with the force of her personality and connections in order to remain safe than it does with any actual passion for the aristocratic lifestyle.

  • Her Mother. Oliva Anderson, the Opal Jewelled Black Widow who adopted Kenna from her place with the Children of the Light before anyone believed the frail child would ever descend beyond the Purple Dusk if that, raised Kenna from the depths of society and brought her to its greatest heights.  The only mother the Queen has ever known, hardly lets a day go by without reminding her only adopted child of just that.

    With all her children the Black Widow employed the many manipulative gifts of her caste to make them all love and fear her, as well as crave her approval.  Kenna may be their Queen, but she is the Family's matriarch and not even as Ruler of the Virratt Province does the Green jeweled witch dare defy her mother's “advice.”

  • Death. While most do not embrace the idea of their natural end, most aren't forced to face their mortality on a daily basis.  Unlike a warrior and his field of battle, Kenna isn't able to lash out with force and venom at what threatens to pull her through death's doors.  Her foes are invisible and internal her own body betraying her on a constant basis because for whatever reason her mother's womb was incapable of holding her to term.

    One day, when the Healer's are finally able to go in and fix the sources of her troubles, she will be free of the constraints of a fragile vessel.  However until that day comes there is forever the threat that a nasty infection or virus will take her before that time comes.  Such a death would leave her jewels in tact and she would make the transition to Demon Dead.

    A prolonged half-existence sustained by the consumption of Blood in her frail form is Kenna's idea of an eternal nightmare.  She is sure her mind would escape to the horrid corridors of the Twisted Kingdom should she make the transition in her dying breaths. 

    Craft Strengths:
  • Binding Craft.  Lady Anderson has a knack for tying word, deed, and craft together in potent binding crafts.  Contracts forged in blood are drawn up by the Province ruler for many purposes from service, to business, to sealing promises.  The archaic Queen's craft is a dangerous one.  Sealed always in the Lady's blood these deals chain action to sworn oath.  Should one side falter they're fated to a pain like no other until their lives are taken or they make their misstep right.  It is for this reason that Kenna is always very careful when writing up her end of a contract and it is also why she must use this art carefully.  Blood always knows and it doesn't like to be tricked.   
  • Delving Craft.  Deving Craft is the Queen's art of using craft to connect to the Land and divine facts about the state of the land and its people.  Most Queen's must meditate and connect to the earth through force of will and concentration whilst only rarely dreaming about things of particular note.  Kenna's natural talent with the art goes above and beyond what most witches of her caste experience at the height of their study. 

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • Crystal Craft. A luxury for the rich, well trained, and forgetful Crystal Craft is an important part of Blood culture.  It's used to store important scenes from political meetings and to record person's without their notice.  Kenna has never had any skill for the craft and requires someone to act as a secretary of sorts for her in this capacity.
  • Physical Enhancement Craft.  Frail of body, the dark jewel Kenna wears as her Offering takes a toll on her form.  Attempting to channel craft to make up for this weakness causes the Queen great pain.  In moment of great need she might be able to boost her speed or strength very briefly, but the toll it will take on her form rarely would make such a drastic action worth it for the Green jeweled Lady and increasing stamina in any capacity is beyond her meagre talent. To be fair, her inability here comes not from ineptitude, but because her limitations inhibit her ability to practice the art.

    Life Story

    A doptive Mother: Ingria Anderson. 71. Rose to Opal Jewelled Black Widow
    Adoptive Father: Jimson Anderson. Prince. Opal to Red Opal Jewelled Warlord [Deceased as of 176 AP @ age of 67.]
    Siblings: 1.) Petyr Gundar  Yellow to Rose jewelled Warlord 50. (child from Oliva's first marriage).
    2.) Isak Anderson Summer Sky to Green Jewelled  Prince. 45.
    3.) Venla Anderson Purple Dusk-Sapphire Jewelled Healer. 37
    4.) Sofia Anderson Summer Sky to Green Jewelled Black Widow. 40.
    Daughter:  Mariella Anderson, Healer Queen 11.

    All ages listed as of 192 AP.


    The circumstances around Kenna's birth were largely unknown.  All that the healer's who tended to the newborn left at the step's of a Priestess run establishment could tell was that the little girl was very premature.  Her mother had been no more than twenty three weeks along when labor began, it was because of this early entrance in to the world that her caste was not apparent at the time of her abandonment.

    She was left with the Children of the Light, a Glacia wide organization of orphanages that rake in, raise, and “correct,” light jeweled children.  It was, and remains, to be seen as one of the most pious ways to handle a cursed child, as they grow up inundated with the Territory's unique ideals and traditions.  These women of the cloth are devout zealots, painted as heroes, and because of this esteem it is seen as a light child's best chance to grow in to a respectable member of Glacian society aware of and grateful for their place in society.

    As a baby Lady Anderson was finicky, nervous and needy because of her many physical ailments caused by her ill timed birth.  Raised under the oppressive tutelage of the Sister's her anxious ways flourished and the girl found her own rituals to disperse the stress. Early on she learned to manipulate the feelings of those who admired and loved her.  Kenna became a girl who while not everyone wanted to be friends with her, no one was willing to cross.

    Obsessed with securing herself a place in proper society, far from the depressing halls of the Children of Light orphanage where she lived in Virratt, Kenna grew pathological in her adherence to the proper behaviours laid out by the Sister's.  This developed in Kenna a nervous personality disorder which that formed and stuck with her through adult hood.

    When it came time to undergo the Birthright, Kenna was sure her devotion and constant attention to detail would secure her a dark jewel.  After all it was apparent even as a girl that she had an unusually strong connection to the land. She was a Queen and she followed the rules.  To a child's logic it seemed only fair and right that she would be blessed.  It was a great shock to her young system to come away with the precariously placed Summer Sky as her gift.

    Ruthless in securing her position Kenna strove to not be too affected by the setback.  Instead of losing faith she dove deeper in to the acts and behaviours which the Territory's faith taught her would bring her closer to “dark righteousness”.

    Ingria Anderson, an Opal jeweled Black Widow, adopted the girl weeks before her twelfth birthday.  Kenna soon found she was to be the youngest of five with her eldest sibling being twenty years her senior.  Ingria knew from her visions that Kenna was destined to be a dark Queen but she held this secret.  The Black Widow dangled the danger of an unsuccessful Offering over the adopted girl to keep her in line and ever grateful to her new family. 

    Forced to jump through hoops for love and approval not a day went by that the Lady wasn't reminded of her undignified origins.  She had to make herself better and Ingria warped the girl so that her feelings of security tied directly to her mother's approval.

    Matias came in to her life at the age of fourteen.  Their bond flourished and the two young lovers shared with each other their most private of secrets.  Inseparable, the Prince and Queen soon bonded and the Sapphire jeweled teenager became the first person to serve Kenna outside her new family. It was he, along with her Healer sister Venla, whom voiced concerns at the pace she pushed herself.

    If stopped before she herself had deemed her work of the moment worry took hold.  Tossing and turning in fits of panic Kenna couldn't stop worrying that her inattentiveness would lead to failure in her adult life.  This was the point where she began misusing tonics and herbs in secret to keep herself going.

    Outside of her bond with Prince Saari, she had few hobbies besides those assigned to her.  Singing and art were the ways in which she spent the energies of teenage angst.  Kenna, as an arist, saw her own self improvement as her greatest artistic work.  She was an ever unfinished piece, malleable to the very core to please and win.  When on her fifteenth birthday Ingria rewarded her youngest with proper lessons in and instruments for both vocations, she'd never been happier.

    At seventeen, when it came time for Kenna to begin her formal courtly training her mother used her connections to see the girl placed in Virratt's Province Court.  Lady Julian Dahl wore the Red as her jewel of offering.  Such was a prestigious placement for a Queen of a light birthright jewel and the young witch revelled in the glory of her opportunity and station.

    Two years in to her service, Lady Anderson was adored by most of her mentor's court and deeply trusted by Lady Dahl.  The ruling Queen then chose poorly to have faith in the girl as she believed Kenna to be a good person at her core.  She thought that by introducing the Summer Sky jeweled teenager to the heart of her resistance that Kenna would see the error of Glacia's ways. She took the information in graceful stride and played the part of the interested young rebel.  After all, with a chance that she just might not walk away from the altar with a dark jewel, it suited her to leave her options open.

    Having lived at the bottom, Kenna never intended to go back.  Coming away from the offering with an uncut Green jewel was the greatest vindication she could have hoped for.  In her success, Lady Dahl's fate was sealed. Turning the Red jeweled witch as the smuggler and light jeweled sympathizer she was to Isyviel Valenkos sealed the Queen's position amongst Glacia's elite.  During her time of inauguration as Virratt's new Queen she made many important connections.  She even struck up a friendship with Elisif Brenden, the triple gifted witch whose fame and prestige was known across the nation.

    Hard decisions were made when Lady Anderson was getting settled in her official court.  The greatest of her sacrifices came whens released Matias from her service after two short years of his acting as Consort.  The strength of his Ebon Gray was needed by the Territory Court, she could hold Virratt without his might.  Next, at the time of her being sworn in, she was forced to accept the Green jeweled Black Widow, Karpella Linna, in to her inner triangle in place of her mother, whom had always filled the position.  Though the witch had failed to notice the treachery of Lady Dahl while a member of her court, the resourceful old woman worked herself an angle.  A deal was struck in private with Kenna. Lady Linna's good name would support her as the young ruler of the Province.  In turn the new Queen would allow her to take a small part of the credit for the traitors discovery.

    Never did Kenna believe that when she sent Matias away to Vassa that he'd send her news of a new love.  Next came news of his engagement and finally an invitation to his wedding.  Prince Saari's  vows may have kept him from visiting as often as she would have liked, but young love proved difficult to extinguish and reluctant to fade.  Like a balm his infidelity soothed the sting of having lost his commitment to a lighter jeweled Healer.

    Things between the lovers grew more complicated early in 183 when Kenna discovered she was pregnant.  Matias had been wed since the year prior, and it wouldn't do for the Queen to have a society scandal on her hands.  She went on an extended diplomatic vacation thanks to Isyviel's kindness and her daughter was born in secret.  Prince Saari was never the wiser.

    Shortly after it was announced that the happy couple would be having a child, Matias arrived without warning at the lavish estate where the Queen kept her court.  He came seeking advice on how to handle his fragile bride and came away with far more information than he'd bargained for.  The confrontation was terrifying.  Ebon gray power flashed its might, but was quickly leashed.  Kenna had few answers for the Prince and none that could soothe the sting of having been absent for the first steps of the girl's life.

    Between the star crossed pair things on the surface remained friendly.  However, a persistent tension made of lust, secrets, and history plagues their attempts and makes difficult their casual relationship.

    None of this affects Kenna's rule at the head of Virratt.  She is favoured strongly within the Territory. Her every decision is made not only with the people in mind, but her own standing in the complex web of Glacian hierarchy.  Her strong adherence to tradition combined with her known loyalties makes the Green jeweled Lady a popular force in the Dark nation.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Writing Sample:

    Twenty years of devout prayer, worship, bartering, and ritual had all been leading up to this night.  Kenna studied herself in her bedroom mirror sheathed in a sky blue satin.  The gown would only be worn to the altar. However, given chance it was to be her last night as one of Glacia's elite she wanted everyone to remember her as a dazzling beauty.

    Inspecting her reflection she moved from left to right.  With an artist's critical eye she studied her makeup, hair, the flow of her dress and a thousand other fine details.  A few alterations later Lady Anderson called in her Summer Sky pendant and placed it around her neck.  Trussed up like a sacrificial lamb she slipped in to her golden satin heels and went to meet her mother at the coach.

    Soon after arriving at the altar Kenna felt one of her spells coming on. To Ingria she claimed she'd left a good luck charm in the carriage.  With a roll of her eyes the Black Widow disparaged her daughter's superstition but allowed her to run off.  Out of sight the nervous witch sucked back one of her pain tonics, hands shaking with need. 

    Calm washed over Lady Anderson a few, blessed, short moments later. Tossing emptied container in to her “cupboard,”she returned to her place at her mother's side before the Priestess.  Words of cleansing and preparation washed over the Queen in a soft haze.  The worry about her outcome seemed silly now, how could she, who held the secrets to topple a light jeweled sympathizer, not be found worthy?

    Petitions (if any): 

    Why did this character became inactive? Massive life upheaval stole me away.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?

    I will be pursuing the plot I have for Kenna thanks to plotting with halyonix that is going to place Kenna as the Queen of the Midnight Court.

    What are your plans for this character?  Her love of power and security are going to push her to new lows of character as she struggles to keep face and maintain power and faith in the Dark Religion despite the split Territory and Signe Drachlan's movement.

    Kenna is a terrible human being at the time of this reactivation. My plans for this character are largely a grueling personal arc from Kenna being a very corrupt, very selfish, evil Queen through self discovery and the pain that comes with growing out of horrible behaviors. However, given the power she is going to be given it is going to take a lot to make that possible. She may die or break before ever hitting the rock bottom it would take to make her want and need to change.

    Number of previous Reactivations: A lot. Life's been not great. It's getting better tho.

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : Updated Adelaide's name to Venla because it was changed when Nik took on the character. Updated mother's name from Olivia to Ingria because Olivia became a PC character name.

    Player Name: Petri

i told you, i'm no good.

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Re: Kenna Anderson
« Reply #1 on: Jan 10, 19, 09:27:45 PM »
Kenna is ready for reactivation review.

This character has the extra dark jewel ratio slot item attached to her.

i told you, i'm no good.

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Re: Kenna Anderson
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Re: Kenna Anderson
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This character has been marked as Inactive

For more information please see this thread: The Inactivity Policy

If you would like to reactivate this character they will need to be submitted through the Keep's Registry again as a petitioned character using the Reactivation Petition.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker